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Andy Martin interviewed for Hannity’s America, Sunday October 5th 9:00 P.N. EDT

October 5, 2008

Andy Martin, the only Obama author with more than forty (40) years of experience in Chicago politics, was interviewed by FNC for Hannity’s America.

Andy Martin interviewed for “Hannity’s America” on Fox News
See Andy at 9:00 P.M. EDT Sunday October 5th

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”

Andy Martin will be a guest on Hannity’s America, Sunday October 5th

(CHICAGO)(October 5, 2008) Anti-Obama author and Chicago political expert Andy Martin will be interviewed on Hannity’s America Sunday, October 5th at 9:00 P.M. on the Fox News Channel.

“I have no idea what excerpts will be shown,” says Martin, “from an extensive interview conducted by Fox News. My segment will air at approximately 9:10 P.M. on Hannity’s America, Sunday October 5th.

“Sean Hannity caught a lucky break. He is featuring Obama’s unsavory friends this weekend, the weekend Bill Ayers made it to the front page of the New York Times on Saturday (reaction to come). I am sure Obama’s storm troopers, hatemongers and Obamabots will be working overtime to sharpen their smears.

“Sean Hannity is the only person in the media in America who is consistently exposing the truth about Obama.

“Obama is still, as I called him in my book, ‘The Man Behind the Mask.’ He has masked his scary links to Bill Ayers and other anti-American revolutionaries who want to destroy the United States,” says Martin. “When will they ever learn? Will they ever learn.”
Readers of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, say the book is still the only gold standard and practical handbook on Barack Obama’s unfitness for the presidency. Buy it.
Book orders: Immediate shipment from or the publisher now available.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I recently decided to oppose Barack Obama’s election and became Executive Director of The Stop Obama Coalition, By default, I became the national leader of the anti-Obama movement. I am not acting as either a Democrat or Republican. I have had no contact whatsoever with the McCain Campaign. I am not a member of any political organization. The views express are entirely independent. I am acting as an American citizen who sincerely believes Obama is not the man we need in the Oval Office. We are going to run a very dynamic and aggressive campaign against Obama. I will continue to write my news and opinion columns for /s/ Andy Martin
URGENT APPEAL: The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama is raising money to fight Barack Obama. Please give generously up to the maximum of $100. Our ability to fight and defeat Barack Obama is directly dependent on the generosity of every American.”
The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama limits itself to $100 maximum contributions; there are no bundlers, fat cats or illegal contributions. Obama is opposed to everything America stands for,” says Executive Director Andy Martin. “But while Obama has raised more than a third of a BILLION dollars, his opponents have raised virtually nothing. We can’t just sit back and expect John McCain to do the job all alone. Americans can either contribute now, or pay later. If we do not succeed, Obama will.”
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He is currently based in New York selling his new book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law.

His columns are also posted at; Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, published in July 2008, see

MEDIA CONTACT: (866) 706-2639 or cell (917) 664-9329
E-MAIL: [NOTE: We frequently correct typographical errors and additions/subtractions on our blogs, where you can find the latest edition of this release.]


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