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America’s #1 Political Blog on the decline of Barack Obama’s campaign

April 30, 2008

Andy Martin on “The Obama Implosion.” Martin says Obama has managed to anger both Blacks and Whites. Martin, who told Hillary Clinton to “take it to the Convention” on February 20th, and who predicted a Clinton win in North Carolina on April 28th, says that Barack Obama will not be the nominee of the Democratic Party. Who will be? Stay tuned to for the only accurate and independent political commentary and analysis.

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(NEW YORK)(April 30) On Monday, April 28th (dated April 29th) we posted our survey results predicting Hillary Clinton would win both Indiana and North Carolina.

As usual, we made a very good call. Of course, we were then inundated by threatening phone calls from pro-Obama wackos in North Carolina, as well as abusive and insulting e-mails. Within hours our predictions were validated by Tuesday’s events.

We can now predict that the “Obama implosion” has begun.

There are two fundamental and related reasons why Obama is not going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party. Dick Morris of Fox news disagrees. Morris is wrong.

First, the “birds of a feather” argument. Although our exposure of Obama’s money laundering was completely eclipsed by the Wright imbroglio, the facts surrounding Obama’s money laundering and “legal fees” for no work are as solid as a rock. Once the Wright matter quiets down, Mr. Robert Blackwell, Jr. will have his day in the sun. The Blackwell story is too explosive to go away. It links Obama to financial manipulation and “honest graft,” which are the antithesis of what he claims to stand for.

We will be doing a Chicago news conference on Mr. Blackwell and his bogus “legal fees” to Mr. Obama at a later date.

The “birds of a feather” commercial will be devastating when it appears. Here’s the 60-second spot (I am also a TV producer):

Barack Obama says he made a “boneheaded” decision when he engaged in a structured financial transaction with Chicago influence-peddler Tony Rezko (picture please). What did Obama do to earn $112,000 from Illinois politician Robert Blackwell, Jr., and why did Obama disguise his so-called “legal fees” on state disclosure forms? Bill Ayers has never apologized for bombing the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon. Obama says the mad bomber is still his friend. (picture please, with simulated explosion) And, finally, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Obama says he “knew nothing” about Wrights malignant philosophy and anti-American obsession. For twenty years. Obama & Friends. “Birds of a feather.” Why is Obama always apologizing? Always saying “I didn’t know? (sound bite) Can you really trust Obama with the safety of our nation?

In other words, no one has to single out Reverend Wright alone. He fits nicely in a commercial collection of all of Obama’s unsavory associations. Birds of a feather? Democrats would have to be birdbrains to nominate Obama.

The second reason why Obama is beginning to implode is that he has managed to anger both Blacks and Whites. Mary Mitchell, a Chicago Sun-Times reporter who adores Obama was very downbeat and negative today. “Obama shouldn’t have held a press conference to deal with Wright,” she said.,CST-NWS-mitch30.article

Mitchell suggests Obama has burned his bridges to Trinity United Church. Mitchell says Obama “open[d] up a can of worms,” and that Obama’s remarks were a “sad day for Black America.” Other columns in the Sun-Times criticize Obama from the opposite perspective, for “too little, too late.” Obama was also criticized for a lack of passion. Indeed, Obama seems to forget that he is not addressing a classroom of eager beaver law students. Mike Dukakis’ campaign died another day during the 1988 debate when he “Obamaed” a question about an attack on his wife Kitty. Too cool, too calm is stone cold dead.

In North Carolina, where we predicted a win for Clinton before Obama’s speech, the Sun-Times reports that North Carolina’s first black House Speaker “‘see[s] a permanent fissure now’ between black and white Democrats.” I don’t know if Obama has a pet at home but, if he does, he should watch out. Even the dog may give him a kick. The bottom line: many African-Americans will be horrified that Obama threw Wright under the bus to save himself with white America.

What Obama never understood, and what the followers of his pied piper crusade never understood, and what I did understand when I told Hillary to “take it to the convention” on February 20th, is that national politics is a very rough game indeed. I will always remember the subscriber to our Obama e-mail list who sent me an e-mail and said to take his name off the list, because the battle was over. On February 6th. It wasn’t. And on February 20th I gave Clinton a go-ahead for Denver which has proven prophetic.

Is the battle over now? Not on your life. But the slow decline of Obama’s pied pipery has begun. Before, I could see what lay ahead and the mainstream media (MSM) could not or would not. With each passing day, the invisible becomes more visible and soon it will be inevitable. There is a reason we call ourselves the #1 political blog of the 2008 campaign. A proven track record no one else can match.

You will know Obama is toast when Rush Limbaugh adopts Barack’s cause. Limbaugh, of course, has been just as inaccurate and ineffective as the MSM’s he decries. Hillary is rising, because her campaign was never dead. Not because Limbaugh wanted to revive it. I won’t begrudge Rush his bigger bankroll if he won’t begrudge me my better crystal ball.

Where does it all end up? Are you kidding? I wouldn’t hazard a guess right now. Stay tuned to the #1 blog in America for regular updates and analysis. We’ll be in the campaign until the last dog dies. Just ask Barack Obama if you don’t believe me.
Chicago’s #1 Internet columnist, broadcaster and media critic, Andy Martin, is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin covers regional, national and world events with more than forty years of experience. He is a chronicler of all things Midwestern and the authentic Voice of Middle America. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. He has been a candidate for U. S. Senator from Illinois. Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639. Columns also posted at; [Editing note: we make typos, and we can’t recall every posting or e-mail; but updated versions are usually found on our blogs and web site.]


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  1. Richard permalink

    We saw Bill Clinton in Sanford, NC this morning. For 45 minutes, he was positive and upbeat. He never even mentioned Obama’s name. He didn’t have to. He went over Hillary’s platform, and made it sound very good. We departed impressed, energized, and more confident that Hillary has a good fighting chance. In the last few days, we have felt as if the tide was beginning to turn. More and more people are finding out about Liberation Theology and what it means in the Obama camp. People are also beginning to read Michelle Obama’s thesis from her Princeton years—a shocking revelation. Not to be over confident, but perhaps Americans in the Democratic Party are waking up after dreaming of a false “change”.

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