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Andy Martin attacks Pentagon limits on MySpace, YouTube

May 14, 2007




(CHICAGO)(May 14, 2007) Well those Pentagon commandoes have done it again. Low morale in the field? Men and women dispirited about having their tours extended? Just heap it on and block access to web sites where families and military personnel can exchange information.
Oh, no? This is not censorship? Soldiers can still use their personal computers? In Iraq? Give me a break. I am sure they all have heir laptops hanging on their backs.
Once again the United States military shows why incompetent generals so often treat the forces in the field like jerks, and seek to “muzzle” the people they depend on to aim their muzzles at the enemy. I am sure there will be some backfire on this one.
It could also backfire on President Bush. As though he needs more headaches.
In Iraq and Afghanistan the military probably enjoys a working monopoly on computer access. Soldiers can’t just pull up to an Internet café and share their thoughts on the Internet.
Now, the military leaders in Washington want to block
people in the field from accessing YouTube, MySpace and other sharing sites on government computers.
Computers have been a major factor in keeping families connected, and keeping families together during the years of a stressful conflict where the Congress refuses to authorize adequate troops to provide for proper deployments.
Yes, Congress is to blame for this mess. They fund the war, grudgingly, but refuse to fund the increased military forces necessary to give our men and women proper rest between tours. And craven politicians both in Congress and the administration, and goofy, timid generals refuse to ask the American people for the money to provide adequate force levels to ensure a humane environment for our forces.
Now they want to lock up the computers.
It’s enough to make you say “Allah Akbar.”
The latest stunt by the Pentagon idiots will boomerang both in the short an long-term
We criticize the Chinese government for blocking Internet access. Now the U. S. Government is following the Chinese model. What an example we set!
Not enough bandwidth? I say add more. Add enough so that people can stay connected, so that stresses on families can be alleviated, so that contact and communication can continue. Add more access not less.
Rupert Murdoch owns MySpace through one of his companies. I am sure he will make his views known. It is one thing to fight a war against Iraqi insurgents. Rupert Murdoch is a much more formidable foe, and he will attack. Bush better surrender fast. He doesn’t need Fox News attacking him for censorship. Go Rupert.
And, please, Mr. President, add some common sense to that cauldron of incompetence, the Pentagon; for the sake of our fighting men and women that have been treated so poorly by American leaders over the past four years.
Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers regional, national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639 Web sites:;


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