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John McCain’s final mission

October 10, 2008

Andy Martin on the incompetence and mismanagement of the McCain campaign. Martin says that John McCain has tried to manage his own campaign, a fatal flaw in a national candidate. McCain’s refusal to “let slip the digs of war” against Obama dooms McCain and ultimately dooms every American to endure Obama socialist revolution.

McCain’s final mission
John McCain is mismanaging and mangling his own campaign
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”






(NEW YORK)(October 10, 2008) John McCain is a good man but a lousy candidate and campaign manager. When the “Making of the President: 2008” is written, we will probably find that McCain defeated himself. An article in the Wall Street Journal today yields inescapably to the conclusion that McCain’s wounds are self-inflicted.

Yes, the Wall Street meltdown has come upon us unexpectedly. But instead of managing the meltdown for his own benefit, as Obama has done, McCain has mangled the meltdown for his own defeat. In an hour of crisis and danger when McCain could have taken command, he took, whatever? What has he taken? No focus, no message and, ultimately, no support.

McCain is likely to be the last national candidate in either party who is incompetent at presenting his own message and harks back to a pre-TV era of campaigning. I speak with forty years of experience in broadcasting.

Earlier this week, I wrote that McCain must clarify his message and attack. He has chosen to go soft in the final stretch. While fearful about his “place in history,” McCain is ensuring that he will only be a footnote in history: the candidate who ran against the most disastrous president American history. Barack Obama.

McCain is mangling and mismanaging his own message.

Barack Obama is a radical. He promises a radical new version of America. He will be, in my opinion, a “front” for Bill Ayers, and Ayers’ cadre of socialist dictators starting with Hugo Chavez. I have been smeared because of my opinions, but I stand by them and I expect to be vindicated by history if Obama is elected.

If you look at Obama’s platform and place it over a template of Chavez’s history in Venezuela, they are indistinguishable. Oh, yes, Obama’s is sweeter and gentler, but so was Chavez at the start. He did not run on a platform to establish a dictatorship in Venezuela. One of the very best friends in my life knew Chavez, and warned me long before the current “Chavez” was apparent in our media. She helped me to follow his rise as a dictator.

Today Russian ships are sailing in the waters of the Monroe Doctrine, and Russian weapons are on their way to Caracas. Chavez, of course, is Bill Ayers’ man. He has been to Caracas to praise the Venezuelan dictator. The admiration is mutual. Chavez’ educational “reforms” are a template of Ayers’ programs.

I have been criticized for expressing my expert opinions on Obama, based on years of study and analysis of the secret man. I am accused of all sorts of miscreances for writing and stating on TV that Obama is really a front for Ayers. Do they meet in a secret “cell,” somewhere in a dungeon in Hyde Park, Chicago, the media demand? No they don’t. And I don’t have an attendance sheet showing Obama’s and Ayers’s attendance at monthly meetings either. The media is always asking for “evidence.” But future dictators don’t telegraph their plans and programs in advance, and they surely don’t take attendance at monthly meetings.

Rather, the evidence is right in front of all of us. If you read Ayers, look at Chavez and listen to Obama, they are singing the same melody in different keys. America chooses to ignore the obvious.

But Obama’s failings as a person are immaterial in the light of his brilliance as a candidate. He chose a good staff and they have managed his campaign brilliantly.

McCain has lurched from message to message, from manager to manager, from crisis to crisis, and now he may be approaching his final crisis.

Throughout the spring and summer I kept hearing from Republicans who believed “The Republicans must have something for October.” I disabused them of the notion. I doubted then and doubt now that any “October surprise” will be forthcoming. And, frankly, I don’t believe in last-minute smears. I don’t even believe in “smearing” Obama. The truth is what could devastate Obama, and McCain is afraid to unleash it.

McCain has made a classic mistake as a candidate. He has tried to manage his campaign and micromanage the message. He should have let fly the dogs of war, and focused on improving his miserable forensic skills.

People are now claiming McCain has “one more opportunity” to attack Obama in the final debate next week. I can write the report of that debate in advance, now. I don’t know whether the good grandpa or the bad Grandpa McCain will appear, but after 26 years in Washington McCain has never learned how to communicate. He is incapable of launching a negative attack on national television because he has never learned how. His “my friends” drives me to distraction. He refuses to change despite the irritating nature of his trope. His inability to zoom in with a sharp retort is sad.

The medium is the message, McLuhan said, and today more than ever the medium is the message. Obama understands that. McCain does not. That is why McCain either has incompetent debate coaches or he is incompetent himself by refusing to accept professional advice. He is apparently refusing advertising advice as well.

So, whether McCain plays it soft in the next debate, or tries to “attack,” the end will result will favor Obama because McCain has no concept of how to attack on TV and I doubt he will learn now. I seriously doubt it.

McCain is afraid to go hard, go negative and go wall-to-wall even though that is the only approach that will survive and succeed.

In a pilot, fear is fatal. McCain is afraid to fight. I fear this I McCain’s final mission. Fear consumes him, ego diverts him, and incompetence drives him into the footnotes of history. Is there no one McCain listens to? Is there no one who can shake up grandpa and weak him from his torpor? It is clear, at the end, that McCain has been the architect of his own defeat.

All of this was and is unnecessary.

I am going to vote for McCain. He may be an incompetent old coot who can’t craft either a message or a strategy despite lecturing Obama on the difference on strategy and tactics. But he is the better of the two choices we face. He maybe a bungler and a bumbler, but Obama is much worse. Obama hates America, hates our way of life and is committed to destroying the existing structure of our nation.

There is only one way McCain can save America. He can apologize for his muddled message and incompetent campaign on Monday. He can say the American people deserve better. He can express his sincerest and profoundest belief that Barack Obama is unfit to serve. And he can start to fight like hell on the airwaves. And he can go on the attack.

What we have seen to date, even with the latest timorous web-only based anti-Ayers commercials, is that McCain is still not attacking effectively on TV. Is McCain simply so imbued with himself that he is afraid to get down and dirty with Obama and expose the lying, cheating, stealing Obama to the world?

Obama and Axelrod, on the other hand, are masters of dirty politics. Every time Obama has run, dirty documents about his opponents have surfaced. He even has a smear dossier on me that he has been peddling to gullible journalists like Gail Collins of the New York Times. I may despise Obama as a political opponent, but I credit him with being a competent adversary. Obama knows how to go negative.

President Reagan may be McCain’s hero, but McCain learned nothing from Reagan. Ronald Regan was not warrior. But he knew how to “act” like one. John McCain was a warrior, but he has no concept of how to act on the national “stage.” McCain maybe afraid of his place in American history, and that explains his fear of fighting. But history will not judge him well for forfeiting the 2008 campaign through incompetence and mismanagement. This drama is sadly drawing to the close, with the American people about to vote on their own national suicide.

John McCain, meet Bob Dole.

[Editor’s Note: We are five days from the launch of Operation Aloha Obama in Honolulu. If the analysis we have seen to date is any indication, we are going to shake up the final days of the campaign and expose Obama as the fraud he is. Even though McCain is incompetent and orchestrating his own defeat, those of us who know what Obama means for America—decline, decay, destruction and disaster—will continue to fight for America. I took an oath at 18 to defend the U. S. Constitution. I have lived by that oath every day of my adult life. Some people are fearful for my safety in Honolulu. If anything happens, you know whom to blame. But I am not afraid of Obama and his goons. Truth is my co-pilot. I only wish John McCain was in the cockpit with me.]
Readers of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, say the book is still the only gold standard and practical handbook on Barack Obama’s unfitness for the presidency. Buy it.
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FULL DISCLOSURE: I recently decided to oppose Barack Obama’s election and became Executive Director of The Stop Obama Coalition, By default, I became the national leader of the anti-Obama movement. I am not acting as either a Democrat or Republican. I have had no contact whatsoever with the McCain Campaign. I am not a member of any political organization. The views expressed are entirely independent. I am acting as an American citizen who sincerely believes Obama is not the man we need in the Oval Office. We are going to run a very dynamic and aggressive campaign against Obama. I will continue to write my news and opinion columns for /s/ Andy Martin
URGENT APPEAL: The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama is raising money to fight Barack Obama. Please give generously up to the maximum of $100. Our ability to fight and defeat Barack Obama is directly dependent on the generosity of every American.”
The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama limits itself to $100 maximum contributions; there are no bundlers, fat cats or illegal contributions. Obama is opposed to everything America stands for,” says Executive Director Andy Martin. “But while Obama has raised more than a third of a BILLION dollars, his opponents have raised virtually nothing. We can’t just sit back and expect John McCain to do the job all alone. Americans can either contribute now, or pay later. If we do not succeed, Obama will.”
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He is currently based in New York selling his new book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law.

His columns are also posted at; Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, published in July 2008, see

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