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Andy Martin challenges Andy McKenna on candidate favoritism

May 15, 2007

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May 15, 2007

Mr. Andy McKenna
Illinois republican arty
205 W. Randolph
Chicago, IL 60606
via fax (312) 201-0181

Re: IRP assistance to Steve Sauerberg

Dear Andy:

During the last primary cycle the state party stayed relatively neutral. The result was that after the primary all of the candidates came together to support the eventual winner.

Today I received a notification from the weblog IllinoisReason that the Illinois Republican Party is distributing press releases for Steve Sauerberg. Perhaps you did the same for the defunct candidacy of Steve Greenberg.

IllinoisReason stated:

A Sauerberg press release was just distributed courtesy of the Illinois Republican Party.

Does this mean you are using party funds and informaiton (mailign lists/e-mail lists) to distribute informaiton for one candidate but not for all candidaes? That would be discriminatory.

Are there any written guidelines governing how party information is to be used to benefit one candidate in a contested primary? If not, what was the basis of the assistance to Sauerberg and not to me? If there are guidelines please send me a copy of the rules or guidelines.

I would also like a copy of the same mailing lists and e-mail information that was made available to Sauerberg this week.

I am bringing this matter to your attention early in the primary season so that the state party can remain neutral and appear to remain neutral. Favoring one candidate over another is dirty pool. Let the voters decide. In our mutual situation, we need to put aside our past history of personal conflict and work to better the party as a whole. Keeping the party neutral in primaries achieves that goal. Let’s do it.

You need to be aware that in the Internet age transparency is there for all to see, often whether we like it or not. So it is better to be transparent [and fair] than to appear to be hiding something or favoring someone.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday. I assume Sauerberg will also be there. Let ‘er rip.






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