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Andy Martin Hawaii lawsuit #2 Emergency Motion

October 18, 2008

Post Office Box 1851
New York, NY 10150-1851
Toll-free tel. (866) 706-2639
Toll-free fax (866) 707-2639
Temporary Hawai’i
tel. (917) 664-9329
Plaintiff pro se


CIVIL NUMBER: 08-1-2147-10 BIA





Official capacity as Governor
Of the State of Hawai’i,
official capacity as Director
of the Department of Health,



Plaintiff ANDY MARTIN (“Plaintiff”), pro se, respectfully moves this Court on an emergency basis for an Order to Show Cause (“OSC”) directing the defendants to show cause on or before October 22, 2008 at a hearing before this Court why the relief requested by the Plaintiff should not be granted.
1. This lawsuit does not involve complicated or disputed facts.
2. Time is of the essence because Plaintiff would like to write columns and articles about the Birth Certificate before November 3, 2008.
3. Plaintiff is physically present in Hawai’i and is available to appear before the Court in person at any hearing on or before October 22, 2008.
4. There is intense national interest in access to an officially certified copy of the birth certificate in question as well as any related supporting information which the defendants may have in their possession.
5. A proposed OSC is attached to this Emergency Motion.

Dated: Honolulu, Hawai’i, October 17, 2008

Respectfully submitted,
Plaintiff Pro se


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  1. inquisitive permalink

    If the requested documents existed, doesn’t a prudent individual conclude that they would have been released by now? There really is no reason not to release them.

  2. I hope Andy and Phil Berg deliver the October surprise. Inquisitive this guy is dirty and does not deserve to be the most powerful dictator in the World.

    Obama is a Communist!

  3. John Wayne permalink

    I couldn’t get a passport because I did not have an original copy of my birth certificate.

    This guy doesn’t have one and half of America want to give this Muslim sleeper our NUCLEAR MISSILE LAUNCH CODES????

  4. You People Are Idiots permalink

    Obama is not a Muslim, no matter how many times you say it. His birth certificate has been released, and it’s from Hawaii. And even if he was born in a foreign country, the fact that his mother was a US citizen makes him a US citizen. (Read the Constitution). McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone, does that make him a foreigner, too?

  5. Scotty permalink

    McCain born on US military base(US soil) therefore a citizen- nice try though.

  6. You People are Still Idiots permalink

    Obama is an Islamist and a Communist, you know like the FLN in Algeria in the early 60’s.
    Oh, AND and he is part of the radical New Left, because, you know, Statists just love religions than supercede state authoriry and also love to throw bombs at states. The more self-contradictory your delusions are, the more you take it as evidence of conspiracy and not the possibility that you are wrong. Seriously, people, do I need to alert the Party Mullah’s to put more meds in your beer?

  7. johnny permalink

    You People Are Idiots:

    Hey if Obama is not a Muslim then why did he change his name? Why won’t Osama just simply answer the lawsuit?

  8. Norm permalink

    Obama’s a muslim – Khadafi says so.

    Obama was born of a muslim, therefore he’s a muslim. It’s in the Koran, it’s Sharia law.

    He “may” be a christian, but he may also be practicing taquiya (lying to an infidel, which is allowed, by the Koran), telling us what WE want to believe, which is then “our” truth.

    You need to read more guy. McCain’s birth is covered under constitutional law, just as an embassy is by international agreement US (or German, French, et.) soil, so too is a military base.

    Barry Soetero was born in Kenya, his family (sister and brother still live there) says so, he was adopted by his step-father there. There is NO record of his birth at Kapiolani OR Queen’s hospitals in Honolulu.

    You gotta get your facts right. I mean you need to get THE facts right, yours are screwed up badly.

  9. johnny permalink

    You People are idiots,

    Obama shared an office with a domestic terrorist by the name of Bill Aires as recently as 2006. Bill Aires openly admits his guilt regarding his organizations that killed several Americans through acts of terrorism. In fact Aires made some of the bombs that killed these people.

    Obama couldn’t even get a job with the FBI or CIA because of link to Bill Aires, so what makes you think he is fit to be president?

  10. You People are Still Idiots permalink

    Hey ‘Read the Book’ man. If he is a Muslim Sleeper shouldn’t he change is name to Johnny Says? or something whitebread like that?

    seriously, what is with you people? do you honestly think that it will help McCain or whoever the RNC puts up next time for the entire country (and world) to think that conservatives have nothing left in the tank but desperate conspiracy theories? What the hell is wrong with you? Grow the fuck up.

  11. You People are Acting Idiodically permalink

    listen… we forgive you. we need everyone to get out of the current situation. the best way for you to us both to show our patriotism is to put aside the ideology, stop calling each other ‘enemy’ and build a better America in a better world. Because… sorry to say, the Old America is gone. It just is. Sorry about that.

  12. He is black, bulletproof, what did you expect…..

  13. This is for the person who wrote on 10-22-08 and said “idiots” to those individuals who are deeply concern about the future of this country.
    ” You are the idiot and only you”.
    My mother was very young as well and had me out side of the USA and she(mother) was born and raised in Claremont California first generation Portuguese and because I was born South of the border, but lived for the first 9 years of my life in Los Angeles, California, we had to go back into that country and wait for my paper work to be processed before she a US Citizen was allowed to come back into U.S. Soil and even then the “naturalization process” took several year. So do not, I say do not say that because that Obamas’ mother was young and a U.S. Citizen that Kid was automatically a U.S child. that is not true for an average citizen giving birth to a child outside of the U.S.A.
    As for Mr McCain, you “IDIOT” his parent was in the Military Serving our Country. For their children the application is quite different. Those children born to our military personal are truly U.S. Citizens no matter where they are born.

    So now Obama is going to Hawaii, he might be going to pick up a generated MADE up birth certificate???
    What do you think??

    All of my brother have served in the Military and now all of my nephews are in Iraq, to keep you, you Idiot safe.

  14. You People are Acting Idiodically permalink

    Rosemary, thanks to your family for their service.
    the guy wasn’t suggesting that McCain was not a citizen.

    Why, why, why do you think there is such an insistence among some people, beyond boundaries of reason that the same people apply to other parts of their lives, that Obama is some kind of dangerous alien? Pick your danger and alien (communist, muslim, terrorist, foreigner, funny salad eater, etc.)

    The guy is American as it gets. I hope you are still on America’s side on Nov. 5th.

  15. Suzanne permalink

    We think that it is possible “Grandma” might just suddenly pass away on purpose if you understand our point. That is if he can’t get a forged copy of the Birth Certificate.

  16. johnny permalink

    You People are Acting Idiodically,

    Obama is dangerous no matter how you look at it!

    The man has no experience what so ever and has no clue when it comes to national security. Right now more then our nation needs to be secure. Our enemies will take full advantage of Obama’s inexperience.

    Obama has already lied to us seveal times during the debates.

    He wants to penalize people for making over 250,000 dollars and then the following week he says how he loves Joe the Plumber that makes 250k a year and that Obama is going to give him a tax break! What is it Obama?

    Obama couldn’t even pass the background check required by the FBI or CIA!

    How can he become president?

  17. Mac permalink

    Obama was born a Muslim but converted to Christianity; that is great. The Ayers link scares me, however. And the media is really in the tank for him. Palin is beat up almost every day and yet Biden seems to get little if any coverage on his past and present mishaps.

  18. johnny permalink

    You People are Still Idiots Says,

    “stop calling each other ‘enemy’ and build a better America in a better world.”

    First and fore most, you said, “he change is name to Johnny Says? or something whitebread like that?”

    you are a racist!!!!!

    No wonder why you are pulling the handle for Obama! You are voting because he is half black.

    You just lost all of your creditability with me because you are casting your vote by the persons physical attributes rather then is politcal views!

  19. Roy D permalink

    Why didn’t he just buy a birth certificate over the net ?
    Pelosi could’ve gotten him one.

  20. here_today_gone_tommorow permalink

    GET IT RIGHT! IT IS A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! Unless you were a US Citizen at the time the constitution was written.

  21. Bob L. permalink

    Many of you are missing the point. It doesn’t matter if the candidate is a Democrat or a Republican. What matters is the rule of law. Unfortunately, many in this country (especially on the left) have thrown that out the window long ago. The end justifies the means, right.
    The Constitution is very clear about this issue, if you are not born in this country, YOU CANNOT RUN FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT!!!!
    We will open up a huge can of worms if we ignore this.

  22. Larry DiSalvo permalink

    If he an AMERICAN CITIZEN let him prove it.
    As I understand it, His mother was under age when she left the U.S. and did not meet the requirement for her child to be a U.S. Citizen, the farther is not a citizen. At most he might be a naturalize citizen!

  23. Ellise permalink

    I don’t care what color Obama is – – I don’t care if he has lunch every day with Bill Ayers — I don’t care if he is planning on building a basketball court in the White House.

    I care about the fact that he cannot , and will not keep us safe in a National Emergency. If he gets word that Muslims are aboard a hijacked jets headed for Times Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, and
    the Hooever Dam simultaneously, he will want to sit down with Kadahfi,
    Odinga, Castro, Chavez et al, and have a dialog with them to see what the United States’ response should be.

    That is, after he gets his family and friends on the fastest jets out of the Country.

    The Presidency is not an entry-level position, for on-the-job training, and it requires some level of demonstrated devotion and duty to our Country.

  24. Felix permalink

    Does this surprise anyone? Anybody remember Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Tell Tale Heart”? Oh the irony of it all. Only a master at smearing his opponents to the ground could come up with a “fight the smears” website, all the while diverting attention away from his own faults. Nothing is 100% fireproof or fool proof Mr. Obama; by the way, is that smoke coming out of your suit? Obama, you certainly are a sensation, but you’re no saint by any stretch of the imagination! Let’s get this straight, neither you nor ANYBODY is above being challenged!

  25. ron permalink

    obama went to fancy college to be alawyer did he pass the bar exam or did he cheat his way thru college because if he did not take test there is a good chance he knew he could not cut it as lawyer that is why he took the easy route by being apolitcian jimmy hoffa and randi weingarten did the same

  26. Obama has no experience…F*** Obama!! F*** McCain!! Politics & Crime, there the same thing.

  27. GAP permalink

    If Obama wins I will never view my country the same way again. I believed in the work and sacrifice it took to build this nation. Slowly but surely it’s foundation has been worn down and the silent majority brain washed into a state unconciousness. Countries like N. Korea, Iran, china and Russia will be ready for the coming weakening of America if and when Obama is elected.

  28. you liberal bloggers use profanity because it makes you feel better and it assists you in covering your ignorance about poli-sci 101, your own constitution,& of course the words to our national anthem …if you wish to wait in line for quack doctors arriving in droves from abroad to dispense medicine.. then vote for B. Hussein, O… better yet move to europe or canada they already have perfected their twisted socialized med model… better yet take B. O. and the rest of the multiculturalists and move and start your own country somewhere…by the way you elitist dummies… you’re hypocrites because if obama was not50% white and had a darker hue of skin you would not be filling stadiums to see him unless he was on american idol……………………………….. no thanks B.O… keep the chump CHANGE..GOD help us from this imposter

  29. Bev permalink

    We are in real trouble here, watch the grandma and all here information disappear , I dont think he is an a American. I beleive he went there to get paper work that will prove he is from Africa. He needs to be tried for treason, as well as his sopporters. I love our country, we dont need him. My family has fought for our country for 3 generations, and will continue,GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!

  30. Tewrmenayder permalink

    If Barack fails to produce proof of American citizenship the elections should be paused for a period of time to allow Arnold an opportunity to run for the President as well. Yes, Arnold der Terminator!!!

  31. David permalink

    If a Child is born to a American abroad. Does that child have to be registered with an American embassy within three months to be declared an American citizen? Where are those papers?

  32. You People are Acting Idiodically permalink

    you know what you people really are fucking disgusting.

    i can’t wait until we have you all in pens and can poke you with sticks.

    WE built this country, hoss. YOU can go off to your delusional homestead up yonder and close yourself off from the “foreigners.” The other 6 Billion people can and will get along just fine without you.

    Goodbye Old America


  33. TimV permalink

    Senator Obama is going to visit his ailing grandmother. There is a good chance that she could die before the election. Add 10 percent for a sympathy vote. Brilliant tactical move, for a man who several months ago referred to her as his “Racist White Grandmother”.

    His September trip to Hawaii was made right after Mr. Berg served him with interrogatories. His October trip to Hawaii is after he failed to answer those questions to the court in a timely fashion. No connection, eh?

    Aloha, Barry.

    No Ka Oi, from your friends from Punahou, where you tried to pass yourself off as a Fijian (Hawaiians hate Popolo’s)

  34. Dee permalink

    Do you think it will make any difference anyway?? The people that support him don’t give a fig about the truth (they can’t handle the truth) or the law. They would follow him over the nearest cliff anywhere.

  35. Publius permalink

    This is crazy? Shouldn’t the federal government, the beaurocrats supposedly representing “We The People” verify the constitutionally required citizenship of a candidate running for President?? Private citizens have to sue corrupt Democrat State functionaries to get to the truth? Where’s Waldo? That’s right, looting the Treasury, pissing a trillion a year down the toilet in Iraq and dreaming about having Laura give Africa another 40 billion in “aid”. We’re screwed.

  36. walter permalink

    I know Obama is a fake and lier but i hope the rest of america know this befor they put him in office were he dose not belong

  37. Margaret Rapponotti permalink

    God help us if this socialist is elected. Of corses it is probably what we deserve with the dumbing down of our population. Read Orwells 1984, it is chilling, and more true today than ever before. I will follow Michael in his effort to get our Republic back. Will you?

  38. truckuall permalink

    I am surprised the Libs are so entangled with a man that truely likes Marxist Ideas , When he has control they will soon see they are in more trouble then those that are of conservative beleafs , we conserv’s are willing to work and those that seek gov. welfare are not , well if history has not shown to those lib idiots that Marxisim will not tolerate lazy people then GOD help them. I think either way the libs are in for a rude awakening !!

  39. What is America becoming? is the question. When I was a child, manufacturing and agriculture sectors of our society were the middle class families I adored; and now, I don’t know. With an amnesty for illegals, McCain nearly succeeded in effecting a chain migration that, according to the estimates provided by the CIA think tank, Heritage Foundation, could have resulted in an additional 100 million immigrants arriving on US soil within ten years. Even now, we don’t water streatming down the Colorado to provide one drop off overflow back to the ocean, and you might have noticed the slowly emptying Lake Mead and others. So the morally equivalent Obama, as promissed shall provide the ultimate amnesty to all the peoples of the world and has further promised to increase the penalties for “Hate Crimes” for those who descend from the European heritage. He’s a racist and he’s not an American. Not by a long shot. Just ask yourself this simple question: Would George Washington or Lincoln vote for him? Both men nationalist and conservative. For all you Obama supporters who obvious hate America, please leave on the next transport to that wonderful third-world nation you’re so interested in making this awesome God fearing country into.

  40. Katy permalink

    I go to a school filled with a bunch of left wing people and I absolutley hate it. Everyone gangs up on me just because of what I believe in, but when I say something bad about Obama I am called a racist. I hate what this country has become but I am so happy that kids my age cannot vote…
    If Obama gets elected we will all suffer…and if he doesn’t, only whites will.
    This is what our country has become…

  41. I have lived in this country for 45 years, I have never heard of one American that was named Obama. It’s not rocket science! In God we trust!

  42. This is conservatism? permalink

    Obama is not a communist, a muslim, a terrorist or even a foreigner. Get real.

    After 8 years of “Regular Americans” driving the pickup into the ground, it is about time.

    You all need to put down the pot pipe, take a deep breath of American oxygen, and realize that there IS NO conspiracy to cover up or discover.

    Whatever country develops the best sustainable energy and infrastructure technology will rule the 21st century, and the Republicans are nominating a VP that doesn’t believe in science.

    Seriously, people.

  43. Publius permalink

    Right truck. The libs or useful idiots as I like to call them will be the first to go when the socialists and then communists take over. What’s really crazy is the support of the minorities, gays and secular Jews. The useful idiots are ignorant of history. They act out of hatred of themselves, their parents and this country. As Savage brilliantly says “liberalism is a mental disorder” there can be no other explanation.

  44. quasimoto permalink

    If Obama was born in Hawaii then his mother must have been residing in Hawaii when he was born. There should be records of where she was residing. There must be people alive who were residing in that neighborhood at that time. Why haven’t the media sought them out and interviewed them? If his mother was in and out of the country let’s see her passport. The State Department should have records documenting her travels. Same goes for Obama.

    Why hasn’t he been subjected to an in depth back-ground investigation, such as anyone seeking a high level security clearance is subjected to?

  45. Publius permalink


    Keep the faith!! My kids are also somewhat in the minority as conservatives. One lib teacher is trying to knock my daughter out her #2 rank out of 480 seniors based on his arbitrary liberal bias. He gives the kids an inappropriate essay on who they support in this election (in a 20th Century History Class) and then grades according to his bias. I’m not letting that stand.

    You will find that there are other like minded individuals and they are better people. A lot of young people tend to be liberal and as they mature they wise up. A lot however, never wise up. They’re not worth your time. Read Jon Voight’s interview on being a conservative and I think it’ll cheer you up. You are smart and strong and that’s why you think they way you do.

  46. duh_swami permalink

    Within one year of an Obama presidency, the same people who elected

    him, will be howling for his impeachment,

  47. Sorry to tell you this Gary; He ain’t ‘BULLIT PROOF’…

  48. johnny permalink

    Hell! Obama has even written in his autobiography that he was at one time was a drug addict!!!!! You can’t even get a job as a police officer in most ciities if you admitted to trying or using drugs! And Obama has made it this far!

    Obama openly admits to using cocain: Strike one!

    Obama directly connected to Bill Ayers: Strike two!

    Obama’s lack of experience: Strike three!

    Obama’s citizenship status: Strike four!

    The man is just not worthy of any elected positon in our government, especially the highest seat in our government.

    Wake up people!

    Liberals I can understand why you worship Obama, you have a mental disorder and may God help you!

  49. Hey communist, muslim, terrorist, foreigner

  50. Gee Five permalink

    I demand a vote on the most idiotic statement !

  51. johnny permalink


    Good point! This is what the madness of liberalism creates!
    This is why liberalism has been coined a mental disorder by so many.
    They fight to get him elected and soon as he is, they want him impeached!

  52. Palin permalink

    The media had everything on the background of Joe the Plumber within two days. Obama’s background is still unknown. Amazing.

  53. ***Just Talk? Or will you do something??? permalink

    all you people just whine to each other about how persecuted you feel.
    each and every Michael Savage listener and Andy Martin fan NEEDS to read
    the Turner Diaries and read it now. You want to know what happens next (if you all
    have the American common sense?) then get yourself two, one for you and one for a friend.

  54. Katy permalink


    Thank you. I had a teacher in 8th grade for US history who was the exact same way. She always tried to grade me down for my opinions but she never could because I had good arguments…that was 8th grade though and it has gotten a lot worse. My anatomy teacher has a “bi, gay, transgender safe zone” sticker on his wall. He is gay and he pushes his way of life on his students, which I think is completely wrong. His website is full of gay right videos and quotes and it really makes me uncomfortable. I’m not really anti-gay or anything…I just don’t like having it shoved down my throat.

  55. Jeanne permalink

    Nobama nobama oh no Bama

  56. El Gato permalink

    “Obama is not a Muslim, no matter how many times you say it. His birth certificate has been released, and it’s from Hawaii. And even if he was born in a foreign country, the fact that his mother was a US citizen makes him a US citizen. (Read the Constitution).”

    He may not be a Muslim, not that it matter Constitutionally since the Constitution prohibits religious tests for office. However his Birth Certificate has not been released, only some bad photos of a Certificate of Live Birth, with selected portions shown in somewhat better photos. But the CLB and a Birth Certificate are not the same thing. The BC would should what hospital, what doctor (or midwife), etc. In Hawaii, anyone can file information on a birth, even sometime after the fact. Even if the CLB is authentic, it doesn’t show name changes, adoptions, etc. the BC would.

  57. Katy permalink

    This is conservatism?-

    OK, so where have you been getting your information? I’m guessing CNN. Have you read anything or watched anything besides that? Watch Hannity & Colmes. It describes Obama’s relationship with Ayers IN DETAIL. If you actually knew more about it then maybe you would think differently. Much like most liberals. I’ve had enough of people like you (living in California) and I’m only 16! I can’t believe how ignorant Obama supporters are, and they say conservatives are. It’s unbelievable.

  58. Chet Rickner permalink

    His trip to Hawaii is for two reasons; to suppress any documents that show he is naturalized and not natural born, and to obtain a birth certificate doctored in his favor with the official Hawaii embossed seal. I’m sure strings have been pulled with some of the millions of dollars he has raised being paid to someone at the Hawaii Division of Records.

    The guy is so deceitful it is sickening.

  59. Ken Walker permalink

    Let’s see……

    Obama himself said in an interview:

    “MY MUSLIM FAITH” (then tried to correct that to Christian)

    He also said he was going to campaign in “ALL 57 STATES”
    (there are only 52 American states BUT there ARE 57 ISLAMIC STATES)

    He has been corresponding with Prime Minister Odinga of Kenya who is systematically killing off Christians and instituting Sharia Law in Kenya.

    He associates with the finest people Wright, Ayers, etc.

    And now this birth question? When will you liberals open your eyes?!

  60. mark permalink

    Barrack HUSSEIN Obama
    Hi folks, why does the news and his campaign insist we don’t use his entire name, or frown on those who use his Muslim middle name?. Why does the news not tell you that he is anti second amendment ?. (he wants our guns).
    Why did B.O. vote not to render medical attention to a baby that survived a late term abortion?. When did you ever hear him say “let’s win the war”. He’s a PACIFIST !. WHY WON’T HE PRODUCE A LEGITIMATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR EXAMINATION ?. How could he attend a hate mongoring church for twenty years and claim to be a Christian ?. Rev Wright quote ” God damn America” . Yeah God fearing pastor, what a joke.

  61. LESTER permalink

    Let’s not quibble about these two pieces of garbage any more. The fact of the problem is, is that this country is in serious trouble, and there is no one whome can repair it. We the taxpayers are screwed either way. Obama and MCcain are both liers and phoneys. Let us see how we can bring back our economy, jobs, house values & most importantly, the drive-in movie theatre once again!!

  62. Buddy Bear permalink

    He’s going to Hawaii to visit granny, plunder her apartment and destroy the birth certificate. In his mind, “Granny’s gotta go”

  63. This is conservatism? permalink

    HI Katy,

    I saw the H&C piece which is where I first heard of the raving nutjob known as Andy Martin. Thanks for asking.

    Am I just curious, answer if you like…

    What for you is the worst case scenario that is directly or indirectly implied by what you feel to be the dangerous association with Ayers? The facts are the facts (I don’t believe they imply anything problematic and you do) So I’m curious what they MEAN to you, as a 16 year old.

    Is it just a sign of “bad judgment” as McCain says or something more apocalyptic and sinister.

    Tell us a story about how bad it could get. I’m seriously and genuinely interested.

  64. Adam permalink

    We are turning into Europe, just look at what’s going on in France- anarchists and muslims are out of control and european birth rates are crashing. We are following them down the same socialist toilet by letting our country basically have open borders. I live in sonoma county and there are so many people who believe that socialism will be the right direction for this country. They are all traitors and commies alike. They only want you to think like they do and they believe that B.O. is gonna do wonders for our economy. News flash: all he wants to do is spend more money in a recession (bad idea) that’s how all the democrats think when you are broke-SPEND with tax dollars of the wealthy. Well you know who really gets hurt when you tax the corporations? the small buisnesses. And the reason is because the big guy gets bledded, he tightens the pay roll and starts laying off people so he doesn’t lose his million dollar salary.

  65. All the above (communist, muslim, terrorist, foreigner) I suspect and fear “You People are Acting Idiodically Says”. The man is unexperienced, has and continues to deceive Americans with lies and multiple views depending on you is trying to woe. He states he would support muslims (the same people who would like to brutally wip-out Americans) has a reckless foreign pollicy. His socialistic beliefs and plans would further damage our economy, just ask economist such as Pres Bill Clinton. What little experience he has had history tells us most of his decisions have been wrong (lets only assume its just inexperience. This is only the tip of the ice burg. What is really troubling to me is over 50% of Americans are to lazy or perhaps to influencable to seek facts and the truth. At first I did not like McCain (and would still would not be my first choice) but after seeking the truth and facts I believe the man could successfully lead and produce more good than bad and certainly a better man and leader than Barack Hussein Obama. Pray for the best god fearing leader to win, please!

  66. chas waller permalink

    he is a fake lying muslim sleeper that probably an illegal alien himself that wouldn’t amount to sheeot but to take from those who have and give to those who don’t which I’m not against “because I myself is broke as hell” , but those who have much should help without law forcing them to. Also don’t think because you are black he cares any more for you than other ethnicties because other than church that is racist as crap he doesn’t even have any black associates on his senatorial board for the state of illinois. He is a selfish person the could care less about those without unless there is something in it for him. God bless America and the rest of the world too.

  67. LESTER the MOLESTER permalink

    This country is down to the bare-bottom. Cant sell houses, can’t find good paying jobs, wetbacks -a- plenty here driving around without insurance. Wake up people!! we are down and out, and getting screwed every minute.

  68. Katy permalink

    This is conservatism?-

    How bad it could get? Are you serious?
    So you do not think that terrorists are a threat to this country?
    Well I do actually…and I would not be happy if MY president was associated with a terrorists who BOMBED the capital and KILLED 7 people. He is an anarchist and a terrorist and it just amazes me how everyone makes excuses for him and Obama.
    So now I’m asking you…how do you feel that Bill Ayers is NOT dangerous? What has he done to prove to this country that he is not a terrorist and what has Obama done to prove that he is not friends with him?

  69. Ralph permalink

    If at all in doubt, just give someone a few sentences. If they curse or name-call, they are LIBERAL. They suffer from the disease of liberalism, for which there is seldom a cure. Conservatives love this country and have integrity and are willing to do what ever it takes to keep freedom and capitalism alive for generations to come.

  70. Ron permalink

    No BO in the white house. This all started in the 60’s when education started to tank. Now all the sheeple lemming kool-aid drinkers think they got their man. It will ultimately be the stupid people who put the marxist in office. Find and listen to the Howard Stern’s audio bit while canvassing individuals on the streets of Harlem. Each interviewee was drooling kool-aid as they agreed that Palin was a good pick for Obama’s VP or that Obama’s his pro-life policies were fine. These morons were stupid racists only interested in skin color.

    Please teach your children civility, morality and love of country. Otherwise we’re toast…

  71. This is conservatism? permalink

    I got that. But what does the association MEAN.

    First of terrorism is a tactic, not an allegiance. McVeigh was a terrorist, etc.
    Rumsfeld shook hands with Hussein, Reagan funded the proto-Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, several administrations have funded terrorist dictators on every continent. I’m sure you know all that.

    Lots of republicans were and are associates of Ayers too, but those “associations” are less important to the story, aren’t they?

    Given all that, what I’m asking what worries you that Ayers would influence an Obama administration? Or more to the point, do you believe that Obama is a terrorist or that he believes what the Weather Underground believed? Do you believe that he is a “sleeper” who will unleash anti-American terror if he is elected?

    Just wondering.

  72. Publius permalink


    You’re welcome. These libs including your deviant teacher are not tolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. They don’t want to be judged or held to any moral standards. Did you know that the gays refer to normal heterosexual people as breeders? They try to make normal people like you feel like the weirdo.

    I feel a little sorry for you; I wish you could be in a school with some like minded people. However, you are unusually strong and articulate for a young lady. I think you’re going to have a great future! I’ve been to So Cal a few times on business and vacation. It’s a beautiful place but I’d hate to put up with all the libs and phonies.

  73. This is conservatism? permalink


    Unless of couse the namecalling includes any from the list:

    terrorist, “moslem,” communist, socialist, foreigner, lib, faggot, commie, Leftie,, oreo, leftie, “sleeper,” liar, illegal alien, martian, gray, etc.


  74. If Barry, vis a vis–barack hussein obama—Hussein is a middle name given to Islamic boy children. Has anyone wondered how, as a college student he could travel to Africa and other place to see his friends. Has anyone ever thought of how the six figure money tree fell into O’s lap?
    The constitution does say natural born, not someone who may have been in Africa or other places, and then had someone give him a birth certificate from Hawaii. Obama is a Socialist/Marxist, and everyone should be concerned that the public can’t ask quesions for fear they will be called racist. Look at what happened to Joe the Plumber–investigated, and the not so elite media, doing O’s job–attacking,..If that could happen to someone who has the right to ask the question, what do you think will happen to you if you say anything–you bet, you will have no freedom of speech. My family has served this country in peace and war, our family came legally. I have been in the military, the first ladyfrom our family, and try looking at our flag and remember, the many sons and daughters in the past died to keep our freedom. I always have a great feeling when I salute the flag. Further, FBI, CIA, etc, could not give O a clearance until he could prove he is a bonafide citizen. have had top secret clearance with the FBI, and CIA, and it takes a long time to get these clearances, and every little facet of live is under the microscope. Also, name calling does not fix anythingm, and I might add, doesn’t add to political scene.

  75. Ralph permalink

    Folks, we need to demand that journalists actually be journalists and stop allowing them to fail to report issues and at the same time jumping all over conservatives and making up lies and leading the stupid sheep of this country to slaughter because they actually believe what the press tells them. They have done such a good jon that repubs are now automatically associated with everything from the global warming fairytale to conservatives being stupid right-wing nut jobs. It makes me sick that in this computer age, when accurate information can be obtained and “re-checked and verified” that so many people not only fail to learn the truth, but blindly follow and believe the liberal endices. People, lets make things change in this country. The racism is mostly on part of liberals, not conservatives, lest they continue to interject the race card at every turn.

  76. Life is Very Interesting permalink

    Regardless of this election’s outcome, the comments here miss one important historical point. Every great civilization since the beginning of human history has come to an end. We are fortunate for having had the opportunity to enjoy this one. Be that as it may, the vote you cast will affect your grandchildren, one way or another, pro or con depending on your view. Be prepared to teach them how to adapt. Good luck.

  77. Katy permalink

    This is conservatism?

    Ok so what you said about the Republicans being assiciated with Ayers…that’s funny. I don’t see them running for PRESIDENT. Do you honestly want our next president to be a man who has ties with an insane terrorist?
    Also, terrorism IS an allegiance. Are terrorists not allied? I’m poretty sure they work in groups which makes them an allegiance…they all have one common goal- to destory the US. How on earth could you ignore that? I know you’ll probably just come back with something like “Obama isn’t associated with him”, but he is. Even liberal news stations say so. I don’t really care what he is exactly doing with Ayers…I just don’t think is is very appropriate for the potential president to be associated with him at all.

    Also, he attends a racist church. What white person would want a half-black president who attends a church with an anti-white pastor? And don’t try to tell me he “didn’t know he was like that”, like Obama himself said…We all saw the speeches and read the quotes. I do not believe in having a racist president and the only reason why people are shrugging their shoulders at this is because it is anti-white, not anti-black. We live in a society where everyone tries to be so equal that they end up being racist towards the other side.

    As far as the terrorism goes…that should speak for itself.

  78. Bob permalink

    Blind faith, blind liberalism.
    Islamic Law, will be law of the land in Islamic populated parts of Michigan within ten years if Obama is elected. Our American daughters will be forced to wear Burkas at American public schools.
    It is already happening in England.
    I felt much better in the old America.

  79. Daryl permalink

    There should be a strong investigation and research on obtaining an authentic birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama but the media won’t go there, as I still question to this day “Who is Barack Obama?” His resume is paper thin, he opens his mouth and lies profusely. One, He is dangerous as his socialist plans will destoy the American economy and jobs and two Obama is a Muslim, I do not care if he claims he is a Christian, if his father was a Muslim, no matter if he was secular and fanatical, Barack Obama will always be a Muslim. And what should disqualify him as well is his associations: Like Ayers, Rezko, Wright, and his two economical guys on his campaign that literally destroyed Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.
    That should automatically along with Barack Obama’s questionable place of birth disqualify him for the most important job in this country.
    It would be nice to put Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, the media, the celebutards in Hollyweird on a one way passage to either Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea or Venezuela.

  80. Wind River permalink

    Can anyone help me do the same thing in Maryland? I need a little guidance.

  81. John Wayne permalink

    Lets get this straight, the economy is bad, we are in an open ended war. Let’s blame the current presidential administration and elect anyone.

    Last time this happened we got Jimmy Carter. How’s that working out for you?

    At least Jimmy Carter was a good Christian man and former serviceman who was an idiot.

    Obama hates this country, is embarrassed of the flag, probably not even a Christian( Don’t know what Rev. Wright is peddling, but it ain’t Christianity).

    What he won’t ruin in this country out of stupidity, he will ruin out of hate.

  82. Ralph permalink

    Hey, This is conservatism….I refer to the names, lables, and pent-up anger that liberals tend to use when going after conservatives many times from the very start. If you are open-minded and pay attention, you can not help but see that the so-called main stream media has gone overboard trying to uncover anything harmful to the Palen-McCain ticket, but do not even follow up on anything regarding Obama. He has truly gotten a free ride and will continue to do so. How can this not bother you?

  83. johnny permalink

    El Gato,

    Obama’s birth certificate has been altered and that will be included in the lawsuit against Obama as well.

    How come Obama doesn’t answer to lawsuit? Why does he not come out in the open and make a point to prove his citizenship?

    The birth certificate issue is one thing, how about his ties to Bill Ayers and Obama’s open statements about using cocain? How about his experience?

    Obama regardless of his citizenship status or not, has no business running the greatest nation in the world!

  84. Katy permalink


    Yes! I don’t understand why gay people refer to heterosexuals as “breeders”. Maybe they are just jealous that they can’t themselves. I know a few kids who have gay parents and they all ended up doing bad in school and being incredibly embarrassed by their parents. One in particular was one of my best friends. His mom left his dad for a woman and my friend is now a druggie who is doing badly in school. I know this isn’t the case for everyone and I also know people who have gay parents or friends and are great people, but when you have a child and you just decide that you like women (or men) and you get up and leave your family…that is just so selfish. I know many gay people (california) and some of them are really nice people. But if you even go so far as to agreeing with Prop 8 they will jump down your throat. My other friend started yelling at me because I said (if i could) I would vote yes on Prop 8. A funny thing is that he isn’t even gay. Gays are so ignorant and so baised it’s sickening. I give up my time and LISTEN to other people’s opinions, no matter what they think. Just because I don’t agree with them, and I tell them this, doesn’t mean that I am ignorant for not agreeing. I’m tired of it…
    Also, living very close to San Francisco is not very fun…

    Sorry, that was sort of a rant..

  85. will permalink

    obama’s new campaign slogan till november. VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN

  86. johnny permalink

    John Wayne,

    Amen to that brother!

  87. michele mcjunkin permalink

    thank you for making me feel I am not the only person out here who KNOWS Obama is a Marxist and this country will never be the same if elected
    McCain is not my favorite but I Know he loves this country
    thanks for keeping me sane

    is there anywhere on the net any certificate of Obama’s?

  88. johnny permalink


    Homosexuality is a mental disorder as well.

    People are not born that way there’s no scientific evidence to support that.

    But lets not talk about the gay mafia agenda or we’ll open up a whole new can of worms if you know what I mean

  89. Publius permalink


    San Fran, no wonder. So. Cal is like a puritan community in comparison. If you don’t already you should listen to Mike Savage and Laura Ingraham on the radio. You can get them streaming on the net as you read and post away. You’ll see that there’s a lot more conservatives than you think.

  90. Katy permalink


    Yes that is true…but i like being entitled to free speech, and I would like to use it up since it will be gone if Obama gets elected.

  91. Katy permalink


    Yes I do listen to Michael Savage and I am currently reading Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. It’s nice to listen to someone who actually has something intelligent to say.

  92. What I says goes permalink

    I don’t think he is a non-natural citizen, but we will see how this pans out.

  93. This is conservatism? permalink

    Hi Katy

    thanks for your reply, I think you answered my question by not answering my question.

    a couple quick points…

    what I mean by “terrorism is a tactic” is just that, it is a political tactic used since forever, but its Modern usage comes from the French Revolution when the Republicans (who were fighting for democracy) used terror against the Royalists who wanted a king.

    The ancient Hebrews used terror against the Romans, the Colonists against the British, the Bolsheviks against the Tsar, the Israelis against the British, etc. etc.

    take a look at the wikipedia entry if you like.

    So, to say someone is a terrorist is that they use terrorism. “The Terrorists” is not a group of people “out there” like “the Belgians,” but a name for those who have used that method of political violence.

    You should care what his connection with Ayers is. It may be very important. It may be simply that they were on some committees together.

    Also Wright’s church is not racist. He may be a bit unhinged and scary, but a guy who scares white people is not racist or even against white people. When he said God Damn America, he was talking about slavery. When it comes to slavery I think God would agree with him.

    Why does it matter then to you that’s he’s half-black? What’s the point? Does that make him a little bit more scary?

  94. William Wallace permalink

    The vast majority of American Voters are caught up with this staged bickering election. The news media has predictably whipped up a whole bunch of controversies and diversions. All this to distarct us from the real scary stuff. Forget the government and the presidential candidates and any policy differences we are made to perceive. Nobody is paying any attention to the Elephant in the room. I am referring to the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, NWO, NAU, The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund. Does anybody pay any attention or care about how these groups have controlled the government, the media, the education system, the CIA, FBI, FDA, FCC, News Media etc etc. Yes it is a conspiracy, so huge nobody wants to comprehend it. You are all right where they want you to be, dumbed down, drugged up, bickering with each other, fearful, intimidated, controlled and worst of all enslaved. Wake up we do not have much time to preserve our freedom and that of our children. Do me a favor please research any of the organizations I refer to and think critically. Question every action of authority. Switch off the TV News. The illuminati runs it all. Research the story of the Federal reserve Bank. Unless we look at and question the big picture we will lose everything. Everything about this election is an illusion and a distraction, think, think, think until it hurts because they are going to hurt you unless we stop them now. Wake up. See David Icke

  95. This is conservatism? permalink

    in case you care….

    if you insist that he is in Hawaii to kill his grandmother like he did his father, because they were about to blow the whistle on the plot, then fine, whatever, we Republicans don’t need you.

  96. Publius permalink

    Everyone should see the newly released POW Video of McCain by SkyNews. Let me preface by saying I’m more anti-Obama than pro-McCain as he is way to liberal for me on immigration, walking across the aisle and all his other shtick. Nonetheless, this video is the most emotional and compelling thing I’ve seen in a long time. As I watched it, all I could think of was the contrast between this brave man and that Racist, Marxist squirt Obama. If they RNC would simply play this video in swing states, I think’d be enough to push McCain ahead.

  97. Richard Oberlander permalink

    Anyone with Hussein as a middle name is a Muslim. If he would have converted to Christianity in Iran, instead of the US, which he did in his twenties, he would have been hung.

  98. This is conservatism? permalink


    All I can say is that I’m sorry you don’t have a better outlet for your healthy skepticism and curiosity about the powers that be.

    Michael Savage is an act. He plays a character called Michael Savage who rails against all the things that certain frightened people have learned to hate.

    I predict that when you do get access to a good library and some good professors your experience trolling around with these crap artists will only make you that much more mad.

    Best wishes.

  99. Hey “This is conservatism” who in the hell do you think you are fooling? these obviously are not the liberal medias sheep you are speaking too. Wright is not a racist? You are typical of this society and its decaying morals and values. Why don’t you and BO go live in a dictatorship society and let the rest of us who believe in what our forefathers fled from and died for.

  100. Publius permalink


    There is no doubt we are being ruled by an oligarchy and it’s certainly not a benevolent one. You are very pessimistic as am I, as PJB said they are two arms of the same bird of prey. We’ve been given no real choice in this election. We can only hope McCain is the lesser of the two evils. As Thomas Jefferson said the tree of liberty needs to be shed with the blood of tyrants and patriots. We are quickly getting to that point. That’s why they want control of the guns and especially powerful guns. The second amendment was meant to protect citizens from a tyrannical government, not for hunting!!! Wake up people before it’s over.

  101. michaela, permalink

    We should all be careful, We have no way of knowing the truth except for our senses. If its a spade we should call it such. Our Government has been giving us the business for far to long and It can get worse in a hurry. Forget Rep and Dems Lets get behind a better alternative. Just Maybe Michael Savage. I for one like America, I for one Am an American.

  102. Katy permalink

    This is conservatism?

    I am familiar with what terrorism means. You are right in that it is a TACTIC…for scaring people into believing what you believe in. I never called Obama a terrorist directly, I only said he is associated with one. And yes, Ayers is a terrorist. Which, in my opinion, doesn’t make him any better.

    Obama being associated with a terrorist is not the only reason why I strongly despise him. He is also affiliated with ACORN. Acorn is an organization that threatens banks to give bad loans to people who will not and are not going to pay them back. (which you should already know) This is what is making our economy fail.

    Wright’s church IS racist. How is reffering to white people as “the white devil” not racist? And talking about slavery in this day and age is absolutley ridiculous. That was SO long ago and it really has not relavence to this election or to any current topic. I don’t understand why black people use that as some sort of “blame” or to try to make white people guilty. This is the definition of “pulling the race card”. They weren’t even involved with anything that went on during those times, nor were any of the white people.

    It does not matter to me that Obama is half black. This is exactly what I’m talking about. If I say I don’t like Obama…I am racist. I am not racist, but I do believe that many people are racist…towards white people. Because in today’s world, being racist towards black people is THE worst crime a person can commit. But if a black person says “cracker” or “honkey” it’s fine. This society is crumbling and it’s not just because of the economy. The morality and justice of this country is truly non-existent.

  103. Katy permalink

    This is conservatism?

    If Michael Savage is an act, then every other news anchor on CNN is also an act. YOU need to listen to things BESIDES the liberal media. I do watch CNN and other channels and I listen to democrats and liberals. I do not agree with them, but I listen to their point of view and I give them a chance. YOU however, have not shown me anything that would say you are not baised.

  104. Lisa permalink

    Just want you to know that I am from a socialist/communist country. It is frightning that so many Americans are so willing to give up their rights. I ran from my country of Hungary back during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. Came to the United States because of human rights, and freedoms that the U.S. had. If Obama gets elected I wonder where we’re going to run? I’ve lived it before, and I see it coming like a tital wave to this great country. What a shame.

    Thank God for Michael Savage. He is right on. One of the only truth speaking people in the media/air ways. God bless Michael Savage.

  105. Publius permalink


    THERE”S NOWHERE LEFT TO RUN! That’s why Obama must be defeated.


    I think Lou Dobbs would be a great Independent candidate. The only problem is that he’ll split the Republican voters. All the “country clubber”, moderate, “I’m a fiscal conservative socially liberal” morons that give us the establishment candidates like McCain, will stay with the establishment candidate. The entitlement party (Dem’s) are comprised of the 40% non taxpayers, selfish union workers, angry minorities, gays, liberal Jews and college professors (a little bit of levity) will still vote Democrat.

  106. Carrie, Punahou Grad from Hawaii permalink

    Aloha, “You People Are Idiots” ~

    You might want to read up on basic U.S. Law, which states that the SOLE exception of rights to those naturally born in the United States vs. U.S. citizens who are born outside the U.S. is that ONLY NATURAL BORN CITIZENS CAN HOLD THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENCY.

    Whether or not you agree that this should be the law, quite frankly it IS the current law.

    Insofar as qualifications go, “You People Are Idiots” ~ I, too, have found myself awed to silence by listening to Barack speak. It happened this Spring, toward the end of his primary campaing. When asked how many states they had left to go (ie. campaign travelling), Barack stammered, jumbling, as he suddenly slowed… as if trying to get something straight in his mind: “We’ve already been to … no wait… is it… [tentatively] fifty… six? … fifty-seven… states? So… we only have one or two left to go….”

    The only thing “57” I know of is: 1. Heinz Ketchup ingredients; 2. the number of states of Islam (I used to be a missionary and studied Islam and Islamic countries in detail).

    The only other time I’ve ever heard of ANYONE confusing the number of states like that is in Ocean’s Thirteen last year: One of the Malone Brothers fuddles around trying to remember the number of states, similarly. The audience roared. It was hilarious. The other Malone brother, of course, gave him an extreme look of disgust and dismissal. For such profound ignorance.

    Bottom line? What are other countries going to think of us voting in someone who EVER mistakenly thought we have 57 or 58 states? None of my many, many foreign friends … or grade school kids I know… have ever made that mistake.

    It’s embarrassing.

  107. Bev permalink

    I beleive our news commenters our owened buy Saudi-Aurabia, and all our news is duiluted to keep everyone feeling o.k. Thats why they dont check any of this stuff out. Its all to there best interest, listen to the news, there are Doctors tellings us drugs we need to take, crap we dont even care about, they never even touch on the things we want to here, there all bought and paid for, they all have an agenda, they have no morals, only a fat paycheck, but you cant take it with you. I hope one day one of them cave and tell the truth.the sooner the better.

  108. Kevin permalink

    Looks like the glass ceiling prevented a woman from becoming governor and another from becoming Director of public health. I am voting for Obama, as it will be the final nail in the coffin of what was the greatest country on earth (back in the day). And I want to see all the Progressives I know pay out of their a** in taxes. Should be fun to watch. See, I own my car and rent mostly everything else, so I don’t really care. Morons do not deserve a free country!

  109. johnny permalink


    hey I hear that! Trust me I know how you feel. I got kicked off of newsvine because my user name was tattered rectum. I know that sounds kind of offensive, but it’s not a racial slur and it can mean all kinds of different things. Newsvine even deleted some of my comments as being offensive even though I wasn’t saying anything offensive. They would delete my comments when the libs couldn’t handle the truth. Newsvine is infested with liberals, so if you ever go to comment on a story that is controlled by Newsvine be ware.

  110. Steve permalink

    Obama will win, and you crybaby Republican’ts will be wiping your tears away very shortly when he implements his plans to recover this country out of the hole that Bushhole has dug us into. Good thing McCainhole isn’t gonna get elected or he would finish digging the hole, and we can’t have that. Obama is the saving grace for this country, and if you would actually read something mainstream for once (not necessarily Liberal, but that would be best) and quit listening to Rush, Sean Hannity, and the like, you would realize that you will be better in a couple years than you are now. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The only sad thing is, when Bush ruined this country, he ruined it for all of us. Even those of us who did not vote for him suffered during his woeful administration (which will go down as the worst in history, no doubt about that…), those of you who are to blinded to vote for Obama will still benefit from his recovery plan. I say if you don’t vote for him, you should have to stay where you are, and those of us who are smart enough to see what he will do should be the only ones to benefit. Heck, if everyone benefits from the act of one person, isn’t that socialism? The very idea you cry about and say that Obama is a Socialist. Of course he is not, but Rush, Sean and others have you so brainwashed (not to mention the idiot Sarah Palin, come on, that is the best your party could offer up?) that you now think he is a Muslim, a Socialist, a Marxist, or whatever your term of the day is. You tried everything else you could think of to bring this man down, and none of it has worked. Way to stick to your third grade mentalities, use some good old name calling. What a joke. GO OBAMA, GO AWAY MCCAINHOLE!!!

  111. Bob permalink

    The fellow (near the top of the thread) that mentioned about letting Obama have access to our nuclear codes makes a powerful point. It would be INSANE for us Americans to let this Trojan Horse called Obama have access to such info!

  112. johnny permalink


    I wonder how true the poll numbers really are in the first place. All you hear on the news is how Obama is in the lead and Obama this and Obama that.

    Out amongst the public I don’t see too many Obama fans, in fact most of them hate Obama. I have met only one or two people that support Obama and you can spot them from a mile a way because most of them look like they haven’t showered for days.

    I don’t run into too many people that like Obama.

    I think the news over inflates B.O. campaign and his person.

    I would certainly hope that Americans are a lot smarter then what the polls are showing. I just don’t believe that most Americans are that stupid to vote for an inexperienced candidate who openly abuses cocain and is best friends with Bill Ayers.

  113. To All You Sheeple! permalink

    1) Obama Bin Ladin is a Muslim! If you are born a Muslim and you convert to Christianity the Koran says: You shall be put to death. Your family shall be put to death!
    2) He is a Marxist and will lead all you numb-nut liberals right into socialism.
    3) He is Not!, I repeat, NOT! a U.S. Citizen as he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya Africa. Last I knew that is not U.S. soil.
    4) You all need to Grow a pair and help the rest of us dig this Great Country of ours out of the hole you find ourselves in.
    Thank You and Good Night!

  114. johnny permalink


    your democratic congress has a lower approval rating then Bush!

    Yes Bush is to blame for a lot of this mess but so is your democratic congress and even Obama!

    Obama was a major player in the deregulation of the sub prime mortgage melt down.

  115. Publius permalink

    Hey Steve,

    Your post reveals your immaturity and fanaticism for Obama. Put down the bong and the XBOX controller, turn of the indoctrination of ABC/CBS/CNN, et al and get out of your parent’s basement. You libs including Obama can’t stand ANY dissenting opinion, not to mention the TRUTH. I can see why you’re voting for Obama. You sound like a real loser so you’ll probably do fine with the whole redistribution of wealth plan.

  116. johnny permalink


    Steve is the reason why the U.S. should make people take an IQ test before they vote.

  117. johnny permalink


    let me know where you get the T-shirt! I would wear one

  118. Stormwatch permalink

    All of the above mentioned may or may not be true. For the larger part The underlying facts give rise to questions which honest journalists would pursue. (Which shows the so called “mainstream media” doesn’t have many if any honest journalists)
    What concerns me more are the associations of Obama, that he makes reference to himself that are passed over.
    1. Obama makes reference in his book to Frank Marshall Davis, a noted early leader of the liberation theology and “Black Power”.
    2. Davis was a known pedophile and Obama says he felt strange being taken there by his grandfather to “see Frank”. Obama visited Davis many times over the formative years from the time he returned from Indonesia till he left the state.
    In Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father, there is an odd note, perhaps intended as a signal of Davis’ stamp on Obama’s socialist creds. Obama makes this strange observation:
    “The visits to his (Davis’) house always left me feeling vaguely uncomfortable, though, as if I were witnessing some complicated, unspoken transaction between the two men, a transaction I couldn’t fully understand.”
    3. Davis was put in a postion not only to “gray” Obama which appears that he did, but he also furthered Obama’s path by making connections for Obama in Chicago, which was Davis’ stomping ground until post WWII when he fled to go to Hawaii. Obama notes going to some of Frank’s old haunts when he arrived in Chicago.
    4. Davis was a friend and mentor to fellow CWP USA member Saul Alinsky. Alinsky is well known for sireing Community Activisim of which Obama is evidently the heir to that throne now.
    Both Alinsky and Davis were well known in the upper communist heirarchy.
    (strange how they abhor classism while making their own virulent form of it.) There is little doubt now that Alinsky was funneling funds from Moscow through Communist Workers Party USA for at least 40 years. Yeah “Community Organizing is expensive. (I guess a community organizer isn’t like a mayor after all.)

    NOW enter Bill Ayers. Alinsky had been dead for 10 years when Ayers became available to move up into the ranks of the party. Weather Underground leader now settled down felon with no channel for his talents.
    It is without question that Ayers became mantle weaer of Alinsky.
    He is a voice recognizeable to many looking for radicalism.
    I find it odd Obama didn’t know who Ayers was. I live nowhere near Chicago and I’m the same age as Obama and I knew who he was in the 70’s. I guess Obama’s grandparents shielded him from such goings on, huh? Maybe no TV at Franks bungalow.

    So here I am looking at the guy I think wants to embody the next revolution.
    Marx and Engels started international socialism in the 19th Century.
    Lenin took it and made it the Communism so many loved and died under.

    Mussolini forged national socialism or facism in the 20th century.
    Hitler took it to heights under Nazism.

    It seems to me Obama looks to blend the worst of all this into Global Socialism for the 21st Century.
    What will we call it?
    Mussolini and Hitler killed their millions.
    Lenin and Stalin bathed in the blood of tens of millions they slaughtered.
    How many will Obama’s Global Socialism put in the ground? A billion?

    There are a lot of things on the web against Obama. almost none of them concern me more than the things I have seen of those who worship this man. It makes me think of what was recently said by a NYC talkshow host. Obama has the making of a megalomaniac.
    It also makes me think of conversations with a man who was in the Hitler Youth in the 30’s and combat Waffen SS in the 40’s. It would make him blush to see some of things on youtube by comparison for Obama.

    What the Obama symbols mean to me.
    I find Obama’s head rendered in red white and blue to be much like Che’s head in Black and Red.

    The Obama seal makes me think of this.
    The red and white stripes at the bottom represent America.
    The white stripes are areas which people are driven out of to turn the earth back to it’s pure state without human encroachment.
    The red stripes represents the bloodshed of those who stand in his way, made as a sacrifice to Mother Earth or Gaia for “our sins”
    The white half moon represents 2 things;
    The first it is the Crescent moon of Islam coming to full unleashed on America. It is now coming to full and coming down on America, either with Obama’s complicity or more likely by his capitulation to Islam.
    And thus it also represents a headstone for America which Obama has yet to chisel the inscription upon.
    I believe he has a largely hidden agenda in mind that few of even his closest supporters know.
    With the backing of billions of dollars funneled in 200$ at a time by enemy agent George Soros, and fellow globalists like Maurice Strong and
    All-gore, how can Obama help but be “too awesome”.

  119. tanarg permalink

    Well, Obama is a marxist, a liar, a deceiver, and more delightful things, I am sure. Certainly, he’s unfit to lead anybody anywhere. Let’s beat the hell out of him at the polls and send him back to Chicago.

  120. Publius permalink


    Yes, if voting were limited to taxpayers we wouldn’t end up with the scum that we get, especially the Finks like Frank, Dodd, Maxine Waters, etc. who gave us the Fannie/Freddie mess that will cost us trillions of tax money on top of trillions in lost savings and retirements. Steve doesn’t have to worry though because his only assets are the weed on hand and the used XBOX he bought at Game

  121. Katy permalink


    Your little nicknames for our precious candidates are very “creative”.

    Maybe Democraps should get a clue?

  122. Publius permalink

    Continued: GameStop

  123. black says: permalink

    I feel you all need to quit your conservative crying and get use to the new face of THE NEW U. S. A.

  124. See The Truth permalink

    Media programmed American’s have been duped by a non-citizen. The Dems have already asked for a new candidate! Will they get one? ’ll have to soon buy my “Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Vote For Him” t-shirt. – Better yet – Move to New Zealand

  125. john permalink

    country first

  126. Katy permalink

    First of all, as a member of the Senate, Obama voted YES on the war in Iraq. McCain also did, but you can’t ignore that and htink he’s going to make the war end if he gets elected.

    Also, what has he done to rpove to the people of this country that he is a leader? In the short amount of time he has been on the senate, he has done NOTHING. McCain has done MUCH more for this country and has EXPERIENCE. Obama has already asked for 100 earmarks! McCain has asked for NONE.

    So…for all the people who are able to vote, please be educated about the candidates and do not just vote for Obama because he’s ademocrat, black, young, etc. And do not just vote for McCain because he is white, republican, etc.

  127. Katy permalink

    black says-

    The new face being Communism? No thank you.

  128. Jonathan Kirkwood permalink

    The last thing USA needs: VOTER FRAUD. I’m praying for this 1 thing: state-funded voter fraud WILL BE DISCOVERED before Nov. 4th. Mr. O is from Chicago (Daly Machine). You can take the guy out of Crook County, but you can’t take Crook County out of the guy. I am 100% convinced there are records currently available that will PROVE Mr. O is registering voters to be counted 10, 20 even 73 times! through Acorn. Whether he was born here or not VOTER FRAUD will define this historic election.
    BTW: Both these candidates FAILED US when they voted “yes” to giving away our $700 Billion to Porky-knows-who 2 weeks ago. If McCain had the nuts to say “no” he’d be running away on our shoulders. 1 Billion seconds is 32 years.

  129. MIKEY permalink


  130. black says: permalink

    Katy and the rest of the republic

    wake up we are already, and have been headed towards communism way before any one heard of Obama.

  131. Katy permalink

    black says-

    Give me an example please?

  132. black says: permalink

    Bush wrote the book on how to steal an election, the Dems just read it and used what they learned so that it would never happen again!!!!!!!!!

  133. Carrie, Punahou Grad from Hawaii permalink

    I’m not a Republican, Steve, and neither is Michael Savage.

    If you think that our current economic crisis is the result of Bush (why is it that I have yet to meet a liberal who can express him or herself without resorting to PottyMouthism), you are extremely naive or short-sighted.

    I’m not the one whining and crying, though every liberal (including the idiot on the bus that made the overture of “we can all be friends” BEFORE finally figuring out that I’m not pro-Obama despite sharing his alma mater… decided to go psycho then cold-shoulder. (Note: I maintained a respectable, calm reserve throughout, as he first invaded my space, hoisted his pottymouthed criticisms toward President and Military. He assumed that because I responded decently to his barrage of conversation that I must share his beliefs. Once he realized I am not voting for Barack (how pathetic as he appealed to the fact that we attended the same school), he recoiled as if I had the plague and stormed off the bus. I guess we CAN’T all just be friends… but for the record, that isn’t my fault. This is the comprehensive experience I have had from Liberals. I have always believed in being a hard seeker of Truth and Fact and do a great deal of independent research, exposing myself to the whole spectrum of beliefs on a matter. If something really is true, then the more you delve, the more it will be clarified. If, however, you are simply believing something is true because you want it to be true, then it becomes a desperate situation when facts begin to not entirely add up. Oppositional thinking becomes threatening; and it is no wonder why the angry reaction. You guys have got to get your cranial act together and be able to read research that opposes your thinking without getting your political panties in a bunch.

    Now, insofar as policy and seeing B. Obama as a savior to our country’s problems, I’ll address firsthand one matter: Health Care.

    Although I am educated (Bachelors and Masters), I elected to spend most of my adult life doing humanitarian international volunteer work, and as a result, I did not have health insurance when my health suddenly took a dive in my early 30’s. As a result, I have not been physically well enough to hold a typical 8am-5pm fulltime job; and I have spent all the years since paying off incurred hospital bills and medical debt.

    Am I a proponent for Obama’s nationalized health care?

    HELL NO.

    I have LIVED. In socialist countries with socialized health care. I have also been an American taxpayer that was poor enough to spend a good 7 years resorting to the cheapo health care clinics that typically see illegal alien farm workers in South Central California. Let me tell you my experience of about 30 visits to 3 different clinics in Ventura County:

    1. Average number of people in waiting room: 35-40. If you aren’t sick on arrival, you will be by the time you leave. So if you’re bringing a child, good luck with work next week.

    2. Average wait time before being seen: THREE HOURS. First come, first served, beggars can’t be choosers.

    3. Price: This is the sort of good part: Sliding scale according to income. The down side? (Yes. There is one.) The majority of the time, they were not able to prescribe what I needed. There is more below, but the bottom line was the need for return visits, typically 2-4 visits in order to really get what I needed to recover adequately. Which calclulates back up to the price of a standard visit to begin with. Only. You spend 6-12 hours in the waiting room.

    4. They were only allowed by the limitation statutes of their nonprofit status to treat ONE issue at a time. Unfortunately, my health issue which took 5 years to uncover, presents itself with more than one serious symptom at once, in more than one system in my body. As it had not yet been established what I had, they separated the two symptoms as two independent treatment issues and I was forced to return on a different day, wait another 3 hours for a different appointment.

    5. In the end, I did some curious math calculations for one of the clinics. # of visitors per hour x # hours open per month x 12 for a 1 year total of clients seen/treated. When I thought of the average cost per visit… and how much is supplemented, as ineffectual as the treatments can be… I realized that this clinic is funded by a few million dollars of taxpayer money per year. And there are at least 5 clinics I know of in that one county in California. Divide those few million by number of taxpaying residents in Ventura County… and you have to wonder how much of your paycheck is going to help illegal aliens and people like me (shoot, some of my own taxpayer money has gone to this inane health system) get universally prescribed tylenol, ibuprofren, and amoxylcilan (never mind that oftentimes amoxyl does not work, if you’ve had a lot of antibiotics in the past).

    Other Example: England. Beyond the commonly known stuff such as maternity wards (you don’t get your own room; it’s a room with cots for everyone in your condition; enjoy.)…

    I lived there for half a year. One of my friends there had a bad fall on sleet. He slipped on icy ground and was rather worried about his neck, as the pain was so bad. (He had hit his head at an angle on the pavement.)
    He only had a 14 day wait before he could be seen by a doctor. I AM NOT KIDDING. Peter joked that if he were wealthy, he could have slipped the clinic a plush bribe and suddenly found himself bumped up on that waiting list; but he was a starving grad student in Liverpool, not a rich IT nerd or duke.

    In conclusion: My experience has thus far been: That anyone thinking nationalized health care for everyone is the best solution … has NOT experienced what that scenario plays out to be like in the long run, actually. I can assure you that it is better to save, scrimp, and choose your physician and be seen in a timely fashion is superior than to pay $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $70, $80 (yes, that was a winner, being seen 8 times before finally obtaining a prescription for zithromax; I had only lost my job from being too ill for too long. But hey, wiith the zithromax, I was better in 3 days.) to get amoxylcillan and ibuprofren.

    If you have not been where I have been, to the clinics I have been to, in the Peoples Republic of California, then you are absolutely ignorant in your opinion that nationalized health care is going to liberate us all.

    The only thing worse than lack of hope is false hope. I’d rather be a realist than disillusioned.

  134. just-a-truAmerican permalink

    God save America with his own hands from satanic Obama and his associates.

  135. black says: permalink


    1. The gun laws, which every state is trying to do away with

    2.Freedom of speech, which is already out of hand and a easy way to find your self locked up

    3.The right to a fair and speedy trial, with jurors of your peers

  136. Hawaii supremecourtruling 22 Oct. permalink

    Hey i hate to break up a good fight but i just copied the following Hawaii supreme court ruling 22 Oct.08 DENING any access to Obama’s ‘vault’ Birth certificate00 is that checkmate for andy??????????? here it is:

  137. Jeff in Phoenix permalink

    Obama refuses to release a valid birth certificate, or request an official copy delivered directly from the responsible government office in Hawaii to the media. He is hiding something, and the list of possibilities is so short a pre-schooler could pick the right answer.

    This man has zero respect for the country, its people, or the Constitution. What do you think he’ll do to us once he has the unquestioned power of the Executive Order?

    Countries get the government they deserve. God help the American people to demand better–and fast!

  138. oldskool permalink

    black says: Says:

    October 23, 2008 at 3:44 am
    I feel you all need to quit your conservative crying and get use to the new face of THE NEW U. S.

    OMG, he is right a new U.S. they are warning us, wake up real americans, get out and vote and NOT for Osama, I mean Obama

  139. Rick permalink

    I don’t like Obama but don’t say he voted yes on the war in Iraq when he wasn’t even a Senator when we went to war in Iraq. You make the rest of us look stupid. go hide in your hole and educate yourself a bit. Thanks!

  140. xerxes permalink

    After reviewing the Obominations ‘birth certificate’, i have the following problems with it.

    -date of birth is 1961, it appears to be typed on the certificate, yet the certificate says on the bottom left corner ‘Rev 11/01 LASER’. i don’t think it means nov. 1901. more like 2001, so it could not have been typed on this paper in 1961.

    -Perfect type, like a laser printer, and everything is perfectly aligned, like it was printed. personal computers and Word Perfect were not in existence in 1961. it would have to have been typed with a mechanical typewriter, and the letters would not be perfect and would not be perfectly aligned. my birth certificate is from 1981 and has these imperfections, why should one 20 years older be any better?

    -Where is the name and address of the hospital, or location of live birth if midwifed at home? mine has this info, why not this one?

    -My birth certificate does not ask for race of parents, but does ask state of birth (to establish nationality of parents). Nationality is necessary to establish citizenship, not race.

    -My birth certificate ask if birth was single or multiple, and number in a multiple birth. This is absent on Obamas. This document does not accurately document the birth.

    -My Birth Certificate has my mothers signature and date signed next to a statement that the document is true and accurate to the best of the signers knowledge, and a signature and date signed for the attending physician next to a statement that they attended the live birth and the document is true and accurate to the best of the signers knowledge. ALL OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS HAVE TO BE SIGNED, OBAMAS IS NOT!!!

    -There is a signature of the county registrar who filed the certificate on mine, where is it on Obamas?

    -Mine is an original copy of the original document, which is small and rectangular-meaning it is not typed on the copy paper. it is an actual certificate much like a traffic ticket in size. That is what is filled out and filed with the state office of vital records, and they copy it onto engraved paper and emboss it for you when you need an official copy.

    -My birth certificate ask for age of parents on date of birth, this is absent on Obamas.

    -there is a blacked out certificate number, but no county registrar number that would be needed for filling purposes. Certificates have a general number, much like a dry cleaning receipt, but the county or state would have a unique number for their records keeping. besides, this is a public record, so why black out the certificate number? If it REALLY exist, anyone could obtain an informational copy, so why blot out the certificate number?


  141. Objective Activist permalink

    There is certainly enough doubt about Obama that people using logic would exclude his candidacy. Those who support him have chosen to bury their heads in the sand.

    Remember the shock of using commercial jets as weapons on 9/11? Who would have guessed that an undefended, steerable platform carrying 50,000+ pounds of explosive fuel capable of travelling at near supersonic speeds could be dangerous?

    The shock will be even greater if our country elects a man without a valid birth certificate, with a Muslim name, with a Socialist/Communist agenda, who attended a church that dispenses hate for America, married a woman that is a racist, is supported by Hamas and was introduced to the political arena by a murderous anarchist who happens to be his neighbor and has served on committees with him for years?

    So what if Obama’s campaign chaiman (Rezko) got loans (for Obama’s campaign) through Hussein’s (of Iraq) arms dealer to fund Obama’s campaign? So what if Reverend Wright was Obama’s spiritual right-hand man throughout his campaign until the heat got too much…we don’t expect that they actually spoke about politics on the campaign do we?

    What a surprize it will be when it turns out that the new president is a Muslim sympathizing racist who hates the USA.

    If our nation elects Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama II, we will get our just desserts. It will prove that we, as Americans, do not deserve the liberties that our forefathers entrusted to us.

  142. david permalink

    Why is certificate number blackened out on the supposed certificate?

  143. black says: permalink


    “wake up real americans” what is a real american

  144. Publius permalink

    I’m shocked (not really), the liberal Hawaii Supremes refused to provide the document. They state the issuance of the documents by the Board of Health is not mandatory but discretionary? Are you kidding? What a cover-up. This should be appealed to the US Supreme Court ASAP before the suspicious one steals the election.

    Well time for bed for this East Coaster. Defeat Obama!

  145. Hawaii supremecourtruling 22 Oct. permalink

    You guys sure like to argue and you may all be ‘partially right’ but my quesstion is What can Andy do now -who can he appeal to or it’s over and no one can EVER see it. I’m not a lawyer so anyone have an appeal idea. I like you would like to see his ‘original’ !!!

  146. Objective Activist permalink

    Hi Publius,

    Obama’s eligibility for the presidency should be deemed as discretionary as well

  147. It’s simple, common sense
    If Obama had his birth certificate, NOT just the COLB, certificate of live birth that has been proven fraudulent, why on earth wouldn’t he just produce the real deal….

    It makes no sense and if something makes np sense, most likely, it’s bullshit.

    I will not recognize Barry Soetoro Dunham Obama Davis as my president if he manages to snowjob enough sheep to vote for him,,,,,,a bunch of times.

  148. Objective Activist permalink

    Hi Artist,

    I Obama attains the office of president, I believe there will be a plethora of Jeffersonians surrounding him

  149. Objective Activist permalink

    “If” rather than “I” even…sorry for the typo

  150. In the past elections, mud slinging has always been prevalent.
    In This election, white America have really shown their savageness. A blackman runs legitimately and racists disgrace their holy prophets by attributing the names of holy prophets
    to Barack Obama such as ;Moses, the messiah, christ and etc….. Black people dd not ask to come here and give up the rich culture, language, and religion of Africa, we were taken against our will to build this empire called America, yet in no way can we benefit from it. White slave masters raped black females at will as well as killed, hung, and set on fire black males at will. This continued for well over 400 years and yet we are suppose to cry because of the jewish holocaust. What about the black holocaust that was ten times worst and lasted 400 years longer? Do you care, of course not. But God does!
    Those who enslave must be enslaved. Is this verse not in the Bible? Dont read the good book? Well Ill end with history and logic. Every empire that has ever been an empire was created from the backs of slaves. This is true. It is also true that every empire created in that manner no longer exists. Guess whos last on the list! Unfortunately when the commandment of God proves true against this mighty empire, the decendants of those who unwillingly and tirelessly labored from cant see in the morning to cant see at night under opression to build this empire will perish alongside those who received trust funds and inheritances and continue to this day to benefit from over 400 years of vicious slavery.

  151. LiveFreeOrDie1776 permalink

    Obama MAY not be a Muslim but he definitely IS NOT a Christian as he claims. In FACT he is apostate. The gravest and only UNFORGIVABLE sin. Afro-Marxist so called “Black Liberation Theology” (as do all Marxists) DENIES THE DIVINITY OF CHRIST. Don’t believer me? Google it. Better yet, have the courage to go to and comb the BRAND NEW WEBSITE. Coincidence that they have put up a false and misleading SANITIZED website now that the cat is out of the bag about Obama’s racist, anti-semitic church, where he was married, and where he sat idly by for 20 years of racist (satanic) ranting of his soul mate
    Rev. Wright? Obama may not be THE anti-Christ, but his church and church leaders are absolutely anti-Christs. Think about it, the moment the truth about his racist church came out, Obama leaves the “church” strictly for political gain.
    What could be lower or more cowardly? “Obama can leave the church after 20 years of “teaching” but the racist church cannot leave the man.”

  152. maybemovingsoon permalink

    I don’t see anyone mentioning about the fact that Obama pretty much told Iran that they are a small country, and nothing to worry about, when they are on the verge of having nukes… I’m sure Iran will want to show us just how “small” they are if Obama is so called “elected”.

  153. Tasselhoff Burrfoote permalink

    I like the fact that they are waiting until the last minute before breaking
    the Obama natural-citizen case. This keeps the main stream media out of it; because by drawing attention to this trial
    [] will also draw negative defensive media
    attacks from the Left. We all know what happened when media drew
    attention to OJ’s case.) Hopefully Surrick wants to take credit for
    catching this; but either way the Supreme Court will not let this slide
    with just a .jpeg of a cert on the internet…more proof will be
    required. I hope this is used as a way to show the world that the
    far-Left in this country are Communist/Socialist at best. Knowing our
    history; the Nazi was just a political group that slowly grew power in
    German government before taking over with ultimate power…we all know
    what can happen with Radical views and supreme power.

    Scaring the country about what Obama REALLY is all about after he is
    eventually disqualified is brilliant. The main stream media was able to
    sway views in this country ranging from very slow people to very
    intelligent people…all with wrapping a pretty bow on a despicable
    person. This HAS to change or we may be saying what Winston did in Ghostbusters: “What he means is Old Testament, Mr.
    Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff.”

    Manchurian Candidate and reality-TV combined. I love it.

  154. This country is based on laws. When you ignore these laws the country collapes. This is the problem. Enforce the laws and lock-up or deport the criminals and this country will be on track again.

  155. polly permalink

    Let’s just say that his mother probably never married the father and she probably did the coke with her son. Let’s face it they are pickin’ on sarah but mom’s the one who is or was the white trash. Gosh that sounds mean. There are a few more pieces of paper that would be interesting to see. School grades, his thesis, college records. None of these and more to the list have been disclosed….WHY? because they would all prove that Obamas ulterior motives are he is bought and paid for by the radical world that we are fighting. The Blacks or African American of this country who are true african americans don’t realize that it was the decendents of OBAMA that cashed in on the slave trade and shucked their ggggramps to the boats. He calls himself an african american but his father was never a slave and neither was MOM. Jeez talk about the wool over the eyes..they are the whole sheep being led to slaughter.

  156. poojo permalink

    If you can not smell the fishyness on NObama, you don’t have a nose. Take heads out of the liberal sand and grow a brain.

  157. Objective Activist permalink

    Dear Sar,

    Black slaves were sold into slavery by African tribal blacks. This is a tradition still envoked within African Nations to this very day.

    I am not pleased with our history of utilizing slaves, however, our nation empowered our freed slaves with greater freedom than they would have experienced even if they had remained in their original homelands.

    Look at the African nations and see the truth.

  158. Hawaii supremecourtruling 22 Oct. permalink

    One more thing I found the following blog dated 21 Oct. and heated debate about same subject. Sorry i could not obtain the web site like i did above I copied some of the page so you can find itas I’m sure some of you can. They don’t seem to know about the above ruling even though their last comment was 5;17 PM hawaii time.

    Thursday, October 23, 2008

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    Hawai’i Supreme Court asked to issue emergency writ opening secret Obama birth files


    Hawai’i Supreme Court asked to issue emergency writ opening secret Obama birth files

    This is the spot to talk about local, state and national politics.
    Obama’s Trip to Grandma’s House Has a Detour thru the Hawaii Supreme Court??If you are deeply saddened by Obama’s need to take two days off from a VERY close and heated election race to visit his deat

    Forums » Politics » Hawai’i Supreme Court asked to issue emergency writ opening secret Obama birth files
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  159. peter permalink

    Obama, where were you born?

    “Orale vato, I was born in East L.A. Let me choe you my green card.”

    No Obama, we want a certified copy of the original 1961 birth certificate.

    “Orale, me and the constituchun don’t mix, vato.”

  160. dmac permalink

    Well, it’s been interesting reading the rather extensive blog that seems to be in response to the BO birth certificate issue. Let me state succinctly several simple points:

    One, there is a greater conspiracy, and has been since early 20th century, at least. The simple existance of a “federal” reserve bank dictates that. Our US Constitution very PLAINLY disallows such an institution, (as well as a plethora of other “federal” ideas such as “welfare” (socialism), “fairness doctrine” and “handgun registration.”)

    Two, regardless of such a greater conspiracy, our country’s moral fiber has eroded away to such an extent that we should not expect anything BUT a downhill slide. We as individuals, families, and communities need to stand firm against the murder of innocent humans in the womb, homosexual endorsement, and the pornographic culture.

    Three, how can any sane person think millions of illegal immigrants sucking our tax coffers dry is helpful? Whatever jobs they do would be done by some goofball once the welfare was pulled out from under him/her. Our economy is suffering, PARTLY, because local/state/federal programs support illegals through public schools, hospitals, welfare; PARTLY due to government welfare; PARTLY due to the ridiculous size and spread of our military, etc. etc. Would someone with actual economic credentials like to argue?

    And Four, regardless of all of the above, I cannot allow the upcoming election to go by and think that Barak HUSSEIN Obama might become President of this country while I did not cast a vote in opposition. I am certainly no McCain fan, based on his very clear record of compromise in the Senate, but Obama? are you kidding me? He HASN’T proved he is a natural-born citizen…. and that IS one of the prerequisites. He has hung out with various individuals and organizations that are known as anti-American, which would EASILY keep him from being even the simplest of federal agents for FBI, CIA, Secret Service, etc.

    Last of all, let me state that you supposedly open-minded liberals are actually being very mentally obtuse. Obama’s philosophy and voting record indicate he is a Marxist…. (don’t be offended- look it up…) and as a country becomes Marxist, the news media and communications lines (ie. internet) become less free, and more constrained to simply repeating what governing entities dictate. Look at China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuala, Iran, etc. and you will notice the freedom to be “liberal” is virtually non-existant. You are an IDIOT to think that as our federal government grows in power and mandate that you will continue to have the freedom of speech you enjoy now. Wake Up !!


  161. marxist permalink

    i am a marxist and i love o / i love terrorists and i love o / i love evil and i love o / i love deadbeats and i love o / i love filth and i love o

  162. peter permalink

    This is nuts. People are already voting for this yahoo!
    50 million hits on obamacrimes! That’s 1/6 of the US
    population that knows about this and the MSM won’t
    cover it. This is nuts. This is beyond conspiracy. This
    is complete and total monopoly, with no check on it. He
    who controls the press controls the people!

  163. Here this huge lawsuit is taking place and the only thing the media is talking about is how much Palin spent on her clothes!!

  164. maybemovingsoon permalink

    The sad part is that many younger people seem to think that it would be “cool” to have a president that partied, and knows terrorists. I was also told that Ayers was in the right because the Vietnam war was wrong. The younger voters are a huge factor, I sure hope they all don’t feel the same as the few I talked to. I know who my vote is for, I just hope Acorn didn’t already vote for me…This is no election.

  165. Jon Maynard permalink

    Anyone born of US parents anywhere in the world is a US citizen. To be President one must be born on US territory, or a US government installation if in another country.

    Hawaii, like all states, issues a birth certificate (they call it a “Certificate of Live Birth”) to all that are born there. It lists name of child, names of parents, location of birth (what hospital or other address), signed by a doctor.

    If a woman who is a Hawaii resident gives birth to a child outside the US in a foreign country, and if she returns to Hawaii within a certain period with the child to Hawaii, the state will issue on request a Certificate of Live Birth for the child showing all the same data as above except that the place of birth will be given a Honolulu with no other address in or outside the US. There will be also no attending physician mentioned. The supporting documentation remains in a sealed state file and cannot be released except by the person’s authorization or a court order. The document serves as a valid birth certificate and proof of citizenship. However it cannot be proof of the birth being in the US.

    Obama’s certificate looks like one for a foreign born person. However, if the sealed state file disappeared or was empty, he probably would be given the benefit of doubt for being born in the US and thus eligible to be President.

  166. Here this huge lawsuit is taking place and the only thing the media is talking about is how much Palin spent on her clothes!!

  167. peter permalink

    This is a complete sham. I’m getting pretty close to printing my own newspaper and go downtown and start handing it out. This is obviously in the people’s hands. If the people do nothing, nothing will get done. The judges are obviously not interested in getting to the bottom of this. This is nuts.

  168. peter permalink

    I’m infuriated right now. What get me most is the complete lack of the American people to think. There’s no ability on the average American (especially the young ones) to think; to use their God given brain. I’ve blogged in other places and these Obamatoids keep pointing to the document at FactCheck as their escape goat.

  169. peter permalink

    I’ve spoken to some Republicans, and it seems to them that this BC issue is not serious. They really believe that it is bogus. They think it’s like something that comes out in Enquirer. Which by the way, why hasn’t it? They pick up all the junk out there. If this is junk, then why haven’t they touched it?

  170. Bob L. permalink

    Earlier you said that Obama is half black. I thought he is only 6.something % black and 43.something arab + 50% white. Am I wrong on this, anyone?!

  171. LiveFreeOrDie1776 permalink

    Obama Campaign to the world: “DAMN THE US CONSTITUTION, DAMN the Freedom of INFORMATION ACT, they have been a thorn in our side for years. Why follow its antiquated rules in this “Global” environment? Are you beginning to get the picture? Why is the Obama campaign FIGHTING THESE LAWSUITS when simply producing the document would end the controversy and SAVE THEM MILLIONS in legal fees. Are you beginning to see a pattern? You had better. Your human rights depend on it.

  172. peter permalink

    You better believe it! The control of the press is a major mark that something has gone dead wrong. This is not just about Obama’s BC. This is our Constitution, and freedom to voice, our failing judiciary system! This is nuts!

  173. peter permalink

    I’m just get sick and tired of seeing things go to pot, and doing nothing like most Americans sitting on their duff.

  174. maybemovingsoon permalink

    Is factcheck a true, and honest source? That site is often used to “prove me wrong”…

  175. Katy permalink

    black says-

    Yes those things are happening…but are they forbidden yet? No. Will they be if Obama gets elected? YES!

  176. Harold143 permalink

    95% of Blacks are voting for Obama and it is called Black Pride.

    What if 95% of whites voted for McCain whould it be called White Pride? No – it would be called racism.

    Do you see who are the real racists? Farakan, Reverand Wright, Obama and all of the Blacks.

    Obama is obviously a radical black militant that is out to destroy our country. Wake up America and NOBAMA!

  177. It’s time for another Boston Tea Party.

  178. MIKEY permalink


  179. Helena permalink

    Rosemary!!! I love you! You are a true, blue American! My grandparents immigrated from Norway—Ellis Island and to this day I cannot speak Norwegian except for maybe twenty words I heard mainly around holidays. My ancestors were proud Americans and ONLY spoke English around us children! I would love to speak Norwegian (two dialects between their families), but, I trusted their judgement and feel SO fortunate that they believed in America!!! I have proudly shared their values with my children and now two grandchildren. God BLess America!!!

  180. Katy permalink


    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  181. JaNae permalink

    I am a democrat and I consider myself to be a social conservative democrat. I agree with a lot of the things that Mc Cain stands for. I am a college student and this is the first election that I have really gotten into. What I don’t understand is how most Republicans hate those who don’t think and see things the way they do. I am not here to get be rude or disrespectful; however I just want my voice to be heard. it hurts me that as a devout Christian and believer in Jesus Christ we Americans are treating each other the way I have seen in this 2008 election. Christ says to love your brothers and sisters in him and leave the judging to him. Now that does not mean to look away when wrong is being done. I hear on the radio shows, Laura Ingram and Michael Savage so many times that I am stupid because I am not registered as a Republican or because I may vote for Obama. To tell you the truth one of the reasons that I would be hesitant for voting for McCain is because of the people on these radio shows who speak so badly about innocent people like myself who are proud of this country and may have different views on things. It really turns me off to hear some Republicans talk the way they do about others who are not Republicans. We should be uniting as Americans and children of God. No matter who gets the election God is still in control and I think people have forgotten about that. I just want peace no more hatred for one another. Jesus is LOVE not fear or Hatred, what happened to the body of Christ here in America?

  182. Sean permalink

    Obama will show the true colors of what he is and he is in the SpotLIGHT. The radical sleeper islamic socialist turned democratic party will get his chance to show how much of a Jeremiah Wright he really is.

  183. froogle permalink

    Obama is a liar and David Axelrod is a traitor!!!!!!!!!!!! They have defiled our constitution. The FBI needs to investigate this immediately.

  184. Katy permalink


    I totally agree with you but the fact of the matter is that both sides do the same thing. It shouldn’t be that way but it is and it’s really sad. Michael Savage actually doesn’t like McCain anyway…but I sorta of dissagree. I respect him and what he has done for this country but he doesn’t seem to want it that much. It shouldn’t be about who is wrong and right with their opinions, but who is the best man for the job.

  185. JaNae permalink

    Thanks for your response I agree with you that both sides are guilty of doing this. I just wish that we as a people can come together and look beyond our differences and make the right decisions based on who we feel is the right person for the job, not for the sake of party lines. At the end of the day we are all Americans and if anything were to ever happen here we would all pull together as one, just wish we could now. I appreciate your comment, thanks again!

  186. Bill permalink

    Where’s the CIA when we need them?

  187. This is conservatism? permalink

    Can somebody help me out here?

    I read a lot of posts about Obama being a “sleeper candidate,” that “this has been planned for a long time,” etc.

    Help me piece together the narrative then? I am genuinely and respectfully curious as to how you may imagine this working out.

    I assume his secret past indicates that he would use the platform of the Presidency to enact directly anti-American policies that go far beyond what he has articulated to date. That is the idea right?

    For example, if he is a sleeper, when was he programmed? By whom? How does Chicago and Ayers play into the Islamic angle?

    What would be finally uncovered if all were made clear? Can you spell out a timeline?

  188. Katy permalink

    This is conservatism? –

    I’m not really sure as to why you are asking this over and over when a number of people have already talked about it. No one knows what he’s going to do. That is the scary part…he is unpredictable and not trustworthy. He says he’s going to make all these changes and end the war and lower taxes…blah blah blah…but has he done anything? Has he accomplished one thing while he’s been in the Senate?

    And to answer your question…well it isn’t much of a question. Predicting the outcome of an election is near impossible…BUT the way it is heading now suggets some form of communism for the US. If Obama gets elected, I think he will take our guns, take our freedom and speech, and probably just about every other right we have. I don’t think he really believes in this country and if we were to start some other kind of war with Islamic people I strongly believe he would side with them. He did, afterall, say he’d support the Islamic culture and its people “no matter which direction it goes in”. That, to me, is scary.

  189. santinomark permalink

    Obama is not a Muslim, no matter how many times you say it. His birth certificate has been released, and it’s from Hawaii. And even if he was born in a foreign country, the fact that his mother was a US citizen makes him a US citizen. (Read the Constitution). McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone, does that make him a foreigner, too

    Actually you have to be born within the united states or out lying territories. Thats why illegals have their children in the states. It is called the anchor baby law.

  190. nhavar permalink

    Obama gave up his citizenship when his mother moved him to Indonesia (the Nationality Act of 1940).
    Prior to 1922 any WOMAN (not man) marrying an alien immediately lost U.S. citizenship until such time as her husband died and/or she divorced them. Upon which time she regained her citizenship immediately. The 1940 act repealed that allowing any woman who married an alien to continue to retain her U.S. citizenship. Read the Act and the history of that Act.

    Per section 401 and 407 of the same Act
    “American nationality shall not be lost as the result of loss of American nationality by the parent unless and until the child attains the age of twenty-three years without having acquired permanent residence in the United States.” – Obama returned from Indonesia after 3 years in 1970 to go to School in Hawaii and remained living in the U.S. thereafter.

    Obama became a citizen of Kenya in 1963 through his father.
    In truth all children born to Kenyan parents outside of Kenya prior to 1963 were afforded Kenyan citizenship until such time as they turn 21. At the age of 21 they are dissallowed from having dual citizenship and must swear allegiance to Kenya and renounce any other citizenship. Since Obama has not sworn allegiance to Kenya, nor renounced his US citizenship, by default his Kenyan citizenship was revoked at the age of 21.

    Obama was born in Kenya!
    Proof? In previous interviews Obama’s grandmother Sarah Obama defended him to the U.S. public stating “he’s not some foreigner”. The multiple videos available so far she states nothing regarding his birth. Some people mention this “other video” where she does but so far noone has produced a link to such a video. So far we have no pictures of a Kenyan birth certificate. We have no video of Kenyan relatives claiming witness. We have no physical records showing any proof backing Berg, Corsi, or Martin.

    Presumption of Innocence?
    In the U.S. we have a little thing called Innocent until proven Guilty. It’s what keeps crazy people like me from accusing others of eating live babies or walking through my house at night stealing only my left socks. The burden of proof is not on the defendant to show that they are innocent. The burden of proof is on the Plaintiff to prove that the defendant is guilty. The defendant need not defend themselves in anyway or show proof against the complaint if they don’t want to. The court gets to decide whether or not the Official Hawaiian COLB is proof enough or if the original Hospital records need to be provided. The COLB is proof enough of citizenship typically.

    Forged COLB?
    Debunked. Photo’s have been provided and the physical copy has been inspected as well as verified with the state of Hawaii. The opposition’s “expert” witnesses coming forward consist of two/three bloggers who have failed to provide any proof that they are experts in any legal sense. Saying I have twenty years experience with printers, imaging, and documents does not make me a document forensics expert. The next step now that the forgery has been dis proven is to attempt to gain access to the original hospital certificate microfiche.

    Why doesn’t he just come clean with the documentation?
    Why should he. Legally he’s not required. It does little to actually quell the oposition who will likely choose to disbelieve anyway. Plus it will not stop litigious prigs like Martin – who by the way was once and may still be barred from filing in any Federal court due to his abuse of the courts.

    Example: If Obama provided his full medical history including original certificate, a video tape of him eating pork while pledging the oath, and 2 witnesses to his birth in Hawaii – there would still be a board like this picking apart the information saying that it was all forged by some al Qaeda sleeper cell and swearing that they had seen the “witnesses” in a Hardees commercial in 1981.

    It’s okay to be skeptical. Skepticism keeps us safe. But at some point Skepticism crosses the line into Paranoia.

    Why is it bad to use Obama’s middle name?
    Because it is used to imply “otherness”, because it is understood to resonate poorly with people due to an association with Saddam Hussein. And the fact that the competing candidate is not referred to as John Sidney McCain or John SIDNEY McCain by his detractors.

    He said 57 states, there are 57 ISLAMIC states!
    Yes there are 57 Islamic states represented in the OIC as well as several “Obersvers” including Russia and the U.N. As well as an official U.S. representative appointed by George Bush. There also happened to have been 47 states that Obama had visited at the time of that speech. You get to decide whether he mispoke 57 for 47 or whether he meant the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s 57 member states. Occam’s Razor.

    He associates with terrorists!
    Yes, he (McCain) does; a CONVICTED felon who plotted to firebomb buildings, organize break-ins, plot kidnappings, and suggest violence against agents of the government of the United States of America.

    He’s a racist, and reverend Wright is a racist!
    Whay the outrage over racism? I see no outrage by the commentators here or elsewhere on “conservative” message boards when someone throws out that he’s a nigger, or a sand-nigger or a muslim. Where’s your sense of justice and accountability within your own party? Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Don’t believe me? Then help this man with evidence to the contrary –

  191. Katy permalink

    Yes…and McCain was born on a millitary base…idiot.

  192. chuckles199 permalink

    this whole obama trip is a stunt. it is a distraction planned by AXELROD. obama doesn’t care about his paleface grandma. he didn’t go to see his mother before she dies. as a lawyer he didn’t even help her with her inurance claims. but he says he ‘watched her argue with insurance people’. no he didn’t he lied.

  193. chuckles199 permalink

    bush wants obama elected. he thinks it will make bush look good since obama would be a trainee is the white house.

    no leadership, managerial or executive experience at any level.
    could he manage the lunch rush at a mcdonalds? the answer Y_ or N_.

  194. General_Mortars permalink

    Look if FIDEL CASTRO was able to FOOL the CIA and the American government into helping him launch a revolution that hammered all his enemies in CUBA It’s not altogether impossible that this guy OBAMA is doing the same thing. Castro pulled the wool over every agent in AMERICA and had us believe he was a NICE LITTLE CAPATALIST.
    In-fortunatly he turned CUBA into a police state run by thugs that rubbed out its opposition over nitght.
    I can spot a con job when I see and hear it and this guy is going to take ALL of us for a ride.

    Beware of what you wish for!

  195. This is conservatism? permalink

    Hi Katy-

    Thanks for sending that link.

    I’m not asking what you predict will happen (though that is an interesting question)
    Nobody knows but you must have some ideas in mind. You yourself wrote that “free speech will be gone under Obama.” How would that actually work? You must imagine some scenario or
    you wouldn’t have said it.

    I am asking those (not necessarily you) who believe or strongly suspect that Obama is some kind
    of Manchurian Candidate/ sleeper terrorist how they imagine that scenario played out in the past that got us here, on the verge of his being elected.

    I count over a dozen direct statements on this page alone that Obama is some kind of sleeper.
    How so? How would that work?

  196. Justice 4 9/11 permalink

    If this is true,and he cant be president,I “HOPE” the people that riot take it out on the media that has lied and covered for this man for 2 years. Maybe we can “CHANGE” the biased Lamestream media,they are the problem along with the socialist indoctrination of the chidren in this country,And the Dumbocrats would look even more stupid if this were true,that would mean they’ve been covering this up for months now!

  197. This is conservatism? permalink


    you say that Obama would “side” with the Islamic nation the USA was at war with when he was President?
    Really? Why do you believe that? You understand that he is not a Muslim but just has a Muslim sounding name?

    Furthermore, you understand that Islam is not “optional” We can’t choose to live in a world without Islam. We need to promote and defend a moderate Islam in all ways.

    Check out this debate from the Conservative Forum

  198. mikee likes it... permalink

    Are you kidding me ? B.H.O. is not African / (or) American. Exactly what he is genetically who only knows. I’m not a predijudical raceist… I am a
    Charactor biggot… I can’t stand liers & proveyers of half truth ( yes I know He is a Lawyer, therefore suspect) Barry,AKA Barack has been a decietful operator in my opinion from the VERY begining. I do believe he HOOD winked the vetting committee who gave him a RACIAL PASS…
    If you are in the right…disclose
    Start with your papers, show U.S.
    Next is your Medical records… covering up any HIV/AIDS, Lung CANCER From smoking 2 packs a day, C.C.Enemia or other genetically inherited diseases (sorry for the racial profile, less than 50% chance of CCE)…Show U.S. anyways !
    Next is your Transcripts, including grade school through College… Were You an honor student…Show U.S.
    I personally would like to see the HUD-1 on your real estate acquistion…Show M.E.
    And how did you get your passport ?(s)
    What were you doing 1981 ? Mr. Berg claims you entered Pakistan ? How?

    Sorry…j U.S. t had to ask some questions… will wait for some answers.
    As to your religion, I believe in the separation of church and state… you can believe in Jesus, Allah or even HaShem (or none of the above) You might even be accepted by 2 out of 3… The Muslims claim You based solely on your Muslim father Barack, He would really screw you up by calling you JEWnior… you poor child, Jesus loves everyone. Despite all this you could be President of the U.S. , Just Show U.S.

  199. blowmamma obama what ever! my issue is gay marrage ,screw that lets get real its a dibotchery of nature,as is beastieality, if we allow gays to benifit from marrage, well that means obammas cousins or family members can marry there goats,or what about the guy who cant help him self and his desire to touch childeren,thats a debotchery as well were does it stop!!!!

  200. Check out! It’s my gift to Sean Hannity ( is Alan Colmes)

  201. How about this…. Obama announced (when he picked him) that “here is Joe Biden the next President of the United States”.
    I think it is a way Hillary can get in the back door, when Obama drops out.

    The not voting for Obama and being considered a racist is equal to YOU not voting for Palin and YOU being a sexist. Get over it ya twinkies! I just do NOT like him becasue he comes from a state that has 10% tax rate and rising. Share the poverty is more like it.

    Si, se puede – is the Mexican illegal immigration rally cry and CHANGE is what we can expect to have left when Democrats get into power and RETROACTIVELY raise our taxes.
    CLINTON did it AND he could have never gotten a security clearance either, so do not expect that to stop NObama.

    God help us all.

  202. Frank permalink

    The great Ozbama has spoken, now go and get the witches broom and bring it back to me after she is dead. Never mind about the man behind the curtain. The great powerful Ozbama….oh, foooy, you found me out.

    I feel like I am in a bad night mare, on a plane with four engines flaming, the captain and crew all missing and the controls to the plane with all its passengers are left to the mentally ill liberals who do not know which way is up or down. We are doomed.

  203. Holy shit heroes! If Obama turns out to not be a US citizen, all hell is going to break loose. The Democrats will have no candidate unless they reinstate Hillary. Even if they do reinstate Hillary, theres not a shot in hell she can win. Its too late in this election for her to do anything. Biden holding a ticket? HAHA what a joke. This guy chews on his own toenails more than Obama says ‘uhhhh”. If this does turn out to be true, the Dems are finished this election and maybe for some time to come. This may be a blessing in disguise for conservatism. Well maybe not so much disguised, but a cherry on top of your ice cream sundae. McCain may have not been our choice for candidate, but if this turns out to be true….. its a landslide. Obama did not run to Hawaii when his grandmother got hurt, hes only running back now because there is a lawsuit with his name in it. Call it internet buzz if you want. This is a real issue.

  204. The Constitution of The United States of America – Article II – The Executive Article, Nature and Scope of Presidential Power (Section 1, Paragraph 5):

    No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    So, the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, a natural born Kenyan citizen (until otherwise proven with a certified birth certificate on national television), a former Muslim, raises questions about the constitutionality of his candidacy for president in the first place, and if elected (people are already voting for him), would become the first naturalized American citizen to become president of the United States.

    Why all of a sudden the urgency to visit his grandmother? If she is ill, what illness does she have? Does it constitute such a concern as to postpone his campaign for several days? Can a doctor, a certified doctor, confirm the illness of her grandmother? If her grandmother is in a hospital, this wouldn’t happen to be the same hospital which issued the unverifiable birth certificate placed on their anti-smear website, would it?


    I will be waiting for certified proof, which I estimate will miraculously show up sometime after his visit to Hawaii.

  205. Correction: Panama Canal area, at the time of his birth, under the control of the United States (I’m sure someone will try to make a joke about being born ‘in the panama canal’).

    Clarification: I’m not saying that Barack Hussein Obama IS a muslim, I’m just saying that he WAS a muslim, not to confuse anyone.

  206. Concerned Voter permalink

    Clarification: NA meaning Non-Applicable, NOT the hypothesized website that the link sends anyone who clicks to.

  207. Disgusted permalink

    This is such a sad show with an anormous amount of Lost people…We are human beings, no matter what label you have given yourself..liberal, conservative, radical, etc. America used to be a bible based country. Now all you hear is hate and spiteful rhetoric to demean and demolish another. How much further in debt or disaster can either McCain or Obama get this country into? And Mr. Savage how do you sleep at night?? To mention a another possible civil war against liberals and conservatives. You seem demented and sick. What you all must remember is that ultimately God is in control. Who are you worshiping…a politician? This show is being led by the blind. America is looking awful because of people like you. I will keep you in my prayers Mr. Savage.

  208. Disgusted permalink


    Go to bed…It’s waaaaaaay past a 16 year old’s bedtime. Where’s your mommie? Probably at an Obama Rally. Goooooo Mom!!!

  209. TRUTH permalink

    Obama is not African American. Review his history. 50% white, 44% Arab, 6% African. BHO is Arab American. The Kenyan Luo tribe is largely Arab, not African. They emigated from the northern Sudan (Arab) to Kenya. He is by birth Muslim according to Sharia law (so called by a misogynist, hateful and backward culture).

  210. joe permalink


  211. SIMPLYDISGUSTED permalink


  212. Paul permalink

    I was not born in this country but became an American citizen at the age of 16. My parents with no high school education went to the American embassy in Peru and applied for a visa and after a long time of waiting got their visas. My Parents, who worked as dishwashers, janitors and babysitters saved enough money to get their American dream!!!!! And this is my question: Why have all you forgotten where you came from and why your ancestors came to this country? I am seeing that the Americans that live here are asking for a hand out while we that have emigrated to this country love this country more. All I ask is that you remember why your ancestors came to this country! And if you are not happy with this country then go back to your country of origin, where I am sure you can be happy and prosper and have the freedom to talk bad about anything you want!

  213. Bridlegs permalink

    The Muslim Sleeper Obama is secretly tied to Dr. kaliid Halamatari Abdul Monsur, Rev. Wright, Farakkan and Ayers are less than amatures in comparison to these two dangerous Camel Jockeys in disguise. Beware America, Beware…..

  214. IT doesnt matter, nothing matters anymore, i say start hoarding up food and water, get your guns warmed up and wait for the revolution, the end of days is comming to the USA, this is a planned event – good vs evil , i’ll be sitting in the shadows waiting for the invasion with the rest of the true red white and blue americans !

  215. Tony Diamond permalink

    ok i have to respond to the dumb butt on here that call everyone an idiot
    all presidential candids should have to birth certifies
    if Obama wasent born in the US then No he can not be President
    and if and McCain was born into a Military family so any US military base in the world is in the US. and all US law apply

  216. Jose permalink

    Obama is not a U.S. Citizen by birth. He cannot be President of the U.S. then, just like me who naturalized in 1992. Obama is a fraud.

  217. Eric permalink

    Those who doubt Obama’s ties with Islam, read this article:

    You’ll notice he campaigned for “change” over there in Kenya too. Hope you women out there voting for him like to wear Burkas.

  218. Patriot permalink

    Obama and the DNC has admitted to him being born out side the U.S. by not answering the Law Suit Over his birth cirtificate. See the artical at the DNC must now Provide an Eligable Candiddate.


  220. Jimbo John permalink

    Hmm….. As much as I dislike Obama, I have to admit that it seems pretty reasonable that the document provided by Obama is completely legitimate. Here is a link to HQ pictures of it (including the raised seal) from

    Unfortunately, if Patriot Says post above is correct, he will need to step down from being the candidate and renounce himself as being US born by not answering the lawsuit filed in a timely manner.

  221. Abe S. permalink

    After years and years of being alive you should no ONE FACT. ANDY MARTIN MARTIN IS FULL OF SHIT!

  222. Todd permalink

    You People are Acting Idiodically

    WE built this country, hoss. YOU can go off to your delusional homestead up yonder and close yourself off from the “foreigners.” The other 6 Billion people can and will get along just fine without you.

    FYI. No you people didn’t build this country. WE all built this country! 70% of this nation is old America the new america is more like the old Africa or the old Mexico corrupt and sleazy.

  223. lesa permalink

    Obama is a fraud.Obama is a fraud. Obama is a fraud. Obama is a fraud.

    Obama is a fraud. Obama is a fraud. Obama is a fraud. Obama is a fraud.

    Obama is a BABY KILLER Obama is a BABY KILLER Obama is a BABY KILLER

    Obama is for GAYS Obama is for GAYS Obama is for GAYS Obama is for GAYS

  224. Patriot permalink

    Obama and the DNC were required to answer the lawsuit and show the actual birth certificate in court not on the internet. If Obama is not a natural born citizen (He was in fact born in Kenya to a non US citizen father), He is not eligible to hold the Office of the president of the United States. It’s not me saying that it’s the Constitution.

  225. AmericanFirst permalink

    Why hasn’t the media interviewed Obama’s grandparents in Hawaii asking when and where he was born? Which Hospital? What doctor? Which friends or neighbors knew about the birth? Confirm his mother’s passport records? Obama’s other grandmother in Kenya confirms that Obama was born in Kenya. She states she was there at the hospital in Kenya when Obama was born. Also, how is it that Obama as an adult, flew to Pakistan, when at the time no US citizen were allowed to enter the country. If he had an Indonesian passport, then he was permitted. What was his reason for visiting Pakistan? If Obama becomes president, questions like these and hundreds of others will probably never be answered. It’s truly amazing that with his affiliation of Bill Ayers and others like him, Obama would never qualify in any entry FBI or CIA position, but yet he might become their boss!

  226. Jack permalink

    What scares me about this guy is his stance on all issues, gun control, abortion, foreign policy, health care, etc. Look at what he says and look at how he has voted as a US congressman or in the Ill state senate. Also look at the past organizations that he has either worked for or supported and what they stand for.Look at his personal relationships and the character of these people and what they stand for. Look at his affiliations with the church Trinity United Methodist Church where pastor J Wright has spewed his hatred for America for more than the 20 years that Obama has belonged to it. On their website they used to state point blank that they only welcome black people only. They have updated the website since then but if you dig deep they seem to be more concerned with social issues and their relationships with muslim countries than with Jesus Christ. Everything about this man seems to follow a pattern of deception and anti-Americanism.

  227. Just a thinker 08 permalink

    It doesnt matter who “wins” when the game is being controlled by someone else.B.O and Mcshame are both members of CFR…so kiss your rights and the constitution goodbye!

  228. britishshellie permalink


    Do we really want to be like Europe?… I don’t think so.
    England is on the verge of being taken over by the Muslims as we speak!
    The weak socialist government there are allowing Islamic extremists to govern the Muslim people under their own Islamic(Sharia law’s).
    It’s only a matter of time till that law infiltrate,s its self into regular British law, and Brits are being held hostage in their own country!


    GOD HELP US!….

  229. Jason permalink

    This is an exclusive exposing the Barack Obama birth certificate as an absolute forgery and it has been in plain sight all along.
    There can not be any Obamaniacs descending on sites claiming the experts are wrong, pixels are wrong or any other way of muddying the waters as the 1000 points of darkness have been carrying out their marching orders.

    When you examine the published Barack Obama birth certificate which exposes the fraud and forgery of this document. This is the certified certificate from Barack Obama himself.

    What has been staring everyone in the face is the effects of political correctness and no one has seen it. The beauty of this liberal political correctness is that the person who forged this document got caught in their own trap of affirmative action hyphenated Americans.

    Look closely at Stanley Ann Dunham’s race. Caucasian.

    Now look closely at Barack Hussein Obama sr’s race. It is listed as African.
    That doesn’t seem all that interesting and no one has noticed it until one looks that this is an official document filed in August 1961.

    Most people on the internet and blogging have no sense of history nor in the use of words and it is this lack of sense which is going to bite whoever forged this document.

    Up until 1968, the standard term for all Africans was “negroe”. This fit with the absolute secular scientific teaching of the day which notes the world has 3 races in Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Negroid.
    It was not until the Black Revolution when negroe or negro became a foul description in the late 1960’s and then “black” was demanded by this group to describe them.
    It was not until the late 1970’s when political correctness came into vogue that it ushered in by the 1980’s the term “African” to describe all blacks.

    Whoever forged this birth certificate was not utilizing the 1960’s terminology which a black person would be listed as. They fell instead into a warped year 2000 politically correct description of “African”.

    This is absolutely telling as if you looked at birth records in Prussia centuries ago, those people would be termed Prussian, Bavarian etc… as Germany did not yet exist as a termonology for nation state. If someone was listed as German in 1700, it would be glaring forgery just like the Obama forgery stuns the eyes once one knows what they are looking at.

    One could research the certificates in Hawaii for absolutes, but considering as has been warned in this blog that Hawaii is a Democratic state, has Democratic officials who have been hemming and hawing about this certificate and only upon precise questioning do they start backing down as it means their jobs and prison time if they certify a forgery as real and this is Democratic transplanted son Barack Obama carrying on this charade, could one ever get a clear answer from them unless one looked at numbers of birth certificates to precisely learn how Hawaii was labeling “blacks”.
    If this case it is African, then why is not Stanley Ann Dunham labeled correctly North American after her continent? She though is labeled correctly as caucasian as that is exactly as she is.

    If one still today searches enough death certificates in the 50 United States, you will find listed on them the term NEGRO. Now that is over 40 years since 1961 in Barack Obama’s birth and political correctness has not reached completely into the coroner’s records.
    That fact is scientific and if it still exists today as proof it certainly is the proof from before 1900 in America and past 1960 that all blacks were noted as “negroe” or “negro” on all public records from birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports, driver’s licenses to death certificates.

    Whoever forged the Barack Obama birth certificate got caught in Mr. Obama’s own political correctness.
    In 1961 America, blacks were negroes and not Africans no matter if they came from Africa or not.
    If one cares to examine the Negroe Leagues in baseball where blacks were to “pass” as Cubans to the United Negroe College Fund to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, there was no African at all in any terminology.
    One was negroe on legal documents and “colored” in common usage.

    No pixels in this. No questioning borders and no questions about the researcher’s expertise as negroe is American history and scientific fact just like whoever forged the Obama birth certificate got caught in political correctness in not being able to use a term they were trained to avoid.

    That is a fact. This birth certificate is a fake.

  230. Big boy permalink

    With friends like BO throwing everybody that gets in his way under the bus who needs enemies?

  231. Abe S. permalink

    The irony is, that McCain has a more questionable citizenship.

  232. olradguy permalink

    Barack is going to grandma to pull out the feeding tube before she talks.

  233. shybastid permalink

    Let me get this “straight”, Mike Savage is an ACT? OK this ACT informed his listeners over 3 months ago that neither McCane nor Obama will TOUCH Illegle Immigration and Border control issues.This ACT informed his listeners how MUCH illegle’s have cost West Coast States hospitals ,and how many illegles got low interest garanteed loans unconstitutionly,nevermind out right fraud.Anywhere hear about the bad loan notes floating around?
    If Mike Savage is an ACT..he’s a tough ACT to follow.

  234. olradguy permalink

    Mike Savage for Prez.,He’s got it right

  235. Robert permalink

    After looking at Obama’s fight the smear site and viewing the “birth certificate”
    As a graphic artist, father of a 9 year old and also having to get a copy of my own birth certificate, here are 3 problems I see with it:
    1) Lack of transparency with regards to the certificate number, it’s blacked out. Nobody can call and verify it without it. That would make the whole story dissolve.
    2) Lack of a state seal. On my daughter’s and my own there is an embossed seal. Even a scan would reveal one half of it and be visible. It’s not there, not one trace.
    3) Third and foremost to me as a Graphic Artist. This doesn’t look like a scan of a physical document, no folds or dings or shadowy edge present. The lettering and fonts appear to me electronic. Meaning it was done with Quark Xpress or Indesign or Photoshop.
    As a test, everyone who HAS a copy of their birth certificate or other legal document from their local municipality, with a seal, should scan theirs and compare the results.

  236. I can not explain the delight I am feeling , from reading the many delusional post on this web page. May all you racist find something better to hate Obama. about. Being proud bigots is dum.
    OBAMA O8

  237. Oboma will be the trojon horse that takes down America,its as simple as that!

  238. Chrissy permalink

    Look it’s ok all those people voting for Obama might as well start giving up your money now. I mean lol give it to me I am a stay at home mom I can use it. That is exactly what redistributing the wealth means. So those drug addicts and alcoholics and lazy people who can’t hold a job can live for free when they don’t deserve it. So you earn it they get it. Think that’s fair? As for someone being a legal citizen I’m with the understanding that a certification of Live birth is much different then a certificate of Birth. As Far as I also understand that even Hawaii requires more Identification to go with a certification of live birth as it’s not the same as a Birth Cert. If he is legal fine but I don’t trust him with my future or that of my kids. Do you want your jobs to go under because companies can no longer afford to pay you well because they have to redistribute the wealth? Or because they get taxed to pay to be a citizen of the world? I’m sorry I think it’s ridiculous.

  239. Sorry Chumps permalink

    Savage is a jackass. I listened to his show last night for the first and last time. The accusation that Barack Obama is not an American citizen is patently false. I’d stake my nuts that Savage will never have the courage to publicly announce that on the air.

    The worst part about all of you is the vitriolic nature of your attacks on the fact that he is an “elitist”. The reality of the situation is that he is elite, not elitist. Elitist somehow implies that he is out to help only the best in our country, when the truth is he is out for everyone and knows the best way to do that is to give assistance to the middle class. When they can afford to buy, it helps big business, so in the long run even they are helped.

    He is elite. He is brilliant. We should want that in a president. Being educated at Yale and Harvard is no simple task. After that he took his skills and immediately set to helping the underprivileged. And for that, you attack him? I think that is not the behavior of an elitist. It is the behavior of a true American patriot.

    Mark my words. One day there will be a statue in his honor on the National Mall.

  240. Paul permalink

    Obama’s birth certificate has the original seal and has been approved by the State Dept. End of story.

  241. This is conservatism? permalink

    “50% white, 44% Arab, 6% African. ”

    where do you get this stuff? the Luo tribe from which Obama’s father comes does not come
    from Arabs but Nubians, Buganda and Toro. Their wayback lineage is from Sudan but centuries before Sudan was Arab.. Most Luo, by the way are christians. As if it matters.

    Furthermore, “Arabs” have their own roots in North Africa around 8BC (long after the Luo appeared by the way)

    You shouldn’t accuse the Left of distorting history and making stuff up. Just look at this page. Just look at the TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY conspiracy theories all lined up.

    Your fear of whatever is blinding your capacity for rational thought. He is not a muslim, communist, foreigner, terrorist or any such nonsense. If you disagree with him, great. But don’t discredit the opposition with insane raving BS.

  242. Even if Obama is discovered to be of foreign descent,he’ll still be waived on in. Though people should care,none will,and that clearly shows how dumbed down we’ve become.

  243. This all seems like a bad dream! How the hell is this moron pulling this off? Is the American public this stupid?? Obama couldn’t get elected “dog catcher” with his background, and he’s probably gonna win the presidency if you believe these polls. I alway felt that the American press was fair in their reporting, but this is an absolute joke. I’ve never seen such ‘whitewashing’ of facts like in this election. The NY Times and other left-wing media outlets should really be ashamed of themselves. If there were photos of Barack Obama sticking his penis in a young boy’s mouth, the caption would read: “Barack Obama gives much needed protein to young boy!” — God help us if this asshole gets elected.. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  244. Boybama won’t make it past the third trimester. Still clinging to our Bibles and guns. 200 million people can’t be wrong! Boybama was born in a focking manger in a burning village in Kenya where his brutha George lives!!!

  245. Savage IS an act permalink

    Savage is also a pathetic little man raving at a world that passed him by, but he is also enough of a carnival salesman to turn it into a freakshow that people line up to see.

    He is the voice of the Right’s deep subconscious fear and anger. He puts into words and states as fact what their rational minds prevent them from even saying to themselves.

    Completely different point, interesting to note that more than 95% of subprime loans have not and will not default. It is tiny few the set off the chain of events. The responsibility lies with an unregulated finance system (both D and R) that could allow mark-to-market pricing of assets cause such a problem. For the entire banking system not to be able to handle a 5% spike in defaults and collapse in face of this comparatively insignificant problem.

    Of the 5% that defaulted perhaps some were owned by people with less than clear citizenship status, and if that is so, then surely many of the 95% of the loans that are OK were as well. Think about it.

    If you and Savage insist on blaming the outsider, the foreigner, the Other for problems, go ahead. It’s an old and pathetic mindset.

    Just don’t confuse your fear and blind rage with sober reality.

  246. AstonMartin permalink

    You Americans are so dumb ! Here you are fooled by this red herring of an issue – what you should be concentrating on is the fact that Obama is a black Marxist who will put the final nails in the coffin of your once glorious country.

    You should have heeded the wisdom of your founding fathers who warned you that negroes are only 3/5 of a person – you should never have allowed the colored people the right to vote, let alone run for or hold public office – that is just giving away your liberty.

    Good bye USA

  247. Freedom permalink

    The lawsuit in question was filed by a Democrat.

  248. I feel sory for all those uniformed leftys out there , they have no idea what they are loosing or doing to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by voting for Oboma!I really hate to see the loss of what we and or fathers and grandfaters have gave there lives for, for the last 3 to 4 hundred years,it is a huge tradgety!Our country my not be perfect,but if Oboma is elected it wont be fit to live in anymore,and theres no where else to run to and build another one.

  249. Savage IS an act permalink

    “You should have heeded the wisdom of your founding fathers who warned you that negroes are only 3/5 of a person – you should never have allowed the colored people the right to vote, let alone run for or hold public office – that is just giving away your liberty.”

    I’m glad somebody just came out and said what is clearly bubbling beneath the surface of 80% of these posts: the realization that white, male, christian, hetero, etc. is not the “norm” but now just another
    part of the global landscape.

    You can’t keep raving and raving and raving without something like that slipping out (even if you only half believe it yourself)

  250. AstonMartin permalink

    hey Savage IS an act

    in case you have not noticed, it was the white Europeans who made America great, not a bunch of black savages !

    That is the observation of a non-American. I have always admired the great white people of your country – but that country is now at death’s door.

  251. OnlyJesusSaves permalink

    OBAMA IS A CHRISTIAN?? Obama supports partial birth abortion! DO YOU KNOW What partial birth abortion IS??? THE DOCTOR turns the baby around in the birth canal so that the FEET come out FIRST,, he then grabs THE FEET and pulls the baby out BUT LEAVES THE HEAD in,,, THE DOCTOR (abortionist) then takes a pair of forcepts AND PIERCES the babies SKULL @ the base of the neck and pushes up into the babies brain AND KILLS him or her! Mr. Obama,,, a CHRISTIAN would not approve of such a PROCEEDURE,,, but YOU DID and YOU DO!!!! WHAT ELSE ARE YOU LIEING TO US ABOUT Mr. Obama!!!? YOU ARE NO CHRISTIAN, sir..

  252. Chrissy permalink

    There is a lack of common sense in people anymore. We don’t want to have to deal with responsibility of paying our bills ourselves or working. Rather then redistributing the wealth why not just request that large buisnesses give employees special benefits. Example you work so many days without calling out you get an extra vacation day or something. Give the lazy people the incentive they need to work. Get the addictive drugs off the streets ASAP so the drug addicts can become active members in a normal society and work and hold a job for a living. We wouldn’t need to tax the crap out of people if everyone had at least one working parent in a family, If illegals were out of the country so we didn’t have to pay for free health care for them. If jobs paid better so one parent could stay home with their kids in a family omg . Obviously people not married would have to work but it would open jobs up if both parents didn’t have to work. Daycare costs are expensive and guess what the state covers those costs when parents can’t afford them and if you have more than one kid it’s more cost effective to stay at home then work. So why are we paying for families with 6 or more kids to work? Would be better just to pay one working parent better then to pay the daycare costs of 6 or more kids. I’m just being realistic. I don’t hate Obama the person I just dislike Obama the politicians ideas.

    Btw Savage racism isn’t the issue. They are just as much a person as you and me. The problem is that people need to think rather then just being blindly lead. They don’t know what wealth distribution is and if they really grasped the concept they would see that the only people going to win in that situation are what they consider poor people. I know there are people out there who start crap though because they think it’s funny so I won’t waste my time on it much.

  253. Chill permalink

    You all must have never read the Constitution or studied any immigration laws. A person is still a US citizen regardless of where they are born, just so long that one of their parents is a US citizen. Please don’t spew out BS just because you don’t like someone. Wake up! Savage is a fool. Read for yourself at where you can actually see his birth certificate.

  254. Keith permalink

    Regardless of the possibility that Obama in not a Natural Citizen, I believe that if the other guy had any guts and had said no to the major rip off of a “bail out” he would be the hands down winner!
    (700 billion seconds = 22,400 YEARS) How does this match up in $$$$ well $700 billion divided by the entire population of the USA 300 million is just a paltry $2.999 billion per each person estimated by the Census Bureau. Yea that is 2,999,999,999.00 per counted / estimated resident now if you take that to legal citizens who have reached the age of majority (18 years) an estimated 200 million then this number jumps to just a paltry $3,500,000,000.00 per, these numbers are your personal debt for this country now!! just where is this supposed top come from and with ‘Barry” in office he will be taking all chance of creating value away by socializing everything and leaving no source of wealth growth available for our future.

    Just have a wonderful time with your Lovely President “Barry”.

  255. AstonMartin permalink

    hey Chill – you are the one who needs to read YOUR constitution- article II – you are another dumb American – see what you “public” school system has given you !

  256. kal permalink

    “obama went to fancy college to be alawyer did he pass the bar exam or did he cheat his way thru college because if he did not take test there is a good chance he knew he could not cut it as lawyer that is why he took the easy route by being apolitcian jimmy hoffa and randi weingarten did the same”

    Ron, dude… He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and he was a constitutional law professor at the Univ. of Chicago.

    He’s also a natural born US citizen from Hawaii. Wow, guys. Wow.

    Never mind the fact that every second of Obama’s life has been investigated for the last two years by the DNC and RNC, who happens to have the support of the sitting administration with more power, influence and resources than anyone in the world. You also completely ignore the fact that McCain & the RNC won’t touch this story, when they’ve surely investigated it. I guess it’s because a flimsy connection between Ayers & Obama is a much more powerful story than Obama not being a US citizen.

    If you read the entire Berg law suit, you’ll find that the “evidence” that Berg says he has all exists on unreliable right wing websites. There’s no actual evidence, just a bunch of hearsay, and not very convincing hearsay at that.

    This is not a new story. The rumors of Obama’s citizenship have been around for a year. If there were anything more to this than hearsay, Hillary would have been all over it a year ago, and if not, McCain and the GOP would have been all over it long before now. To believe that Obama is not a US Citizen, you have to believe that the DNC, GOP and our government has done nothing to investigate Obama before allowing him to ascend to the White House. Or you have to believe that they all know about it and are doing nothing to fight it. So you essentially believe in either complete and utter failure of your own candidate, political party, and country, or the great white conspiracy to let a foreign citizen ascend to the White House.

    My question to anyone who believes this BS is this: If it is true, then why is your candidate the right choice for the Presidency? They are given the job of vetting their opponent in an interest of revealing everything that could raise question about his or her ability to serve. By letting a non-US citizen ascend to the fortnight of the Presidency, it seems they allowed the biggest scam in US history to come to fruition. What makes you think their incredible lack of competence in investigation qualifies them to protect our country from outside threats?

    And now, even if there were truth in this lawsuit, legal experts have indicated that the suit will go nowhere because Berg has no grounds for a complaint. That is the basis of the petition filed by Obama’s lawyers to dismiss the case. He was not damaged by the fraud that he alleges Obama committed, and therefore he has no claim for a lawsuit against him. You can’t just file false claims without evidence and expect our courts to force the accused to submit proof that they did not commit the crime.

    This whole rumor is really sad. The fact that Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and some other toxic morons fueling this rumor is absolutely disgusting. We have a bunch of people in this country, thanks to you slimebags, who think that we’re about to elect a foreign, Islamic terrorist into office. THERE WILL LIKELY BE UNREST AND VIOLENCE AFTER THE ELECTION THANKS TO YOU COWARDS.


    Of course not. You guys stand behind your microphones and make money off of this toxic garbage that you spew. But when it comes time to stand up and take responsibility for your actions, you’ll be sitting at home laughing your asses off at the stupidity of your audience while our brave soldiers and police officers risk their lives cleaning up your mess.

    And you guys call yourselves Americans? You’re not even human.

  257. Keith permalink

    Hey Chill,

    You should learn to read yourself, the paper posted is not a copy of an original birth certificate, but a “Duplicate Record of Birth” issued by the State of Hawaii, there are no birth records from either hospital that he has claimed as his birth hospital. He may well be a citizen for other purposes, but he may not be eligible for the presidency. I don’t know! But he has not proven that he is. he could release his college data and that should have his nationality listed but he still refuses to do that. This alone gives rise to the suspicions that are only getting worse because of his refusal to provide all of the available records.

  258. I love the America my grandparents left me! permalink

    The scariest and most dangerous creature of all is the Left-White-Liberal! They have absolutley NO conscience!

  259. Kim permalink

    There are obviously problems … McCain came clean with all documentation. Why doesn’t Obama? His Harvard and Columbia records are also being kept secret. Most likely, as he traveled under an Indonesia passport at 20 yrs old, he also applied to these universities as a foreigner for financial/admissions reasons. Come clean Obama … or wreck our nation. Actually, those that vote him into office after knowing these things, are the ones who will be to blame.

  260. It’s evident that the courts’ are stalling on these emergency motions. If these cases were against Catholic priests –no problemo. The Judges themselves should be investigated, as they are giving Boybama enough time to go to Hawaii, pay for more (improved) false documents, whack the only surviving witness –his grandma, and tie-up loose ends. Don’t kid yourselves, Boybama is a Chicago thugster…, and a leopard never changes its spots! Boybama’s grandmother won’t make it past Nov. 4 and the media will not question why, –except poor, poor Boybama, his granny died, give “that One” more room and space to grieve…

  261. Jimbo John permalink

    Hey Keith – check your math. 700 billion divided by 300 million is just over $2,300.00 to each person.

    There is some crazy stuff on here! Obamas birth certificate is legimtimate, go to and see the original (including the raised seal and document #) for yourself. As far as Obama’s policies, we should all be real scared of this move towards socialism and radicalism that he represents in our country.

  262. Ron Voite permalink

    Fuck Obama.

  263. kal permalink

    Obama could show a video of his mother shooting him out in the delivery room, with Don Ho playing the Ukulele and the doctor yelling Aloha, and you guys would still find some other rumor to discredit him with. There’s 5 rumors alone in the Berg lawsuit, many that he couldn’t possibly provide documents to disprove because there’s no basis in them to begin with!!!!

    It’s a futile effort. For those of you who are at least moderately balanced, I really hope you realize that many of the people who believe this rumor are far from sane. You’re inciting fear and hatred in a very dangerous segment of the population, and people are going to get hurt, possibly lose their lives because of this garbage. And if you continue to spread this shit in spite of understanding this, you’re scum.

  264. Savage IS an act permalink

    do any of you ‘real americans’ want to step up and disavow this insane naked racism? or just don’t care?
    or don’t care enough to say anything? Ok whatever.

    Thanks Kal. I’m afraid that so many words may be just noise to the EXCLAMATION MARK crowd.

    This BS is not about rational thinking. They aren’t processing this. They make up boogeyman
    scenarios about Obama bringing in nationalized healthcare and doubling welfare rolls (perhaps because they don’t understand or want to understand the complexities of the free markets that we all live in?)
    And then have arguments with themselves as to why those boogeyman scenarios are bad.

    This isn’t even politics anymore, it’s hysteria. It’s the reptile fight or flight part of the brain overriding millions of years of evolution.

    They see that “their” America is changing into a different place. They honestly believe that America
    was more or less white and safe for 190 years and then the liberals starting ruining things in the 60’s. They really do.

    They want to go back to a USA that exists nowhere except as the tonic for their nightmares.

    I’ve been trying to engage them for a few days and they won’t take. They are happy to announce that Obama is a sleeper muslim robot terrorist bent on transferring the deed to Iran, but refuse to speculate on the logistics of such a conspiracy.

    Case in point:
    “Most likely, (1) as he traveled under an Indonesia passport at 20 yrs old, he also applied to these universities as a foreigner for financial/admissions reasons. Come clean Obama … or wreck our nation. Actually, (2) those that vote him into office after knowing these things, (3) are the ones who will be to blame”

    1. make up nightmare scenario
    2. quickly rename rank speculation as fact
    3. accuse those who ignore such “facts” of being dupes

    This is classic reactionary thought process, going back the Birchers and then to the Protocols of Zion enthusiasts, etc.

  265. dave permalink

    I’m really disturbed with Obama’s being not honest to American people. I like him as a per son but for the President of this country, I simply don’t trust him. We never had “fight the smears” website in our US election history because all candidates came out as who they were and what they were (good or bad) but not controversial like Obama. I trust that even his own people really don’t know who and what is really is.

  266. nexus permalink

    Would someone check if the non-copy paper used for the Hawaii birth certificate in question was even available in the 1980s

  267. Reading though all these comments. I am now convinced that you Savaged people have lost their minds. The pied piper of your insanity hopefully will be committed in some interment camp he devises for himself. When Senator Obama wins you will all need a strong dose of laudanum.

  268. smile permalink

    How Far Will Obama’s Kansas Roots Get Him?
    Posted by JOHN DONVAN on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 2:55:00 PM EDT

    El Dorado attorney and Republican Steven Funk predicts at least a 55 to 45 victory margin for McCain in the area. After suggesting that Obama had “exploited” his family ties here, he accused Obama of later calling “his white grandmother a racist.” Funk is referring to a speech on race Obama delivered not long after his El Dorado visit, in which he acknowledged that his grandmother had used racial slurs.

    Says Funk: Obama “pretty much threw her under the bus and I think that was regrettable statement on his part, [and] probably did not reflect her views or the views of people who live here either today or 40 or 50 years ago when she lived here.”

  269. kal permalink

    “Would someone check if the non-copy paper used for the Hawaii birth certificate in question was even available in the 1980s”

    It’s a certified copy issued by the State of Hawaii in June 2007. It has been certified as authentic by the State of Hawaii.

  270. atlanta permalink

    I’m an African American, you might just say a black man. I know 98% of black will vote for Obama because he’s black. Remember, he’s not US African American like us, he’s Kenya (African) American. See the difference? My family have been here for more than 200 years, they were slaves, some fought in the civil war, they became free, and after that they suffered segregation and discrimination till 1960s. My grandparents and my parents and relatives marched along with Dr. King. My parents were not allowed to share the same bus or restaurants or rest rooms with White. Look at Obama, his father was from Kenya, didn’t suffer the prejudice like we, the African American in the US had to suffer. He went to good colleges where we African American in the US wouldn’t even dreamed of going that time.
    Now, Obama is getting all support from black people because he is black. His people are using his skin color to get black peoples’ vote. And he uses his pictures with his White mother and white grandparents to get White peoples’ vote. He’s nothing but an opportunist who is playing his race so well in this game.
    Who really is this Obama guy? Is he really one of us? Can we really trust him?

  271. Publius permalink

    Yo, Savage is an Act

    Condemning free speech is for Socialist/Marxist weenies like you and Obama.

  272. kal permalink

    Yep, Savage IS an act, absolute insanity. The scary thought is the extent to which this rumor has spread. I have a 40 yo friend who is a Chief in the Navy who believes every bit of it, as well as a 60 yo retired Navy Master Chief. I haven’t asked any of my other conservative friends… because I just don’t want to know that I associate with any more people who are this insane.

  273. Savage IS an act permalink

    Savage has a legal right to go on the air and make an ass of himself. That’s fine with me.

    Question: I”m not a Marxist, but am curious if you know what Marxism even is?
    Mode of Production, means of production, dialectical materialism, all that sort of thing?

    The problem with Savage is not just that he is a racist goon, but that his ‘version’ of political
    discourse is that the simplest, basest, most animalian reaction to complex situations is the most
    honest and righteous way.

    It’s the valorization of the Politics of Stupid that worries me.

  274. Mike permalink

    Show me a Democrat and I will show you a Liberal, show me a Liberal and I will show you a Socialist, show me a Socialist and I will show you a Communist, show me a Communist and I will show you a Democrat. People, we are at war with our way of life, and our biggest enemy is here. Regan Conservatives stand and say NO! We will not go quietly into the night! We will stand and fight! With our vote at first, and if needed with arms!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  275. kal permalink

    Publius, no one is condemning free speech. We’re condemning idiotic thought. If you want to continue spreading this tripe, you’re free to do so. But if you continue to do it knowing the danger of what you’re doing, then you’re just a propaganda spewing, asshole with absolutely no concern for the health of your country.

  276. Savage IS an act permalink


    It’s amazing really. there is a significant percentage of our population that honestly believes we are about to elect a sleeper muslim communist robot to be President. They honestly believe or suspect that
    they are witnessing a coup d’etat. That can’t be good down the line.

  277. Ron Voite permalink



  278. Deaner permalink

    I grew up a few doors down from Mikey Weiner (Savage),. He was always a mealy-mouthed little snitch that got chased home to his drunk old man.
    He grew up to enjoy numerous trysts with the likes of allen ginsberg and timothy leary.
    Not that any of you simpletons would know who these dudes are.
    What can you say for a poor jew that is ashamed of his last name?

  279. kal permalink

    Mike, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Go get a book on Political Science. The majority of the US is tired of the dangerous propaganda machine that is the GOP. Because of their dangerous disregard for this country, they are now being thrown from office like the plague they are – from the House, from the Senate and from the Presidency. And you’re willing to stand up in a minority to try and impose your beliefs on a majority who don’t want to live by them?

    That’s Fascism.

    Go read a book. Educate yourself.

  280. Savage IS an act permalink


    “We will stand and fight! With our vote at first, and if needed with arms!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!”

    “show me a Communist and I will show you a Democrat”

    Cases in point. These people are f**king FREAKED out at what is going on.

  281. Publius permalink

    Kal, Spelldorker and all your other filth spewing liberal reprobates:

    You always have to resort to foul language and personal attacks to vent your anger. Why is that?? Savage and most normal Americans have your number. You all seem to think that you’re more educated and smarter than the rest of us. You’re a joke. You wouldn’t talk like that to people you disagree with on the street because they would put their fists down your liberal throats.

    “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” Michael Savage

  282. kal permalink


    I was really worried when I read that story above. Not so much now. It may be a good thing. I’m out. Can’t deal with anymore psycho conspiracy thought right now.

  283. Mike permalink

    Kal, I rest my case. What ells would you say? When I raised my hand and took the oath to protect this country from our enemy foreign or domestic, you would be at the front of the line. And as for the rest of you and your liberal media friends that think you are the majority, I feel sorry for you. The only good dem. Is a dead dem. And that would include you Kal!!!

  284. yureg permalink

    Kal is pretty much a Red Diaper Doper Baby and a branded liberal with Marxist beliefs. No wonder he hates his navy friends, if do not like America just freaking leave. GOP was kicked last elections because of ACORN. Most of GOP these days democrats anyway.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  285. kal permalink

    Publius, I’m a 6’3″ 250 lb former college football player. I can hold my own. I’ve had this discussion with the likes of you guys on the streets. And if someone wanted to get violent with me, so be it. It wouldn’t be the first time. You seem to think that your political views equate to strength. You really are foolish.

  286. Teresa permalink

    No wonder Obama’s motto is ” Change”. He can use his power to make him a US Passport, a citizenship. He can honor those illegal to become citizen through his way. We will have three millions new citizenships and split the wealth with us. Universal medical is perfectly apply to those who already here and carry the disease to transfer to one another. His wife has been lived in fear, afraid people will find out Obama is not America born. Thus, this is the first time she is proud to be American. American so fool to let her husband run for the president. All they need is two more week thus all of the DNC, congress, senate keep their lip snipped. When he get elected, they can do whatever they wants. Please, we need to explose this so that he cannot run. I am surprise why RNC do not check at this? No media ever talk about this except Savage.

  287. Savage IS an act permalink

    Publius, you are embarrassing yourself, please. Personal attacks?

    “You wouldn’t talk like that to people you disagree with on the street because they would put their fists down your liberal throats”

    This is exactly the sort of thing that defines the Politics of Stupid. You can’t HIT the world into submission. I appreciate that you think the world is crumbling in around you but I promise you
    it’s an illusion amplified by freakshows like Savage.

    I’m out too, back to Planet Earth with me.

  288. Chrissy permalink

    Truth be told we need to get rid of Parties and give them all equal media time. This whole Dem V. Rep is driving me nuts. I think it’s safe to say our last Great Pres was Ronald Regan. Our countries economic decline started during Clinton’s presidency and Bush did nothing until now to try to fix it when he’s got the pressure of other countries on him about how they are falling because of it. But do I dare stop there? No I blame Senate for not being able to work together to notice it and fix it as well before it got this far. It’s easy for every politician to blame the other because they think people are stupid and as a book I read once said Wizard’s First Rule People are stupid and are apt to believe what you tell them.

    My problem is that some people are voting Obama yes because he’s part ethnic in blood. Others are voting him because they are fanatics. My mom’s white friend told me Obama is the light. I’m sorry No politician is the light by themselves or the evil dark one by themselves and we the people empower them to be what ever they turn out to be. As well as the senate. How? Example instead of watching for the truth we assume we are always being told the truth or we deny what is the truth to total fanaticism. We need to be one as a country I think before we will ever succeed as a country. In my eyes there are no such thing as Latin-Americans or African-Americans or any other racial American. We are all AMERICANS. I suppose until the rest of the country sees that we are stuck.

    It’s better to weigh your choices now because you will never be able to go back. Make sure you are making the choice for the right reasons. Race should never be a reason and neither should a free ride as the #1 rule in dealing with economy issues is nothing is free. It comes at a price whether it’s freedom of living the way you want or something else. Stop fighting to lol it solves nothing. Just agree to disagree. Debate but make sure you know when to call it. You may never get people to see your point of view or to agree with your opinion but you can be civil about it.

  289. It doesn’t make a damn difference what shit is found on Obama. The liberal left mainstream media wants him elected and that’s the end all. It doesn’t matter if he’s a citizen or associates with terrorists or white-hating preachers like Wright or Farrakhan…the election is “in the bag” and nothing short of a miracle will change that. I find it amazing that this county can take this jerk serious. That’s what happens when the likes of Hollywood and Oprah are taken serious. Anyone who votes for Obama is nothing more than a lemming! If this were a movie, people would walk out because of it’s unbelievability! What is it gonna take for white america to wake up, because it’s the white vote that’s gonna get this asshole elected.. the black vote means nothing percentage wise..

  290. naturally born permalink

    both of my parents and thier parents were born in the US. I was born in B.C. because the hostpital was closer. My family and assumed I was a citizen until I had to get sworn in at 18.

  291. deebee permalink

    if you are born to an american citizen, no matter when and where….you are an american citizen…period. some of you are so far to the RIGHT you are LEFT

  292. Sean permalink

    To the few liberal morons who posted on this board, all I got to say to you schmucks is that your nothing but a bunch of “useful idiots” and do you liberals know who said that little quote, why it’s none other than one your butt-plug commie heroes “Vladimir Lenin”. First of all it’s a “DEMOCRAT” from Pennsylvania who bought this up, he claimed that Barrack Hussein Obama is not an American born citizen and he’s sending it to the courts in PA, but the fascist in the DNC wants it to get thrown out. And if Obama loses (I hope he does lose) you leftist scumbags are gonna start to squeal at the top of your lungs by saying the the people who voted against him are “raaaacccciissstttt”, and to me and everybody in this country we are so goddamn sick and tired of you Liberals (mainly White-Liberals) playing the race-card.

    And I totally agree with you Publius on that statement you made bro, some of these friggin Liberals think that there so damn smart, but whenever us Conservatives proves thier stupid-liberal ass wrong, they have the nerve to call us every word under the sun.

    Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!!!!

  293. Mr. Know it all permalink

    Well here is the gang.Well folks its like this don’t worry your hearts too much.If Obama gets elected do you really think he will live past the first three months without every nut case trying to assinate him. Remember folks Biden will become president and he is a do nothing kind of guy.He sits in the background and waits for his turn to take the big chair. I don’t think he cares much for Obama since he’s made it clear before he jumped on the band wagon he thinks Obama is’nt ready to lead.In four years the republican party will put up a candidate to easily over throw him since the country will be in shambles and the republican party will be in power for decades to come.They will be looked at as the heros come to save us.It may be too late by then even as it most likely will be a much different country.Crime will be on the rise, Anarchy will rule the streets and corruption will fill the dying halls of the US government. I would look to investing in China for your future since they will take over the world economy when the USA sells out to them.Well so long red White and Blue you fought the good fight.But now its time to take a back seat.

  294. T{-}3 @rk!t3ct permalink

    Spell checker, wow at least you used while you posted to show your online intellectualism. Unfortunately if you believe everything you see on the www you are very naive. Many professionals can easily make a fake and scan it, or simply photoshop one together. If I was a twisted and brain washed Barraker and he threw me a some Benjamins I could whip one together in a couple hours just as credible and put it on a fancy website for everyone. Big deal.

    The majority of people here are spewing political ignorance based on their bias, not surprising as that is all you hear and see. Which candidate is the worse candidate, vote for the less worse. Who has the most money to spend on the most airtime and junk mail you throw away. The facts are there if anyone gives a rip, you just have to be less arrogant and seek and know the truths.

    Oh and why not a plug, you can go to and view everyones records and information as well as all of the vast amounts of absent and missed votes on key issues by Mr. Nobama.

  295. deebee permalink

    Left wing, Right wing, you are all crazy. No level headed human being can be conservative on all issues and vice versa… im not crazy about McCain or Obama, but to call him a muslim as if that is a reason not to vote for him insane…im in the army and some of my best soldiers where of the muslim faith, and many muslims have died defending the same u.s. flag as all need to get a grip, and realize that America is changing, and that might not be a bad thing. we as a nation have to adapt or we will be behind the power curve

  296. Suzananne permalink

    What do we do 2 weeks after the election when we receive undeniable facts that state nO’Bama is NOT a natural citizen of the United States of America? Do we have to impeach him – a long process that would allow him to stay in office not only until impeached but ousted from the office of president. Not to mention whether or not Pelosi would allow impeachment to reach the/her agenda? All the while, he would allow us to become virtually impotent against the evil forces of terrorism and radical islam; or from any of the “folks” (he loves to use that term of indearment) of the world who would revel in our national demise.

    This country was originally populated (not including native Americans) by individuals who were seeking freedom to worship God as they deemed proper. I do not condemn any religion – I believe in freedom for all to express their rights under our guarantee of freedom for religion. However, for many years now, opponents of the constitution have perverted this freedom by adding rules and regulations regarding how and when and where we can exercise our faith. I am tired of expanding loopholes that allow their success.

    As for nO’Bama’s trip to Hawaii, he is trying to buy the Presidency, he can afford it – but, can he buy a Birth Certificate? Hopefully the Department of Records in Hawaii cannot be bought as easily as our polls indicate. Do you think Barry will be able to keep all these people on the payroll after election day, when all he has to draw from is our hard earned money that we pay in taxes? When I pay my taxes, I do so to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under the safety and security provided by my govenment.

    Can we trust nO’Bama to honor our rights by upholding the Constitution as he must swear to do at Inauguration? I do not believe that we can.

    How deeply will your faith in the promises of Barack Hussein O’Bama sustain you when you hear that your child’s school has been overcome by terrorists…Oh, yeah, this is America, not Russia. That can’t happen here, can it?

    And finally, Kim Says, “those that vote him into office are the ones who will” exclaim, “I really thought he was The One,” and then claim they were betrayed.

  297. SunBird permalink

    I have said before that the only birth certificate released thus far was a certified copy of the original. The actual original has not be seen to date. If the information on the original has been amended, it should show such changes attached to it or have the changes properly documented on its surface.

    Upon request, anyone within the records office can created a certified copy of the original using information on file, or using information they or someone prefers to be shown.

    It will be difficult to show that a person has been born outside the state if there is a birth certificate on file within the state. Although just because a certificate has been placed within the records on file does not prove a person was physically born there, it only shows that a certificate was filed there for whatever purpose desired.

    According to information to date, details of Obama’s life facts and activities have been documented systematically and put into the records, including his book, to set the stage for his presidential run. The plan of action as such most likely began in the home of William Ayers where they along with other interested people have to date worked to orchestrate its success.

  298. JeffM permalink

    Hey You People Are Idiots, you’re the f-ing idiot! True, his mom was a US citizen when she had the little communist, but she had 3 months to get to a US embassy and file an affidavit for an American citizen born abroad. If she didn’t do that, then he’s a citizen of the country he was born in by default.

  299. MIKEY permalink


  300. Fred permalink

    I don’t know of any one that don’t have or can’t get a LEGAL Birth cert. within days! That is unless they don’t have a Legal one,or don’t want anyone to see it! It isn’t all that hard people!

  301. Suzananne permalink

    Hey dee bee:

    I know many, including myself, who are conservative 100% of the time because we know exactly what our values are. Perhaps if you find this concept difficult, I suggest you find out what you really believe, then live by it. This exercise will not only ground you, but also will furnish you with undeniable tennets that will inform your decisions throughout your life.

    The words change and growth have similar connotations, however, there are distinct differences. I welcome growth; as I view it when we’re not growing, we’re dying. As for change, change for its own sake is folly. And we should not confuse the merits of the two words.

    I admire your service to our country and thank you for it. And I appreciate the service of all who commit to serve our country, including Muslims. If only Muslims, who do not practice the radical islamo-fascist view of the Khoran, would let us know who they are by denouncing islamo-fascist regimes, I would love to support them and their right to express there religion. Unfortunately, possibly due to their own fears of reprisal, moderate Muslims are not willing to be politically correct.

  302. AstonMartin permalink

    kal Says:

    October 23, 2008 at 5:37 pm
    Publius, I’m a 6′3″ 250 lb former college football player. I can hold my own.

    LMAO !!!! – I assume you are also one of Obama’s thugs – the type who will smash down doors to collect taxes

    What a rotton country the USA has become – and it’s (mainly) due to your allowing the negroes the right to vote – ever since then, it has been down hill.

    Good luck to you all in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”

  303. supporting moderate islam permalink

    Hi Suzananne,

    here are some moderate Muslims you can support

    I agree. Moderate muslims are fighting for the soul of their faith right now. they deserve our strong support.

  304. Asa from Maui permalink

    To the person who calls them self “You People Are Idiots Says: “. ..I am not claiming that Obama is muslim but you say we need to read the constitution. Um….I think you should too. 3 conditions to be president. 1) be 35 years old..2) Have lived in USA for 14 years. and 3) BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Not just a citizen. People born on US Military bases abroad have been given this status. So McCain has satisfied all 3 conditions. Citizen or not, Obama should prove he was born here in Hawaii. Not just claim it and put up a scanned copy of a birth certificate.

  305. NEW YORKER permalink

    Obama’s mother gave birth to him in Indonesia, and although she was a US Citizen the “birthright” clause in the Constitution applies to only those born on US soil. Obama’s mother was prevented from boarding the flight due to her late term pregnancy and upon arrival to Hawaii, she promptly registered him there. My guess is that this will not stop the election (timimg-why visit “Grandma 12 days before the election, maybe “fix” the birth certificate issu?), however when the investigation does reveal (possibly) the above fact, Obama will have to step down from office, giving Joe Biden (God help us then) his boy hood dream (and Pelosi as VP!).

  306. Mike permalink

    No such thing as a moderate islam, get real. If you are a Christian in the old country and you try to practice your faith you are in for some bad times. Were are the moderates when this happens. The west is at war with those who follow islamic teachings and we had better get our heads around this soon or we will be done with.

  307. I LOVE MY COUNTRY SAYS permalink

    We have sown to the wind and will reap the whirlwind. The whirlwinds name is Obama and we have earned it !!! Sucked in and soon to be gone is this last best hope for mankind down the drain and soon tobe only history. 400 years of effort gone !!! Oh, Oh, Oh shame, shame Obama you’r an abomination of lies, deceit, subtrifuge and coverup.

  308. keylargo permalink

    Every 8 years it is the same crap. Everyone goes for the party out of power because they want change. What did it get you in 2000? Lies, arrogance, greed, and a wrecked economy. 1992? Scandal, lies, corruption. 1980? Trillion dollar debt and more lies. 1976? Oil lines, high unemployment, high interest rates, a stagnant economy. 1968? Watergate. Eight years from now everyone will be going for the Republican candidate of ‘change’. Americans are stupid and deserve what they get when they keep buying the lies.

  309. Mike permalink

    For all you libs get on board and become a Rush baby. Listen to Laura, watch Sean. Read a little, you can learn so much when you turn off CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC. Go and read a little book called “1984”. I remember it was required reading when I was in school. We have lost our way and if we don’t fined our way we will be praying to Meca. Big Brother (Bro) is coming (first he needs to stop off in Hawaii) and he wants all your proffit, so he can continue his master plan. “WAKE UP AMERICA”.

  310. deebee permalink

    suzanne…you say “america is dying” why? because we are unwilling to change or “grow”… call it what you like. Its funny that the republicans have held the majority in the congress for 6 of the last eight years, but every conservative blames obama for the mess our nation is in…cmon ya’ll, be real..
    its funny that some of you feel the need to talk down about blacks….”savage” its cool though

  311. Yawwwnnnnn permalink

    Obama’s creating his own credibility problems.

    If there was nothing to hide, I’d show it. Kind of smells like the Rose Law Firm records to me. If there was nothing to hide, WHY did it take so long to find them, and then, lots of stuff missing?

    And now, someone is headed to HI (a yellow-dog Democrat state if there ever was one), to possibly get a “copy” of it.

    NEWS FLASH: Birth certificates can be amended! Like one of my own children’s whose birth date and location were incorrectly listed. All it took was a notarized statement, which that agency does NOT keep a copy of.

    I have my own birth certificate, no big thing. I had to present it to pass a security clearance. Amazingly, the man who wants to lead the free world would not clear the same background investigation required of his own bodyguards!

  312. Cervantes permalink

    If this is an authentic issue, why didn’t Killary or the rest of the demoncat rabble eviscerate BO in the primaries??
    I don’t think this is going anywhere, so we should focus on his poor judgment on picking his friends and mentors, and the incredibly STOOPID idea he has for fixing our economy.

  313. The very thing which would put this debate to rest, whether or not Obama was actually born in the US, was to provide the requested document. Instead he lets the Washington Post try and verify his birth. He posts a birth certificate on his site that has no certificate number on it. It’s in the color black for some reason.

    I believe John McCain turned over his birth certificate to be verified.

  314. mikee likes it... permalink

    It’s going to be swept under the lumpy carpet.

    There is no truth… only half lies and spin to boot.

    I’ll be on the sidelines, wishing I had a better alternative.

  315. Chrissy permalink

    yeah watch all his voters will be ages 18-26

  316. Chrissy permalink


  317. AstonMartin permalink


    you mean all his voters will be LIKE ages 18-26

  318. Chrissy permalink

    I think this forum is a little tied up in racial knots. It’s not about race because it doesn’t matter the color of your skin. You can still be intelligent no matter. It’s a choice of life style either choose to be smart and pay attention and pick the values as a person you like and vote with that person or be dumb and just vote because someone is white or black. I think a lot of the homeless,drug addicts, and lazy people looking for a ride will vote Obama. Is that to say all people voting Obama are the slugs of our society no. I just think some how after people voting for yrs and yrs before us that we’d be used to the process no matter skin color. The point of voting is to vote for someone you feel would be the best leader of the country.

    I still don’t think though that Obama will Hit the Rich for redistributing the wealth. I think the rich will be left alone and the middle class people making over 250.00 to maybe 600 or 700,000 Will be nailed with it because most of the politicians prob make more then that. Besides if he hit the rich his pocket would be affected by it as well and heaven forbid that happens.

  319. Rob permalink

    You People are idiots:

    Maybe you should read the Constitution. Obamas mother must have lived in the United Sates for 10 years 5 of them after the age of 14. She was 18 when She gave birth to Obama so Obama would not get citizenship from her. Typical liberal who has no clue what the Constitution says.

  320. Chrissy permalink

    It’s all a ploy to hit the Middle class workers and small business owners. The rich will be rich and the poor will be poor and there won’t be a middle class anymore.

  321. newvoice permalink

    i think everyone here is too emotional and personal on this election issue. the crisis that the world is facing is not going to be solved in just one term of either persident and if you look at either one of their energy plans they are pretty much similar on the long term goal with major variations on short term plans. homeland security issue i think both are patriotic. the thing we have to get off our minds are Conservative = patriotic or liberal not = patriotic.. me myself i think im more conservative then liberal but thats not the issue. we need to get our thinking straight.. we are making
    Hypothetical judgements on what mcain or obama are going to do if elected based on the information we recieve from blogs, bias opinions and channels.
    1- OBAMA NON BIRTH CITIZEN– if this was true it would have been proven by now.
    2- OBAMA MUSLIM– even if he is there is nothing in constitution that denys him on basis of that.. and we are not in a crusade.
    these issues are tearing us apart. i prefer Mcain over Obama but we should not make this a life or death senario.

  322. Chrissy permalink

    I had an Obama campaign supporter call me like 15 min ago and I said this …… I’m not voting Obama, I don’t wish to speak to you further about Obama ty but goodbye. Lol might seem harsh but I didn’t want to waste his time or mine.

  323. BULL permalink

    Not thinking one term could change thingS????? Ask the Cubans. Castro said the same thing “CHANGE”!!!!!! lOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!

  324. matt permalink

    Food, Water, and Ammo! It’s the least you can do right now to prepare. I hear Canada is nice this time of year.

  325. BULL permalink

    This is all about charater. Look at Mcain – he was torured for 5 yrs, given the chance to be sent home and he refused!!!!! Obama – sat in a church for 20 yrs listening to the gutter trash that came out of Rev Wrights mouth and never once spoke out against it until he thought it was going to cause him political harm. Now you tell me who really has character and would do what is right for this country instead of what is right for himself!!!!!!!

  326. BULL permalink

    Or maybe thats what you really wanted!!!!!!!

  327. JJ American permalink

    Is it true that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr actually has four different names and two different “legal” US passports? On one talk radio show it was also discussed that Obama’s trip to visit his ailing white Granny may have more to do with his retrieving relevant & incriminating papers from her house.. and, she may be one of the few people left who knows the truth about Barry’s birthplace… if you get their drift.. I hope and pray that Comrade Barry and his accompaning Radicals will not be allowed to destroy our country, and the future of our children, etc.. It all looks very ominus right now.

  328. Amazed permalink

    The whole Obama election reminds me of Omen III. It just scares the crap outta me!

  329. some good posts. Obama was born a Muslim because his dad was a Muslim. It will be interesting if the truth of his citizenship comes out

  330. Lizzy permalink

    Obama is the scariest Presidential Man to run. Everything about him is eery and fake. I ask myself everyday how could this man get this far? Americans need to wake up!!!!!

  331. George G permalink

    “the fact that his mother was a US citizen makes him a US citizen. (Read the Constitution)”

    Negative, I am an immigration officer and his status would be dependent on a number of factors since only his mother was a USC at time of birth. Facts including exactly where he was born and in what year. The immigration laws varied greatly throughout the late 20th century. There are detailed charts that we use in order to determine citizenship eligibility in these relatively rare cases.

    If he does indeed have a doctored fradulent Hawaii birth certificate it would be one hell of an October Surprise!

  332. Disgusted? Take off the rose colored glasses. As someone who witnessed the personel level of greed that many sunk themselves into. The blame does not lie with one man neither Congress or the President although both did participate. it lies with all those who participated in this economic and political mess. I can give you an example of greed from top to bottom
    I found an intresting thing when I was looking for a different house (buyers market) thinking this was a good time to invest i starting researching Forclosures As i went through the process ,there is paper trail that is attached to a forclosed property. I found some intresting things. Homes sold in the 700-900k range to people making 50k a year or less . Do the math there is no way that person should have been put in the house keep in mind it was 100% financed so when they walked away they lost nothing!! And you are Anyone who has purchased a house (legitamately) knows there are min of three people who are going to look at this thing Realator ,Loan agent, Legal for the documents I believe it requires a lawyer mine was.
    Either they participated in this willingly or were being forced to comply from the government. Congress and even George Bush had a push for more minority owenership you can find this all in there own words. There are many stories like this so the questions that I have are
    1. With this minority ownership push that drove up home prices and causing many to loose there house due to forclosure with a massive debt trail help minorities How?
    2. Why do you think congress was quick to dump Billions into this mess hoping it would go away? could it be they are covering there participation?
    3. The people who purchased those houses couldn’t understand that they were not going to make the payments HOW?
    I personally heard one man at the height of this thing say while waiting for his house to be finished Yes it was under construction)That the value was already up in the house because he locked in already and he was all ready trying to get a home equity loan!
    Unwise decisions made on all levels.
    Some of the observations that I have made and witmess first hand There are some that had good intentions E.G. helping minorities with more ownership others that saw the opening in the system to cash in.
    Conclusion It did not help anyone but a few very wealthy. Proves that although your intentions may be good the road to hell is paved with them.
    Liberal and conservative politics do not mix. You want to know what went wrong with the Bush administration? Every time he reached across the Isle
    Who’s to blame Both who’s next. Well as I see it McCain (who has in the past reached across the Isle all to often. Obama a man who does not reach across he is already there. Either way we are screwed.

  333. Va. Patroit permalink

    It all makes perfect sense. If BO is not a Muslim then he is in bed with them. If you will watch the movie “Obsession; radical Islam’s war against the west” and then put that with Hal Turner’s ( assertion that our monetary system is being railroaded to a collapse it all becomes very clear that our society as we know it is about to take a very nasty turn. America had better wake up. It may already be too late to do anything but prepare yourself for the worst.

  334. Chicken Little permalink

    Ooooh nooooo….

    The Sky is Falling!!!

    The Sky is Falling!!!

  335. Joe,born here in(the U.S. of A) permalink

    This countries tax paying law abiding citizens are worn down.The deceit,fabrications,lies you name it.MORAL/ETHICS up Washington,adhere to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, please,It,s a beautiful document.

  336. MIKEY permalink



  337. Baby Girl permalink

    Obama’s grandmother was recorded saying her Kenyan grandson born Aug. 4, 1961 is not an American citizen…named Barry Hussain Obama….
    Tomorrow he is going to visit without his family, how touching…12 days left in the election and he will clearout her home to alter the Birth Certificate…
    Criteria to become President.
    1. 35 or older
    2. lived 14 years in USA
    3. Born in USA….Obama was born in KENYA
    4. Attorney General of PA…Phillip Berg is on the SAVAGE Nation has filed a lawsuit

  338. Love It permalink

    I love all the drama this website creates. I don’t care if it’s true or not. If it wasn’t for Jerry Springer, Maury and Michael my friends and I would lead very boring lives. I know that most of the comments here are just plain bull, but I love the fact that here in America we have the freedom to lie, cheat, steal and embrace all the crazyness we please to.

  339. What???? permalink

    My son was born in Holland and has dual citizenship. I’m told he is a US Citizen. Let me know if I’m wrong. If he’s not I’ll cross my legs and be sure the next child is born on American soil. Thanks for the information.

  340. dumbasarock permalink

    Anyone who believe that Obama is not a US citizen is as dumb as a rock.

  341. Richard permalink

    Article. II. – The Executive Branch

    Section 1 – The President

    “… … No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States. … …”

  342. Richard permalink

    Natural-born citizen

    Who is a natural-born citizen? Who, in other words, is a citizen at birth, such that that person can be a President someday?

    The 14th Amendment defines citizenship this way: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” But even this does not get specific enough. As usual, the Constitution provides the framework for the law, but it is the law that fills in the gaps.

    Currently, Title 8 of the U.S. Code fills in those gaps. Section 1401 defines the following as people who are “citizens of the United States at birth:”

    •Anyone born inside the United States
    •Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person’s status as a citizen of the tribe
    •Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
    •Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national
    •Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year
    •Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21
    •Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)
    •A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.
    Anyone falling into these categories is considered natural-born, and is eligible to run for President or Vice President. These provisions allow the children of military families to be considered natural-born

  343. MIKEY permalink




  344. The UNITER? permalink

    I Thought Obama the Great was the UNITER of Mankind! He is the HOPE – He will Bring Unity- his great skill.

    He’s done NOTHING of the sort- he is POLARIZING the country MUCH MORE than even Hillary (remember her??)

    He clearly is the WRONG person for the job, even by HIS standards.

  345. Bill Welling permalink

    Obama can change his birth certificate in HI if he has one.

  346. irene c permalink


  347. Katy permalink

    This is conservatism?-

    Barack Obama SAID that in his book. He said he would side with the Muslims in any direction they went in. Have you read it? Guess not.

    Also, have you heard the latest scandal? That he has a grandmother in Kenya who he did not mention because he did not want to be suspicious?
    And he will not release his college records and Biden will not release his medical records? Apparently Biden had a brain scan done recently and obviously he doesn’t want people to know what was wrong. I would nto want a president that we constantly had to make excuses for.

  348. Katy permalink


    You have to be a NATURAL BORN citizen to be president…not just a citizen.

  349. mekannyk permalink

    I was a Russian linguist and intelligence analyst during the 80’s, and was stationed in West Berlin for several years while it was still occupied by the Soviets in the east.

    I am sure that eventually the truth will be uncovered regarding Senator Obama’s real name and nationality. For me, this is beside the point at this time. I could never vote for anyone who does not qualify for a Top Secret SCI (codeword) security clearance. I could list at least a dozen reasons off the top of my head why Mr. Obama would NEVER qualify for such a clearance.

    The last president we had that fit this scenario was Bill Clinton. Prior to being elected Commander-in-Chief, he could not have gotten a clearance to guard our latrine, let alone have access to classified information. What we got during the 90’s was a president who literally gave nuclear weapons to North Korea, and 21st century missile guidance technology (most NASA, amd many Department of Defense satellites were launched from China at this time!) to the Communist Chinese. The day one of these nations use a nuclear weapon, the blood of every victom killed will be on the hands of Bill Clinton.

    I am absolutely mortified that Barrack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) is on the cusp of becoming the most powerful man in the world. I wholeheartedly agree with Michael S. (hang in there good doctor, always remember and be comforted when you are down and tired, that you are doing God’s work.) that all candidates running for state or federal office should have to be held to a higher standard than those written into our constitution over 130 years ago. To include the same requirements any private/seaman/airman in the military must meet – FBI background checks, necessary security clearances, and mandatory drug testing at the very least. Senator Obama would NEVER qualify to hold public office if this were the case. Yet, 50% of America seems ready to hand over the keys to the White House to this Kenyan/Indonesian/Muslim? man who will not release his original birth certificate or even supply his previous addresses. I sincerely fear the damage this man will do to our national security.

  350. Get a grip permalink


    Have you read the book? I haven’t but I”m certain that your quote is inaccurate or out of context.
    That’s ludicrous.

    He has never ‘hid’ his grandmother in Kenya. What are you talking about?

    Biden should release the brain scan just as McCain should release all his records. Perhaps we agree on that.

    You’ve decide that this guy represents and embodies everything that you don’t like or scares you about the world, so it really doesn’t matter what reality is. He’s a Muslim, He’s a communist. He’s a terrorist. His college records prove that he is anti-American, etc… it’s an bottomless pit.

    You see him as evil and will believe anything that confirms that belief and wont’ believe anything that goes against it. Reality is science-fiction.

    This thought process is known as “fundamentalism.” It’s scary when it comes from Islamist goons an its scary when it comes from 16 year old Americans.

  351. Katy permalink

    Get a grip-

    I think it’s scary when adults are just as blind as the kids at my school.

    Obama doesn’t want to release his college records because he probably got aid from some negro fund because he is from KENYA. He doesn’t want anyone to know this…obviously…and that is the same reason why he is going to Hawaii. To get a real birth certificate by pulling some strings with the millions of dollars he has. McCain probably would release his medical records if he was asked to. Has he? I think not. And yes he does scare me because I’m not ready for a President who-
    a) doesn’t know what he’s doing (inexperienced)
    b) might not even be a natural born citizen
    c) is associated with a terrorist and with Acorn

    He has way too much suspicion and everyone just keeps making sad excuses for him. It’s unreal.

  352. This election’s got more loose nuts than a bag of trail mix–but at least it’s been entertaining! Quit wasting the court’s time and society’s money. Even your agenda doesn’t have an agenda, you’re just that lost.

  353. Get a grip permalink


    You have deliberately lost connection with reality.

    Obama is not a muslim, a terrorist, a communist or foreigner.

    You are being lied to and you are lying to yourself as way to control the fear you have about the world.

    You need to realize that YOU are making shit up in your mind about this and confusing this with reality. Do you know you are doing that? Are you hearing voices? If you are you should seek help.

    What you are saying is the political version of paranoid schizophrenia.

    I repeat: “You’ve decide that this guy represents and embodies everything that you don’t like or scares you about the world, so it really doesn’t matter what reality is. He’s a Muslim, He’s a communist. He’s a terrorist. His college records prove that he is anti-American, etc… it’s an bottomless pit.

    You see him as evil and will believe anything that confirms that belief and wont’ believe anything that goes against it. Reality is science-fiction.

    This thought process is known as “fundamentalism.” It’s scary when it comes from Islamist goons an its scary when it comes from 16 year old Americans.”

    I’m out. I’m tired of arguing with you paranoids.

  354. Wow!!! permalink

    I agree. Katy you are a loon.

    As somebody said above:

    “do any of you ‘real americans’ want to step up and disavow this insane naked racism? or just don’t care?
    or don’t care enough to say anything? Ok whatever.

    Thanks Kal. I’m afraid that so many words may be just noise to the EXCLAMATION MARK crowd.

    This BS is not about rational thinking. They aren’t processing this. They make up boogeyman
    scenarios about Obama bringing in nationalized healthcare and doubling welfare rolls (perhaps because they don’t understand or want to understand the complexities of the free markets that we all live in?)
    And then have arguments with themselves as to why those boogeyman scenarios are bad.

    This isn’t even politics anymore, it’s hysteria. It’s the reptile fight or flight part of the brain overriding millions of years of evolution.

    They see that “their” America is changing into a different place. They honestly believe that America
    was more or less white and safe for 190 years and then the liberals starting ruining things in the 60’s. They really do.

    They want to go back to a USA that exists nowhere except as the tonic for their nightmares.

    I’ve been trying to engage them for a few days and they won’t take. They are happy to announce that Obama is a sleeper muslim robot terrorist bent on transferring the deed to Iran, but refuse to speculate on the logistics of such a conspiracy.

    Case in point:
    “Most likely, (1) as he traveled under an Indonesia passport at 20 yrs old, he also applied to these universities as a foreigner for financial/admissions reasons. Come clean Obama … or wreck our nation. Actually, (2) those that vote him into office after knowing these things, (3) are the ones who will be to blame”

    1. make up nightmare scenario
    2. quickly rename rank speculation as fact
    3. accuse those who ignore such “facts” of being dupes

    This is classic reactionary thought process, going back the Birchers and then to the Protocols of Zion enthusiasts, etc.

  355. Katy permalink

    Get a grip-

    I don’t see you proving me wrong. Is that the best you have? Calling me crazy? How mature.

  356. Jack B. permalink

    Isn’t it the job of each state election commission need to verify eligibility before a name can be placed on the ballot? What documents were used? I will be emailing my state’s election commission and asking this question. I think the silent majority has been silent too long and the rats, 60’s radicals and socialists are stealing the country while we continue to remain silent.

  357. anthony maher nyc permalink

    i cant wait to see how msnbc and cnn spin this, hello fox,where are you ? kool aid stock must be high with all these people who think OHB ,OPPS sorry mike i mean OB is the one to run this great country. if these people think he should still be elected after this comes out , whats it say about the dems trying to sneak this guy in?

  358. Jaylene permalink

    Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this lawsuit? If Obama is not a natural born citizen, how can he be President? Why isn’t the FBI investigating Obama’s fraud? This has got to be the biggest news story in history!

  359. Katy permalink


    No, no. He has not proven me wrong ONCE. All he is doing is SAYING that I’m wrong. Go back and read it. And if you would stop being so ignorant and believe only what the LIBERAL media says…mabybe you would see some other things that aren’t so AMAZING about Obama.

    What has he done while he has been in the Senate?

  360. mekannyk permalink

    (Please forgive my earlier typos… I also meant to say the constution was written over 230 years ago, not 130. Thanks!)

  361. Hokijamoki permalink

    How did he get a Passport without an original Birth Certificate?
    This should be front page headlines? Why isn’t it?
    I’ll just bet when he comes back from Hawaii he magically has a Birth Certificate?

  362. Phoenix113 permalink

    So what if he is Anne’s adulterous bastard… how does THAT disqualify him from the Presidency? Besides, he was that as Barack Obama — since that “father” was still married to a Kenyan wife. Don’t we need proof that he was not US born? I expect the news that he is Frank’s kid will be met with more insipid liberal awe — now he is a BONA FIDE VICTIM — what liberals love BEST!!!! And what’s MORE, he’s the offspring of a gifted rebel, a legend! (Not quite Che Guevara, but not bad as folk hero criminals go). It’s no worse than the cigar and the blue dress in the oval office not so long ago. We need something of ATOMIC PROPORTION to de-throne the Acorn Messiah.

  363. Since when is it a sin to be A Muslim, Jew [as Savage is] Baptist etc, Say Micheal why did you change your last name, ashamed ? If Obama was not born in the U,S don,t you think Harvard would have known, the senate, or when he ran, the republicans would have jumped on this A.S.A.P

  364. Katy permalink


    Maybe because he had a fake BC?

  365. Phoenix113 permalink

    Dear “Get a Grip,”

    Pardon my correcting you, but fundamentalism refers to individuals OF ALL SORTS who ascribe the the basic fundamentals of any particular philosophy. The networks have re-defined that as some sort of extreme bigotry. Granted, there are some ignorant people out there whose M.O. is hate and prejudice (which, incidentally means PRE-judging — judging BEFORE you have the facts). There are ALSO quite a few people in this country who have arrived that their feelings/beliefs/biases for legitimate reasons. I think that saying that people oppose Obama for president because he is black is lazy and naiive. People can feel RIGHTEOUS if they can label someone else as prejudiced and bigoted. I, for one, could care less if he’s black. It’s about time we had a QUALIFIED, QUALITY BLACK PRESIDENT. But someone who lies about who they are IS NOT IT !!!
    Just what else will he lie about? That’s MY issue. Anyone who is overtly and deliberately a liar CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED.

  366. Sue permalink

    In the state of Missouri you can’t obtain a drivers license without a valid birth certificate, but you can run for President without having shown proof of BEING A NATURAL BORN US Citizen? So that raises another question, is he really as old as he says he is?

  367. Maryann permalink

    I agree with JOHN WAYNE!!!!
    He is hiding everything. Oh yea, what about all the years in Hawaii he spent with that communist, does anyone say anything about that one?
    Oh, yea,,,when I was in the Air Force, I got a top secret pass. They delved into my life like nobodys business, so how can Obama even be running for president??? I couldn’t even associate with anyone with the likes of Bill Ayers, nor would I.
    God help America
    an Air Force Vet

  368. Rivercityrandog permalink

    Isn’t it a shame how the liberal mind works? The very same people who claim to be tolerant of divergent points of view are attacking those who do not view the world in precisely the same way the liberals do. They claim to be the party for all, but, in reality what you see from the liberals in these posts here prove there are complete frauds. On top of that the are showing everyone who cares to see how simple minded they are. They are showing all of us they are not as smart as they think they are because they always resort to attacks to silence those who do not share their veiws.

    You would think that they would be just as curious to find out the answer to Mr. Obama’s citizenship since he is the best chance they have to recapture the white house. Really what is the problem with any of the candidates providing proff that they are citizens of this country? If they are the proof could have be provided without much trouble at all. That would end all of this now wouldn’t it? Probably long ago in fact. Where there is smoke, there is fire for sure.

  369. Phoenix113 permalink

    Dear “Get a Grip,”

    Pardon my correcting you, but fundamentalism refers to individuals OF ALL SORTS who ascribe to the basic fundamentals of any particular philosophy. The networks have re-defined that as some sort of extreme religious bigotry. Granted, there are some ignorant people out there whose M.O. is hate and prejudice (which, incidentally means PRE-judging — judging BEFORE you have the facts). There are ALSO quite a few people in this country who have arrived that their feelings/beliefs/biases for legitimate reasons. I think that saying that people oppose Obama for president because he is black is lazy and naiive. People can feel RIGHTEOUS if they can label someone else as prejudiced and bigoted. I, for one, could care less if he’s black. It’s about time we had a QUALIFIED, QUALITY BLACK PRESIDENT. But someone who lies about who they are IS NOT IT !!! Just what else will he lie about? That’s MY issue. Anyone who is overtly and deliberately a liar CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED.

  370. Sue permalink

    I had to show proof that I was eligible to work in the US, before I could start my job. Don’t people think it is strange that we aren’t shown proof of the men that are going to be working for us the proof that they meet the proper criteria.

  371. Katy permalink

    I agree with Rivercityrandog.

    They are so “open minded” that they are close minded. Ironic?

    Also…they are so “equal” to every race that they end up being overly equal to foreigners and racist to whites.

  372. mutillator permalink

    Joe Biden does not hang out at home depot.


  374. Get a grip permalink

    it’s not about agreement or disagreement is about reality. he has produced the birth certificate
    deal with it.

    From there, it’ all X-Files. “it’s a fake,” “he’s kiling his gramma,” blah blah “insert conspiracy theory of the day here” You make up stuff and then freak each other out telling ghost stories.

    we KNOW the answer to his citizenship. He HAS produced the BC. Whether you like him or not he
    is an American, a Christian, not a terrorist. That’s just REALITY. You don’t have to agree with him or me or anybody, but if you have make up BS to do so then you need to question your own thinking.

    Fundamentalism, Yes we are both right. from wikipedia: “Fundamentalism refers to a “deep and totalistic commitment” to a belief in, and strict adherence to a set of basic principles (often religious in nature), a reaction to perceived doctrinal compromises with modern social and political life.”

    I said that the “make stuff up that fits your worldview and deny reality if it does not” is a thought process common to fundamentalists (islamist, communist, christianist, whatever)

  375. Get a grip permalink


    you ARE shown proof.

    You can insist against all reason that it must be a fake because Obama is from Kenya/Indonesia/Russia/Mecca/Mars whatever but that does not change REALITY

  376. Katy permalink

    Get a grip-

    Prove it? I’m not saying I can…but neither can you. You cannot prove that he is NOT a terrorist and you cannot prove that his BC is NOT a fake. So therefore, you too, are making things up.

  377. Katy,

    You do know why John (Keating) McCain has not attended even one of his family reunions don’t you? It is because he has black relatives. You speak of racism, & your dislike for a President to be one, yet you will somehow give McCain a free pass. BTW, his brother & other white members of his family do attend said reunion every year.

  378. Get a grip permalink

    I cannot prove that there is not an elephant hiding in the trunk of my car either.
    I can look and see no elephant but maybe he’s hiding.

    Maybe Obama is from France. Maybe he has 9 toes.

    We could take a picture of his toes. We could post it on the net.

    But then, I suspect some people would see that its a fake and that there is clearly a conspiracy to hid the fact that he has 11 toes.

    This is like arguing with Creationists. I cannot prove that the world was not made by a giant white man with a beard over a few days 4000 years ago…(except that we can) so therefore it’s obviously true. This is what I mean. They already believe what you believe no matter what reality is.

    It’s also like arguing with Islamists. You can prove to them till you are blue in the face that America is not the enemy, that Jews are not the enemy, but they have a mental block.

    We cannot afford these kinds of mental blocks. Fundamentalism is a danger.

  379. Get a grip permalink

    For the record, I disagre with Holly that McCain is a racist. He may be a dick but i don’t think he’s a racist.

    That said, you all should look at some of the insane white supremacist BS posted above, at least ONE
    of you Righties should speak up and say ‘screw that guy’

  380. Katy permalink


    First of all, where did you hear that? One of your friends?

    Second, when did I say that I liked McCain? Of course I prefer him over Obama but I don’t really think he was the best choice. I respect him greatly though for what he did for this country…and no one can disprove that.

  381. Katy,

    I don’t take what my friends tell me as gospel, which is apparent of you. I do my research on the net, plus talk radio. I desist from listening to (fountain of mis-information) Hannity on Faux news, because of all the far right leaning neocons they have as guests, & if you believe that Obama isn’t qualified to run for President, I have a bridge to “nowhere” for sale.

  382. dbinpv permalink

    From reading all these posts it is clear to me that B.O. is a sleeper cell blending in as required waiting for his instructions once he is elected. Then just like the 911 terrorists used our own airplanes against us, he will use our own government against us. Because if he is elected, it’s clear that the effects of his policies on this country will make 911 look like a stroll in the park. We’ll come to think of those times as the good old days. Only time will tell if this is Scifi or Reality. Does anybody really want to take the chance that this Scifi can be confirmed by electing B.O. I for one would vote for Dumbo the elephant before I would ever cast a vote for Dumbo the Barack.

  383. McCain wasn’t born in the United States. He was born in Panama.

  384. Katy permalink


    Far right people on Hannity & Colmes? What about the far left ones? How ignorant and baised can you be? And what makes you think that McCain can’t do just a good a job as Obama? Your opinion is different than mine and i respect that…but you need to know everything before you make your decision.

  385. Katy permalink


    On a millitary base…which is US soil. Give me a break.

  386. Matthew permalink

    OBAMA MUST RESPOND TO THIS A.S.A.P.! If this is true Hillary Clinton should take Obama’s place!

  387. Dog permalink

    Pathetic! This is the RNC platform!! LOL!!!! Clear Channel Communications SUX

    I respectfully refer to Michael Savage as Michael Weaner.

  388. Harold143 permalink

    Obama was not born in US and therefore he is disqualified for the Presidency. Even more important is that it proves he is a big fat liar and cannot be trusted. When are you guys going to wake up and admit that Hussein Obama is a FAKE and a FRAUD. It is hard to believe anyone would vote for this Black Muslim Militant Racist.

  389. Katy permalink



  390. Keith permalink

    Yes, he may have show a BC – a FAKE one! He was born in Kenya (Family members have admitted to this) then flown to Hawaii where his parents registered him there. He’s going to Hawaii to obtain ‘new BC documents” not visit his last living grandmother because is has also been documented that he has another Grandmother living also. Obama is is another typical politician who lies lies lies to make a point until someone challenges him and then he has to lie some more to get out of the first lie….Frankly Obama ought to be arrested and his tongue removed.

  391. Dee permalink

    You guys on this blog should go get a job. Let us even assume Obama is a muslim, what happens to his bill of right that guarantees his freedom of religion? You guys do not know better than the FBI and the CIA, who would have looked into Obama’s backgroung as a member of the US senate and Serious presidential contender.

  392. Is Obama the Anti Christ? We are on the verge of a major shift in power, and who better to give it too. Mr.International The world love’s him!! Anti-Americans love him, The demonocrats love him… And Bush will welcome him with open arms.

    If he wins, if he loses, lives will be lost.

    Vote the end of freedom, Vote Socialism, Vote Obama.

  393. debbyinny permalink

    Any of us could (if we had the money to do so)hire a PI to follow any of us around, listen in on our tele calls; our conversations; pick through our garbage…why doesn’t savage or mccain or someone do just that? why isn’t someone bugging his g-mother? his sister? his brother?
    The whole truth behind this all is that he had 30 days to respond to the OTSC and didn’t. He is in violation. He is an attorney and understands the simple basics of this. It is the courts responsibility to force him to comply or pay the price by finding him not a citizen by default of the court but is our responsibility to hold the courts accountable.
    Why is it that certain sectors of the population can violate court order after order and not be held in contempt of said order?
    Why is it that we the people continue to put people back into office that allow certain orders to be violated?
    Now, if the OTSC was a child support order and BO was in violation of that they would have his face all over the newspapers and every other media outlet. They would take his license and jail him.
    This man wants to lead our country. Well lets take his lead and claim we are following by example. If he has no respect for the courts and the laws, than neither should we.
    Just like Gov. Patterson. All New Yorkers should follow by example and not pay our taxes for 5 years.
    If BO does win what we all should do is quit our jobs and let the scum lawyers and bankers spread the wealth… to us.
    This is a two way street and I’m tired of only being allowed to drive in one direction.
    PS: in Saratoga County NY there is an incumbent family court judge with a 42% overturn appeal rate running for re-election and I still see his signs on peoples lawns. Can anyone out there tell me of another job out there where you could mess up at least 42% of the time and still collect a paycheck? In a few years his Judge buddy, who has an over 50% overturn rate will be running too. Why don’t the people demand that scum like this be thrown out of office?
    We are to blame for this. We don’t run for office, we don’t vote, we don’t show up at protests, we don’t demand accountability, we don’t want to give up our Saturdays to help those who are helping us.
    It’s time to stand together or we’ll all fall together.

  394. Get a grip permalink

    dbinpv and LOVERAGS–

    I completely agree….He’s waiting for instructions from the Martians who are actually working for

    As soon as he gets into office he will sell Hawaii to Japan (just to make sure his real birth certificate is never found), will round up christians and put them in camps, and join Iran to drop nukes on Israel.

    It’s so obvious. He has to be a Muslim because he has a Middle Eastern name, just like AC/Dc have to be bisexuals. It’s SO obvious.

  395. Dee permalink

    Now, nodoby is answering my question. I said what if Obama is actually a muslim, what happens to his constitutional right of freedom of religion?

  396. Get a grip permalink

    OK comrades,

    I am unplugging from Planet Panic Fascism and gonna get some work done.

    Don’t let the bed bugs bite (they are actually tiny muslim robots)

    Be well. And yes I will still love you on the 5th.

  397. Get a grip permalink

    One last,

    Dee you are right, but to this crowd Muslim = Radical Islam = Terrorist.

    There is no nuance because nuance is for pussies. To them Obama = all weird global change.

    “We are not here to debate the existence of monsters”
    –Bart Simpson

  398. Katy,

    I surely don’t want a hair trigger for a President, a person who cannot control his own emotions, do you? That kind of personality could lead us into world war 3. I respect his service, but that doesn’t make him qualified to be President. If he dies in office, God help us when falin Palin takes over. Now that is a scary thought.

  399. Suzanne permalink

    Look up and see behind the curtain. I followed the dots and guess who is behind the curtain? Yep. Obama and Ayers. Annenberg foundation. Guess again who both served on their board. You got it..

  400. You People are acting like idiots, aka This is conservatism?,

    “listen… we forgive you. we need everyone to get out of the current situation. the best way for you to us both to show our patriotism is to put aside the ideology, stop calling each other ‘enemy’ and build a better America in a better world. Because… sorry to say, the Old America is gone. It just is. Sorry about that.”

    Hmmmm…out of all your idiotic comments let’s start with this one. You almost sound as pathetic as some of your “professors” that you obviously took in college.

    The great thing about liberalism is that it masks its ideology and racism behind the guise of uniformity, fairness, and equality. The truth of this new “progressive” movement is that it is essentially collectivism. The movement seperates people by convincing them that “groups” deserve certain rights. The MSM does a great job of promoting rights of women, gays, and minorities, as do Universities, legislation, and public policy. By doing this, the movement creates greater racism and divide amongst the people, especially among younger people. This is not conspiracy, it is fact. You seem like you’ve read a book or two, so perhaps you’ve read the works of Marx and Lenin.

    People can refer to Obama as Marxist, socialist, communist, whatever, but no matter what “ideology,” it is still collectivism. You say that we need to set aside our ideology, but what you really mean is that everyone else needs to set aside theirs. You see, your belief system is your ideology.

    The truth is, the policies that Obama is promoting are collectivism. People refer to Karl Marx (you could throw Lenin in here as well)because he had similar “ideology” as that of Barack. Spread the wealth around, give things for the greater good are all collectivist notions.

    Collectivism recognizes that the good of the group, or the good of the society is more important than the good of the individual. It does not recognize individual rights. Collectivism does not promote freedom, but induces slavery. Why do you think that the founding fathers fought so hard to protect individualism? That is another ideology. It happens to be what this country was founded on. It is the ideology that the rights of the group are never greater than the rights of the people who comprise that group. This is true equality.

    Now I don’t care what color Barack Obama is. You have used race in many of your arguments. So lets move beyond that one…the race card has been overplayed one too many times.

    My question to you, oh lost soul, is what “better America” is there besides one that is free? Freedom is our foundation. Prosperity through hard work is our heritage. Love of country is our motto. This is conservatism at its core. This is what the republican party used to represent. To call yourself one is a mockery of MY “ideology.” But I’m not ashamed to admit what I truly believe and what I am. Don’t pass yourself off for something that you are not.

    I am proud of the fact that I represent my conservative values in how I live my life. I love my country, and believe the constitution is not a living document, but a set of strict guidelines that we should follow even today. It is that document that guarantees our freedom.

    The fact that you want to build a “better America in a better world…(because) the old America is gone” is admitting that you do not approve of the foundation of this country. You do not approve of the “old America.” You do not believe in individualism, freedom, or in a republican form of government. So instead of twisting arguments and confusing the issues, why don’t you come clean and tell us all what kind of “better” America you have in mind.

    I’m guessing socialism, but I wonder if you REALLY know what that means. Because anyone who promotes collectivism truly doesn’t understand the danger until they get what they want…

  401. Dee permalink

    Thanks get a grip. If at least one person is rational on this forum, I will go to sleep tonight and sleep very well.

  402. Tibor permalink

    Yes Obama is a Muslim. He was born i Kenya. His other Grandmother was in the delivery room.

    He is a fake.

  403. Dee permalink

    Tibor, From the way you are so sure about Obama being born in Kenya, you sound like your grandmother was there as well to withness Obama’s birth.

  404. Tony54 permalink

    You’re an idiot. You disrespect Michael Savage? The one man in the media that tells the truth? Now I see just how many idiots live among us. Obama is a Kenyan born alien & liar. He is not eligible to be president.

  405. we are all screwed permalink

    Does anybody else see what I think I see? No stopping Illegal immigration. The Government spending 850 billion dollars to bail out Wall Street (Probably just a down payment). The Stock Market tanking, talk of another Economic Stimulus Package. Does anybody get the feeling the Government is purposely bankrupting the economic system so everybody is broke except for Paulson, Bush and all of their buddies (This includes Pelosi, Frank, Dodd) I wasn’t trying to be Partsian. Then the Feds declares Defacto and the dollar is worthless. Or am I smoking some good crack??? Th

  406. snuffy28 permalink

    Wow, I am _so heartened to know there are others out there “like me.” We must get the word out to all that we can. Michael Savage is giving us a chance. I feel like a Freedom Fighter – like someone from 1700 America when our country was fighting the red coats. Obama is a Trojan Horse. I have known this for a long, long time. Let’s get the word out – insist that the other radio and Tv shows pick up this story – take a risk and email your friends – even your Liberal ones.. Travis Jackson is correct – call Obama a Socialist, call him a Marxist… (I call him a Communist) whatever you call him, he is a Collectivist – reminds me of a character in Atlas Shrugged.. God, we just _can’t let that Trojan Horse get elected..

    Let’s not give up!


  407. Sally permalink

    It is my understanding that Obamas grandmother stated that “she was present at his birth in Kenya, after which his mother promptly returned with her baby to the United States”. Now, suddenly Obamas grandmother, of whom, witnessed his birth in Kenya is extremely ill and may not survive the election on Nov. 4th. Huuuuuum, she is the only one left in his family that witnessed his birth in Kenya, huuuuuum.

  408. rdsutherland permalink

    The xenophobia shown in the comments above are classic examples of why the American education system is clearly failing.

  409. tim in az permalink

    liberals would have never formed this great country. liberals are scared sheep that fear sacrifice. if our forefathers would have been liberal the boat would have never left britain. therefore liberals are not american in any way, shape, or form.

    i know all of you liberals cant wait for obamas handouts. once elected youll go and slip and fall in the streets, get put on disability by your united socialist doctor you dont deserve to see, get disability and pay no taxes while recieving massive welfare credits from your savior. in the end youll be better off than you have ever deserved to be. now you wont have to worry about your pesky job at 7-11 that dosent pay you enough for your brilliance and have to miss any more episodes of american idol.

    note to liberals:

    success is not a 40 hour a week position its a lifestyle.

    mcdonalds was not supposed to be a career decision and now that it has become that dosent mean you deserve top dollar for your no skill having self.

    people who really want to get ahead dont go home and watch primetime tv instead of putting in the extra effort to truly achieve any level of success. there are actually people out there who after a bad day on the frycooker try to earn thier salt and gain more than you through hard work instead of complaining. thats why (even if you truly are an american citizen) you deserve to deported along with you your families and your children to (garfield said it best) abhu dhabi. you will always be more of a drain on america and not an asset. riddens!

  410. azmom permalink

    Hey ALL look at the Obama, “birth cert” online. Lower left hand corner it says” OHSM 1.1 (rev.11.01) Laser. ”
    Revised 01 ? Laser printer? HMMM I thought O’ scamus was born in 1961, how could he have a revised copy of his birth cert.? Just something to ponder.


  411. tim in az permalink

    unfortuanately those pesky details dont matter when your going to be the great savior of the middle class.

    i just hope someone fries dont get oversalted tommorow over my comment!

  412. LinLincoln permalink

    Barry Hussein Obama is one of the most dangerous weapons to the destruction of this great country. I am a vet along with my brother, father, father in-law, and both grandfathers. We did not serve this country only to have a Socialist borderline Communist MUSLIM extremist to throw us into the hellfire of the radical left. He was not born an American and is not legally entitled to be elected. The Left and the media along with the 200 million dollar donors from overseas will ensure he is neatly hidden away so he doesn not have to answer to the court. Our country as we know it is over. We will see how happy you liberal freaks are when you are beheaded in the streets of your own hometown for not accepting “Allah”. And you thought we were bad for believing in God and “clinging to our Guns.” Maybe we could have defended your morons from barry and his ilk if they hadnt taken our guns away. Good luck everyone….we are sure going to need it.

  413. Dog permalink

    Posted on

    “For the people on this list who over-celebrated their graduation from the 8th grade, this certificate was obviously printed recently, not in 1961. Does that mean the info is false? No. If any of you have ever been to your county offices and asked for an official certificate of marriage or birth or other state recorded event, the certificate you get is not a xerox of the original certificate, but rather a laser printed certificate generated from data the county stores. But take heart, fellow 8th grade celebrators! All is not lost. Did you hear the new rumor? Turns out Obama is in a secret gay relationship with the radical Muslim chief record keeper of Honolulu county, thus explaining this obviously false document.

    Posted by: Peter | June 16, 2008 at 10:35 PM”

  414. Steve X permalink

    I’ll pay anyone $1,000.000.00 for Obama’s Birth Record from Kenya and be glad to do so to end his campaign to sit in the Oval Office. I thank you for your efforts and feel we all should be doing everything we can to to obtain this information, I’ll be working on it diligently.

  415. augrim permalink

    I HAVE HEARD THAT DEATHBED STATEMENTS CARRY A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF LEAGAL WEIGHT. What if Obama’s grandmother swears a dying statement that Barrack was born in Hawai’i? She is obviously the only person who could save him if there is no legitimate birth certificate.

  416. Tony54 permalink

    Thanks Snuffy.
    Another normal person with a brain. A non coolaid drinker thinker.

    Sally, the grandmother that witnessed the birth is the paternal grandmother, alive and well.

    Another Democrat For McCain/Palin

  417. Why hasn’t he McCain campaign said anything about this issue? Is there only one party: Republicrats? Or has the GOP been the ones to raise this issue behind the scenes?

    Personally, I felt that Hillary wouldn’t go down this easily. I don’t know, but Phil Berg is a Hillary supporter…

  418. This is Conservatism? permalink

    HI Travis,

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. It’s late here and I am watching my baby son, so only
    a quick set of bulletpoints reply, OK?

    The great thing about liberalism is that it masks its ideology and racism behind the guise of uniformity, fairness, and equality. The truth of this new “progressive” movement is that it is essentially collectivism. The movement seperates people by convincing them that “groups” deserve certain rights.

    >>> I think you know that classical Liberalism which we might trace to the French Revolution —
    Universal Rights of Man and all that sort of thing– was a claim of inalienable rights by a new middle class. However, times being what they were, such rights were unequally provided and defended. It depends on how you want to define these things, but you could say that Athenian democracy in 500 BC was ‘liberalism.’ In any event, modern conservatism really began as a reaction to the excesses of the French revolution. Edmund Burke is probably the best conservative thinker writing on that era.
    To make matters a bit more confusing, the Liberals then were called “Republicans.” I presume you
    know a lot of this, but maybe some other readers don’t.

    The point is… Liberalism is not new, not invented recently. A wide range of political movements that have fought for political freedom through the guaranteeing of legal rights and could then be called “liberal” goes back centuries.

    As such, Liberalism does not mean the State guarantees well-being, but that States are the medium of the rights. That becomes more complex as the power of States begins to fade with globalization.

    Further, it should be clear that the eventual enrollment of more people into the supposedly “universal” rights of democratic society (from slavery to civil rights to suffrage etc.) is not about inventing rights for groups but instead guaranteeing the ability of all persons to act with full individual freedom.

    The MSM does a great job of promoting rights of women, gays, and minorities, as do Universities, legislation, and public policy. By doing this, the movement creates greater racism and divide amongst the people, especially among younger people. This is not conspiracy, it is fact. You seem like you’ve read a book or two, so perhaps you’ve read the works of Marx and Lenin.

    >>>Not sure what Marx has to do with the legal equality of women, gays and “minorities” but you seem to suggest that this equality is somehow bad? That seems like a pretty un-American view

    People can refer to Obama as Marxist, socialist, communist, whatever, but no matter what “ideology,” it is still collectivism. You say that we need to set aside our ideology, but what you really mean is that everyone else needs to set aside theirs. You see, your belief system is your ideology.

    >>> You can’t complain about “minority rights” and then get surprised when we object to the implicit racism of your statement. But… “collectivism”? Do you mean like what Ayn Rand was so
    angry about? Or do you mean collectives of people? Like a country? or a religion? or a family?
    Those are collectives. Humans evolved as social animals. We are hard wired to learn languages (I am amazed to watch my son pick it up so fast). We are social creatures who are also individuals.
    Isn’t that obvious?

    >>>The truth is, the policies that Obama is promoting are collectivism. People refer to Karl Marx (you could throw Lenin in here as well)because he had similar “ideology” as that of Barack. Spread the wealth around, give things for the greater good are all collectivist notions.

    Truth is, for better or worse, there is no a whole heck of a lot of difference between the 2 platforms. Lots of posturing, but mostly the same set of core ideas. You shouldn’t confuse the Wall Street bailout with Obama, though that seems to be pretty common on this board. What do we have then. Mostly a change in tax policy that will revert % and brackets to what they were during most of the Reagan era. Funny isn’t it? The very rich will play more and people like you and me will pay less, but I hardly think we should think of this as a handout. I don’t. Do you? That is hardly Leninism. The rhetoric is out of control.

    >>>>Collectivism recognizes that the good of the group, or the good of the society is more important than the good of the individual. It does not recognize individual rights. Collectivism does not promote freedom, but induces slavery. Why do you think that the founding fathers fought so hard to protect individualism? That is another ideology. It happens to be what this country was founded on. It is the ideology that the rights of the group are never greater than the rights of the people who comprise that group. This is true equality.

    I think this is a false opposition. We are not arguing about the Soviet Union vs. America are we? The fact that the country was founded at all suggests that the collective and the individual were not thought to be at war with each other but in support of each other.

    Now I don’t care what color Barack Obama is. You have used race in many of your arguments. So lets move beyond that one…the race card has been overplayed one too many times.

    >>>OK. I take you at your word. Then why complain about “minority rights”?

    My question to you, oh lost soul, is what “better America” is there besides one that is free? Freedom is our foundation. Prosperity through hard work is our heritage. Love of country is our motto. This is conservatism at its core. This is what the republican party used to represent. To call yourself one is a mockery of MY “ideology.” But I’m not ashamed to admit what I truly believe and what I am. Don’t pass yourself off for something that you are not.

    >>>I’m not passing myself off as anything. what are you talking about? America like any country moves through history and often makes that history. It has, one hopes, always sought to make a better America, and make a better world. That’s why we fought WW2, lead the world on the civil rights movement, invented baseball and the assembly line and Marilyn Monroe and the slinky. I’m serious all kinds of amazing stuff. We are always making things new again. That’s we we’re a great place. Hurray for USA!

    We have to keep doing this. We have invent our way out of the energy problem (drilling to me is like drug addict saying they want one more fix, it may not hurt in the long run, but it just prevents dealing with the real issue) That means science, technology all that stuff. So putting Creationism in schools is actually undermining our future!

    I am proud of the fact that I represent my conservative values in how I live my life. I love my country, and believe the constitution is not a living document, but a set of strict guidelines that we should follow even today. It is that document that guarantees our freedom.

    >>>Good for you, seriously. You can imagine that Leftists can also be living a “Value driven life”
    as well, yes? It’s core to our bleeding heartness. The constitution is a set document yes, but the idea that ANY document can be read and not interpreted is bizarre. The founding fathers, god bless em, had slaves, thought indians were half-animals, snorted lots of cocao, wore wigs and lived with candles. Of course they will interpret the same set of words differently.

    We have to -interpret- the constitution, otherwise it has no value. It says nothing about the internet, or china, or bubble gum…. and so….we have to interpret what those things mean in light of the constitution.

    Just think of all the ways the Bible has been interpreted. That fact that there are so many interpretations doesn’t mean you can’t believe in it.

    If we think the constiution matters we have to put it to work, not keep it under glass like in a museum.

    The fact that you want to build a “better America in a better world…(because) the old America is gone” is admitting that you do not approve of the foundation of this country. You do not approve of the “old America.” You do not believe in individualism, freedom, or in a republican form of government. So instead of twisting arguments and confusing the issues, why don’t you come clean and tell us all what kind of “better” America you have in mind.

    >>>OK. I am not against the Old America, I just realize that in 2008 things are different than they were in 1968 when I was born. We ALWAYS have to invent the New America. That’s what America does. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison. Our strength is vision!.

    I have a long list and I’m sure you do too. Top of my list is sustainability. We need to reindustrialize our cities, our energy sources, even our food supplies in ways that grow and enhance the ecology we share instead of destroying it. A dumb animal is one that destroys its own habitat.

    As a matter of fact, I think private entrepreneurs will have the best shot at this. So long as publically
    funded R&D sees the light of day. (that’s my job by the way)

    >>>>I’m guessing socialism, but I wonder if you REALLY know what that means. Because anyone who promotes collectivism truly doesn’t understand the danger until they get what they want…

    Socialism is a 19th century idea and means squat for a 21st century world. Trying to find socialism in every form of design or governance or public system is misguided. All markets are structured by definition. We need smarter markets, so that they can be more dynamic and accountable to us all.

    Does this make sense to you?

  419. Sherlock permalink listen to this… amazing

  420. It’s over Obama supporters. This is about to hit the mainstream press. When it does, true or not, whites wont vote for him. Good try….see ya in 4 more years.

  421. Steven Grant permalink

    Just more of the “Jerry-Springerization” of America!
    Does anyone know which states are making plans to
    secede from the Union? If so, let me in on it. Please!

  422. Binmycheek permalink

    I had a B scratched in my cheek…..

  423. Binmycheek permalink

    Has B.O. changed anything? Maybe his underwear if we are lucky…..

  424. Binmycheek permalink

    he may change the Birth Certificate…..we’ll see….

  425. nationalobserver permalink

    Obama is a total FRAUD!

    He says his mother was a single mom who even had to get “assistance,” yet he never explains how she could afford to jet all over the world- to places such as Indonesia. Kenya, Seattle, and Hawaii at a time when air travel was VERY EXPENSIVE.

    Likewise, he describes his white grandmother in Hawaii as someone who worked in a factory during WWII, and had to scrimp and save to support him. What he NEVER tells you is that HIS GRANDMOTHER WAS THE VICE-PRESIDENT OF A BANK!

  426. Binmycheek permalink

    Would all of you Savage haters dismissed Paul Revere?

  427. Binmycheek permalink

    Of course, B.O. got “assistance” too for Haaavaaard….very possibly foreign aid…

  428. Binmycheek permalink

    Where is B.O.’s mom?… today

  429. Binmycheek permalink

    Where is B.O.’s mom?

  430. Binmycheek permalink

    Don’t ask me…I’m going to Hawaii…B.O.

  431. Binmycheek permalink

    Who is Mr. Berg?

  432. Dee permalink

    William G Jensen, III,
    Who even told you this is your country? It appears you are not college educated and if you are, you refused to take American History. This country belongs to the Indians. Your great grandparents were settlers here in America. So, stop claiming a country that clearly does not belong to you. ‘cos you are white does not give you the entitlement to America. I am an immigrant, a U.S. citizen, and the contitution that governs both me and you is the same and there is not where in the constitution where racism is tolerated. So, follow that constitution in the way you are supposed to.

  433. lenr permalink

    It is a shame that this nation that I love so much has gotten to the place where it is today. I am a naturalized citizen. I was born in a foreign country and came here at the age of seven years old. What made this country stand out from the rest was that everyone was provided with the same opportunities to achieve success. With a little desire and alot of sacrafice and hard work you got there. I am living proof of that. But before of that there was my duty to my country that gave me the chance at the prosperity I enjoy so I enlisted in the army during the Iran hostage crisis…..My point, being that we have gotten to a point that people no longer have any pride for themselves, their country and others. They want but don’t sacrafice, instead they are of the mindset that someone else will make all of the sacrafices and hard work and then we’ll just elect someone like Barack Obama who will then take what the hard working, honest, and law abiding citizens of this country have worked hard for and spread it around with the lazy, whining people that are not willing to do anything for themselves. All they know is ……GIVE ME!……GIVE ME!……GIVE ME!!!!!

  434. mekannyk permalink

    Dee Says:

    October 24, 2008 at 4:46 am
    Now, nodoby is answering my question. I said what if Obama is actually a muslim, what happens to his constitutional right of freedom of religion?


    The problem with your simplistic arguement is that Senator Obama has repeatedly claimed to have never ever been a Muslim. If he truly is, why is he and his cohorts continually lying about it. It brings to light all the other inconsistencies the good senator keeps proclaiming… “That is not the Reverend Wright that I know,” even tho he sat through sermons for 20 years. Was he asleep in the pews? Also, “I thought Bill Ayers had been reformed and was repentant,” even after numerous RECENT interviews where the terrorist proudly pcoclaims he did not do enough. “I have no affiliation with ACORN,” despite serving as their lawyer in court proceedings (forcing banks to give sup-prime loans to people who should never be given credit,) and giving them $800,000.

    I would not have a problem if Senator Obama is a muslim, but I do have a problem with him repeatedly lying about it, his past nefarious associations, and his radical black liberation theology, which he denies in public but obviously approves of after 20 years in a mock church.

  435. Charlie permalink

    Why is it that the greatest nation in the world , one with so much power and resources fails at the most basic function? It’s as if we are addicted to the black stuff and cannot get beyond the point of putting the right person , LEADER as the commander in Chief? Where have all the qualified people gone? Is Democrat Or Republican the only thing we can use as criteria or qualifications for the highest office in our nation… If you go into a job interview you better have some credentials and job skills or forget about getting a shot at the position. Yet anyone with the brain of a moron can run for the highest office in our country and get heard, as long as he or she is Democrat or Republican. What ever happened to leadership ,qualifications and the big one, ACCOUNTABILITY? WHERE HAVE ALL THE REAL LEADERS GONE AMERICA?

  436. All this is because of public schools. We have dumbed down the population to the point where character doesn’t matter, policies don’t matter, and the only thing that matters is what we can get out of government- no matter the cost.

  437. Milton Russell permalink

    Why can not The President order that he shows his true birth certificate? After all he is the Commander. There must be a way to petition this to halt the election until it is proved.

  438. warriorgal permalink

    Barry changed his name to Barrack? Wow that’s interesting. His grandmother who he “threw under the bus” is still alive? Wow, that’s interesting. Now he is going to Hawaii to visit her on her death bed? Wow, that’s interesting. Or could it be he must answer to the allegations on his birth certificate. Doesn’t Barrack have a brother who makes a DOLLAR a month, while he lives in a 1.6 million home REZKO gave him? Wow, that’s interesting. Wasn’t REZKO’s sentencing postponed? Wow, that’s interesting. Could it be REZKO is praying Barry, I mean Barrack becomes president and gets a pardon. Wow, that’s interesting. I read the Boston Globe article where Saul Alinsky’s son stated, “Obama is an excellent student.” Wow, that’s interesting. Obama was a better student than Hillary Clinton when it came to “RULES FOR RADICALS”. Hillary is probably so angry she didn’t study Saul Alinsky harder. Then there is the while ACORN fraud. Can’t democrats win without stealing? Wow, I guess not. Truth is, this election is NOT about PARTY it’s about LIFE vs. death. Who do you think will win? The only Americans who should be voting for Barry, oops I mean Barrack are those on welfare for they will farewell. All you MIDDLE CLASS get ready to become the ASS who will carry the LOAD for the dead beats. Say hello to SOCIALISM and goodbye Capitalism. The democrat party is like a ship with no ruter. They have lost their way and needs to be dismantled. Let us see who is greater. CHOOSE LIFE that your kids and grand kids might live.

  439. dan permalink

    the way i see it,is some peoples hatred of anything decent is clouding their judgement and ultimately their choices in life. obama hasn`t proved he is an american born citizen,enough said!. the only qualification i can see is that his mother was an american citizen,but that alone dosen`t make him a citizen. lets say he isn`t a muslim,but lets take a look at his attendence in a church of white hatred for twenty years where he was married and called the rev his mentor. i know the only reason people would vote for this piece of work is,they want more handouts and hate white society more than they love freedom. i say to these people, go get a job or a better job and support your extended family like any hard working christian is supposed to do,and lastly,get over it and grow a set and seek out the way to make your family self sufficiant. there`s also a chance that the people saying they`ll vote for him and that he`s a citizen,could be trolls trying to push our buttons. either way it smacks of treason,because of your spreading false information about a more than likely illegal campaign of a muslim or at least a radical sociopathic hater.

  440. Lily from So FL permalink

    Really? are you people ignorant! Obama has traveled outside the US…how do you think he got a passport!
    Accept it! You crazy people are going to lose! We need change…you guys are too crazy!!

  441. Binmycheek permalink

    Lily…he may have used a Indonesia Passport to travel to Pakistan in 1981…when us citizens where not allowed…..

  442. Why do you never see any current pictures of nobamas white grandmother, or see her out supporting her grandson that she raised? Because she knows that nobama is a racist black supremist, as is his wife and his church, (and many of his supporters, like oprah, for that matter – why do you morons idolize her!) – you “O” worshipers are just too blinded by the media to see it. God help us if he is elected.
    Go McCain/Palin!!!

  443. Phoenix113 permalink

    Dear Mobius Trip:

    YOU have it SO RIGHT — Obama IS the Messiah — of PLAGIARISM !!
    Since the first time I saw him it was glaringly obvious. He even plagiarizes BOB THE BUILDER– the toddlers’ cartoon characters “Yes we can! Yes we can!” And what better Veep could he have than Biden who (it seems society has amnesia) was in trouble for plagiarism a number of years ago.
    Pardon my inferior pseudonym.

    P.S. LILY from So FL — I’m afraid you are terribly naiive.

  444. Phoenix113 permalink

    Travis Jackson:

    When you were referring to the “great thing about liberals” you forgot the biggest guise of all……”OPEN MINDEDNESS.”

  445. Wayne permalink

    Thief, impostor, fake, forger, liar, treasoner, bring B. Hussein O. to justice!

  446. Ric permalink


  447. The documents have been posted on the web since June. Got Google?

  448. Wayne permalink

    Open minded? Wow … how about open your eyes America!
    – we permitted our elected officials to rob us
    – they permitted Wall Street to run wild
    – they have Wall Street stuff their pockets (government officials)
    – then they blame Wall Street – (we are too dumb to see this) open your eyes
    – then they balme McCain and Bush ……. oh, yea these two guys did this to our counrty …. wrong, (we) you & I did this. We have become fat, McDonald’s didn’t get us fat, we ate the food. No one held us down and force fed us. Just like our government officals, we sent them to Washington to help us, not to help themselves with what was once ours.
    Wake up America, you (we) have had it too good, so we just let our elected officails and Wall Street steal and steal. Now it’s gone, all gone!

    We have to go get it back and back soon!

    Wake up & open your eyes, Mr. Open mindedness!

  449. Dan permalink

    For all of you who think that if Mr. Obama was born outside the U.S. means he has to be a naturalized citizen. I would say go and read the statues which are online that cover this issue. It does states that if the parent(s) are a U.S. citizen then that child would also be a U.S. Citizen and (should be registered) at the nearest U.S. Consulate. Also stated are the rules governing the citizenship, also duel citizenship. In short he is a U.S. Citizen. This should not shock anyone if they would get off their ass and do the research themselves! Do I like or trust Mr. Obama (NO WAY) I however I have learned in the past 55 years to research and find the truth out for myself and not to trust anyone to do that me. For you that don’t do that I really wish you would not vote. We have enough fools running around in D.C. and don’t need to add anymore.

  450. I think he is an illegal alien, since he was a citizen of Indonesia prior to coming to the states.

  451. Wayne permalink

    Wow, I can’t wait! I do not know about you, but I simply can’t wait to find out what the generated international crisis directed at America will be. Isn’t this exciting. Mark Joe Biden’s words, Hussein Obama will be tested. but not to worry because B. Hussein O. has a spine of ‘steel’. … but wait a minute, a great volume of heat melts steel and belive me, the “Kitchen” is going to get HOT!
    Maybe OPEC will cut off our oil! Exciting!
    – no gasoline to get back and forth to work
    – long gas lines if you can find them
    – price per gallon $7.759 , wow, simply exciting!
    – no business and goods or services as their employees cannot get to work
    Exciting.. maybe the unpopuar decision that O’Biden and Hussein will make will be, “okay, let OPEC do this to us, we amercans’can wait it out until we can figure out where to drill and where to refine our own oil: Americans are tough, but most of all we are a peacing loving nation. Wow just how exciting can it be…..?

    Or wait a minute, maybe it’s a dirty bomb! THINK AMERICA THINK !

  452. Dan permalink

    He can only give up his U.S. citizenship after he has reached the age to do it by choice. A child does not have that choice. In the sixties you would have had to be 21. Which was the age you were for being able to make those choices. By that fact his mother would have had to give up her citizenship since he was a child at that point in time. I don’t know if she did or did not. So where we get this from I don’t know and can not say. The U.S. laws covering this are online read them.

  453. dan permalink

    lily i believe you`re either misinfomed,uninformed,or a troll. in either case yor statements are half baked and not based on any facts. you really need to get out more often and talk to hard working, tax paying, educated people and quit talking to the intellectually inferiors you`ve been getting your false information from. by the way, what career field are you persuing besides working hard at depicting your self as a victim?. the only ones that would be victimized are the tax payers,not the goverment dependants,whom blame their lot in life on forces beyond their control.

  454. dan permalink

    joe citizen, when the economy was good under clintons rule,the congress majority was republican with al {global warming} gore as the president of the senate. now the majority in congress are liberals. wake up joe citizen,you`ve got it backwards. this crisis is being caused by liberal policies,not conservative policies. the housing crisis was caused by ACORN,forcing banks to lend money to people with a bad credit history that didn`t deserve a credit card let alone a loan for a home.

  455. Joe Citizen permalink

    “this crisis is being caused by liberal policies,not conservative policies.”
    LMAO so what have the CON’s been doing all these years, Dan? I still can’t believe that there are people as dense as you and you have my pitty
    Here is what a real liberal looks like.

  456. John Cleese permalink

    To: The citizens of the United States of America:

    In light of your failure to nominate competent candidates for President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately.

    Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths, and territories (except Kansas which she does not fancy).

    Our new prime minister, Gordon Brown, will appoint a governor for America without the need for further elections.

    Congress and the Senate will be disbanded.

    A questionnaire may be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed.

    To aid in the transition to a British Crown Dependency, the following rules are introduced with immediate effect:

    You should look up “revocation” in the Oxford English Dictionary.

    1. Then look up aluminium, and check the pronunciation guide. You will be amazed at just how wrongly you have been pronouncing it.

    2. The letter ‘U’ will be reinstated in words such as ‘favour’ and ‘neighbour.’ Likewise, you will learn to spell ‘doughnut’ without skipping half the letters, and the suffix -ize will be replaced by the suffix -ise.

    Generally, you will be expected to raise your vocabulary to acceptable levels. (look up ‘vocabulary’).

    3. Using the same twenty-seven words interspersed with filler noises such as “like” and “you know” is an unacceptable and inefficient form of communication.

    There is no such thing as US English. We will let Microsoft know on your behalf. The Microsoft spell- checker will be adjusted to take account of the reinstated letter ‘u’ and the elimination of -ize. You will relearn your original national anthem, God Save The Queen.

    4. July 4th will no longer be celebrated as a holiday.

    5. You will learn to resolve personal issues without using guns, lawyers, or therapists. The fact that you need so many lawyers and therapists shows that you’re not adult enough to be independent.

    Guns should only be handled by adults. If you’re not adult enough to sort things out without suing someone or speaking to a therapist then you’re not grown up enough to handle a gun.

    6. Therefore, you will no longer be allowed to own or carry anything more dangerous than a vegetable peeler. A permit will be required if you wish to carry a vegetable peeler in public.

    7. All American cars are hereby banned. They are crap and this is for your own good. When we show you German cars, you will understand what we mean.

    Holden Monaros are also approved.

    8. All intersections will be replaced with roundabouts, and you will start driving on the left with immediate effect. At the same time, you will go metric with immediate effect and without the benefit of conversion tables.

    Both roundabouts and metrication will help you understand the British sense of humour.

    9. The Former USA will adopt UK prices on petrol (which you have been calling gasoline)-roughly $6/US gallon. Get used to it.

    10. You will learn to make real chips. Those things you call French fries are not real chips, and those things you insist on calling potato chips are properly called crisps. Real chips are thick cut, fried in animal fat, and dressed not with catsup but with vinegar.

    11. The cold tasteless stuff you insist on calling beer is not actually beer at all. Henceforth, only proper British Bitter will be referred to as beer, and European brews of known and accepted provenance will be referred to as Lager.

    South African beer is also acceptable as they are pound for pound the greatest sporting Nation on earth and it can only be due to the beer.
    They are also part of British Commonwealth – see what it did for them.

    American brands will be referred to as Near-Frozen Gnat’s Urine, so that all can be sold without risk of further confusion.

    12. Hollywood will be required occasionally to cast English actors as good guys. Hollywood will also be required to cast English actors to play English characters. Watching Andie Macdowell attempt English dialogue in Four Weddings and a Funeral was an experience akin to having one’s ears removed with a cheese grater.

    13. You will cease playing American football. There is only one kind of proper football; you call it soccer. Those of you brave enough will, in time, be allowed to play rugby (which has some similarities to American football, but does not involve stopping for a rest every twenty seconds or wearing full kevlar body armour like a bunch of nancies). Don’t try Rugby – the South Africans and Kiwis will thrash you, like they regularly thrash us.

    14. Further, you will stop playing baseball. It is not reasonable to host an event called the World Series for a game which is not played outside of America. Since only 2.1% of you are aware that there is a world beyond your borders, your error is understandable. You will learn cricket, and we will let you face the Souh Africans first to take the sting out of their deliveries.

    15. You must tell us who killed JFK. It’s been driving us mad.

    16. An internal revenue agent (i.e. tax collector) from Her Majesty’s Government will be with you shortly to ensure the acquisition of all monies due (backdated to 1776).

    17. Daily Tea Time begins promptly at 4 pm with proper cups, never mugs, with high quality biscuits (cookies) and cakes; strawberries in season.

    God save the Queen.

    Only He can.

    John Cleese

  457. Joe Citizen permalink

    “the housing crisis was caused by ACORN,forcing banks to lend money to people with a bad credit history that didn`t deserve a credit card let alone a loan for a home.”
    Dan, your a typical low info CON, there are millions of upper middle class people that bought homes over their head or tried to become landlords because it looked like easy money.
    Please tell me, if the poor and liberals caused this problem why did Bear Stearns collapse, how many bad loans to evil poor people did they make?

  458. Wayne permalink

    Especially for Joe “Citizen”


    Wow, I can’t wait! I do not know about you, but I simply can’t wait to find out what the generated international crisis directed at America will be. Isn’t this exciting. Mark Joe Biden’s words, Hussein Obama will be tested. but not to worry because B. Hussein O. has a spine of ’steel’. … but wait a minute, a great volume of heat melts steel and belive me, the “Kitchen” is going to get HOT!
    Maybe OPEC will cut off our oil! Exciting!
    – no gasoline to get back and forth to work
    – long gas lines if you can find them
    – price per gallon $7.759 , wow, simply exciting!
    – no business and goods or services as their employees cannot get to work
    Exciting.. maybe the unpopuar decision that O’Biden and Hussein will make will be, “okay, let OPEC do this to us, we amercans’can wait it out until we can figure out where to drill and where to refine our own oil: Americans are tough, but most of all we are a peacing loving nation. Wow just how exciting can it be…..?

    Or wait a minute, maybe it’s a dirty bomb! THINK AMERICA THINK !

  459. This is Conservatism? permalink

    John Cleese–

    And since you have Gordon Brown, France will annex you!


    nice post

  460. Rachel permalink

    Wow, people. I periodically listen to Michael Savage because I find him to be so ridiculous that he is funny and when I decided to research who this guy was, I ran across this blog. I wonder how many of you independently check out the “facts” that Michael Savage claims or do you just allow yourself to be spoonfed views, kinda like “sheep” or “cattle”. There are many reputable fact checking organizations on the internet that dispute this birth certificate issue. Not just one, I found four without much effort. So, let’s look at what would have to happen for this birth certificate scandal to be true – it would have to involve any one who happened to work at the Hawaii bureau that controls the issuance of birth certificates, the DNC’s committee who verified Obama’s eligibility to run for President, every fact checking organization not to mention that all this would have had to be started decades ago because of the sequence of numbers on the certificate. If all this was true, and a false birth certificate was placed in the records, how would this “sleeper” organization KNOW that Obama’s speech would have such an impact at the Democratic Party Convention? It must mean that in addition to the deceit involving placing a false birth certificate in the records, all the Americans that were impressed by Senator Obama must be asleep at the wheel. Pretty impressive. Another way to look at it is that Michael Savage indulges in grandiose and persecution delusions and he finds “guests” who also engage in this type of insane behavior. To justify my position that he engages in grandiose ideation I could point to the face that he is the ONLY one who has all the answers. Wow, pretty impressive. To support my theory that he suffers from persecution delusions, I could point to the fact that “they were out to silence him” when they fired him from MSNBC in 2003 (although it was published in the San Francisco Chronicle that he apologized for the comments leading to his firing) or that he has lost so many sponsors (again, EVERYONE wants to silence Michael Savage). I don’t know if he indulges in grandiose and persecution delusions. I don’t know the guy and if I wanted to take the time (if it was important enough to me) to research I probably would form my own opinion of his motives. I honestly don’t know if he is serious about all these views he claims or if this is a “show” he puts on to earn a living. But I do know one thing, if you take what anyone says as the truth, whether it be Obama, McCain, Pelosi or Michael Savage, without checking it thoroughly for yourself, you are just a “sheep”

  461. howler permalink

    Even if he WERE a muslim, it would be his constitutional right to practice Islam and run for presidency. The actions of fundamentalist muslims DO NOT define islam. To say that a muslim is a terrorist is like saying a christian is a Nazi or KKK member. It is absolutely absurd and ignorant to say that a) Obama is muslim just because of his name b) muslims are terrorists.

    America is a nation of immigrants fearful of foreigners.

  462. howler permalink

    p.s. just out of curiosity, do you people a) read. classic literature? history books? newpapers? and b) do any of you travel??? how many continents on the globe have you seen? get out there! see the world! its a beautiful place. there are people of many many different races, religions, cultures- and they are all beautiful and make the earth more interesting.

    there is more to this earth than fast food chains and farms. i promise you.

  463. Rachel permalink

    I agree totally Howler!!!!!

  464. Questions permalink

    Why, pray tell, is this very important issue not being discussed on the air waves, except by Savage? Thank you Michael for giving this a voice.

    At the very least I would expect FOX to have picked this up. If true, will that leave us with a Pres. Biden? If true, doesn’t America have the right to know before election day whether they are throwing their vote away? What will happen to the votes for Obama that have been cast early? Or will this be covered up and will we possibly allow a man to take office who has failed to live up to the law of the US?

    With everything bad going on in the US these days, wouldn’t electing a man not able to serve be a HUGE black eye to our country? How stupid will we look? Not to mention the enormous costs incurred by both parties and the Govt. in holding a national election? Doesn’t it make good $$$ to determine if this man is a US citizen?

    I am horrified at how hard it is to get information on this man who would be leader.

  465. Rachel permalink

    Question –

    It HAS been looked into. You can do the same. Look on the internet for places to verify that his birth certificate HAS been verified. UGH!!!! People, people, people – look for your OWN truth!

  466. “The actions of fundamentalist muslims DO NOT define islam.”

    Oh no? You haven’t read the Quran, have you?

    “To say that a muslim is a terrorist is like saying a christian is a Nazi or KKK member.”

    Except that the Quran commands Muslims to fight and kill non-Muslims. The Bible does no such thing. Also, the average Christian condemns Nazis and the Klan. Have you heard Muslims condemning global terror? You should not have because they remain silent.

    (By the way, Nazis hated Christians, you ignorant fool.)

  467. Well said Rachel. I’m guessing the Emergency Motion is because the Judge tossed the 1st one for having no basis? Just curious I have no idea other than this is one funny witch hunt.

    Oh hey can we talk about our economy tanking like never before and the deep recession we are currently in?

    How about the housing crisis and the record number of people losing their homes while taxpayers bail out the wealthiest people in America?
    Can we talk about that?

  468. Idiots two permalink


    I’ve read the Koran. Have you? I’ve read the bible too. It says, often, that Jews should kill lots of different people. Your bible is not particularly peaceful either.

    It also says not to bear false witness against they neighbor. So does the Koran, btw. Muslims are as obligated to follow the 10 commandments as Jews and Christians. Did you know that? Or would you rather just use the commandments as a multiple choice test? Because saying that Obama is a Muslim is bearing false witness, as if claiming he’s not a U.S. citizen. He goes to a Christian church. And nowhere in the Koran does it say tht he’s a muslim for life because his father was. If it does, point out book and verse. I dare you.

    Here are the facts on U.S citizen ship from this website:

    Child born abroad to one U.S. Citizen parent and one non-U.S. Citizen…
    … between December 24, 1952 and November 13, 1986. A child born outside of the United States to one U.S. Citizen parent and one non-U.S. Citizen parent, may be entitled to citizenship providing the U.S. Citizen parent had, prior to the birth of the child, been physically present in the United States for a period of ten years, at least five years of which were after s/he reached the age of fourteen.

    Obama’s mother had him at 19. She had never left the US. She met Obama’s father while they were in college in Hawaii. They married in February of 1961. He was born in August of ’61.

    This is stupid and frivilous and a waste of your time. But if you want to, go ahead, continue wasting your time on things like this instead of giving the American people real reasons why they shouldn’t vote for Obama. It’s your loss.

  469. tsfiles,

    nicely done, and yet I bet the flies will be back in a moment or two. Must be the smell of sheep that keeps them around. Baahh….

  470. nyc conservative permalink

    Obama says himself in the “Audacity of Hope” that if the winds were to shift in an ugly direction, he would side with the muslims. Even if he does now consider himself a Christian, no true Christian would support infanticide. The only thing that is true is that Obama is a liar.

    As for his birth certificate, if he has nothing to hide, let him produce the original. The one on his website is missing the seal. Also, back in 1961, “race” would have been listed as “negro”, not the current politically correct term “african”. The man is a liar. He is not an American, and he wants to hide it to bring chaos to this country to fulfill the goal of his terrorist friends.

  471. He never, ever said he supported infanticide! My God the lies that have been spread are almost as amazing as the people that believe them.

    As far as the other goes I’m not going to post the link again.

  472. nyc conservative permalink is linked to Obama and it does not match either.

    He did actually pass the bill in Illinois for “live births” not to receive medial attention. This is one of the few bills in which he did not vote “present”. This is public record.

    Maybe you should stop believing lies the MSM spoon feeds to an unsuspecting public and do your homework to see what is really true.

  473. No spin doctor, he voted for a bill that if not passed would have created a crack for pro-lifers to challenge an already on the books law to the Supreme Court, in an attempt to make abortion illegal. So get the entire story before you make up your mind. I don’t care if people have a difference in opinion than I do, but it drives me crazy when people look at one half of a story and call it fact. Look up the bill read it then comment back.

    I love Republican’s they are the first to protect the unborn, and the first to abandon them once they are born. Don’t pass responsible gun laws so I can send the kids to war to die, and Hang em high. Cracks me up every time.

  474. please understand, if one is not born IN the UNITED STATES PROPER they are NOT eleigible to become President, check the constitution. Another issue that is INCLUDED in the suit by BERG is the fact that Obama used a foreign passport after the age of 18. Thereby giving up his citizenship, this accusation backed up by the fact that some countries he traveled to at age 20 were “no travel” states”, he could NOT under ANY circumstance have entered there on a US passport.

    This by definition would make him have two countries that he has alegance to. That is also NOT allowed under the office of President.

    Either way he is NOT eligible. This means HE and the Democratic Party have committed fraud upon the poeple of the United States of America and attempted with the help of Dianne Feinstein, the person in the Senate responsible to assure eligibilty, to enter into a conspiracy against the people of the United States and the Constitution thereof.

    The repurcussions will be enormous.

  475. drinkthekoolaid permalink

    All you Obama Worshippers who put so much faith in need to take a good hard look at the website. The top and bottom of the site specifically states that the website belongs to “Annenberg”….Annenberg, as in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Obama headed up the board of this foundation and Bill Ayers headed up the other key operating body. Which makes this fact check site about as reliable as the two bogus birth certificates posted on Obama’s affiliate sites (one which was removed quite some time ago and a completely different one that is still on the site). Wake up and smell the coffee sheeple…or better yet…have another cup of KoolAid.

  476. drinkthekoolaid permalink

    Idiots two Says is incorrect. Obama’s mother was 18 when she gave birth to the Messiah…and she did leave the country to visit Obama’s father in Kenya just before she gave birth to the Chosen One.

  477. savage fan permalink

    Has there been any updates on this?

    How is the entire media not reporting on this?

  478. Katy permalink


    Resorting to name calling now, are we?
    How mature.

  479. “How is the entire media not reporting on this?”

    Well, the media is focused on ‘where did Sarah Palin get the clothes she’s wearing on the campaign trail.”

    You understand we have A BIG PROBLEM here and too many people are walking around like they’re drugged or something!

  480. Katy permalink


    Just because Sarah Palin is a women, people must criticize everything she does/says/wears like a damn movie star.
    Just because Obama is black means that people can’t say anything bad about him because then they will be called a racist.

    This country is turning into a sad, sad place.

  481. savage fan permalink

    Well yes I can see the media trying to suppress this, but from reading a few articles where people are saying that even calling into the RNC and MCCain campagin is not yielding any interest???


  482. Katy permalink

    savage fan-

    Yes they should be investigating this as well, but if they are somehow wrong then there is no way that McCain would win because he would forever be labeled as a racist. No one would want to vote for him if he was so “ignorant”.

    Stupid hippies.

  483. tigerscaddy permalink

    Obama has a record of birth. Not equal to a Birth Certificate. Where is the Birth Certificate? Simple question. Must be a US born citizen to run for president. Produce a real BIRTH Certificate!

  484. maybemovingsoon permalink

    To: John Cleese

    Thanks for the laugh, and I’m doing my part…
    As of today I quit brushing my teeth, so I will fit in even better. I may however need time to adjust to driving on your “correct side” of the road, please forgive me if I run a few of you wankers off the road during my transitional period. Thank you for your understanding.

  485. verbum permalink

    OBAMA is Kenyan.

  486. Unbelievable….really. If anybody really thinks that the FBI, CIA and NSA have not already vetted him completely, then I’ve got about $150,000 of expensive woman’s clothing to sell you.

  487. savage fan permalink


    Ok, BUT why does he not release his birth certificate to kill all these rumours and cases against him???

    It just doesnt make sense. Something wrong there.

    Also this trip to see his grandma and suspend the election is awfully suspicious. I believe Obama is a selfish egomaniac who has already thrown his grandma under the bus and wouldnt give a rats ass about her.

    He is such an arrogant ass that I believe NOTHING would have caused him to suspend his campagin UNLESS it was information that threatened the life of the campagn.

    My 2 cents.

  488. Rachel permalink

    Well, I investigated the investigator, Mr. Berg. Here is a quote from an article on, a Pa. website for lawyers, about your esteemed Mr. Berg in which you are all putting your trust. For the whole article, please go to this website.

    “Finding that a Pennsylvania lawyer had committed a “laundry list of unethical actions,” a federal judge has imposed more than $10,000 in sanctions and ordered the lawyer to complete six hours of ethics training.

    U.S. District Judge J. Curtis Joyner’s 10-page opinion in Holsworth v. Berg is packed with criticism of the conduct of attorney Philip Berg of Lafayette Hill, Pa.

    “Other attorneys should look to Mr. Berg’s actions as a blueprint for what not to do when attempting to effectively and honorably perform the duties of the legal profession,” Joyner wrote.

    “This court has grown weary of Mr. Berg’s continuous and brazen disrespect toward this court and his own clients. Mr. Berg’s actions … are an enormous waste of judicial time and resources that this court cannot, in good conscience, allow to go unpunished,” Joyner wrote.

    In the suit, Berg is accused of legal malpractice by former clients who claim his failure to respond to an ERISA claim against them led to a default judgment.”

    ANYONE can make up “facts”. If Michael Savage is so all-knowing and is so willing to smear anyone’s name, why did he not give all you avid listeners this information about his guest? Guess it didn’t fit HIS agenda.

  489. MIKEY permalink

    I don’t mind voting for a black man to be the President of the United States Of America , because I don’t judge a man by the color of his skin. But not on these bases.
    Obama is just a puppet for the elite in the media and around the world (the ones behind the scenes that are the elite socialist; they aren’t true democrates nor republicans they are extreme liberals that are trying to take us over). They want you to vote the way they see fit….a blind man can see that!!
    Obama will just make it easier for them to plant the seed of socialism in this country we call home.
    If obama becomes president he will do his four year term and than leave office and sail away on his big yacht, but by that time it will be to late, because the seed of socialism grows and spreads fast.
    As a true AMERICAN, white or black, we know who we have to vote for to stop that from happening. It’s the only choice we have and it’s our DUTY to our country and everything we stand for!!!
    By the way I went to the voting booth to vote early…. and guess what? Something was wrong with the ballot, it had no slot to vote yes or no to let the media keep brainwashing us to vote the way they want us to…can you believe that?

  490. Rachel permalink


    Socialism: An economic system in which the basic means of production are primarily owned and controlled collectively, usually by government under some system of central planning.

    Elite: A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status.

    If you want to really see elite socialism at its best, look at how the Federal Reserve (a bank owned by a small elite group of bankers – not the Federal government) has manipulated the economy to what we have now with the government “loaning” money to financial institutions, taking over the largest insurance company, printing money as fast as it can to devalue the dollar to bring in the Amero – a money, like the Euro, for Mexico, USA and Canada. Now, with the short term that Obama has been in Federal system of legislature, how did he do all that? If you are going to call someone a name, have some facts to support it. I could call you an ignorant uninformed idiot but I don’t have the facts to support it, or do I?

  491. Rachel permalink

    Sorry, got the name wrong. I was addressing Mikey. Oops, my bad.

  492. MIKEY permalink


    I don’t believe I called anybody any name or names, now did I? And I didn’t blame obama for those economical issues, neither.
    You obviously are missing the big picture!!

  493. Jonah permalink

    I am a 57 year old African-American/Black male, Licensed/Ordained Baptist
    Gospel (Jesus Christ) Minister and Business Owner. As a Black, I understand what racism is against Blacks in this (our) Country. And, I am sure that their are some who make racial radical statements about Obama because of the color of his skin, but, John McCain faced such racial attacks by those who backed Bush during their race for The Republican Nomination, because he had adopted a dark skin daughter from India. When Obama got into this race to be President, he should have known that he was going to be bombarded strictly for the color of skin. Yet, I strongly oppose Obama, and I am the same color of skin that he is. So, News Media attack me, if you can. Obama is a LIAR; he lied about his community work in the Chicago Black Housing district; he lied about his relationship with this Ayers (Amercian Terrorist) man; he lied about how he was never in the congregation at Trinity Church during his pastor, Reverend Wright’s radical sermons; he lied when he denounced his relationship with Louis Farrahkan; he lied when he said that he would never wear The United States of America Flag pin; he lied when he said that he was a Christian; he lied when he said that he is greatly concerned about the welfare of The American People. Tenants of the Chicago Housing district have come out and spoken about how Obama did nothing to make their living conditions any better. Obama began his campaign for The Presidency in the home of Ayers. Obama said in his book that he mimicked Rev. Wright’s sermons. Obama said prior to denounces Louis Farrahkan, that Farrahkan was one of his three greatest MORAL INSPIRERS; a man who have personal ties to Moammer Gadhfi of Lybia, who have vocally proclaimed that he is one of Americans greatest enemies. He did not wear our Flag pin until a veteran asked him to and when the decision about who would be the Democratic Nominee between Hillary Clinton and himself; but, during this dramatic moment, he began wearing The Pin like it was a birthmark. This is in relation to why he would not salute our National Anthem with his hand over his heart. At a New York campaign fundraiser, Iran President Admendenaji (?) was given a Feted celebration during the occasion. There have been monies funneled into his campaign coffer through laundering under fictitious American citizen’s names by top Muslim nations, such as Lybia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, The Republic of Iran, North Korea, India, etc.. When Obama was campaigning in New Mexico, he was asked “WHAT KEEPS HIM GROUNDED THROUGH THIS GRUELING CAMPAIGN PRESSURES”. Obama reached into his pocket and brought out a cupped hand of metal trinkets and said “I REACH INTO MY POCKETS AND RUB MY FINGERS ACROSS THESE AND I FIND MYSELF GROUNDED, AGAIN”. I’m sure that those metal trinkets represented various countries that are very interested in his moving into The Oval Office; one of those being the golden monkey god of India. God said as the first Commandment of The Ten Commandment, which says thou shall not have no graven images before me. The woman who brought him out on World Stage and said “I know that you can trust this man”, was Oprah Winfrey. This same woman said “Jesus is not the only way to God”, and made the claim that she is or going to be a member of a New World Religion called ISH MA EL, which is the name of Abraham’s son of transgressive sin that he committed against God, who PROMISED him the son of Promise that was to be born unto by Sarah, his wife. Well, I know that this is much information that I have given you concerning this TROJAN HORSE (Wolf in sheep’s clothing), but, I have more of things about this man that the Democratic Party have blundered in making him their choice. I have sent several emails to BET (Black Entertainment Television) of these same sentiments, and they now block receiving any future emails from me…

  494. I am amazed at the hate filled frenzy you have all worked yourself up into. Not a single statement in this entire Blog has any factual basis… not one. I am reading about fear, and hate, and proving this to us and denying that; but not a single shred of evidence to support any of the claims.

    No courts are questioning his citizenship or even the RNC, which would be a first line of defense if it had any validity alone. I’ve read that he is a radical white hating Christian, and a Muslim? Can you be both? Please pick one so that you can stand united and fight for one. To accuse him of both is just to admit naivety.

    It pains me to see how the right wins elections and how American’s never seem to learn from the past. When Bush ran against McCain in 2000, Carl Rove devised a plan to accuse McCain of having a black love child from a torrid affair while married to Cindy. I have no doubt that the same people who are Blogging here bought all of that last time. Really are we unable to see past all the make believe voodoo, witchcraft?

    Obama is a man, nothing more nothing less. He is running for President. His ideas are not the same a the Republican Parties. Our country is on the edge of financial collapse and you are screaming that he may not believe in Jesus? I feel like I have fallen asleep and woke up in a different galaxy.

    I think everyone in here needs to step back and ask themselves if their own personal behavior is Christian? I dare so No.

  495. MIKEY permalink

    My two year old child was watching cartoons on Nick the other day and guess who came on….. you guessed it, obama with a campaign ad targeting our children, now tell me what country’s do that? I think we all know the answer to that question.
    The main-stream media not only tries to brainwash us, the supposably too intelligent well educated Americans, but they want to start young and do it to our children too. This is just another seed of marxin socialism/communism. And who share’s these type’s of views? All the people that have come to life and shown their true colors…. Ayer’s, rev. wright, etc….And who have seeked out these type of minds and associated themselves with, you guessed it….obama.
    This presidential election dosen’t have to do with the color of a man’s skin, like the main-stream media want’s you to believe, but with a man’s values and views.
    So please America don’t be in denial and cut off your nose dispite your face!!! The future of our children and their children lie in our hand’s at this very moment in time.

  496. Rachel permalink


    I quote you:

    “Obama is just a puppet for the elite in the media and around the world (the ones behind the scenes that are the elite socialist; they aren’t true democrates nor republicans they are extreme liberals that are trying to take us over)”.

    Kinda think calling Obama “a puppet for the elite” was calling him a name. My point was that the Federal Reserve has created this economic crisis by mistakes it has made, intentional or unintentional has yet to be determined. Greenspan admitted that this week. THIS ACTION the government is now taking, which admittedly was necessary to some extent, is what will lead us to socialism. McCain also supported the bail-out as well as Obama. McCain and Palin are both wrong when they say that “spreading the weath” is socialism. If you want to be more exact, that is more communism where everyone has equal access to everthing but is that what Obama is saying? No, he is saying, those who are wealthy should pay a higher amount of taxes, and why not? Let’s just take some round figures to see how this works out. Guy #1 makes $1,000,000/yr. He pays 10% tax which is $100,000. That still leaves him $900,000/yr. I don’t know about you but I could live on that. Now, let’s take Guy #2. He makes $10,000/yr. He pays 10% which is $1,000, leaving him $9,000/yr. That could make the difference in whether he could put food on the table, or maybe further his education, trade school, or something that could move him up the economic scale. Wealth begats wealth. The more you have, the more you can earn because opportunities open up to you like education, investing, etc. Guy # 1, after taxes, will still be able to invest, further education, etc. If Guy #2 is able to move up the economic scale, he will also pay more taxes. So eventually, both Guys will be paying more taxes and investing in the country. That is how the wealth will be spread, not by taking it from Guy #1 and giving it to Guy # 2. That’s not socialism or communism. It is just plain smart.

  497. MIKEY permalink


    Money can’t buy the truth, because the truth was already there!

    It can only buy a lie that was never there!!!

  498. Rachel permalink


    An island of reason in a sea of insanity. Thank you.


    Instead of throwing labels around, tell me what you like and don’t like about McCain and Obama’s plans. Be specific. It is easy to throw labels around just like Rev. Wright did. Your rantings are in the same light as his except your view is from the other side. I am willing to listen. Convince me. Just a little history of my political views, in the beginning of the primaries, I was leaning toward McCain if Hillary got the nomination.

    You keep talking about “the mainstream media”. Like who? I can list many from the far right – Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Hannity, O’Reilly, Fox News. All of these people have large followings. I can’t think of anyone, except Bill Maher, who has the followings these people do from the other side.

    As far as talking about the mainstream media wanting us to believe the issue is the color of Obama’s skin, racism does still exist in this country. It is not as it used to be, but it still exists. It is not the only reason people will not vote for Obama, but for some, it is enough. For this reason, it should be talked about in the media, the same as McCain’s age, Biden’s personal history, Palin’s inexperience. I don’t hear it anymore than I do other issues. Where have you heard it?

  499. MIKEY permalink

    Right now it’s a free country and you can think what you want, but if you can’t and don’t see the big picture your just another little sheep.

  500. Rachel permalink

    If my entries have given you any indication I am a sheep, then BAAAAAH

  501. drinkthekoolaid permalink

    I read a news article about Obama’s last Miami rally that contained quotes from some of those who attended that sent chills up my spine. Here are a few quotes:

    ”I was active in the later part of the civil rights movement,” said Lynette Astwood, 61, who was wearing a ”Women for Obama/Biden” button. “To be able to see this in my lifetime is wonderful.” Marta Matos, a Miami homemaker, attended the rally with her husband and young daughter. Matos, 33, already took advantage of early voting and cast her vote for Obama. ”When we’re old, we want to be able to say we were here,” she said.

    Most of the people interviewed regardless of ethnicity said they were voting for Obama because they wanted to be part of history. Imagine that…voting for someone for President just because they want to tell their friends and children that they were a part of history. I could not help but wonder if the parents at Jonestown uttered these same words to their children as they handed them cups of kool-aid.

  502. MIKEY permalink

    ” Another issue ” REVISED

    White or black, black or white, any man that shows up to vote on passing a bill that allows executing defenseless babies (that’s a holocaust of it’s own)….. That man dosen’t have my vote….. PERIOD!!!

    Tell me one thing this man they call Obama has voted on to make America a better place as a whole………anybody???

  503. Mikey, you are misrepresenting the vote on abortion. You need to do more research on that before you can pass judgment. Also in regards to the economy you and Rachel are speaking of my thoughts on that issue can be read here.

  504. Mikey,

    Vaughn has it right, do a little research on the abortion bill. He voted the way he did because it did not have a provision for the “life of the Mother”.

    Also do a little research on his voting record. It’s simple, just Google it, or is that to tough for your Republicon brain?

  505. Jonah,

    If you are a minister & a Christian, why are you assuming Obama has told all the lies you accuse him of? You have absolutely no proof of that, & as a Christian & a so-called man of the cloth, God would never approve of such tactics. Judge not, lest you be judged yourself. You are not who you say you are IMHO.

  506. MIKEY permalink


    Sorry to burst your bubble, but i’m a common-sense democrat that’s not easily brainwashed like the rest of the sheep….very rare breed now days, kind of like Joe Lieberman.

  507. MIKEY permalink

    ” Hear me now, believe me latter”

    If you think you’re voting for Obama for president? Think again, your actually voting for President Nancy Polsi/Harry Reid.
    They will be running the country and having Obama implement their agenda.
    They know if they tried to run themselves, they wouldn’t have a chance in….will, you know!!

  508. Rachel permalink


    Are you SURE they said they were “voting” for Obama to be part of history or were they at the rally to be part of history?

    My 9-year old grandson and I went to the St. Louis rally – largest one in history. While waiting for 3 hours, we talked to alot of people around us and what we heard, and what I felt also, was that seeing the first serious black presidential candidate speak was what we felt was making history – not the vote.

    Interesting thing about that rally – no one was saying anything negative about McCain/Palin. Only time McCain’s name was mentioned was by Senator Obama when he would lay out a plan, then lay out McCain’s. No personal attacks and certainly no one saying “Kill McCain”.

    I wonder, drinkthekoolaid, Mikey and yes, even you Katy, if any of you use your computer to do research. I heard on a radio station that there were fewer abortions during a Democratic administration that during a Republican administration. Being a Democrat and an avid Pro-Lifer, I trully wanted to believe this. I researched it through the Center for Disease Control that compiles this data and, alas, found it to be false. But I found the truth and I want my beliefs to be based on truth. How about you?

  509. Rachel permalink

    To: John Cleese

    First, thank you for the notification that you are revoking our independence. I am sure it will be a shock to my fellow Americans that the UK was in a position to revoke our independence. Our history books indicate we WON our independence but that is neither here or there.

    I must disagree with you that we do not have competent candidates. Senator Obama is quite competent, despite what you may have read in this blog but if Senator McCain does win, I will don my red coat and welcome returning to the status of colony of the British Empire.

    I do have some terms, questions, etc. before we finalize this tentative agreement. Not sure I could do the whole Queen thing. She’s old, crabby and dresses funny but I do love her carriage and if some arrangement could be made for me to use it periodically for errands, times when my car is in the shop or when I want to impress my neighbors, perhaps I could ease up on the Queen thing.

    As far as Kansas goes, totally agree. If there was someway to move Missouri and Colorado together, eliminating Kansas, you would get no argument from me. Who do I address that request to, Gordon or Liz?

    As far as appointing a governor, how about Sarah Palin? With some coaching, I think she could make a fine governor and she already has the clothes thanks to the Republican Party. I would suggest, however, that the public speaking engagements be limited.

    I have no objections to disbanding Congress but there are several members of Congress that are good people and would serve the UK well. I will forward a list as soon as I see how they vote on the next stimulus package.

    I wouldn’t waste trees on a questionaire because it would just get thrown out with all the other junk mail we get unless you would like to include it in the Publisher’s Clearinghouse envelopes.

    I assume all Webster’s Dictionaries will be pitched and replaced with Oxford. I hope Oxford updates it as Webster’s does with all the commonly used, made up words we Americans like to use.

    1. I agree to the corrected pronunciation of aluminum if you will call pasta “pawsta”. Totally dislike the paaasta pronunciation you all do. Makes you sound like some kind of hillbilly.

    2. I’m okay with more use of the letter “U”. It looks quite fancy and “U” has been sorely underused here in the states. If we are going to require the longer forms of words, does that mean we have to nix “Xmas”? I am totally in agreement about the suffix change from “ize” to “ise”. Z’s always made me sleepy. Get it? Z’s, you know, like what you see over some sleeping person’s head? Okay, comedy is your gig, not mine.

    3. Okay, if we are going to have to use more words, we are going to need another grade in school. Should we start kids at 4 or have them go to school until they are 19? If you guys over there don’t use “like” or “you know”, what do you do if you don’t know the word? Oh wait, that’s why you said to look up “vocabulary”, isn’t it? I get it.

    I’m all for changing the national anthem back. NOBODY can hit those high notes in ours. Thanks.

    4. So if July 4th isn’t going to be a holiday, do I have to work? Hardly seems fair. Could we make the revocation effective on July 4th and change it to Revocation Day? I mean really, John, we have all these fireworks stands. You don’t want to put more people out of work, do you?.

    5. Before we get rid of all the guns, can we shoot all the lawyers and then talk about how bad we feel to our therapists? It would be very therapeutic. Will you issue us each a billy club or do we have to apply for a license? Will there be a waiting period?

    You said “guns should only be handled by adults. If you’re not adult enough to sort things out without suing someone or speaking to a therapist then you’re not grown up enough to handle a gun.” You talk like that, John, and someone is going to shoot you.

    6. If you misuse your vegetable peeler, will your permit be repeeled? Get it, repeeled (I intentionally misspelled it, you know – oops – I said “you know”.

    7. About the German cars, I don’t speak German. If I get one of those cars that goes “Ding, ding, ding, your door is open, or ding, ding, ding, your lights are on” how will I know if my door is open or my lights are on? This is something you will have to resolve before the revocation.

    And, who the heck is Holden Monaros?

    8. I don’t know about the roundabouts. I got this inner ear thing and I get dizzy going around in circles. How do you get out of those things, anyway? Seems like a waste of cement to me. If I drive on the left side, who will drive on the right? Metric is okay. When we considered going to metric way back when, they started putting metric on everything anyway. I’ll just mark the other stuff out with a magic marker so I don’t forget.
    I sure hope it does help me understand the British sense of humour cuz I don’t get it now. What was up with that Monty Python show they had on over here? Was that really a British show or a bunch of Americans speaking British?

    9. Totally on board with saying petrol instead of gas. It sounds so fancy – petrol, petrol, petrol. Look at me – I’m a Brit!!!! When you fart, is that also petrol? Would I say, “excuse me, I just passed petrol?”

    10. I’m okay with crisps and if you want to call French fries chips, that’s okay. I know how you all are about the French but vinegar is for douching and cucumbers. This catsup (ketchup) thing might be a deal breaker.

    11. Beer, Bitter, Lager, not an issue here. Don’t like the stuff but totally dig the word “provenance”. I’ll have to look it up when I get the ol’ Oxford. What do you call Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey? That’s what I like. We have a Sportsman’s Paradise, too. It’s called Louisiana.

    Near-Frozen Gnat’s Urine – see? Another “U”. You guys really like “U”s, don’t cha?

    12. Heh, we cast English actors as good guys. What about Bond, James Bond? Okay, now this cheese grater ear removal, is that what you British have for plastic surgery? I mean McCain is all up in arms about not making our health care system like yours. Maybe he’s right. Anyway, what are you guys doing watching our movies? Make your own movies if you don’t like ours. I guess the next Star Wars movies, Spielberg is going to have to get real aliens so they sound authentic. Really, aren’t you being a little hypersensitive? Maybe YOU need to speak to one of our therapists before you unemploy them. It’s a movie, John. You know, (yeh, I said it), fantasy, pretend, not real. Get a grip. Sorry, I may have over-reacted but, John, you’re talking about changing Hollywood. That’s just wrong, plain wrong.

    13. I don’t play football but I watch it on the tellie (look at me, I’m a Brit!!). My team has sucked for the past several years so you can do away with it if, you want. I think we already play soccer here so we can just change the signs on the football fields. It’ll probably be okay. Didn’t some big soccer player come to the US recently? One question about soccer, if you play for more than a minute or two at a time, when do you get stuff out of the frig, let the dog out or go to the bathroom? Okay, John, I don’t have my Oxford yet. What’s a nancie and I thought a Kiwi was a fruit.

    14. I don’t play baseball, either but I know other people who do. I’ll tell them to quit. I agree with you about the World Series but I am not in that 2.1%. I can name alot of our countries, like (oops) Canada and um, your country, and New Mexico, and, um, Maine. There, that’s four just off the top of my head.

    Now, what do you do with crickets? We have to learn cricket. Hm, is that like learning bird calls?

    15. We’ll tell you who killed JFK (cuz we all know but aren’t telling anybody) if you tell me why Keith Richards looks as old now as he did in the 60’s. By the way, we don’t respond well to the word “must”. Just ask us nicely.

    16. Crap, you have to pay taxes too? Oh, wait a minute. Maybe you better not try to tax us. Didn’t work out so well the last time. Anyway, I wasn’t born until 1950 so I wouldn’t owe that much, but John McCain – wooo! Good thing he has Cindy.

    17. I can do the Daily Tea Time. I usually have some Lipton in the cabinet. Why just strawberries? Why not oranges or a good crisp apple?.

    Why did you say “God save the Queen.” Is she sick?

    Well, John, I think we have gotten alot of things worked out. Need to work on that ketchup thing, tho, and lighten up on Hollywood but other than that, I think we have things pretty well worked out if McCain wins. It’s getting late here in the ol’ USA and I need to feed the cats and let the dogs out. What do you call cats and dogs over there?

    Well, anyway. We usually say “Have a Nice Day” even though we don’t mean it, so, Have a Nice Day!

  510. Berg was also the guy that filed a lawsuit against Bush & Cheney for causing 9/11. This guy is a complete joke, & the people that follow him on this forum are sponge’s, grasping for every straw they can find. It is hard to fathom how supposedly educated people suck up this drivel.

  511. MIKEY permalink


    If you are voting for Obama for the economy issue, than tell me someone or anybody…. what has Obama ever done in his career in government for our economy that has made a difference?
    Look at Obama’s resume?
    Look at Palin’s resume?
    Who would you hire for your business if you were a business owner? Be true to yourself and America! No brainer isn’t it!
    “When i say Obama, you say Ayre’s”

  512. Rachel permalink

    Well, first of all, why are comparing Obama to Palin? Shouldn’t it be Obama to McCain? You know, Senator to Senator. Since neither one of them has been president and we are in an unprecedented economic disaster, we don’t know what either one will do so a business owner would probably look at education, temperment and judgement.

    Let’s look, first, to education:
    -Occidental College – Two years.
    -Columbia University – B.A. political science with a specialization in
    international relations.
    -Harvard – Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude

    -University of Delaware – B.A. in history and B.A. in political science.
    -Syracuse University College of Law – Juris Doctor (J.D.)


    -United States Naval Academy – Class rank 894 of 899

    -Hawaii Pacific University – 1 semester
    -North Idaho College – 2 semesters – general study
    -University of Idaho – 2 semesters – journalism
    -Matanuska-Susitna College – 1 semester
    -University of Idaho – 3 semesters – B.A. in journalism

    Obama maintained a quiet demeanor through all the debates while, from facial expressions alone, you could see that McCain was angry. But, Mikey, you probably like that because you seem angry alot. McCain, in one day, went from calling the economy fundamentally sound to a crisis. He wasn’t going to attend the debate unless a financial bail-out was in place but ended up going anyway. I want someone who will take time and think before they react.

    Obama voted against the Irag War, McCain voted for it. Yes, Obama opposed the surge and McCain called for it but we wouldn’t have had to have the surge if there was no war. And analysts believe it was not only the additional troops but the support of some very important leaders that has lead to the decrease in violence. Obama called for a continued reduction in troops to a final withdrawal whereas McCain said we should keep a presence there indefinitely. McCain’s position is contrary to what the Iraqis want now which would move us even more into the position of occupier.

    So, Mikey, I think a business owner would look for someone who has taken education seriously, shown a thoughtful and reflective temperment and sound judgement.

    By the way, if you are suggesting Palin has executive experience, she was a mayor of a town with less than 10,000 and left the position with the town’s economic status going from black to red and is the governor of a state the has about the same number of people that reside in lower Manhattan, a section of New York City.

    Sorry to confuse you with facts.

    You say Ayers, I say Keating 5, if you want to talk economy.

  513. MIKEY permalink



    FALSE; have you ever heard of the word “PROVEN”.

    NOW’S not the time for on the job “TRAINING”

    YOU say Keating, I say Ayer’s, Rev. Wright, ETC……………………………….

  514. MIKEY permalink



    You still haven’t told me what Obama has done in government for people as a whole.

    The media keeps bringing up Sarah Palin as if she was running against Obama! So since that’s the case I feel she would have more and better experience than Obama would if she was President.

    If Obama was a Governer of his state and he had the approval ratings as of Palin’s, which would mean he was “PROVEN” and we know what he is all about than I wouldn’t mind voting for him, but under the circumstances and the way the world is now days it is just toooooo “RISKY”!!!

    That’s a risk i don’t think i would want to place on the future of OUR children!

  515. kem permalink

    I recently got my passport with a replacement birth certificate (my first one is large, has foot prints on it, and they ‘didn’t like that one’). My husband was born at Weisbaden AFB to mom and dad who are both US citizens/his dad in AF. Husband recently went to get a new social security card and guess what?? He was not listed in their records anywhere!! he had his old worn out card and needed a new one but he could not get it. His birth certificate was in German, but it said to USAF sgt father and on US base.

    We went a little crazy trying to get all that fixed–until then he was a man without a country (they said he could have declared dual citizenship if he had done so before 21). For a while, the feds were saying he had no country!!!

    He served in the AF himself and has all those papers too. They finally finally gave him a new SSN card so now he is ‘legit’ but they said he cannot run for President! HE WAS BORN ON A MILITARY BASE, at a “US hospital”. bummer…

  516. I kind of feel bad for you Mikey, Nov. 4th is going to be a sad day for you. The good news is on Nov. 5th you’re going to wake up and the planet will still be here. W. will be in White House for a couple more months, and the Barack Obama will get sworn in and the healing can begin.

    I know I’ll feel much more comfortable having the top Harvard Graduate in the Oval office with his more than capable V.P. as opposed to an elderly man that is easily confused and his V.P. running mate that is busy buying scarfs that promote people to vote Democrat.


  517. Mike permalink

    Rachel Says, you really are an idiot. Are you listening to what Barry is saying about the constitution. He is a very scary person. He wants a we are the world life style in our country. I gave 12 years to our country in the Marine Corps, many have given all over the years for our country. We have taken an oath to protect our country from enimies and that includes domestic. Barry wants to destroy our country, he wants to rewrite the constitution. I think you need to take a step back and take a good look at this person. If you still feel Barry is your man I think the next step is to take a good look at yourself. If Barry wins on the 4th I hope and pray for our country because the change you think is coming in not what Barry is planning.

  518. I am listening and I think it’s laughable how you seem to think that Barack is somehow the Bogey Man. I personally don’t think that Corporations and Lobbyist should be running our Country.

    I think that taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich is no different than taxing the rich and providing help to the poor. As soon as someone can explain to me why money flowing up is good and money flowing down is bad, I will change my views.

  519. Mike permalink

    Vaughn, were you dropped on you head when you were a baby. who pays the largest percentage of the taxes. I really don’t have time to walk you along the tax scale trail but you really should look into it before you open your mouth. O and its Barry anything els and you may be called a bad word.

  520. Your funny Mike. We all know who pays the most, and if you pay attention the people who pay the most when asked; all say they can pay a little more.

    I’m sure you are a big fan of Trickle down economics that even the man who coined the phrase for Reagan said over the weekend that it’s not exactly working out the way they had though it would. Greenspan last week said that he was wrong and had made serious miscalculations that have attributed to our current crisis.

    So if I was dropped on my head you might want to stop standing on yours, and pay attention to what is really going on; vs. Barry’s scary B.S.

  521. Mike permalink

    O Vaughn, I guess the Dems in the House and Senete had nuthing to do with the economic situation. Why is it that libs allways try to blame THE GREAT COMUNICATOR. The good market we had for quite some time must have been from Bills great time in office. Yes, Bush has made some mistakes, but when you have such a lib. congress its hard to get anything done. O wait, economy was pretty good a few years ago. Can’t have anything to do with Nancy P. or the rest of the libs (including Barry). If Barry gets in office o what a few years of economic down spin we will have. But thats what most libs want, just that much more controle.

  522. I know Mike, I know, it’s all Dems… I never stated that but thank you for bringing up a weak Republican talking point. Both parties have blame for this and yes mistakes going all the way back to your Hero Ronald were made.

    I can put it simply like this from Ronald Reagan to George W. and every administration in between have been building on oven. Now that the oven is built Phil Graham (remember Enron and the loop hole the injected in the bill?) as a Senator and as a Lobbyist and a Republican controlled congress turned on the gas and lit the match. It has been cooking for several years and the oven just blew up. Simple enough? I might add that Phil Graham has been pointed to by many as a focus point for flipping this economy on its head through deregulation. The fact that he is McCain’s chief economic advisor is more than concerning, once again pointing to McCain’s incredibly poor judgment all through this election.

    So unless you plan on ignoring everything that the economic experts are saying, then you have a point. If you are going to stick to thin Right Wing talking points then you are only hurting yourself and anyone else that believes the lies.

  523. Mike permalink

    I like your talking points, haven’t heard them before. Deregulation is the root cause. It just amazes me that you have the (your term) tired old dem talking points. As i look back at the bills blocked by your senete to reel in walstreet, how the main players in the morgage mess are Barries advisors. You talk about ignoring everything. Its times like these that i trully do miss, yes my hero, R.R. When a dem has no good talking points tell us we are just using our right wing talking points. Go back to your tv and watch your comunist news network, or your msnbhoc. I must leave you now before the numbing sensation i get in my head listening to a dem gets to much to handle. Seven days to (if you believe the lib networks) before the Barry show. But I trully believe the nation will show its true conservitive way of thinking and the M.P. ticket will win. Might want to look at the recent poles!!!


    Mike I’d lay it all out for you but others already have. You think everything is Red and Blue, but it just isn’t. You will go and look read very little of this article, write it off as partisan and never go and find the truth for yourself. There were 12 key players the f’d up Wall Street and the Banks 9 Republicans and 3 Democrats. Bill Clinton is the one that signed the 11,000 page bill and the rider that Phil Graham put in it that was shot down 3 times on the House floor.

    So investigate and learn the truth or just be quiet. You don’t seem to actually want to know the truth of what is going in your Government. You just want to point a finger and whine about the big bad liberals that want to give you health care. Boo hoo.

  525. Here Mike I made it even easier for you.

  526. Dotti permalink

    In ref to what Rachel said: Obama not only wants to rewrite the constitution, he also wants to change our flag and our National Anthem, so they will fit everyone. He stated that he doesnt wear the flag pin because he doesnt want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Uh, excuse me, Obama, but this IS America and we are proud of our flag and our anthem and by changing such, you will b hurting the feelings of the people u are supposed to represent. He stated in an interview that his wife (who, incidentally, just became proud to b an American (sic)) doesnt respect the flag and in fact the two of them have attended flag burnings in the past. WOW!!! and this is the man so many want for President. I am appalled.

  527. Katy permalink


    So when Obama gets impeached, God help us when Biden takes over.

  528. Rachel permalink


    Don’t know why you have to resort to name calling but if that is your thing, okay but would like to know a few things.

    First, where do you get your information that Obama wants to change the constitution? I have heard many of his speeches and read his plans on his website (I did the same for McCain) but have never heard or read where he wants to change the constitution. What changes does he want to make? I do want to thank you for your service in the Marines.

    Also, I am not aware an any economic bills (and I usually follow that stuff pretty closely) that the Democrats blocked. What bills are you talking about? Who are the advisors that caused this mortgage mess? The only advisors I know of are economists and Warren Buffett who, while he is an investor, did not deal with mortgages. I hope you don’t blow me off like you did Vaughn by saying you don’t have time to educate me. If you believe in a position, you should be willing to take the time.

  529. Rachel permalink


    I ask the same question of you – please direct me to anything BY OBAMA that says he wants to rewrite the constitution (which he can’t do), change our flag or our National Anthem. Where did you get your information that they attended flag burnings?

    As far as what Michelle Obama said about now being proud to be an American, I can only assume you are not black and have no black friends (I am white) or you would know what she was saying. Blacks were freed in the 19th century but still in the 60’s, they couldn’t go to just any school, they had to drink from separate water fountains, they couldn’t go out to eat anywhere they wanted, they had to ride in the back of the bus and were regularly lynched, their churches were burned and the only jobs they could get was menial labor. If these restrictions were put on you, would you feel the country was being fair to you? Now, 40 years later, a black man has a good chance of being the President of the United States. I can see how now, after trully reaching the level of equality with whites, she can finally understand the pride whites have always had.

    In ref to what Rachel said: Obama not only wants to rewrite the constitution, he also wants to change our flag and our National Anthem, so they will fit everyone. He stated that he doesnt wear the flag pin because he doesnt want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Uh, excuse me, Obama, but this IS America and we are proud of our flag and our anthem and by changing such, you will b hurting the feelings of the people u are supposed to represent. He stated in an interview that his wife (who, incidentally, just became proud to b an American (sic)) doesnt respect the flag and in fact the two of them have attended flag burnings in the past. WOW!!! and this is the man so many want for President. I am appalled

  530. But, if you watched the debates, you noticed Obama was wearing the flag lapel pin. McCain wasn’t. If you have a reference to Obama saying he wants to change the national anthem, post it. Fiction doesn’t count as a charge against someone who didn’t say what others imagine him to have said.

    Obama never said he doesn’t respect that flag — and let me add, that as a Scouter, I’ve burned over 100 flags. It’s the suggested way to retire old, worn-out flags.

    We have serious issues in the nation. What is wrong with you people?

  531. I’d like a reference to where Obama said he “attended” a flag burning. That sounds like a crock to me — there aren’t such events, except to retire the flags.

    More likely, Obama might have said he’d been present at demonstrations where flags were burned. It’s all too common overseas, usually reported well here, and something that an Obama presidency would go a long way toward stopping.

  532. Rachel permalink

    To all of you who continue to indulge in unfounded smears:

    I now realize why the Republican Party has decided to predominantly use smear ads instead of focusing on issues, not unlike all of you who are “too busy” to provide those of us who disagree, with your sources. It is because they need to speak your language. So let me try to speak in smear-ese: (please note I have sprinkled fact with fiction)

    McCain couldn’t even get his point across about Murtha last week, tripping over his own tongue, “I cannot totally disagree, to agree about you all, er, to agree with you about this being the most patriotic place in the country”.
    McCain couldn’t even remember the 5th Secretary of State who he says supports him on Meet The Press.
    Keating 5
    McCain is a flip-flopper – economy is fundamentally sound in the morning, in a crisis the same afternoon, will suspend his campaign until the bail-out is in place but shows up the next day on the debate.
    A man who went to the Naval Academy and was a POW with McCain said he was such a hothead that his actions frequently caused retaliations aimed at the other POWS
    McCain was fooling around with Cindy when he was still married.
    According to Bush’s campaign against McCain, McCain fathered a black child.
    About Palin:
    She thinks the VP heads the senate and helps them make law.
    She can’t get a deceit wardrobe for the campaign trail for less than $150K which would have paid for a week’s worth of TV ads.
    “Her” baby is actually her daughter’s who is pregnant out of wedlock again.
    The Anchorage newspaper endorses Obama
    She was prayed over to help her fend off witches.
    According to the RNC, she is making unsanctioned speeches to further her own agenda in prepation for her own presidential run in the future.
    She had the Alaskan people pay for an expensive trip for her whole family to watch Todd in one of his competitions
    She is a cessationist.
    She was for the bridge to Nowhere, then against it.
    She is associated with Ted Stevens.
    She doesn’t know how to read and that’s why she couldn’t tell Couric what she read.

    Now, what have I accomplished? Have I convinced any McCain supporter that he is wrong? No, I have just supplied you with fodder for more anger, furthered SOME inaccurate statements and given my opinion. Would anyone like to know which statements are true and verifiable by video or print of his actual words, which are just gossip and which are just plain false, or do you care about it?

  533. Rachel… you ROCK that’s all there is to it. Might I add that McCain opposed the Farm Bill which contained the fix to close the Enron loophole. This loophole has if nothing less an indirect connection to Oil Speculators and the $5.00 gas prices during the first of the year.

    McCain defended his buddy, his pal, Phil Gramm who invented the loophole responsible for $40,000,000.00 in extra electricity costs and rolling blackouts in California. Oh and good old Phil is McCain’s Senior Economic Advisor! When will Phil get tired of screwing American’s so he can make money? My guess is never.

  534. Mike permalink

    Rachel, Barry has had many talking points he likes to use, lately we have had the oppertunity to hear some of his earler speaches were he speaks of the mis-oppertunities the writers of our constitution made. That he sees the opertunity to make those changes. What I think all Barry supporters need to do is to again take a step back and trully take a good look at this radical. I understand its hard to do but it must be done. It will only heart for a bit. Now, in order to take a better look at Barry you may need to watch, or read or listen to those that are not triing to push their own agenda.

  535. Mike our economic collapse has now been specifically linked to the deregulation of our Markets, and our Banks. The Republicans hang their hats on DEREGULATION!

    How is more of the same going to fix this huge disaster that we are in. Keep in mind that we are nowhere near the bottom or the end of the damage that has been done.

    America is rejecting the philosophy that an unregulated market is good, and when all you hear from the right is the opposite in combination with no suggestions of solution, staked on a smear campaign… it done. They do not understand the problems and are completely out of touch with what American families are going through.

  536. Mike permalink

    Its not deregulation the had the loan industry forced into high risk home loans, its not deregulation that has created all the bad paper that is at the root of the problem. Now, who pushed for this to hapen? O, must have been the republicans. You may want to look at Barry’s friends and advisers. Now I meen trully look, just don’t use that same old line. You all have a good afternoon. We that start at 0 dark 30 call it an end of the day about now. Will look for your quick witt tomarow. O and how bout the poles today.

  537. Mike you are wrong and obviously know more than the experts that are examining this problem.

    I now fully understand the term ignorance is bliss. watch the video read the article examine the comments and if you can at that point say something with educated intelligence, there may be hope for you and our country. If not no one will be able to help you.

  538. Mike permalink

    To those sane people out there, here is a little tidbit on Barry’s forked tounge. This is an article from the NRA. Please read and get the word out. And for all those who are looking for the article on Barry’s view on our constitution read the Los Angeles Times from yesterday.

    With the 2008 presidential election upon us, the National Rifle Association is making their case against Barack Obama. They unflinchingly describe him as “the most anti-gun presidential candidate in American history” and have dedicated large sums of money to exposing his anti-gun agenda.

    An in-depth look at his record justifies their position. Not only is Obama the economic socialist Rush Limbaugh has said he is, he is also a gun-banning associate of 1960s radicals who cannot wait to take away one of America’s greatest freedoms – – the right to keep and bear arms.

    The NRA points out the fact that Obama supports handgun bans while Obama frequently excuses himself by saying he supports the Second Amendment but believes states, cities, and municipalities should be able to regulate types of handguns and implement local restrictions. (This convolution is an example of the type of reasoning he uses to explain how he can both find handgun bans and the Heller case, which banned handgun bans, to be “reasonable.”)

    But Obama has missed the NRA’s point on this one. They are not simply saying he supports the kind of bans we’ve seen in D.C. and Chicago; they are saying he supports a complete ban on the manufacture, sale, and possession of a handgun. And they are right. On March 31, 2008, the Politico revealed that “Obama endorsed a complete ban on all handguns” in a general candidate questionnaire he filled out on September 9, 1995.

    This is why the NRA keeps telling people that Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand, he says, “I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms,” while on the other he supports a complete ban on the arms they would bear.

    In the same questionnaire he said he supported mandatory waiting periods for handgun purchases. “Waiting periods” mean that when you go to buy a gun you have to fill out paperwork, go through an FBI background check, and then after passing that, return to the store five days later to pick up your new gun. If you’re a woman being pursued by a potential rapist, you just have to hope the would-be rapist will lie low for five days while you wait to pick up your new means of self-defense.

    Speaking of self-defense, Obama is completely opposed to that as well. In the decades before the Heller decision, many parts of Chicago put handgun bans in place that necessitated making the use of a handgun for self-defense illegal. (Think about it — how could you legally use an illegal tool to protect yourself?) Proving he meant it when he said states, cities, and municipalities should be able to regulate and restrict the Second Amendment, Obama supported these unconstitutional bans when a 2003 case in Wilmette, Ill. provided him the opportunity to stand up for the “individual right” he also claims to support.

    What happened in Wilmette was simple: a citizen “used a handgun to defend himself from a dangerous repeat offender.” He killed the attacker, and although the killing was ruled an act of self-defense, the innocent man faced jail time for having used a handgun to defend himself. Many Illinois lawmakers realized that such a charge was illogical and moved to change the law so as to allow the use of a handgun for self-defense. And guess what? — Obama opposed the change in legislation (four times). Did you get that? — OBAMA OPPOSED LAWS THAT ALLOWED USING HANDGUNS FOR SELF-DEFENSE.

    It appears Obama would have us rely upon the government, via the police force, for our protection. And this is why the pro-gun organization, “Students for Concealed Carry on Campus,” is concerned about an Obama presidency. While writing this article I talked to their president, Michael Guzman, who cited the Wilmette self-defense case and said: “Senator Obama’s time in the Illinois legislature has shown his belief in full reliance upon the government to provide for one’s protection against criminals. We hope he comes to the realization that the police cannot be everywhere at once and that the individual is his or her own first line of defense against a would-be assailant.”

    But if Obama’s record is any indication of things, he’s not going to come to the realization Guzman hopes for. Just think about other aspects of his record as an Illinois senator: He supported a proposal to ban gun stores within 5 miles of a school or park (which is tantamount to banning gun stores period); he supported H.B. 2579, which prohibited law-abiding individuals from purchasing more than one gun a month; he opposed laws that permitted law-abiding citizens to carry firearms for self-defense (i.e., he opposed concealed carry permits); he supported a ban on “junk guns” (cheaper guns that poor people could actually afford to buy and use for self defense); and he voted not to inform gun owners when the state of Illinois did records searches on them (S.B. 1936).

    His U.S. Senate record is just as dismal: He supports the reintroduction of the assault weapons ban; he favors a ban on high capacity magazines; he voted with Ted Kennedy on ammunition bans (that included hunting ammunition); and most troubling of all, he voted against the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito. Roberts and Alito are two of the five justices who upheld the Second Amendment in the Heller case. Just think, if Obama had gotten his way, they wouldn’t have been there, and the Second Amendment wouldn’t be there either.

    The NRA is right to go after this gun grabber. And while political pundits continue to highlight Obama’s dangerous associations with vile humans like Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers, the NRA will be one of the few outlets reminding you that Obama has some equally dangerous anti-gun associations as well. They’ll trumpet the fact that “the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Incorporated), [has] endorsed Obama for president.” Which means he can now boast of being endorsed by the same gun control organization that also endorsed “Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), Jack Reed (D-R.I.), Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.), John Conyers (D-N.Y.), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), and, of course, John Kerry (D-Mass.), to name [but] a few.”

    Those of us who love freedom need to vote McCain/Palin on November 4, and we need go to the NRA website and add our voices to that organization’s cause by joining today.

    We have to remember that freedom is not just something others give us: it’s something that we sometimes have to defend individually.

    Vaughn, I guess its all in who you listen to. When I was working on my Marketing BA with my Econ. minor I had the same head numbing argument with my profesor. He finally came around. At that time it was working on Ma Bell.

  539. Mike permalink

    Vaughn, this article is for you and your hard left big government out of touch socialistic, well I could go on for a quite some time. Vaughn, let me know what you think, I already have an idea, but go ahead. Basic Business 101.

    Barack Obama makes two broad claims (lacking specifics) on taxes: one is that he will collect more in taxes, and the other is that he will not raise taxes on you. According to Obama, he can do this by focusing huge tax increases on only 5 percent of the population. Unfortunately, the 5 percent he has in mind is the 5 percent that has the most influence over the economy — successful entrepreneurs, the upper middle-class, and the rich.

    These are the people that pay the salaries and wages and insurance costs of most of the other 95 percent of Americans. To believe that these tax increases will not affect you (assuming you are in the 95 percent that Obama claims to be “spreading the wealth” to), you have to believe that the 5 percent to be taxed will just decide to be poor, to lose money, and not to pass the extra cost of Obama’s new taxes on to you.

    Does Obama really believe that the rich got that way by taking losses or swallowing costs? When the price of gas or copper or labor or insurance or anything else increases, businesses and the people who own them have two choices: they can lose money or they can raise prices and pass the cost along to their customers. What do you believe they will do? If you need a moment to figure this out, you are probably a hardcore Democrat and you can stop reading now.

    Anyone else, conservative, moderate, or apathetic, knows the answer: businesses cannot lose money. They will pass along any increased taxes in the form of price increases. The taxes they pay, you pay — eventually. The only difference is that unlike the hated 5 percent of Americans that Obama openly brags of punishing with new taxes, you will not get a bill from the government declaring your new taxes. You’ll just pay more for milk and gas and credit and clothes and iPods and everything else you buy. At the end of the month, you will have less money and not know why. Doubtless, Democrats will tell you to blame the rich for that too.

    It is a simple truth that businesses do not pay taxes, only economies pay taxes. Regardless of whom you tax in an economy, the costs of that tax are very rapidly spread throughout the whole system. Any business that fails to spread its costs in this way goes bankrupt. Obama may brag that he will spread the wealth, but all he will really spread is his new taxes.

    To see how punitive taxation really works, let’s look at an extreme example: sin taxes. It was with glee that liberals in particular (and Americans in general) set about increasing taxes on tobacco. Allegedly, this was an attempt to punish the evil tobacco companies and discourage smoking. Between 1980 and 1990, for example, cigarette prices increased 154 percent, thanks in large part to increases in federal, state, and local taxes. What happened to tobacco company profits in that same time? Doubtless they plummeted as the evil tobacco barons finally got their comeuppance! No, actually, their profits were largely left intact. Philip Morris stock, for example, outperformed the S&P 500 over that decade by about 300 percent. And it is still chugging along today.

    The people who got stuck with the tax increase were smokers — already wheezing — and overworked folk who were doing society a great service by paying into Social Security during their prime earning years and then dying before they turned 65 and collected. These brave, rasping, gravel-voiced tax machines then had less money with which to pay for televisions and couches and houses and sweaters and everything else in life, so the general economy suffered a slight decrease in growth. In other words, we all pay tobacco taxes, even those of us who selfishly don’t smoke and want to drain Social Security dry. A tax aimed at “rich” sinful corporations became a tax on common people and the poor. All taxes work this way.

    If you cannot avoid a tax on tobacco when you don’t even smoke, how do you believe that you will avoid Obama’s tax on success? And a tax on success is all that Obama has proposed by singling out the top 5 percent of earners.

    “I’ll screw somebody else” is not a very trustworthy political promise anyway, even if it does come from the liberal messiah, The Dalai Obama. We are all in the same economy and any money siphoned out of one part of America, whether that is the top 5 percent or the most-emphysemic 5 percent, ends up affecting us all.

    You cannot drain water only out of the deep end of the pool, and you cannot tax money only out of the top 5 percent. When Obama claims otherwise, he is selling you a lie.

    America’s economy is already sputtering. Slapping it with new taxes, collected from 5 percent but paid by 100 percent, would be a disaster. Combined with a Democrat majority in the Senate, a Democrat majority in the House, and a wildly left-wing cheerleading section in the media, there couldn’t be a worse time to put a tax-and-spend liberal in the White House.

    The media may claim John McCain “just doesn’t get it,” but at least he gets who pays the taxes in this country. You do.

  540. Mike permalink

    Now I’v done the work for you on two issues, Rachel I hope this helps you a little and if you need me to get the artical from th LA Times I can do that too.

  541. Mike permalink

    OK, I went ahead and put some more articles and FACTS from Rush’s web site, its ok Vaughn you can read it, it want heart you. I know the left has only vile contempt for Rush, but as I said before, if you read, watch and listen to more than the lib media you just might learn something. At the bottom is some links to back this up. Read learn become educated. It’s quite empowering!!!


    RUSH: About Obama and this notion of — and, by the way, it’s not just Obama. There is an entire legal movement that is referring to the Constitution as a charter of negative rights, a charter of negative rights. To them, negative rights are that the government can’t do enough. It’s negative because the government is limited. Why change the name? Why doesn’t Obama say the Bill of Rights is too limiting? We have to open up the Bill of Rights because people don’t want the Bill of Rights messed with. But if you call the Constitution a charter of negative rights and you have your buddy Bill Ayers working up a curricula for high schools and colleges where kids are being taught that the Constitution is a charter of negative rights, they’re going to make the assumption the Constitution is oppressive, that the Constitution limits them.

    So if you go out and you name something or call something a charter of negative rights, then you have permission to introduce positive rights. Isn’t positive better than negative? So if you portray the Constitution as a charter of negative rights, then you give yourself permission to change that, “We want positive rights.” And the poor, uninformed, ill educated, maleducated students go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, positive rights, positive rights.” What Obama wants to do is an Anti-Bill of Rights. That’s what he wants. When he says, there’s nothing in there, the state or federal government, what they can do to you, there’s nothing in the Constitution what they can do to you. Well, he says what’s in there is what they can’t do to you, but there’s nothing in there about what they can do on your behalf. So to him the Constitution is very limiting. He wants an Anti-Bill of Rights.

    The things Obama wants to introduce, he wants to take from individual rights. Killing babies would be an Anti-Bill of Rights idea. The Fairness Doctrine takes away free speech. It is an Anti-Bill of Rights item. Why name something fair that’s anti-free speech? You take away an individual’s right to bear arms, is Anti-Bill of Rights, but to Obama that’s a positive right, a positive right granted to the government. He wants the government to have sole power via the courts or however he can bring about to limit your freedom, whereas the Constitution’s purpose is to limit government’s freedom. A government entity looking at an individual’s private information is Anti-Bill of Rights. A charter of negative rights is demeaning and a deliberate attempt to destroy the Bill of Rights. That’s what Obama wants. That’s how he plans to get around his redistribution scheme, or plans to implement it, I should say.

    RUSH: By the way,, the blog, has a whole bunch of quotes from the Founding Fathers on the whole concept of anti-socialism that they all believed. We’ll link to it at later this afternoon. Also, don’t forget this. You ought to go back and find (we should link to this, too) George Washington’s first inaugural in the late 1700s. The number of times God was mentioned by George Washington, our first president, would stun you. It was a thank-you to God for the US Constitution. George Washington’s first inaugural was just powerful. You compare any of the Founding Fathers to what you hear from Barack Obama or the Democrat Party platform. Let me give you page nine of the Democrat Party platform.

    “The essence of what it means to be a patriot. Not only to declare our love of this nation, but to show it by our deeds, our priorities, and the commitments we keep. If we choose to change, just imagine what we can do. What makes America great has never been its perfection, but the belief it can be made better and the people who love this country change it. This is the country of Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, and Rosa Parks, people who had the audacity to believe that their country could be a better place and the courage to work to make it so.” That’s page nine of the Democrat Party platform. That’s what Barack Obama means by “our better history.” We’re not fulfilling the promise of our better days. This is what he’s talking about. You won’t find a single name of a single Founder in the Democrat Party platform.


    Read the Background Material…

    • Sweetness& Democrats Want A Second Bill of Rights
    • Sweetness& The Founding Fathers On Redistribution
    • WSJ: Obama’s ‘Redistribution’ Constitution – Steven Calabresi
    • New York Post: Barack’s Supreme Goal
    • New York Post: Obama’s Ideas for a Radical Court – Robert Alt
    • National Review: Judge This. Obama and the Law – Thomas Sowell
    • American Thinker: Obama 2001: Scrap the Constitution, Spread the Wealth

  542. Mike permalink

    Here is something that might interest you. You probably haven’t seen or heard it because the left has censored another non-agreeable moment in time. If Barry wins what will we be left with. One of my first statements was about “BIG BROTHER”, this is how it starts.


    RUSH: Barbara West, the anchor in Orlando that asked Biden about socialism and Marxist policies and so forth, that he mocked her about? Now, keep in mind the Drive-Bys never question each other. Do they grill Andrea Mitchell about Alan Greenspan? They do not. Do they ask Campbell Brown about Dan Senor? Do they ask Dan Senor about Campbell Brown? They’re all married to each other! Do they ask Jay Carney about Claire Shipman? They’re married to each other. This woman’s husband is now being attacked. Barbara West’s husband is being attacked because the Obama campaign went after the guy. We have a media montage here to illustrate.

    SEAN CALLEBS: The anchor’s husband, Wade West, has been a political strategist and has done work with Republicans.

    KEITH OLBERMANN: Surely it’s just a coincidence that her husband (dramatic pause) is a GOP media consultant!

    LARRY KING: You are registered as a Republican! Your husband is a republican strategist! That true?

    KIRAN CHETRY: Your husband did strategy work for the GOP!

    RUSH: Do you know that there are CNN reporters whose wives and husbands are on the staff of members of the Senate and House? And they never question each other about this. They never use it to discredit one another. But here is an anchorette in Orlando, and they go after her. Folks, do you understand how scary this is? This is the Obama campaign. You do something that embarrasses Obama or Biden, and they’re going to go after you. They’ll go after your family. They’ll go after somebody to embarrass you, to intimidate you, to shut you up.


    RUSH: We have an exclusive here. We’re pretty sure that this was buried, but Cookie dug it up. You know, I told people last night, they couldn’t believe it, didn’t know that it had happened again. Obama and Biden have banned another TV station for inappropriate questions to Biden, and we have some sound bites of it. This was October 15th in Philadelphia, KYW-TV’s Eyeball News at 4, the anchors are Angela Russell and Chris May. They talked to Biden. Russell says, “Obama talks about ‘spreading the wealth…'” I think this is 50. Yeah. “…talks about ‘spreading the wealth around,’ and everybody does better that way. This has been buried since the 15th. “Obama talks about spreading the wealth around, everybody does better that way. Is that not, you know, being a little socialist? I mean, this is what your accusers are saying here.”

    BIDEN: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. What it is is about realizing what got us in this God awful hole and that plumber in the God awful hole. It’s been this continued response McCain and by the president saying if you just give gigantic tax cuts to the wealthy — for example, people making average of $1.4 million a year are going to get another 800 — I should say $85 billion tax cut this year? That tax cut should be going to the plumber!

    RUSSELL: But under Obama’s proposal, though, he would be paying more as would a lot of small businesses —

    BIDEN: Absolutely not.

    RUSSELL: — and wouldn’t they just pass that on to the consumer?

    BIDEN: Absolutely not! Absolutely not!

    RUSSELL: Well, please explain that.

    BIDEN: Absolutely not! Ninety-eight percent of the small businesses in Philadelphia and all of America, make less that $250,000 a year. Not one single penny in taxes will go up for anybody, small business or individual, making less than $250,000 a year.

    RUSH: Now, the anchor, Angela Russell here at KYW-TV Eyeball News at 4, Philadelphia, on October 15th, does not back down. She said, “Well, I just note that according to the Small Business Administration, numerous small businesses are classified making under four million. No, I think a lot of small businesses would be affected.”

    BIDEN: No. No. Y-y-you’re — you’re getting this mixed up, with all due respect.

    RUSSELL: Mmm-hmm.

    BIDEN: Their sales are over four million. We say if you make under a hundred million, you’re a small business, but the actual profit — what you pay taxes on, 98% of what the small businesses make, what they pay taxes on — are less than $250,000 a year.

    RUSH: Chris May.

    BIDEN: They’re apple and oranges.

    RUSH: Yeah, right, Joe. Then Chris May, KYW-TV Eyeball News at 4, October 15th, says, “The Washington Times are reporting you paid more than $2 million in campaign cash over the years to family members for campaign services that they provided for you. There’s nothing illegal about it, Senator, but some people think it doesn’t exactly pass the smell test. Your response to the criticism of this practice of yours?”

    BIDEN: Well, first of all, $2 million they say I paid family members?

    MAY: Uh, in excess of $2 million in fact.

    BIDEN: No. Well, that’s not true! That’s not true!

    MAY: $1.8 million for media consulting to Joe Slade White & Company —

    BIDEN: Yeah! But that’s not — that’s not my family.

    MAY: — $50,000 in payments to your sister —

    BIDEN: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow up here, old buddy. Joe Slade White is one of the leading Democratic consultants. For the last eight years, my sister works for that company and paid a salary. She is not a partner in that firm. She doesn’t own that firm. That money is not going to her. That money is going to a major, major Democratic consulting firm. It’s a ridiculous assertion coming from the right-wing Washington Times!

    MAY: Another one hundred —

    BIDEN: That is simply not true.

    RUSH: Anyway, this only aired one time. This whole interview only aired one time before the Obama campaign got it pulled from the KYW Eyeball News at 4 website. Cookie dug deep — I mean really, really, really dug deep out there — found a copy, and there’s one more sound bite to this, but you basically get the drift. This is unacceptable, this is inappropriate to approach the vice president of The Messiah this way. And so they intimidated KYW-TV to pull this from the website. This was the first time, the Orlando situation is the second time where the Obama campaign said, “Hey, you want to get along with us after I’m president? Then you get rid of it.”


    Read the Background Material…

    • HotAir: Comedy Gold: WFTV Interviews Biden
    • HotAir: Video: Biden Cuts Off Philly Station for Asking Tough Questions, Too?
    • OrlandoSentinel: WFTV Anchor Barbara West Stirs Frenzy with Joe Biden Interview
    • National Review: Unqualified. Let’s Talk about Joe Biden
    • Newsbusters: Bernie Goldberg Blasts Obama’s Orlando Station Boycott

  543. Mike permalink

    I can keep going, is this, what did Vaughn say, o thats right “I now fully understand the term ignorance is bliss.” If you libs would just get out more and read watch and listen to non biased media. People, we are coming to a very important time in America’s history. We can be a heard of kattle and drink from the bucket of lies we get from the left media and vote in the most inexperianced person ever to the White House, or we can vote in a team that has “We the people” in mined. O thats from that document Barry wants to change!!! I pray we get it correct.

  544. Mike permalink

    I love this stuff, let’s take a look at old Joe. What would the election look like if we got fair and unbiased coverage of all four of the candidates. My guess is a landslide for the Republicans.

    Let’s talk about Joe Biden.

    By Mark Goldblatt
    Given the media drumbeat highlighting Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s lack of international policy experience and the corollary proposition that she’s unfit to be a heartbeat from the presidency, it might seem heretical to suggest that she’s the more qualified of the two vice-presidential hopefuls to assume the position of president should the need arise.

    Yet Senator Joe Biden’s performance on the campaign trail over the last several months must give even the casual observer pause. Unlike Palin, whose tentative interview responses often seem like a recognition that she’s still on a learning curve, and whose default mode is discretion until she has the necessary facts, Biden has made a career of running his mouth — even when he has no idea what he’s saying.

    I’m not talking about Biden’s comic gaffes — which were legendary even before Barack Obama tapped him as his running mate. To be sure, Biden hasn’t disappointed on this score: “John [McCain]’s last minute economic plan does nothing to tackle the number one job facing the middle class. And it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: Jobs. J-O-B-S. Jobs.”

    “Part of what a leader does to instill confidence is demonstrate that he or she knows what they’re talking about. . . . When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on television and didn’t just talk about ‘the princes of greed.’ He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.’” (Except FDR wasn’t president when the market crashed in 1929, and broadcast television wasn’t widely available until the 1940s.)

    “Look, all you have to do is go down Union Street with me in Wilmington and go to Katie’s Restaurant or walk into Home Depot with me where I spend a lot of time and you ask anybody in there whether or not the economic and foreign policy of this administration has made them better off in the last eight years.” (Except it turns out Katie’s Restaurant hasn’t existed on Union Street in Wilmington for decades.)

    During a speech before a large crowd in Columbia, MO., Biden acknowledged State Senator Chuck Graham: “Chuck, stand up, let the people see you.” It took him a second to realize Graham was wheelchair-bound, at which point Biden tried to cover: “Oh, God love you. What am I talking about? I’ll tell you what, you’re making everybody else stand up, old pal. I’ll tell you what, everybody else stand up for Chuck. Stand up for Chuck!”

    More troubling than Biden’s blooper reel, however, is his habit of pontificating from a position of ignorance or outright error: “Vice President Cheney’s been the most dangerous vice president we’ve had probably in American history. He has — he has — the idea he doesn’t realize that Article I of the Constitution defines the role of the vice president of the United States, that’s the executive — he works in the executive branch. He should understand that. Everyone should understand that.” (Except Article II, not Article I, of the Constitution defines the executive role of the vice president; indeed, the only mention of the vice president in Article I is to designate his legislative duty to break tie votes in the Senate. And, oh, by the way, does Biden’s assessment of Cheney as the most dangerous vice president include Aaron Burr, who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, and, after being forced from office, possibly committed treason by trying to set up an independent republic in the Louisiana territories?)

    “When we kicked — along with France — we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, I said, and Barack said, ‘Move NATO forces in there. Fill the vacuum, because if you don’t know — if you don’t, Hezbollah will control it.’ Now what’s happened? Hezbollah is a legitimate part of the government in the country immediately to the north of Israel.” (Except neither the U.S. or France ever kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon; in fact, Hezbollah is still there, as Biden himself correctly notes. But if Biden meant to say Syria, not Hezbollah, got kicked out of Lebanon, then he’s wrong again since the Lebanese people kicked Syria out, not the U.S. or France.)

    “With regard to arms control and weapons, nuclear weapons require a nuclear-arms-control regime. John McCain voted against a Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty that every Republican has supported.” (Except 49 other Republican senators voted against the treaty Biden is referencing.)

    “Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. Pakistan already has deployed nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s weapons can already hit Israel and the Mediterranean.” (Except the most powerful missile currently in Pakistan’s arsenal, the Ghauri, can carry a nuclear warhead 1,000 miles . . . with poor accuracy; Israel is over 2000 miles from Pakistan, so Biden’s off by at least 1,000 miles . . . unless he has access to classified intelligence about Pakistan’s missile systems, in which case why would he mention that in public?)

    Such factual blunders could perhaps be written off to the exhaustion of the campaign trail. But no charitable interpretation can account for Biden’s recent prediction of the consequences of an Obama victory in November: “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember, I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”

    Even if Biden actually believes that America’s enemies are more likely to provoke a confrontation with a young and inexperienced president than they might be with an old hand in the White House, why would he want to advertise that belief to the world? Why underscore the inconvenient truth that the next executive decision Obama makes will be his first? To prep the American people for the idea that his administration might initially seem to screw up? Or, in Biden’s own words, “We’re gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him, because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.”

    Why is Biden massaging public opinion in advance of a hypothetical crisis before he and Obama have even been elected?

    For all the questions that have been raised about Sarah Palin’s qualifications to serve as vice president, Biden now seems like the riskier running mate. After all, experience comes with time. Knowledge is acquired through study. But temperament doesn’t change.

    Does Biden’s temperament disqualify him?

    — Mark Goldblatt is the author of the novel Africa Speaks.

  545. goneshiny permalink

    No more so than McCain’s.

  546. common permalink

    “El Gato Says:
    October 23, 2008 at 1:38 am
    “Obama is not a Muslim, no matter how many times you say it. His birth certificate has been released, and it’s from Hawaii. And even if he was born in a foreign country, the fact that his mother was a US citizen makes him a US citizen. (Read the Constitution).”

    El Gato you are incorrect…..
    If he was born in a foreign country, the fact that his mother was a US citizen would have made him eligible for citizenship IF she had been of legal age to confer citizenship on him. She would have had to be 5 years past her 16th birthday in order to be illegible to confer US citizenship on him…..
    read the constitution and the laws governing citizenship………..

  547. Amazed permalink

    We’ve all heard it, it’s the most important election in history. Well I do think it’s important so I thought I’d throw some stuff around and see what you guys think. Please feel free to comment back, try not to get too out of hand. I’m just sharing some facts and some opinions. This election effects everyone so please be a part. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent (like me).

    McCain will be the oldest man ever elected President

    Obama could be the first African American elected President

    McCain served four years in the House of Representatives and has served in the Senate since 1986.

    Obama served three years as a Junior Senator.

    McCain before entering government served in the United States Navy as a pilot during Vietnam, he was shot down and tortured. He was offered early release because his father was an Admiral. He chose to stay until every man that was imprisoned before him was released. (I wouldn’t have the balls to do that)

    Obama before entering government was a “Community Organizer”. This job title included things such as providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to ACORN. ACORN is a group that registers inner city people to vote, it is also currently under investigation for voter fraud, they have been registering dead people and people who are under the age of 18 to vote for Obama.

    McCain can’t raise his arms above his head because of his torture during Vietnam

    Obama can’t put his hand over his heart during the national anthem because he believes it conveys a “war message”

    Obama is the most Liberal Democratic Senator in the Senate (this means he only votes Democrat)

    McCain is the most Liberal Republican Senator in the Senate (this means a lot of Republicans don’t like him because he votes both Republican and Democrat, he does this because he listens to both sides of the story before voting)
    *** JOE LIEBERMAN (former democratic vice presidential nominee) says JOHN MCCAIN IS THE TRUE CANDIDATE FOR CHANGE this is an example of how McCain has support from both parties.

    Obama said that when he appoints people to the Supreme Court he will base it on whether or not he feels they will make good decisions (thats in his opinion, in other words people who agree with him will get appointed)

    McCain said that when he appoints people to the Supreme Court he will base it on how well they adhere to the Constitution. (that means whether they agree with him or not, he will appoint them on how well they stick to the Constitution)

    Important things to remember…

    In the past 50 years EVERY time a Democrat has been elected President taxes have gone up.

    Obama says he WILL NOT raise taxes unless you’re making over $250,000. That sounds great to the average guy right? Well here’s the deal… 1) If any of you are in college and plan on working for a big company, guess what? That company is going to have to cut jobs if its taxes are raised. That would be bad news if your parents or someone you knew worked for a big company too! 2) Anyone care about doctors? Many doctors make over $250,000 a year. However, OBYNs and other doctors pay about $70,000 dollars in malpractice insurance. If on top of that they have to pay all of their other taxes plus more… well all of a sudden it just doesn’t become worth it to be a doctor anymore. THATS NOT GOOD 3) Lastly, i just thought you should all know… the top 10% wealthiest people in America already pay 90% of our taxes. 40% of people who make under 250,000 a year already don’t pay ANY taxes.

    Think of it this way… If a company in America is going to keep getting taxed more and more for creating jobs… they’re just going to take their business to another country, like China. Its common sense and it’s already happening.

    McCain suggests a different plan when it comes to taxes. He isn’t raising taxes on anyone. Not the middle class, not the upper class, not the lower class. Keep it the way it is.

    One more point… All those taxes go to the government, the government decides what they pay for. Unfortunately a lot of it goes to government officials’ wallets. I.e. a $3,000,000 over head projector for Obama’s community center.

    During the next two years there will be what’s called a “Super Majority” in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. What does this mean? it means that there are so many Democrats in Congress right now that:
    if Obama was elected… anything that he wanted passed would go right through and Republicans wouldn’t be able to stop it, no matter how wacky it is if McCain was elected… any bills that he wanted to pass he would have to compromise with the Democrats. This means if a bill go through it would have to be fair for both Democrats and Republicans (this is how the government is supposed to work)

    In Closing… just think about what kind of man you want as President. I will admit Obama is a very smooth talker. He’s nice to listen to, however Martin Luther King preached that you should not judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character. Don’t vote for him just because he’s African-American that is just as racist as NOT voting for him simply because he’s African-American. VOTE FOR THE MAN YOU THINK CAN LEAD THIS COUNTRY

  548. Every prisoner of war in McCain’s camp that was offered early release also turned it down. That was their creed. Ralph Nader was a member of that camp, 2 1/2 years before McCain got there, & was tortured also, but he isn’t using that as a stepping stone to the presidency.

  549. Rachel permalink

    Although I appreciate your attempt to provide us with facts, all your submissions are someone else’s opinion.

    This submission of yours tells the reader who to vote for – “Those of us who love freedom need to vote McCain/Palin on November 4…”
    This submission tells you who “gets” it – “The media may claim John McCain “just doesn’t get it,” but at least he gets who pays the taxes in this country. You do.”
    Last nite John McCain called me and told me if I didn’t stop campaigning for Obama, we wouldn’t get along after he was president. Makes as much sense as this – “This was the first time, the Orlando situation is the second time where the Obama campaign said, “Hey, you want to get along with us after I’m president? Then you get rid of it.”
    Do you honestly think anything from Rush Limnbaugh is going to be unbiased fact?
    The submission from Mark Goldblatt is obviously an opinion.
    You still have not submitted anything that is fact.
    Mike, maybe you feel comfortable with other people’s opinion forming yours, but I don’t.

  550. verbum permalink

    When Obama will loose even after Nov. 4 for fraud, the media do not want their broadcast stations burn down. Republicans do not want to get involved. This event should destroy the Democratic party.

    January 6, 2009
    Counting Electoral Votes in Congress:
    • The Congress meets in joint session to count the electoral votes (Congress may pass a law to change the date). The President of the Senate is the presiding officer. If a Senator and a House member jointly submit an objection, each House would retire to its chamber to consider it.

    The President and Vice President must achieve a majority of electoral votes (270) to be elected. In the absence of a majority, the House selects the President, and the Senate selects the Vice President.

    I became curious as to how Senator Clinton and Senator Obama made out in the primaries. I went to CNN Politics to find my answers.

    What I found out was that Senator Clinton won by popular vote but Senator Obama won the delegates. You would think that with the popular vote you would get the most delegates. I guess not. Here are the numbers.

    Clinton 17,948,929 1,896
    Obama 17,682,314 2,201

    I have now set the stage for a possible scenario to this whole debate of the birth certificate of Senator Obama. I realize that all of this does not seem related but it does in a way.

  551. Rachel permalink


    When are people gong to let this rest? Okay, are you aware that McCain’s citizenship may also be in question. While researching the consitition, I found this on a educational website explaining the constitution.
    “In 2008, when Arizona Senator John McCain ran for president on the Republican ticket, some theorized that because McCain was born in the Canal Zone, he was not actually qualified to be president. However, it should be noted that section 1403 was written to apply to a small group of people to whom section 1401 did not apply. McCain is a natural-born citizen under 8 USC 1401(c): “a person born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents both of whom are citizens of the United States and one of whom has had a residence in the United States or one of its outlying possessions, prior to the birth of such person.” Not eveyone agrees that this section includes McCain – but absent a court ruling either way, we must presume citizenship.”

    On October 25th, I provided information on Mr. Berg questioning his ethics. For this, I think any accusation of his that a false birth certificate was put into the Hawaii birth records is highly questionable and most likely the reason why this has NOT been taken seriously by the authorities. But I will address the issue Mr. Berg bring’s up about Senator Obama losing his citizenship when his mother married an Indonesian and then went to Indonesia as a minor to live. I quote from this same website:

    “The U.S. Code does, however, see some acts as creating the possibility of a loss of nationality. When you lose your U.S. nationality, you are no longer under the protection or jurisdiction of the United States. When the United States considers you to no longer be of U.S. nationality, it in effect considers you to no longer be a citizen. Note that these are things you can do that may force you to lose your citizenship. The law also says that these acts must be voluntary and with the intent of losing U.S. citizenship. The ways to lose citizenship are detailed in 8 USC 1481:
    •Becoming naturalized in another country
    •Swearing an oath of allegiance to another country
    •Serving in the armed forces of a nation at war with the U.S., or if you are an officer in that force
    •Working for the government of another nation if doing so requires that you become naturalized or that you swear an oath of allegiance
    •Formally renouncing citizenship at a U.S. consular office
    •Formally renouncing citizenship to the U.S. Attorney General
    •By being convicted of committing treason

    The key sentence is “The law also says that these acts must be voluntary and with the intent of losing U.S. citizenship.”

    Okay, so now both candidate’s citizenship is in question. I guarantee you that if Senator McCain wins, there will NOT be a outcry for an investigation of his citizenship. Why are you focusing on this? Why would you want to even think about a scenario that your writer painted? Do you have that low of an opinion of Americans? I personally am concerned about more real issues, like people losing their homes and jobs, if my 401K will be there when I retire in 10 years, if my grandson will have to go to Iraq or somewhere else to secure our freedom, whether gas will go up to $4.00/gallon again, global warming. The intent of both of these candidates is not to defraud the American people into electing a person not qualified to be president because of his birth place. They both think they should be president. Look at their positions and judge on that. I’m tired of being afraid of my government. I’m tired of my government trying to keep me afraid. I want my government to instill hope for better times, that if we work together we CAN solve many of the problems facing America today.

  552. verbum permalink

    Barry Soetero adopted son of Lol Sotero. Barry got a half-sister to prove
    it at the primary convention. He became an Indonesian and grew up in
    Muslim family. His new Alias Barack Hussein Obama when she married to Michelle. Barry lied to Illinois Bar. OBAMA as Kenyan born In 1981, his
    mother came back to Hawaii and filed a divorce. From State of Hawaii
    Court :
    and enter case ID#—>1DV00-0-117619
    Officially, Barry’s mother Ann Dunham Soetero never had use Obama as

    her last name. That would had made her a bigamous partner of Obama


  553. Sue permalink

    I was thinking about the left and what is the mindset of the left. Many of these people grew up in the 60-70’s they had an anti-establishment mindset then and have passed it on to there children. Girls burned thier bras and boys grew their hair long in protest of THE ESTABLISHMENT, which they considered to be THE ENEMY. They hated the VWAR and the soldiers that fought in it. They demoralized sex and marriage, they lived in communes and became their own ‘gods’. Now these radicals and their off spring are wanting to create an ESTABLISHMENT that creats an even bigger government that has more control over their lives.

    THE ESTABLISHMENT is the infrastructure of our country, it is the companies that give us jobs, it is our government, of the people by the people, it is our military that protects our freedoms. And it was our governments founding fathers that trusted in God. I don’t want to see our country take for the haves and give to have nots. That will take away from the desire to work but also the desire to succeed and create.

    Don’t we all want to make love, not war. And wouldn’t world peace be lovely. But closing your eyes to reality and giving your reality over to a government is the laziest mindset of all.

  554. Sue,

    I encourage you to research and broaden your views. Conservatives have been competing in elections for years by running against the sixties. They always prop up this left vs. right dogma: binary identities of dems vs republicans, god vs “others,” sixties lib progressive politics vs. conservative traditionalism. If you look closely, you’ll find that so-called liberals are the most conservative and traditional people of all, in terms of encouraging fidelity to and advancement of democratic principles. Most don’t even know that the word “liberal” is simply an epithet, where the real, classical definition is of a person who believes in abiding by a sovereign constitution of principles. “Mindset of the left”? Time to re-evaluate our preconceived notions.

  555. maybemovingsoon permalink

    Well “the people” got him in. You thought Bush was bad? This may be quite interesting…Making popcorn for the show!

  556. maybemovingsoon permalink

    Biden is the vise squad now…Will need lots of popcorn LOL

  557. So like, are you guys gonna go back to constructing UFO conspiracies and stuff, like back in the nineties?

  558. David permalink

    This Republic of a country has totally gone stupid, Moving to Australia America can have the foolish and 2 trusting people

  559. Amazed permalink

    Jesse, I feel sorry for all those babies that will be all aborted. Stop gloating before it’s to late.

  560. maybemovingsoon permalink

    The look on the faces in the crowd was priceless when Barry said it may take years/another term to do what he CLAIMS he will do…Not even in the office yet and he let people down…LOL

    Do any of you lemmings out there wonder why so many countries that HATE THE USA had huge celebrations when they learned of Barry winning? Please give me a good answer as to why they would dance in the streets over him getting power…

    If I ever do get a check for doing nothing, I’m going to donate it to whoever runs against Barry 4 years from now :’)

  561. David permalink

    California and New York can have all the Liberals, here they get bombed and New York goes for a Muslim..hello, i wonder how the victims would feel, do you think America would of elected a German or Asian right after WW2 and Pearl Harbor?

  562. David permalink

    I loved the faces of the people he lied too…BY The way It came TRUE..his grandmother did die the day before the election, everybody in here called it…. So whats going on with this Natural Born Citizen Stuff against Barry…does anyone know the update? We cant stop even though he got elected we have to uncover the truth…and show ever one he wasnt really born an american citizen…even though they will still be ignorant to the fact

  563. David permalink

    Saw that the South was RED, that has to do more with the Muslim thing than the black thing, how ignorant of a race of people (95%) to vote for someone based just on their color, not the facts or what he stands for. Even though most of them dont know he’s half white

  564. maybemovingsoon permalink

    They all seem happy about a black president, yet he is not a true African American. I wanted him to be elected at first, but then woke up to what most of the USA obviously hit the snooze button for…He has that many radical friends, and yet you love him? And so soon after 9-11??? People that hate the USA dancing in the streets doesn’t tell you anything? They did that the morning of 9-11 too… You all will see what a simple wrong vote can do soon, George Bush was nothing compaired to this guy… Get it right next time please.

  565. maybemovingsoon permalink

    David, The USA changed when “they” decided it’s okay to cheat on your wife right in the white house. And now it’s also okay to do all kinds of illegal drugs (and write about it in a book) and be our “leader”… At this point even if he was found to be from Mars the “people” would still want him as our president… This sure isn’t the USA I grew up with.

  566. We can all stop believing tha things will be corrected. Obama had made a trip to Hawaii under the guise of seeing a sick grandmother (what no funeral) to take care of the matter of his birth certificate. He probably used the trip overseas to see the troops as a ploy to seek into Indonesia and Kenya to straighten up loose ends (birth certificate, to see if anyone was alive who could really identify him, pay-off in case). The media is afraid to report the questions/facts because of his connections with alleged terrorists and retribution from the Arabs. FEAR is the word. Once a Muslim always a Muslim as was told to me by international students from the Arab countries.

  567. goneshiny permalink

    Wow. What’s it like to live in the fear the GOP has spent the last 8 years sowing? They want you to be afraid. That way they can rescue you. Looks like it worked a charm.

  568. maybemovingsoon permalink

    Jane! You just hit on a huge point! No funeral??? There is no way they can explain that away…

  569. Is there no fact that anti-Obama fanatics will not lie about? Who said there was no funeral?

  570. David permalink

    Like Obama’s side hasnt lied about the facts

  571. David permalink

    Nor is it the USA i grew up with either…Now days people have no morals or values what so ever in this country…and they also forget so easy and move on to the next thing, that captures their eyes on t.v…thats why we have a Preacher for a President now…Its not about policies or agenda’s or a reform plan..Its about who’s more hip, who looks better, who the media supports and crams down your throat..Its about Hollywood Actors making their pitch and Athlete’s from all kinds of sports…America forgets that these are normal people just like yourself sharing their opinion, they just have a better job than most of us.

  572. David permalink

    Another thing that was lost is, alot of people dont think like individuals anymore, and there for cant state there own opinion

  573. melissa permalink

    the up date on the birth certificate question.

    he has (had) two grandmothers, one in mombassa kenya, she is the grandmother who said she was there when he was born.she states that he WAS borm in kenya africa, he told her that he was going to be president of the United States of America, that she was proud bacause a ‘”son” of her village was going to be president of this powerful country.

    go to and youtube, watch the videos one marked “i invented the internet”

  574. she states that he WAS borm in kenya africa, he told her that he was going to be president of the United States of America, that she was proud bacause a ‘”son” of her village was going to be president of this powerful country.

    So, either the grandmother didn’t understand the question, or the answer was mistranslated, or she’s crazy — or Obama is the the Second Coming, talking as he came out of the womb. Not much middle ground there, Melissa.

    Is that really what you think?

  575. Hon. Col. Benjamin C. Miles permalink

    My family has been on this continent since the 1600’s and a male member of my family has fought in each and every war since and beflre the Revolutionary war.

    I can trace my bloodline to John Hancock who signed the Declaration of Independence with his signature larger than the others so that “the King can read it without his spectacles”.

    Another relative was William Porcher Miles who designed what became known as the Confederate Battle Flag.

    The point is this hijacking of our Government by left wing radical liberals is nothing more nothing less than our forefathers have faced and overcome in their lives.

    We can turn tail and run and go live in Australia as one person has stated or we can say “HELL NO!” and we can fight and kill those who have betrayed us and the Constitution. Once we bleed them we can return our nation to the Republic the Founding Fathers intended it to be and we can strengthen the Constitution so that no person can ever again attempt to dilute it’s meaning so as to deprive us of our rights and liberties.

    After the coming war has ended there will never again be a ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, LA RAZA or American Communist Party. These organizations that have attacked and piece by Piece destroyed our culture, language, religion and our morals and values. There will be no more Extortionist like Jessie Jackson or foul mouthed detractors and rouges like Louis Farrakhan, and Jeremiah Wright.

    We will once again provide our children their heritage and inheritance that was entrusted to us by our fathers and their fathers before them. In the second paragraph of the constitution is a lightning bolt of revelation. The rights our government is giving to illegal aliens and foreign nationals was never intended to be given. Our founding fathers were very specific in that the rights they bestowed on us were intend only for us, read it and see the light:

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,
    establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common
    defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Did you see it? the secret is out it is all stated in “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. Take this and keep it in you and fight to regain your lost power and sovereignty. You are a sovereign individual. You are not subject to any laws the government enacts except one the crime of murder. you can not be arrested or tried for any other laws.

    It is time to stand and take back what is ours! Are you going to be the warrior you were born to be are you going to answer your call to arms and fulfill your destiny or are you going to turn tail and run, or become an Obomanite, or are you going to become a traitor such as the Democrats have become?

    “Those people who will not be governed
    by God will be ruled by tyrants.” –

    William Penn

    “My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed.
    God has fixed the time of my death. I do not concern myself about
    that, but to always be ready, no matter when it may overtake me.”

    ~Gen. “Stonewall” Thomas Jackson~

    “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom
    must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

    ~Patrick Henry~

    “A society that will trade a little order for a little
    freedom will lose both and deserve neither.”

    ~Thomas Jefferson~

    “One man with courage is a majority.”

    ~ Thomas Jefferson ~

    “If a law is unjust,
    a man is not only right to disobey it,
    he is obligated to do so.”
    ~Thomas Jefferson~

    “…..the state governments, with the people on their side,
    would be able to repel the danger (of an oppressive federal government)
    ….Besides the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess
    over the people of almost every other nation,
    the existence of subordinate governments (sovereign states),
    to which the people are attached,
    and by which the militia officers are appointed,
    forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition.”

    ~James Madison~

    “Tyrants are afraid to trust the people with arms.”

    ~James Madison~

    “To disarm the people is the best and
    most effectual way to enslave them.”

    ~George Mason~

    “Rebellion to tyrants
    is obedience to God.”

    ~Benjamin Franklin~

    “Tolerance is the virtue of men
    who no longer believe in anything.”

    ~G.K. Chesterton~

    It does not require a majority to prevail,
    but rather an irate, tireless minority keen
    to set brush-fires in people’s minds.”

    ~Founding Father Samuel Adams~

    “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence the jealousy of a
    free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and
    experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most
    baneful foes of republican government.”

    ~George Washington~

    Our Founding Fathers designed our system of government in the form of a
    constitutionally limited republic with minimum government control or
    interference into our personal lives and business affairs. They didn’t
    have in mind some gigantic federal bureaucracy with all this power
    and control regulating our lives and our businesses. They had in
    mind a federal government that would abide by the Tenth
    Amendment. It was small, it had limited powers, it took
    care of national events, and it defended our borders.
    It maintained the army and issued national currency.
    And all the rest of the rights and responsibilities,
    they said, belonged to the states and the people.

    ~David Alan Black~

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile
    hoping it will eat him last.”
    ~Winston Churchill~

    “[Do not] suffer yourselves to be wheedled out
    of your liberty by any pretenses of politeness,
    delicacy or decency. These, as they are often
    used, are but three different names for
    hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice.”

    ~John Adams~

    ” If a man has not found anything he is willing to die for, he isn’t fit to live”

    ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~

    “What we do in life echoes in eternity”

    ~ Maximus ~

  576. Col. Miles said:

    My family has been on this continent since the 1600’s and a male member of my family has fought in each and every war since and beflre the Revolutionary war.

    And if you presented your birth certificate to most of the posters on this thread, they’d say you’re a lying SOB, probably born in Fiji, and ineligible for the pension you earned. You’re right: It’s tragic.

    The point is this hijacking of our Government by left wing radical liberals is nothing more nothing less than our forefathers have faced and overcome in their lives.

    You’re just so used to the hijacking of our government by incompetents and right wing hacks that when we come back to the Constitution, it feels odd. Take a deep breath. Get a glass of water. Things will be fine. Things will be better.

    For the 55th time, democracy works.

  577. Jr. permalink

    Ed Darrell, I think you’re missing one big detail which is BO has legally tried to hide his BC from showing up in any court.

    The fact is BO is hiding something. What is it, I don’t really know. This is where all the theories come into play. Maybe one or two right and a whole bunch wrong. At the end, everyone must agree that if such document is produced and both the court and everyone between them is happy then everyone on the blogs will have to have all this BS talk dropped. But again BO refuses to produce such document to finish this issues. So the theories continue to grow.

    You wanna here another one? BHO is really named Barry Dunham on his BC.

  578. James permalink

    Obama’s Certification of Live Birth has been available for all to see on the web since July. The state of Hawaii has confirmed that his Certification of Live Birth is genuine and there is no difference between his vault copy and the copy posted on various websites.
    Barack Hussein Obama Junior was born in the city of Honolulu, in the County of Honolulu, on the Island of Oahu on August 4, 1961.
    Dr. Chiomye Fukino, Director of the Hawaii State Health Department and Alvin T. Onaka, Registrar of Vital Statistics for the State of Hawaii have both confirmed it. Hawaii does not allow release of the long form vault copy of a person’s birth certificate under state confidentiality statutes. Even Obama can’t get it. ONLY the short for COLB is available.

  579. Travis permalink

    Guys.. Obama is President-elect now. McCain lost. Just give up.

  580. richCares permalink

    “The fact is BO is hiding something. ”
    how dumb!
    No one is hiding anything, it is your dumb ears and eyes that refuse to see or hear. This is going nowhere except to the bathroom wall with the other dummies.

    as fotr Andy Martin’s Case in Hawaii on Obama Birth Certificate
    1. go to Hawaii court site
    3. click on Enter button
    4. enter case number 1CC081002147
    5. view court decision

  581. Adam permalink

    You Barach-opods never cease to amaze me. First you ressurect bogus documents from flaming liberal web sites that have categorically proven to be fake then you you limp-wristedly try to make your case on conservative blogs. There is a much larger picture emerging here and that is you are too stupid to breathe and would die if not for the fact that it is an involuntary muscle response. BHO is a liar, cheat and a fraud and will be exposed. When this happens I would encourage all of you liberal maggots to join him in Kenya or Indonesia or wherever he ultimately gets exiled to. You can all be just one happy Jim Jones family down there and continue drinking his poison Kool Aid with gusto. Oh yea and you can take Pelosi and Scary Reid with you. If this doesn’t occur we move on to plan B. The uprizing. In any case you lose and I do hope I am scaring the hell out of you Libs. When it all comes down to it the ruination of our country is directly on the heads of everyone who voted for that charlatan.

  582. richCares permalink

    “You Barach-opods never cease to amaze me. ”
    Often said that right wingers are intellectually challenged. Adams comments more proof that this is true. By the way libs are not scared, especially of losers!

  583. Adam permalink

    So RichCares sounds like you are typically “liberally” afflicted with intellectually snobery. I am really glad that you brought that out in your last post. I have yet to read a lib comment that did not begin with conservatives being “intellectually challenged”. I am sure that you are very well versed at Billy Ayers cliches’ for the liberally minded. Frankly it sounds like you were born a loser. If you were not afraid you would have accepted the appointment of your messiah and moved on with your pathetic little life. But instead here you are hanging out with the conservatives. That says alot about you Richy boy. It sounds like you may be very insecure about your identity. Perhaps you are a closet conservative.

  584. You Guys Crack Me Up permalink

    Let’s just say Obama is, in fact, a Muslim. Is that really so bad? Colin Powell, while endorsing Barack Obama, was quoted as saying this: “Well, the correct answer is, he is not a Muslim, he’s a Christian. He’s always been a Christian,” he said. “But the really right answer is, what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer’s no, that’s not America. Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president? Yet, I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion, ‘He’s a Muslim and he might be associated terrorists.’ This is not the way we should be doing it in America.”

    You people seem to forget we have checks and balances in this country. The Constitution ensures we can remove someone from the office of the President if they act in a manner that is, well, un-Presidential. We have the Senate and Congress who can veto any legislation the President introduces which they deem, again, un-Presidential.

    So that leads to the bigger question: what are you all afraid of? That he’s a Communist or Socialist? Would 52% of the electorate be that duped? Doesn’t having a cabinet of both Republicans and Democrats ensure a better chance of bipartisan unity? Does the “redistribution of wealth” scare you? If President Obama (yes, you’re going to have to get used to saying and hearing that for at least the next four years) manages to stimulate the economy and get the country back on its feet, will you then have to reluctantly agree maybe this whole “change” thing isn’t so bad after all? If your financial situation improves in the next four years, again, maybe this whole “change” thing isn’t so bad after all. If getting rid of wasteful programs and replacing them with programs that will actually do some good, where is the bad in that?

    Lastly, it was going to take a major miracle for a Republican to win this election. We all know Bush has the highest disapproval rating ever. The Republican nominee aligned himself with Bush years ago which turns out, was not such a smart thing to do. He picked the wrong person for his Vice President. He didn’t have a plan to lead the country out of this mess and had the wrong plans in attacking his opponent. (He said he did but never really divulged it.) McCain spoke to the nation’s minds while Obama spoke to the country’s emotions. And during this time of rampant economic failures, emotions are obviously running much hotter.

    The decision has been made. America has spoken. They want change. They want a President who will lead the country out of this mess it has created and feels Barack Obama can do a better job of it than John McCain can.

    Let go, you guys. Let go and move on.

  585. richCares permalink

    it’s not snobery, based on your comments it’s a factual representation of your intelligence, bet you believe the earth is 6000 yrs old, and you would probably say “I didn’t come from no monkeys”

    go ahead, keeep showing your low IQ

    note: my life is quite well, not pathetic (as yours must be)
    I have 2 daughters one is a doctor the other is an architect, and 4 very happy grandkids. As most right wingers do, you are projecting your misery on others. You probably are a great fan of hate radio! Have a good day (if you can set aside your hate)

  586. You Guys Crack Me Up permalink

    A note to “thinkabout”: Your comment towards the end of your post about class envy and American unfairness…. If anything, Barack epitomizes the American spirit. Barack went to an Ivy League school not because he was rich but because he excelled in school and received a scholarship. He also had to take out a college loan. He didn’t take a high-paying job, he turned down high-paying jobs. He got rich off the sale of his books which more white people purchased than black people (you know, because we don’t read or whatever you might insert here).

    Obama did not get elected just because 96% of the black population voted for him. Black Americans tend to vote Democrat regardless. Obama got elected because 43% of the white population voted for him. He got elected because women, college students, Republicans, union workers, Catholics, Episcopalians, Baptists, and a vast melting pot of different colors and views found him to be the better candidate.

    It’s clear from your comments you have a very myopic view of blacks which is fine. A lot of it may be well-deserved (I, for one, hate that line of “entitled” crap my people like to use) but perhaps you need to look inwards a little bit as well. But you need to know the facts before you go off on your racist rants.

    Regarding gangsta rap, were you aware of the fact that white people purchase more rap music than blacks? And not just by a little bit, but by a lot. Did you know that Latinos started the whole showing the underwear thing? And that blacks then took it up followed by whites?

    And what’s with the comment “Oprah-watchin butt”?? Need I tell you the people who most helped Oprah become the richest black woman in the United States were white women?

    “…worked with America-hating domestic terrorists”?? Please document when Bill Ayers and Barack Obama worked together. Yes, they served on a board together (with other Republicans, too) but contrary to popular belief, Ayers did not help kick off Obama’s political career. And Ayers didn’t hate America. He hated that the government had us in a war we didn’t need to be in. I was eight or nine and knew we shouldn’t be there. Not making excuses for Ayers — just keepin it real.

    Instead of saying you’ve kicked the door shut on the era of white guilt, why don’t you just say that Obama being elected President now gives you the ability to spout your beliefs to more narrow-minded individuals other than yourself? And when your financial situation improves in the next four years, make sure you give some props to the guy who helped make it happen.

  587. thinkabout permalink

    I will wait with anticipation “You Guys Crack Me Up!”

  588. Ed Darrell, I think you’re missing one big detail which is BO has legally tried to hide his BC from showing up in any court.

    Bullfeathers. He’s had it posted on the campaign website since June. He gave it to the State Department. He gave it to the Illinois Bar. He gave it to the National Conference of Bar Examiners. The FBI checked it out.

    I don’t believe your claim to be smarter and more clever than the U.S. State Department, the FBI, and the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

    Oh, and the head of the bunch that keeps birth certificates in Hawaii also says it’s fine.

    I regret that you won’t take “here it is” for an answer. Your intransigence — and that of Berg or any other minion of the Grand Tinfoil Hat — is not justification to make Obama jump. You’ve got no special rights in this issue, nor does Berg.

    Obama won. Get used to better governing.

  589. American permalink

    Because Obama won doesnt mean we have 2 get used to it or accept it.

  590. richCares permalink

    “Because Obama won doesnt mean we have 2 get used to it or accept it.’
    no American would ever say something this, why don’t you go to Cuba

  591. American permalink

    in a couple of years America will be like Cuba…Communist

  592. And Cuba, probably without the Castros, will be capitalist! What an odd pas de deux.

    Or, it may be that the U.S. will remain capitalist, since there’s not a serious economist in America who thinks communism workable, and the Obama finance team is loaded with capitalism-loving economists.

    Don’t let reality get in the way of your hallucinations, if the hallucinations keep you happy.

  593. The Ambassador from Kenya has posted for all to read on the web that Obama was born in Kenya. What does this do to the folks who are convinced that Obama is eligable for potus?

  594. Bert, where was that posted? Got a link?

    Barack Obama, Sr., was born in Kenya. That’s Barack Obama’s father. Don’t confuse the two.

    According to the legal records of the State of Hawaii in 1961, Barack Obama, Jr., was born in Honolulu. What evidence have you that the State of Hawaii is wrong?

  595. American permalink

    real easy to produce a false document….By the way, when the government takes money out of your pay check, for Medicaid and Welfare and gives it 2 lazy people that dont work, thats a form of Communism, and when FDR put those programs into place during the depression they were supposed to be temporary..and here 80 years later we still have them. People became dependent on the system.

  596. Better to get the facts straight THAN to have to swallow what you thought was the truth.

    FACT is: Hawaii had to ‘swallow’ what they initially said. She didn’t like the idea of being sued, so ‘retracted’ her initial statement.

    FACT: What was put on the BHO website is NOT a true live birth certificate from Hawaii. It’s simply a certificate certifying they have ‘a’ real copy of his birth. Doesn’t say where it’s from. SO what is on the website would be false. BHO was not born on the island he claims he was.

    The real question remains: WHY is BHO afraid to have anyone go into the vault and see it? WHY is the birth certificate in Kenya SUDDENLY sealed? if it’s not him, than what does it matter what it says OR whose on it?

    And for the dufus that stated that the FBI checked him out: uh. That never happened. Illinois Bar ALSO never got a copy of the real certificate either, NOR was his application legal since he failed to give ALL his aliases. See how that works? Don’t have to show anything to be in the Senate – contrary to popular belief. He skated along, with many behind him pushing the scenes to change when the questions got too hard OR too close.

    The lawsuits are important. And hopefully the truth will come out. No matter what it is. Because anyone that is honest would admit: if you have nothing to hide, why continue to hide what your hiding?

  597. richCares permalink

    “you have nothing to hide, why continue to hide what your hiding?”
    it would appear that the only thing you are hiding is intelligence

    my daughter was born in Hawaii 1965, she recently requested her BC to get passport, what she got is exactly the same as Obama’s. That is all that Hawaii will send, got it dummy. It,like Obama’s was accepted and she has a nice trip to Japan.

    Obama met all legal requirements, there is more than adequate proof that he was born in Hawaii, there is no valid proof to the contrary and in case you don’t know it, internet rumors have no weight in court.

    go ahead and continue to marginalize yourself, that will keep people like you out of power.

    don’t forget Jan 20 is President Obama’s firts day.

  598. richCares permalink

    The application for stay addressed to Justice Thomas and
    referred to the Court is denied.

    wow, the Supreme Court must be in on the scam, what will you dummies do now?

  599. Steve Grant permalink

    Now it’s August!

    Elections Indeed Have Consequences!

    Good Luck, America!

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