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June 23, 2008

Andy Martin criticizes false claims by Regnery, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” goes to the printer in hours, the first book by nationally acclaimed Obama expert Andy Martin. See

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“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”

BLOG ON THE 2008 CAMPAIGN and Regnery Publishing mislead the public with claims of a “First Obama attack book…” are first in the field

Is Regnery pushing “vaporware” to stop Andy Martin’s best-selling blockbuster on Senator Barack Obama?

(NEW YORK)(June 24) charged Tuesday that has published an incorrect report claiming that a “first Obama attack book” is being published by a “conservative journalist” and Regnery Publishing.

“Our book goes to press within hours,” says Andy Martin, Executive Editor of “Indeed, we have had reports—unconfirmed to date—that the media are lifting concepts from our own book on a wholesale basis.

“One of the reasons for Barack Obama’s success is that right-wing writers try to smear the senator. We have taken a balanced approached, which we call ‘Just the facts, ma’am’ from Dragnet. We reject as much anti-Obama material as we publish, because much of it is inaccurate and spiteful. We are not hesitant to land tough blows on the good senator, but we strive to hit him with accurate ones.

“Regnery is obviously trying to stop our book by issuing misleading claims and statements. That in itself is a sign they may be coming out with a smear, not a real character study, of Obama.

“Sean Hannity was apparently confused by Regnery’s claims because he described another book using terms that exclusively relate to mine. A search of Regnery’s web site indicates they are issuing ‘vaporware;’ there is nothing there about any Obama book. Mine is the only one in print.

“There is nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned, hardnosed competition in the publishing industry. But distributing disinformation disserves the truth. We have a very solid reputation for strong and independent analysis; ‘Obama: The Man Behind The Mask’ will build on that library of commentary.

“A book on Obama that is going to have impact must argue the case against him carefully, with credibility, not on the basis of the drive-by right-wing hatchet job apparently contemplated by Regnery. That kind of writing will only strengthen, not weaken, Obama.

“The left-wing in America is united on one issue involving myself and Obama: my work has inflicted grievous damage on Obama’s reputation and raised serious questions about the senator’s character, candor and fitness for the presidency. Such unanimity by the left-wing about my writing is the best endorsement any writer could hope to obtain,” Martin remarked.

“I have been falsely accused of being the orchestrator of a vast right-wing smear machine, testimony to the power behind the brand name. I don’t have any ‘machine.’ There is no secret command and control bunker under Midtown Manhattan.

“Where Obama is concerned, I have only the truth.

“Obviously, and Regnery are not trying to match my high standards with their latest remarks.”

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