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Obama Hawaii investigation moves into high gear with lawsuit seeking release of birth records

October 18, 2008

Andy Martin takes action to stop official harassment in Hawai’i. Martin says the Honolulu investigation is moving ahead smoothly. “McGarrett could not have done a better job for Hawai’i Five-0,” Martin says.

Honolulu News Conference: Saturday October 18
Lawsuit seeks release of Barack Obama’s family records
Obama refuses to respond to efforts to obtain copies of his birth certificate and related materials.

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”





(HONOLULU, HI)(October 18, 2008) The leader of the national anti-Obama movement, legendary Chicago Internet columnist and Obama author Andy Martin, will hold a Honolulu news conference Saturday, October 18 to announce that he has filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of the First Circuit, Honolulu, seeking to order the Governor and Director of the Hawai’i Department of Health release Barack Obama’s birth records.

Hard copies of the lawsuit will be available.

Martin will detail his litigation strategy.

Martin is due back in New York on Friday, October 24th for a network television news interview.



Anti-Obama nemesis and Obama Author Andy Martin


National anti-Obama leader Andy Martin announces the filing of a lawsuit to pry loose Barack Obama’s hidden birth records


Corner of Punchbowl and Halekauwila Streets. Mr. Martin will be wearing a blue jacket.

WHEN: Saturday, October 18, 11:00 A. M.

MEDIA CONTACT: CELL (917) 664-9329


In the meantime, readers of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, say the book is still the only gold standard and practical handbook on Barack Obama’s unfitness for the presidency. Buy it.
Book orders: Immediate shipment from the publisher now available.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I recently decided to oppose Barack Obama’s election and became Executive Director of The Stop Obama Coalition, By default, I became the national leader of the anti-Obama movement. I am not acting as either a Democrat or Republican. I have had no contact whatsoever with the McCain Campaign. I am not a member of any political organization. The views express are entirely independent. I am acting as an American citizen who sincerely believes Obama is not the man we need in the Oval Office. We are going to run a very dynamic and aggressive campaign against Obama. I will continue to write my news and opinion columns for /s/ Andy Martin
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He is currently based in New York selling his new book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law.

His columns are also posted at; Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, published in July 2008, see

MEDIA CONTACT: Cell (917) 664-9329
E-MAIL: [NOTE: We frequently correct typographical errors and additions/subtractions on our blogs, where you can find the latest edition of this release.]


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  1. He is not the leader, he is the puppet that has been chosen to be sanctified as the leader in order to gain control over its movement just like they do with ever other movement.

  2. I don’t think this will make any difference, this country already trampled its Constitution !!!!!!!!!!! there’s no rule of law anymore !!!!!!

  3. Jeanette permalink

    I agree with Nonya however, oblahma’s continued crapping on the laws of the US is not going to be tolerated any futher. This is a HUGE Constitutional crisis in the making, and oblahma’s controllers know all about this. Brzezinski HAD to have known about this before he took over oblahma way back in ’83. They could EASILY put this issue to bed IF THEY COULD! They obviously can’t! Further, oblahma’s ineligibility is well known around the world(as usual, the idiot Americans are kept totally in the dark by our criminal media) hence, the rest of the world’s leaders will be reluctant to deal with a pretender whose every move is illegal. oblahma will not be able to sign anything that will stand up in court, he won’t be able to make agreements with other countries, etc. He has to be stopped, prosecuted and thrown in prison!!!! Go Philip Berg, and GO Andy Martin!!!!!

  4. Dean permalink

    Does anyone know of any website that might offer a live feed of the press conference?

  5. Big Clown hunter permalink

    Thanks Pat..its worth a shot!

  6. Sophia M; permalink

    Folks Obama will be forced down.

    LOOK, it was planned this way, Brzezinski knew, Hillary knew,
    they all come out of the Chicago School of Leo Strauss, just as
    Obama does. Obama was set up back in 98-99 to run in 08.
    He is the STRAW MAN to deflect scrutiny from Hillary for the long
    slog of campaigning so her baggage didn’t fall open on stage.
    Just before the big day Bama will be shown for what he is and
    Hillary will be BEGGED to stand up and LEAD, just as planned.

    Keep remembering its all the PLAN.


  7. This is ridiculous . . .

  8. Joan permalink

    Good luck finding anything in the Hawaiian vault. In 1976, Jimmy Carter gave all of our original birth certificates to the central bankers for collateral on the national debt.

  9. Margaret permalink

    God help this nation. This guy scares me and he has many people caught up in glee….totally mesmerized. I don’t get it!

  10. Zampan0 permalink

    if obamma makes to the oval office he is ‘home free’. once president he can write a presidential order saying it’s ok. this is funny. america has become a joke.

  11. Shirley permalink

    Margaret — go to and read the article entitled
    Obama Uses Hypnosis. That should clear it up for you.
    From the very beginning Ive thought there is something
    very ”weird” about the way this guy (obama) talks.
    I felt like I was in la la land or something, just listening
    to him. Nothing made any sense. Then I saw this
    article, and I believe that explains it all.
    Its actually a 65 page ”book” on line, but you can
    just glance thru it and get the drift of it.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Victoria permalink


  13. Elizabeth permalink

    I told my husband weeks ago that Obama’s speeches are too methodical. They were too slow and precise. He is creepy to watch….then I read the article about ‘Obama uses Hypnosis’ and it really does make sense.
    I’m afraid that Obama will get elected and there will be so many problems stemming from the Acorn voter registration scandal that it will make the ‘hanging Chads in Florida’ look pale by comparison.

    I hope that Philip Berg can accomplish a miracle before election day!!!
    America as we know it will be gone forever if Obama ever gets behind the desk of ‘OUR’ Oval Office!!

    Good Luck Mr. Berg & America

  14. Wow. There’s more conspiracy theories on this thread than a Roswell Town Hall Meeting. What ever happened to that whole Hillary replacing Biden as VP? Or that video of Michelle calling people Whitey? Or proof that he’s a Muslim? Or that huge Ayers effect that’s supposed to change the election? Or… or… right. That’s what I thought. Forgive me if I don’t believe any of you this time either.

  15. These rumors and anyone who repeats them are an example of what Thomas Jefferson said, lo many years ago; “Witout education democracy becomes tyranny”.
    Our nation is on the cusp of becoming a country of retards ruled by tyrants.

  16. Glory permalink

    Sophia is right. Back in the year 2000 a friend who was ” in the know” told me Hillary would be President. Remember Hillary said she was “suspending” her campaign. This is all theatre folks. Think about it Nader is not permitted to debate although he is on the ballot in many states. Is it because he has concrete answers and accomplishments which have been implemented making a difference for the greater good?

  17. There are certainly a number of you that are all that you appear to be “cracked” up to be.

    Get off the pipe and use the brain you were blessed with and think.

  18. nantia permalink

    god help us!

  19. Murro Kronkite should study history more thoroughly. Jefferson was one of the earliest practitioners of smear politics. He sponsored media that printed nothing but lies and fictitious charges against his political opponents. He went so far as to use the speaker of the house as his proxy. And, like modern pols, he always claimed that the attacks on his enemies were beyond his control even when he had written the piece. It is therefore fitting that his political heirs, the party he founded, the Democrat party, preserves their heritage by honoring their founder’s devotion to victory by cheat and deceit.

  20. Ooooooo, seems some people are really, REALLY scared.

  21. yay for you for trying to get the truth out!!

    I’m praying!

  22. davidtor3 permalink

    I personally find everything you guys are saying hilarious….

  23. wow. just wow!

  24. I see a bunch of scared white people looking for any excuse to make Obama look bad. Now they come up with that he isn’t an American citizen? ha ha ha ha! This gets better everyday.

  25. the5secretstowealth permalink

    The mass media won’t touch this. They are for Obama.

    Keep up the good work, the truth needs to be told

  26. Another good point. Do you think Obama would have been allowed to join the US Senate if he wasn’t a citizen. Hey please update this when the “truth” comes out. ha ha ha ha!

  27. I am NOT a Obama supporter. HOWEVER, I believe in choosing a candidate based on the facts and not muddying the waters with inuendos and allegations without the facts.

    IF my research is correct, the facts are that Senator Obama claims his birth mother was an American and according to U.S. Immigration and Naturalization law, he would by default be an American citizen no matter where he was born in the world. So unless he’s lied about who his birth mother is, then he is an American citizen.

    The only way his birth certificate can show him ineligible to be President is if it was fabricated in Hawaii and Kenya shows him to be of non-American descent.

    What I don’t understand is why he wouldn’t be willing to just disclose them and get on with real issues. No sense in wasting time and money. I think the problem is that he is not forthcoming with his past. I understand the desire for privacy, but that, by default, comes with the position he seeks.

  28. goodtimepolitics permalink

    [ Sprout:IF my research is correct, the facts are that Senator Obama claims his birth mother was an American and according to U.S. Immigration and Naturalization law, he would by default be an American citizen no matter where he was born in the world. So unless he’s lied about who his birth mother is, then he is an American citizen. ]

    If thats the case Sprout, then why is Obama fighting so hard not to produce his birth cert and birth records to the Court? He’s a public figure so we the American people have a right to be sure he’s who he says he is! Don’t you agree with that?

  29. Yankeegirl permalink

    Obama needs to be asked by someone on a ropeline, point blank, the way Joe the Plumber did, “Senator, what hospital in Honolulu were you born in?” Everyone in the world knows where he/she made their appearance on this earth, even if it was in a taxicab on the way to the hospital. His campaign is unable to do this for some earth-shattering reason. I suspect that it is that his biological father was Frank Marshall Davis, which would make Barack a “natural born citizen” and thus eligible to be President, but it would damage his Kenya backstory, and not say good things about his dear dead mother. Check out the websites that have this story and LOOK at the photos. It would be impossible for candidate Obama to be as light-skinned and non-African featured as he is with BOSr as his father. Frank Davis was a light-complected African-American and made “Barry” into a clone of himself: an angry Marxist who hung out with other America-hating losers. But, unfortunately for us Americans, it looks as tho’ the empty suit will win this election.

  30. Zampan0: America may have become a joke, but nobody’s laughing. Hold that thought; I guess anyone selling us oil is laughing. But if our economy collapses and brings our nation down with it, anyone producing stuff for Americans to buy (China, Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea, Europe nations in general) as well as our oil suppliers will not be laughing either. A lot more than our national pride is at stake here.


    “I see a bunch of scared white people looking for any excuse to make Obama look bad. Now they come up with that he isn’t an American citizen? ha ha ha ha! This gets better everyday.”

    I see a bunch of black people defending an empty suit with a dubious background and even criminal connections.

    THAT is pathetic.

  32. redmondweenies permalink

    I am one of those scared white people wondering what the Hell happened that an unknown Black, empty suit can sway all these young uns under 30 that are looking for change? McCain may not be the messiaha, but he is a good guy that’s paid his due and has, duh, experience which says a lot.

    We are doomed if this slick snake oil peddler gets in. I am not a raciest by any means and even if I was it wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t matter because we are in soooooo much trouble. I am afraid this yahoo is gonna win!

  33. intruder permalink

    yea obama sucks. i think america is going downhill.

  34. Elizabeth permalink

    [Adia …”Another good point. Do you think Obama would have been allowed to join the US Senate if he wasn’t a citizen. Hey please update this when the “truth” comes out.”]

    Don’t you realize that ANYTHING is possible to cover up in the government? Watch “The Manchurian Candidate”

  35. Mike Snyder permalink

    I agree with Murray Cronkite. Without education democracy becomes tyranny. And you can see that happening right before your eyes if you graduated before 1960. Otherwise, you may have difficulty because so many radicals of the 60s, like Bill Ayers, Ward Churchill and others have become the teachers of our youth. Those coming of age in the 60s’ were laudably educated in the evils and injustice of bigotry and discrimination. They developed a keen appreciation of equal rights and affirmative action. They sent men and women to Congress who were of like mind. Journalism students in particular were treated to non-stop indoctrination of civil rights and equal opportunity by whatever means necessary. Too little time to teach history prior 1950 and too little interest in preaching the Fifth Amendment. Black Panther radicals were made wards of the courts by left leaning justices. The “liberated” baby boomers even sent one of themselves to the White House who was so sympathetic to the plight of the minorities, the poor, and the underachievers (voters all) that he thought all must have homes: whether they could afford them or not; whether they had down payments or not; and, hether they were employed or not were immaterial and irrelevant considerations. So he amended the CRA of 1977 to accommplish that with subprime loans which banks were forced, yes, forced, to make And here we are in an economic crisis faced with a possible radical socialist for president. Freedom, liberty and democracy or not in his vocabulary. He’s already announced forming his paramilitary. That’s how Lenin and Hitler started. You are so right Mr. Cronkite, so very right.

  36. MAXWELL permalink

    Andy, my hat is off to you.

    Be sure and pore through the archives of the Honolulu Record.
    I was in Honolulu 66-69 (Army) and my job entailed digging through theirs and the xxx’s Honolulu Field Office records (legally). The HFO was my second home for many months.
    Plenty there on SDS to the CPUSA and all the links.

    Good luck in all of your endeavors.

  37. Polly permalink

    and all of sudden….Obama’s grammy is sick and he is heading to Hawaii…makes me wonder…

  38. Polly… You caught that too huh. We’ll give most, a half day to catch it.

  39. Kathy permalink

    In order to be president, you must be a natural born citizen of the United States.

  40. let the swift-boating begin. I thought maybe we’d all learned a thing or two in the past 8 years. I guess not.

  41. Polly permalink

    Hi 009mj12
    The date October 22 on Andy’s EMERGENCY MOTION with the courts and then Obama zipping out of town on an “emergency” sure jumped out at me.



    Plaintiff ANDY MARTIN (‘Plaintiff’), pro se, respectfully moves this Court on an emergency basis for an Order to Show Cause (‘OSC’) directing the defendants to show cause on or before *October 22, 2008* at a hearing before this Court why the relief requested by the Plaintiff should not be granted.
    1. This lawsuit does not involve complicated or disputed facts.
    2. Time is of the essence because Plaintiff would like to write columns and articles about the Birth Certificate before November 3, 2008.
    3. Plaintiff is physically present in Hawai’i and is available to appear before the Court in person at any hearing on or before October 22, 2008.
    4. There is intense national interest in access to an officially certified copy of the birth certificate in question as well as any related supporting information which the defendants may have in their possession.
    5. A proposed OSC is attached to this Emergency Motion.

    Dated: Honolulu, Hawai’i, October 17, 2008

    Respectfully submitted,
    Plaintiff Pro se

  42. Polly permalink

    Written on site:

    BERG: Due to procedure, Obama, DNC Admit All Allegations

    According to Rule 36 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a party upon whom requests for admissions have been served must respond, within 30 days, or else the matters in the requests will be automatically deemed conclusively admitted for purposes of the pending action

  43. citizensagainstliberaldemocrats permalink

    Today I decided to check out the news on Oahu after FOX had breaking news about Obama going to Hawaii…WOW…what is up here??
    By Suzanne Roig
    An author and avowed opponent of Barack Obama has filed suit against the state seeking to require officials to provide a copy of the Democratic presidential nominee’s Hawai’i birth certificate.Under state law, such copies may only be released to those who have a “tangible relationship” to the person whose record is being sought, said Janice Okubo, state Department of Health spokeswoman.On average, health officials receive two requests for a copy of Obama’s birth certificate every three weeks or so, Okubo said.”The law was enacted primarily to protect your private information, especially in these days where there’s ID theft,” Okubo said. The lawsuit was filed yesterday in state Circuit Court by Internet columnist and author Andy Martin. Martin has written a book called “Senator Obama,” and disclosed in a telephone conversation yesterday about his lawsuit that he opposes Obama’s election and is the executive director of The Stop Obama Coalition.The New York Times reported this week that Martin “is widely credited with starting the cyberwhisper campaign that still dogs Mr. Obama.” The New York Times report, dated Oct. 12 on its Web site, described Martin as a “prodigious filer of lawsuits” and said that in a series of interviews he “did not dispute his influence in Obama rumors.” The Times report goes on to say that an examination of legal documents and election filings, along with interviews with Martin’s acquaintances, revealed that he is “a man with a history of scintillating if not always factual claims.” He has left a trail of animosity — some of it provoked by anti-Jewish comments — among political leaders, lawyers and judges in three states over more than 30 years, the Times report said. The lawsuit filed in Honolulu seeks to have the court order the state to turn over a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, and related files and records. The lawsuit names Gov. Linda Lingle and Dr. Chiyome Fukino, health department director. Attorney General Mark Bennett said he had not seen the lawsuit and could not comment on it. “But pursuant to the Hawai’i Revised Statutes, vital records are confidential and it would violate the law to release them to anyone except the individuals listed in the section,” Bennett said. The suit claims that because Obama is a presidential candidate, releasing his birth certificate is a “topic of intense national speculation.” Obama in March posted a copy of his birth certificate on his Web site,, to prove that he was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu.Text accompanying the birth certificate on Obama’s Web page begins, “The truth about Barack’s birth certificate.” “Smears claiming Barack Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate aren’t actually about that piece of paper — they’re about manipulating people into thinking Barack is not an American citizen. “The truth is, Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawai’i in 1961, a native citizen of the United States of America. “Next time someone talks about Barack’s birth certificate, make sure they see this page.” The lawsuit, however, states that because Martin “strives for factual accuracy and attempts to conduct thorough research,” he should have a copy of Obama’s birth certificate from the state and not a certificate “posted on a Web site.” Martin, whose headquarters is in New York City but is presently in Honolulu, asked the court to consider scheduling an emergency hearing next week so he can participate in person. “I want to see a certified copy issued by the state of Hawai’i, not one issued by the state of Obama,” Martin said in a prepared statement. “What is Obama hiding?” The state’s seal is embossed on the back side of all birth certificates. The law that restricts the release of vital records dates to 1949, Okubo said. Many other states have similar laws on vital records, she said. Hawai’i law states that only the person whom the record is concerned with, or a spouse, parents, descendant or someone with a common ancestor, can obtain a copy of a vital record. In addition, someone acting on behalf of the person — a personal representative or adoptive parents — can obtain a vital record. A copy could also be obtained via court order. However, Okubo said, “If someone from Obama’s campaign gave us permission in person and presented some kind of verification that he or she was Obama’s designee, we could release the vital record.”

    Update: US Law firm enters into agreement to represent API in The Michelle Obama tapes to be released soon in the US
    Posted by africanpress on October 20, 2008
    The touchy interview tapes of Michelle Obama, the wife of the US Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is soon ready for release in the US and will be aired unedited.
    The release has taken long due to the fact that API wanted to clear all legal hurdles and be safe from getting sued by any one. API and a US Law firm – LAW OFFICES OF PHILIP J. BERG has just entered into an agreement giving the law firm the right to represent API in all matters that may arise due to the Michelle Obama interview and the release of the tapes in the US.
    API has realised that the interview with Mrs Obama is of great significance in the coming elections. The release of the tapes is not intended to derail the elections or to destroy the chances that Mr Obama may have in getting elected the first black president of the United States.
    For us in API we wanted to get the tapes released – aired by a news channel that has a good reputation in the US, one that has listeners interested in the elections.
    Many networks have contacted us and due to the fact that we in API do not know them from before, it took time to go through all requests from the networks that took contact with us and to choose one that will air the tapes unedited.
    API is not interested in selling the tapes to any network. Our demand is that the tapes must be aired unedited by the network that we finally select.
    While doing the selection, we have landed into a problem with some networks who have taken upon themselves to inform the readers that they have already got an agreement to air the tapes.
    So far, no network has been selected and yet we have received signed agreements by three networks claiming to have been finally given the go ahead to release the tapes.
    The story originated from this:
    Shocking development: Mrs Obama decides enough is enough: “My husband was born in Hawaii and adopted by his step father, does that make him unpatriotic; she asks”, on a direct telephone to API.
    Posted by africanpress on October 15, 2008
    Accusing API of colluding with American internet bloggers in an effort to bring down her husband, Mrs Obama said she decided to call API because of what she termed, API’s help to spread rumours created by American bloggers and other racist media outlets in their efforts to damage a black man’s name, saying she hopes African Media was mature enough to be in the front to give unwavering support to her husband, a man Africans should identify themselves with.
    When API told her that our online news media was only relaying what the American Bloggers and other media outlets had discovered through their investigations, Mrs Obama was angered and she came out loud with the following: “African press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” and she went to state that, “it is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband. There is no shame in being adopted by a step father. All dirt has been thrown onto my husband’s face and yet he loves this country. My husband and I know that there is no law that will stop him from becoming the president, just because some American white racists are bringing up the issue of my husband’s adoption by His step father. The important thing here is where my husband’s heart is at the moment. I can tell the American people that My husband loves this country and his adoption never changed his love for this country. He was born in Hawaii, yes, and that gives him all the right to be an American citizen even though he was adopted by a foreigner; says Michelle Obama on telefon to API.”
    This is a very interesting turn of events. The American man Dr Corsi was recently reported to have been arrested in Kenya because there was fear that he might reveal information on Obama when he wanted to hold a press conference in Nairobi.
    The question now is why he was arrested and who ordered his arrest. Was Obama’s hand in this in any way? We will never know the truth but what is clear is that Dr Corsi was seen as a threat while in Kenya.
    When API asked Mrs Obama to comment on why Dr Corsi was arrested by the Kenyan government and whether she thought Kenya’s Prime Minister Mr Raila Odinga was involved in Dr Corsi’s arrest, she got irritated and and simply told API not to dig that which will support evil people who are out to stop her husband from getting the presidency.
    When asked who she was referring to as the evil people, she stated that she was not going to elaborate much on that but that many conservative white people and even some African Americans were against her husband, but that this group of blacks were simply doing so because of envy.
    On Farakhan and his ministry, Mrs Obama told API that it was unfortunate that Mr Farakhan came out the way he did supporting her husband openly before the elections was over. That was not wholehearted support but one that was calculated to convince the American people that my husband will support the growth of muslim faith if he became the president, adding “even if my husband was able to prove that he is not a Muslim, he will not be believed by those who have come out strongly to destroy his chances of being the next President. Do real people expect someone to deny a religion when 80 percent of his relatives are Muslims?; Mrs Obama asked.
    Mrs Obama asked API to write a good story about her husband and that will earn API an invitation to the innoguration ceremony when, as she put it , her husband will be installed as the next President of the United States of America next year.

    Follow the Aloha road >>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>
    across the globe >>>>>

  44. Contact your congresspeople and senators now. We must get a constitutional amendment to allow non-native born Americans to run for president. The era of hope and change hangs in the balance. Thank you kind peoples.

  45. Jared Kells permalink

    I think most people know this is not true.

    You can read a debunking of this rumor here:

  46. Larry permalink

    It is not unreasonable to want certified copies of a birth certificate. We want proof he was born in the US.

  47. Bernard permalink

    Various websites are quoting
    “The nonpartisan Web site examined the original document and said it does have a raised seal and the usual evidence of a genuine document.”

    THAT is hilarious! — a non partisan group??? This is organization is a project of the Annenberg foundation on whose board Obama sat along with Ayers

  48. JEFF GORDON permalink

    All this talk about where Obama was born is meaningless, since John Mccain will EASILY win the election next month.

  49. Bobby permalink

    yes, anyone who says is not biased needs to look at who works with them. I have heard thsi excuse all the time but it is for Obama!

  50. Sue Murphy permalink

    As to being biased, 1. is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania (“APPC”) (Source:

    Obama has never been ““heavily associated with” or “served on the board of” the APPC. (Neither Berg, nor his supportes have asserted otherwise.)

    2. The APPC was established by publisher and philanthropist Walter Annenberg in 1994 “to create a community of scholars within the University of Pennsylvania that would address public policy issues at the local, state and federal levels.” (Source:

    Obama has never been “heavily associated with” Walter (or Leonore) Annenberg. (Neither Berg, nor his supportes have asserted otherwise.)

    3. Walter and Leonore Annenberg, also established The Annenberg Foundation, which funds the APPC and issues grants on a wide variety of issues, worth 100s of millions of dollars. (Source:

    Obama has never been “heavily associated with” or “served on the board of” The Annenberg Foundation. (Neither Berg, nor his supportes have asserted otherwise.)

    4. Mrs. Leonore Annenberg — the surviving member of the couple who started The Annenberg Foundation — has endorsed John McCain for president. (Source:

    Obama has never been “heavily associated with” Mrs. Leonore Annenberg who has, in fact, endorsed McCain. (Neither Berg, nor his supportes have asserted otherwise.)

    5. The Annenberg Foundation, which funds the APPC and issues grants on a wide variety of issues, worth 100s of millions of dollars, funded the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. (Source: at page 8;

    Sen. Obama served on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. (Source: See footnote sources cited in

  51. Miles Holmes permalink

    As reported by Amy Hollyfield of PolitiFact,

    “On June 13, 2008, Obama’s campaign finally released a copy, while launching a fact-check Web site of its own, The site is a direct response to allegations about Obama that won’t go away: He’s Muslim. He took the oath of office on a Koran. He refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. PolitiFact has researched all of these accusations and none of them are true.

    When the birth certificate arrived from the Obama campaign it confirmed his name as the other documents already showed it. Still, we took an extra step: We e-mailed it to the Hawaii Department of Health, which maintains such records, to ask if it was real.

    ‘It’s a valid Hawaii state birth certificate,’ spokesman Janice Okubo told us.”

    See “Obama’s birth certificate: Final chapter,” (Jun. 27, 2008) (emphasis added). About PolitiFact. See also “Lawsuit questions Obama’s eligibility for office,” Washington Times, Aug. 28, 2008, which reported as follows:

    “Backers of the idea that Mr. Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen say Mr. Obama’s certification of live birth doesn’t quell the issue. They say a certification can be obtained after birth.

    But the Hawaii State Department of Health said Monday that there is no difference between a certificate and a certification of live birth in the eyes of the state. For instance, either can be used to confirm U.S. citizenship to obtain a passport or state ID, said Alvin Onaka, a research and statistics officer at the Department of Health.”

  52. goodtimepolitics permalink

    Obama has other problems now, Al-Quada, black panthers to the KKK as being reported on the news today! I have made two post today about this! This American is starting to worry about what happens after the election!

  53. Spas Modic permalink

    The sad thing is we have lost faith in our leaders – they have lied to us so much, both the Democrats and Republicans, and they don’t listen to us anymore. They have robbed us and will continue to do so. The constitution was done away with. Who cares if Obama is a citizen or not, when the North American Union agreement has been signed, which will make Canada the US and Mexico one big cozy commonwealth with the Amero as currency.

    Only one thing will help us:

    It’s time to get back to God!

  54. clramsay permalink

    Are you people idiots? Do you think Obama could run for president without the Secret Service and FBI screening his background? If he was not born in the USA would Hilary and McCain not have challenged this? Goodness, how stupid can people be?

  55. averageuscitizen permalink

    Yes, the people who think Obama is not a citizen are dreaming if they think that the FBI, CIA and NSA have not already done these background checks.

    Unless you’ve been in a coma for the last 7 years, it’s obvious that we need someone with intelligence, a steady hand and a vision for the future and not someone who wants to continue a 19’th century economic, military, domestic and foreign policy model.

  56. I have only read one comment on here that comes close to the truth.

    Obama is a shill put in place to give the election some kind of legitimacy.

    Hillary was chosen to be president long ago, but unfortunately LOTS of people around the world know who she works for and what she and her criminal buddies will do once in power. SO the only way to get her in was to run a candidate the people could rally around, have him come very close, only to be disqualified just before the election, forcing the people to accept Hillary as the candidate of choice along with zionist Joseph Biden.

    Elections are an illusion created to give the people a sense of choice when in fact there really is no choice because both sides are controlled by the same private organizations and have been for a VERY long time.

    THOSE people really don’t care who wins because they control both sides….they win no matter what. The ONLY difference it really makes is which agenda they get to push forward.

    At the end of the day these “candidates” are all working towards one world government. Period.

    That has been the agenda for a VERY long time.

    The people you see “running” are mere bit players in a drama stretching back to antiquity.

    Its all an illusion people. Wakeup and free yourselves from this nightmare.

  57. American’s are not scared of the Republican’s Boogey man any more.
    I love the fact that anyone is wasting their time and resources on this. What a farce and just a plain old grasping of straws. America is tired of politics as usual and we are rejecting the attacks and the accusations. I LOVE IT!

  58. It’s all lies lies I tell you. He is from Mars and he doesn’t want us to take him to our leader he wants to be the leader! Ahhhhhh run we are all going to die. He want’s health care for everyone, he understands the economy, he is intelligent! Ahhhhhh run we are all doomed….

    Are people seriously this dumb?

  59. joe america permalink


    I am dumb enough to believe that FREEDOM and PRIVACY are of paramount importance. We are in deep trouble…..Please pray…

  60. We are if we keep the Republican’s in control of our freedom and privacy the two things they have done their best to eliminate. Privacy I’ll be lucky if Homeland Security doesn’t arrest me today for Blogging. Which is technically illegal or at least can be used against you in a court of law with the latest version of FISA.

  61. Texas Buttercup permalink

    I am impressed that the New Complex has been reporting Obama leaving the campaign trail to visit his ailing Grandmother in Hawaii.

    It is a strange coincidence that maybe that is not the TRUE purpose of his hightailing it all the way over there to Hawaii.

    Could it be that he feels the need to go do some damage control with the issue of the Lawsuit????

    “Martin is due back in New York on Friday, October 24th for a network
    television news interview.”

    It is no coincidence that Obama is down there because of Mr. Martin!”

    Yes!! Good job! Now if only the news would report this! They may have no choice but to report this soon, as he will be proven unqualified to run for POTUS.

  62. Dawn permalink

    Where are the leadership in our country? If Obama is not a American Citizen born here, then he has no right to be running for President. Where is the LAW, is our LAW system so corrupted that only citizens who are not WALL STREET or POLITICIANS where the LAW applies to ONLY???

    What BUSH and THE DEMS did with Paulson and Bernackie was treasonist.. What about the coverup of Freddie Ma and Fannie Mac that Pelosi is covering up her buddies Franks, Dodd, etc. are all criminals. In fact all should be impeached. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT??? WHERE ARE THE LAWS!!!


  64. You people are all a bunch of racist loonies. Good thing you are indeed the fringe! Are you folks really serious here?? Obama IS an American citizen. Why don’t you all stop searching for false reasons to hate him and just admit you are can’t stand the idea of a black man running for president!!

  65. I’m not going to buy the book. I hope his marketing scam back fires and he gets zilch for his thin on the ground book.

  66. outlandinstitute permalink

    I’ve heard that Obama has a giant heat-ray and will be destroying our cities! Although since they’re Anti-American I guess that’s not a problem….

  67. Gee Five permalink

    When all the black racists use their giant heat ray simultaneously the sanctuary cities may spontaneously combust into mini black holes that will suck all the loose change from our citizens pockets near the event horizon. That’s the theory I heard.

  68. IF Obama has nothing to hide why does he not put the rumors to rest. MOST all politicians would gladly provide the authorities with verifiable birth records, school records, shoe size, underwear brand, and whatever reasonable information the adoring voting public respectfully requested. The issue is Obama has lied repeatedly regarding his past and changed his “story” more than once. Why should anyone believe what he says at this point especially when his behavior is secretive? If he has nothing to hide then just stop hiding!

  69. This is a non-issue

  70. lunchcountersitin permalink

    This is so stupid.

    Think about this, folks. Obama’s mother was a Hawaiian, his father a Kenyan who was in Hawaii on a student visa.

    Why would Obama’s mother leave the US while she was pregnant?

    To go to Kenya? No-Obama’s father, unbeknownst to his mother, had a wife (and I think a child) in Kenya.

    How does it even make sense that Obama’s mother would leave the country while pregnant, to have a baby?

    Answer: it makes no sense whatsoever.

  71. Dr. S permalink

    What I can’t believe is how this Obama character keeps stabbing his base in the back and they come back for more.

    He is in favor of FISA

    He wants more war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, even Russia!

    He wants a draft for men and women.

    Face it Obamabots, this guy is a Kenyan George Bush. It’ll be never ending war and federal surveillance on US citizens.

  72. Cobra Med permalink

    All Obama has to do is prove that he is a US citizen and produce his birth certificate it will all be over and we can all lay this to rest. If you ask McCain to produce his he would in a minute. So what is Obama hiding hummm

  73. BillKnows permalink

    Know this: Obama’s father is from Kenya in East Africa, while most American Blacks are from West Africa. Look at a picture of American Black people and you can easily see they don’t look like Barack Hussein. Obama just does not have a real connection, with deep feelings, to African-Americans.

  74. This is the best comments section ever. Keep up the good work, conspiracy nuts! And keep attacking them, everyone else! You think the election is great drama? This argument, waged by lunatics, refuted by virtually everything, and yet ceaseless and unapologetic, is fantastic psycho theater. I love it. I love every word of it.

    The puppet candidate! Hilary is going to step in at the last minute and have to run! It’s like a science fiction movie come to life!

  75. Curious permalink

    So, how many of you have been committed to a mental health organization, because i think it should be required

  76. >I am acting as an American citizen who sincerely believes Obama is not the man we need in the Oval Office.

    Did he not forget to mention the reason?!! 😛

  77. Thank God I was born in Panama. I am a genuine American and that black Muslim has to quit now. I will be president soon.

  78. Before I forget this:

    During the last weeks I was on a secret mission along the Iraq-Pakistan border and found the terror camp of Obama’s friends! I will keep you informed about that.

  79. Seth permalink

    Thousands of years later and nothing has changed. People are still on witch hunts, trying destroy things they don’t understand or can’t come to grips with. Maybe this whole thing is one big conspiracy, but the fact remains that none of you including me know what the TRUTH is. The only thing I’ve heard this individual say, is that he wants to bring the people of this country together.

    Many of you can’t seem to grasp what that means. A united nation means that we the people will ultimately decide the course this nation is take. If we are of one voice, the men and women who we give charge to do our bidding will be oblidged to carry out our will.

    Look at what our nation’s politics has been about for the last decades. Few real positive changes have occured for the average American, because of the constant political tug-of-war. So, who wins? Companies like Haliburton, who our government catches cheating us out of millions of dollars, but who are still allowed to take from the bread basket. Our soldiers die on the battelfield or come home with missing limbs, while they not only profit, but greedily steal.

    Over 4 thousand American troops, along with Tens of thousands of Araqis have been killed and know one can tell you really why. No weapons of mass destruction and even Bush admitted that Araq had nothing to do with 9-11. So, why are all of these people dead and why are we still spending over 10 Billion dollars on this so-called war?

    What do you say about these things in this thread? Why isn’t ANDY MARTIN working so diligently to bring these things to light. Unbelievable. So much hatred toward Obama, while those who truly do us harm go unpunished, worst yet, unnoticed. Hows is this possible? The reason lies in what Obama has continually asked the public not to do since his campaign began: “BECOME DISTRACTED!”

    DISTRACTION: The oldest trick in the book for thieves and magicians.

    The problems that exist today between different races, those of different faiths and political views stem from a time when those who led realized that the key to keeping power and controlling the minds of people was pitting them against one another with the use of effective DISTRACTIONS.

    But we never seem to learn. The game that’s being played is a much bigger one that who will win the race for the “OVAL OFFICE”.

    Think about this: Dwight Eisenhower said in one of his addresses to nation that the enemy of peace is the “WAR Machine”. This meant that behind the politicians there are greater forces at work. Forces that profit from our stupidy, fears and prejudices. They love it, when we chase, beat and condemn the witch, even if she is not a witch at all or innocent of any wrong doing. They love it even more, when we turn against ourselves. Because this way we are DISTRACTED and notice who is really stealing from us.

    But in truth, they’ve already already stolen from us. You CHRISTIANS, believers in the purest of LOVE that has ever walked the earth should take the time to read some of the hate that you’ve written and agree with.

    It doesn’t matter where Barack Obama was born. If he becomes president, his directives will only have weight, if those who are to carry them out choose to do so. So don’t fret. There’s know need to whine like frightened children. Obama will be surrounded by gold old fashion CHRISTIAN white men.

    Actually, I think he’s going to try to keep his promise, by doing all he can to unite this nation. If he can bridge a few gaps and help the common man, would that really be a bad thing?

  80. Citizen permalink

    No, the published birth certificate is not a certified copy. How can a class action lawsuit be filed on behalf of the American People demanding to see absolute proof of Obama’s birth? Just because he says so doesn’t make it true.

  81. Deani permalink

    The truth always wins but it takes too long.

    Could have saved a pile of money by leaving the race early and not lying.
    Talk about redistribution…………..shoot.

  82. Jeff M permalink

    This guy is dangerous. He is attacking our constitutional right or whats left of them. Now punishing people for their hard work by taxation? This guy has to go!!!!!!!!

  83. John A permalink

    Even if Obama produces a “legitimate” birth certificate after his visit to Hawaii, he still cannot make his official birth certificate from the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya disappear, nor the taped message of his proud Kenyan grandmother stating her grandson was born in KENYA and she was there to witness it! Will here this evidence shortly in the Philip Berg lawsuit.

  84. David A Oprondek permalink

    Good luck I really hope the man behind the curtain of lies is finally exposed

  85. Yawn, lies and more yawning. Seriously why do people make this crap up?

  86. I do.
    But Sarah is better in that.

  87. you guys sound just like the liberals that were protesting bush’s win. welcome to paranoid politics (also known as, “being on the losing side for a change”)

  88. Noah Kane permalink

    We can exchange inflammatory news stories all day, but if you don’t support Obama’s policies and as a result won’t vote for him, leave it at that!

    If his citizenship is an issue irrelevent as to whether or not he has your vote, let someone else research it.

  89. KAWA permalink

    I could not believe that I could find so many sickos at one place. This blog really is a home for losers. Spend your time here venting out your hate for Obama while he sweeps over the White House and brings a change this great country really deserves; Out of The Ashes, Rises the Phoenix”.

    You people are no less than the girl in Ohio who “carved the B” on her face”. I just wish it stays on her face forever! Now she says that she saw it on her face suddenly sitting alone in her car..Umm! Maybe “B” Barack has Jesus support!!!!

  90. sofsell permalink

    Please enlighten me.
    Is this blog in any way affiliated with God’s Harvard?

    This is a toxic waste site.

  91. c588415 permalink

    Iam starting to feel sorry for John McCain’s campaign and the NeoCon Party. With only 9 days to go before the election on Nov 4, McCain and the neocons appear extremely apprehensive and desperate at this point, which I personally find rather amusing. The McCain campaign and idiots like Mr. Martin know deep down that Obama is going to win big and there is nothing that they can say or do to stop it. The anti- Obama fanatics need to realize that Americans dont want 4 more years of the last 8 ;instead, they want to see change, and that’s why Obama is way ahead in most polls across America. So, my advise to you anti Obama supporters is to either pucker up, or bend over because Barack Obama will be your next president, and ther aint a damn thing that you can do to stop it. TEE HEE HEE ! Vote Obama / Biden 08

  92. Obama-Biden-08 permalink

    Credible news sources aren’t reporting on this, NOT because they are slanted or whatever conspiracy drivel you believe, but because it is incredible… as in… the opposite of credible. Duh.

  93. Listen to Obama’s interview with Chicago public radio WBZE in 2001. He wants to redistribute wealth to compensate Blacks for their suffering under slavery and segregation and revise the Constitution to allow even more government control of your money, the economy and your life. Listen to his words. Google Naked Emperor News.

  94. Norman Paqua permalink

    The things Obama is telling everyone is one of the many things that are turning off Americans, including what he’s now saying about his cultural background. He is NOT Hawaiian in the slightest. He is African-Arabian. We don’t even have evidence that he was really born in Hawaii. We only have his Certificate of Live Birth. We DO NOT have his Birth Certificate. Obama campaign trolls on the internet shouldn’t even try to joke about such matters of culture to Americans because they have no idea who it is you’re trying to pretend to be, and rather pathetically so.

  95. Brenda permalink

    Everyone Beware!
    Obama uses hypnotism and is planning to be on for a half hour on all the television stations tomorrow, October 29th!!!
    Please shut the TV off during this time otherwise you may be hooked like half the population in this country.

  96. betty permalink

    his name alone should scare the most liberal of the dems, Barak HUSSIEN OBAMA. does sadam hussien and osama bin laden sound familiar? now we hear about the PLO, Ayers associations. let alone the birth place.also, Bidens slip on the amount of taxable income goimg down to $150k a year. what about the contributions from Freddie & Fannie? how can they contribute to a campign when they know the kickbacks were from a bankrupt company. Let alone the fact that the DEMOCRATS were the ones who pushed the housing crisis. the DEMOCRATS wanted everyone to own a home, wether they could afford it or not. les put the blame wherer it goes, i do not think Bush is the only one to blame. we cannot afford to have a SOCIALIST, PLO, MARXEST, RADICAL president. i say fire them all and elect all new members – every branch of govermnt.

  97. If only the people that voted for obama was affective than i say let them find out how he is, but the said truth is that we all pay for the stupidy of the people that voted for him. Our media is a joke it is the most bias, they protray obama as a god or something he is not even president yet and he already knows thing of our goverment that i don’t think he kneeds to know until he prooves that he is a natural born citizen. I believe this law suit should be going alot faster after all our consitution is at risk. It seems even our courts are trying to protect him where has our nation gone too. We only seem to have freedom if they want us too.

  98. Rod permalink

    “Another good point. Do you think Obama would have been allowed to join the US Senate if he wasn’t a citizen. ”

    Certainly! He didn’t show his birth certificate to anybody in Illinois either. Nobody’s seen it except his mom and some officials in Hawaii. NOBODY.

    Think about it — if he can be elected Prez without proving citizenship, why wouldn’t the same be true for Senators?

  99. Ted permalink

    Unavoidable scenario: If SCOTUS disqualifies Obama BEFORE 1/20/09 inauguration, McCain is POTUS per remaining electoral college electors; if SCOTUS disqualifies Obama after 1/20/09 inauguration, Hillary likely becomes POTUS per vote of Dem controlled House of Rep. Either way, is clear Obama will NOT be or remain POTUS.

  100. William Gebrosky permalink

    For him to be considered Natural Born, she had to live in Hawaii for ten straight years after her ninth birthday. then she could go to Kenya or anywhere else and have her baby and it becomes a Natural Born Citizen. The problem arises when she had Obama, she was seventeen and unable to legally abide by the Constitution and unable to decide his American Citizenship. Then she and Obama moved to Indonesia. Obama spent several years in school there. He could not go to their schools unless he was a Citizen of that country. His Citizenship must have been changed to be able to go to school. So we have relatives saying he was born in Kenya thus becoming a Kenyan Citizen. Being in school in Indonesia, makes him an Indonesian Citizen. Having and passing around a proven fake birth certificate from Hawaii does not make him American. If they find that he is a Kenyan or Indonesian birth, he can’t hold the office of President or Senator and without a visa, would be an illegal alien.

  101. Julie permalink

    What happened today?

  102. Mary permalink

    Even Obama’s website states he was a Kenyan citizen at one time. His Kenyan citizenship couldn’t possibly have expired, that is, if he never was a Kenyan citizen in the first place. He was a British subject at birth, as Obama’s website and openly explains. I also think there is something to them posting this so openly in the first place and I think so many people are overlooking this tidbit. It might seem dumb, on their part, but I don’t think Obama is dumb in the least bit. IMO it might be that he knew this would end up before the Supreme Court before he ever decided to run for President, no? His Hawaii bc is really a secondary issue.


    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

    Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”

  103. DoMaNo permalink

    If it is determined that Obama is unable to server as President and it is after the Electoral College vote, Biden (not McCain), becomes President. If it is determined prior to the Electoral College vote, the Electoral College will select someone else (Biden, Clinton, only time will tell).

  104. Bev permalink

    Has anyone found out anything from the verdict yet?

    I for one, want to see this lie dealt with. For those people who voted for him, who may have been caught up in the movement with no access to internet or television, I feel sorry for you.

    The media was so biased this election and no one but Fox news took the time to address this issue. However, that being said Fox has never re-addressed it.

    Where have all the good investigative reporters gone?

  105. Jamel Padgett permalink

    Please PRAY HARD AND KEEP PRAYING HARD the the the truth about Obama’s place of birth and any citizenship he held be powerfully exposed and if indeed he is ineligible, that he will be denied the presidency. Pray for people lke Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Greta Van Susteren, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt to realize the seriousness of this – to thoroughly investigate it and to help make it public. Them more thepublic becomes aware of this, the greater will be the pressure on the courts and federal electors to address the truth in a responsible way. .

  106. James Padgett permalink

    I would encourage you to do what I have done. Go to Sean Hannity’s website and both send him an email and enter a blog about the need for Fox News to do the responsible thing and publicize this incredibly important matter. Also send emials to O’Reilly ( Send one to Greta Van Susteren at “

  107. Ivan Butler permalink

    To get Obama deported to Nairobi and kept from becoming prez, tell all you know to go see the full page ad that ran in the November 16th edition of the Washington Times. This ad is on “”
    Tell them to click on the PDF at the bottom to see the ad clearly.
    I am very thankful for the work that both Andy Martin and Phil Berg in have done and are continuing to do . May they work together,for “together we stand – divided we fall.” They are both after the same thing.

  108. mak permalink

    obama isn’t legally a u.s. citizen only because hawai’i isn’t legally part of the united states! the overthrow of the hawaiian kingdom, annexation, and statehood we’re all illegal (even admitted by president clinton in 1993) which means hawaiian kingdom law still applies. therefore anyone born in hawai’i is a hawaiian national to the kingdom of hawai’i…not the u.s.!!!

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