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Barack Obama caught in “boneheaded” action–again

March 8, 2007







(CHICAGO)(March 7, 2007) Today’s Barack Obama scandal du jour appeared on the front page of the New York Times with the disclosure that Obama was making parallel investments in risky stocks recommended by a campaign advisor. Shades of Whitewater.

Obama is a masterful Kool-Aid salesman of “hope” and “audacity” but he has yet to brew up some “competence” for his audience.

Last year Obama was caught in another sleazy financial deal with a campaign supporter, when indicted wheeler-dealer and alleged extortionist Tony Rezko helped Barry O finance some “privacy” for his $1.6 million dollar home. And maybe a future garage for his Rolls Royse-to come.

Today the “Joshua” presidential candidate was “just joshin’” again. Or maybe Barry Obama is just not very competent.

Recently I endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president. On balance, I would probably rather have Obama as a neighbor, not Giuliani. But I would want Giuliani in the White House.

The scandals this week at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington have shown what happens when bad management infects an institution: embarrassing things happen. Giuliani may not win a personality contest, but he has a proven record as a good manager.

Obama was embarrassed when the Obama-Rezko real estate transaction was disclosed. He called his actions “boneheaded.” Now Obama is linked to a contributor, again. Boneheaded, again? Tony Rezko must be laughing.

It is not enough to display good intentions in Washington. In order to sit in the oval office a candidate must demonstrate a history of management ability sufficient to grab control of the federal government. Rudy Giuliani tamed something much more savage than Washington—City Hall in New York. It was not a pretty sight but he subdued many of the special interests during his eight years.

Obambi, on the other hand, has never managed anything, and has demonstrated over and over again “boneheaded” attitudes towards power and control. There is no way anyone could seriously consider him a candidate to manage the federal government. He likes to preach, but he lacks any evidence he knows how to practice. Today’s mini-scandal over Obama’s ill-advised investment program is just one more example why he should not be president.

Left-wing blogorrheans went into a panic over the latest disclosures. Indeed. In their mind every fact about Obama that doesn’t fit their predetermined matrix of Obama’s neutered superiority is part of a conspiracy to destroy him. The truth cannot be allowed to get in the way of the O-Man’s myths.

But even if we take Obama at his own word (Chicago Tribune, March 7, 2007 8:25 P.M.) that he made a dimwitted investment, what kind of man would say words to the effect that “I’ve got $100,000 burning a hole in my pocket; find me some hot stocks.” (“George, I’ve got $100,000 that I’m interested in doing more…”) Obama’s demand for “more action” was a subliminal suggestion for hot stocks and fast profits. And, Obama learned, pursuing hot stocks you often get burned.

Obama spent years in the Illinois legislature pushing “ethics” legislation. He didn’t come to Washington as a neophyte. He knew there were lines, some clear, some blurry. He chose to approach the blurry lines and take his chances. Obama wasn’t trying to break the Bank at Monte Carlo. But he showed he could be stupid and innocent. Is this the man the left wants in the White House. Heaven forefend.

As for his News Secretary Bill Burton, start circulating your resume. Obama’s joshin’ is bad joss.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.


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