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Andy Martin says the Obamas are the most vulgar, nouveau riche family to ever occupy the White House

January 16, 2009

Andy Martin criticizes Barack Obama for staging a $150 million “inauguration.” Andy says that Obama’s lavish spending will trigger resentment and reaction. Borrowing $150 million so Obama can strut around on January 20th is a disgrace to our nation. Obama should not be living the high life at a time when ordinary Americans are suffering economically. Martin says austerity should start at the White House and restrict the excesses of what is rapidly becoming the most vulgar presidency in history. Instead of mimicking Lincoln, Obama should be studying Lincoln, Martin says. Obama’s “Lincolnesque” behavior is a parody of our greatest president.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says, “The Obama’s are the most vulgar, nouveau riche family to ever occupy the White House. Our long national hangover is now beginning; we just don’t realize it yet”

Martin says, “Borrowing money from China to stage an inaugural party shows just how far removed from reality Barack Obama really is”

“In 2009, Barry Obama is so 2008; maybe he should sit down with Robert Rubin and Bernie Madoff and see where his hubris will lead him

“The Obamas are not the Huxtables,” says Andy

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”




(NEW YORK)(January 16, 2009) If you learned that your neighbors were planning to borrow $15,000, from you, to stage a birthday party, after they lost their jobs and their car needed fixing, you would be justifiably offended by your neighbor’s contempt for reality. Would you lend them the money for a party?

Over the next few days, the United States is going to borrow $150 million to “inaugurate” Barry Obama as “president” of the United States. Our great national hangover is now beginning; we just don’t yet realize it.

Long ago, I started out liking Barack and Michelle Obama. Then she did her “Obama means less” routine and showed her arrogant, obnoxious and racist side. I don’t care much for Michelle any more. For a long time I thought her husband Barry, was a sweet and decent person, even if I thought he was a total space cadet when it came to pubic policy. I called Obama the “world’s greatest entertainer.” John McCain took my phrase and turned it into the “word’s greatest celebrity.” We were both right.

I now find both Obamas rude, vulgar, nouveau riche and the wrong people for the times. They have lost touch with the zeitgeist.

Obama surfed into the White House in 2008 just as the world was slowly beginning to confront the reality of 2009: in the long run, borrowing money from your neighbors to stage a party creates ridicule, not admiration.

Barry says he is a “Lincoln president.” Well, as Senator Lloyd Bentsen would have said, “I knew Abe Lincoln and you’re no Abe Lincoln. You’re an African-American Bernie Madoff, a sweet and likeable con man that is likely to leave the nation with a historic hangover.”

Why am I so negative when the mainstream media are drugging the world with Obama propaganda? Because the media is using Obama the same way he is using them.

But someone ultimately has to pay the bills. That someone is you.

If I asked you to vote on whether we should borrow $150 million from China to “inaugurate” Obama, how many people would vote yes? How any Americans would be disgusted? But that’s what we are doing. We’re borrowing money from China to inaugurate Obama and no one even realizes the connection.

Why are U. S. media afraid to tell Americans the true cost of Barack Obama’s “hangover inauguration” on January 20th?

A couple of weeks ago a somewhat gauche Republican created a media kerfluffle when he distributed copies of a parody of Barack Obama as the “Magic Negro.” As often happens when someone missteps, the point was lost, on both the goofy Republican and on the media. The “Magic Negro” of Hollywood invention was actually a flattering term. A hero. A “savior.” Obama is none of those. Barack Obama is no savior.

Actually, before long, people will be attaching another less flattering racial epithet to Obama, and it will fit perfectly. Barack Obama’s causal attitude toward our money, and the way he is borrowing from the Chinese to feed his hunger for personal spectacle harkens back to a more biting racial stereotype. I won’t go there, but you know what I mean.

As someone who joined the civil rights movement in 1963, and whose college roommate was African-American at a time when that was unusual, I should be giddy with joy this weekend. I wish I were. I’m not. Why?

When the history of this era is written, America will be seen as living in the past, and electing a man for the past when we needed someone to lead us into an uncertain future.

What sticks in my craw is that this country is engaging in “business as usual” at a time when we need a leader—an Abraham Lincoln, really—that knows “business as usual” is over. Business as usual in 2008, before the collapse on Wall Street, before trillion-dollar deficits, before the challenges of the shaky future, is dead and gone. Clearly, Obama does not realize that fact. Yet. And the media won’t tell us. Yet.

Americans may have thought they were voting for the Huxtables. Wrong.

Obama had perfect pitch for 2008. He surfed into leadership. The problem is, he’s still surfing in the same direction while the rest of the world has reversed course.

You can argue with me if you wish, and I invite your reactions if you will, but here’s my take on 2009, and why I believe that the Obama family will prove to be the most vulgar family ever to occupy the White House. Obama’s parvenu ways will lead this nation to ridicule, embarrassment and even further world decline.

The logic of my views is not always apparent at the time, but I get paid to present a “contrarian” view. And that’s exactly how I feel right now, watching Obama’s excesses, the media’s concealment and the wolf at the door.

This year, we could approach a $2 TRILLION dollar deficit if current trends continue. We are borrowing money from abroad to support our profligate national lifestyle. The Chinese piano player downstairs in the lounge is saving his paycheck so we can borrow his money to have a party upstairs with the girls in the rooms that rent by the hour. How long can this go on?

So what kind of a president do we need? Lincoln? Yes.

Lincoln was a sparse, simple man. He brought a sense of dignity and restraint, and even a touch of melancholy, to the White House at a time when the nation was sundered. There was no time for partying.

The vulgar Obamas are so out of touch they can’t even make up their minds which “designer dog” to bring into their household. Please.

“The people have no bread,” Empress Marie Antoinette was told. “Why don’t they eat cake,” she replied. At a time when most people are finding it difficult to feed their dogs, and abandoning their pets to animal shelters, a family that can’t even make up its mind over which costly pooch to purchase is very much out of sync with the radically altered zeitgeist of 2009.

Back to borrowing money to stage a party.

You need to go to the London newspapers to find out how much Obama’s binge next week is costing taxpayers.
United States media are afraid to put a total tab on Obama’ excesses.

What kind of an example does a leader set when he borrows $150 million from foreign countries (who are, after all, financing our deficit) to stage a party for himself? Chinese leaders must be laughing. At us. Barack Obama? Or Idi Amin?

In October I was excoriated by the hard left media from the New York Times on down for saying on Sean Hannity’s America, “If you love Hugo Chavez, you’ll love Barry Obama.” I was more accurate in my prediction than perhaps even I realized. Chavez is spending Venezuela into poverty; Obama is next in line to become a Chavista.

What we needed for 2009 was a president who said simply and truthfully, “At a time of economic distress, when Americans are suffering, and when current indications are the economy will get worse before it gets better (Obama’s own words), we need to cut spending, starting with the White House, and starting with my own inauguration.

“I have asked President Bush to cut back on plans to spend large sums for my inauguration. We will scale down the security and pull in our perimeter. I have asked my friends and supporters to plan for a modest celebration. January 20th should be a day of prayer and supplication, not crass celebration and contempt for financial reality.

“We will begin out austerity program at the White House, where Michele and I will carefully scrutinize every expense and seek to reduce the cost of the presidency. We will use Air Force One less often, and cut back on lavish entertaining and unnecessary pomp.”

Obama isn’t making that speech. He is, sadly, going in the direction of the African-American stereotype that acts “enriched” by nonexistent and illusory wealth. At a time when we need modesty and restraint, he is pulling out all the stops. For himself.

Last month Obama went to Hawaii and stayed-at someone’s expense, not his own—in a $3000 a day rental complex. He was too “big” to buy his own airplane ticket for his own “vacation.” Someone had to pay for a private jet. When he “had” to move to Washington few days earlier for his daughters’ sake, he took the entire floor of a luxury hotel, again at someone else’s expense, instead of more modest lodgings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new expression, and a new challenge, for “Barry O,” our zoot-suited leader at a time when we need a country pastor: “What Would Lincoln Do?”

I worked for a U. S. Senator who lived in a modest home in Northwest Washington. I still remember the address and the phone number: 2909 Davenport street, NW.

I knew the late Senator Paul Simon when, to use Obama’s Bill Ayers phrase, Obama was only four years old. Paul Simon was a Lincoln scholar and a very modest man.

Lincoln? Would Lincoln have borrowed $150 million from China to stage his inauguration? Come on. Lincoln is turning in his grave every time Obama misuses and abuses Lincoln’s memory with more falsification and fabrication.

There is something drastically wrong with us. No one will stand up (except maybe my own lonely voice) and say “How can we justify spending $150 million on an “inauguration” at a time when we are borrowing $2 trillion to pay our daily bills? How? Have we lost all sense of shame? Have we abandoned any connection with reality?

Do we still secretly think we are the world’s only “superpower?” Are we addicts to our own illusions who have contempt for the reality of the rest of the world? It appears so.

No sensible family would borrow money to stage a party at a time when neighbors know the same people are borrowing money to pay for their groceries. We are borrowing money, and Barack Obama plans to borrow more money, to pass out groceries to people he says don’t have enough to eat. We are selling “bonds” to pay the gas and light bill. And Obama is borrowing $150 million to throw a party for himself at a time when we are unofficially stealing from our grandchildren by saddling them with an immeasurable debt that will catapult this great nation into perpetual poverty.

Yes, we needed a “change” in 2008, only we didn’t yet know what kind of change. We didn’t yet know the markets were going to change; we didn’t yet know our retirement plans were going to change. We didn’t yet know banks would fail and more and more people would lose their jobs. We didn’t yet know we would be asking foreign governments to finance our daily expenses, and our daily excesses.

There was a hint of what lay ahead, but not enough of a big, bad picture to scare us into rethinking our November 5th priorities. We needed a leader. We didn’t get one. We got a freeloader.

We got Barry Obama.

And we got what we deserved: the most vulgar, uncouth and arrogant family ever to occupy the White House.

We got what we deserved because of our contempt for humanity, in borrowing money for years. We were spending money we didn’t have to finance national and international binges in order to satisfy our egotistical sense of overweening nationality. Now we have Michelle and Barack, who are saying “let them eat cake” when they spend $150 million to stage a party for themselves.

In the 1980’s, real estate speculator Gerald Gutterman rented the Queen Elizabeth II ocean liner to stage a bar mitzvah for his children. His excesses drew ridicule and heralded the end of that era of excess. Likewise several “big macher” hedge fund operators have recently enjoyed lavish million-dollar-plus birthday parties. Their excesses proved to be the end of their own era.

Sam Zell, he of Chicago, recently staged a vulgar birthday party for himself after buying the Chicago Tribune, and promptly filed for bankruptcy. From birthday excesses to bankruptcy? Sammy? We hardly knew ye. Sam, of course, was also spending other peoples’ money, the retirement savings of his employees.

Obama clearly has many good role models for vulgarity and corruption in Chicago. “Screw the People” should be engraved on City Hall, the County Building and the State Capitol.

In time, Obama’s $150 million inauguration will be seen in the same light: out of touch with reality, vulgar, overextended and contemptuous of the American people.

The Obama era will not end well. The disaster begins on January 20th.

As for myself, I am going out and buying a cake. Michelle has already warned us. We won’t have cake around much longer. For us anyway. By the time Obama is through with us, this nation will be impoverished. Cake will be a luxury most of us can no longer afford.

We will probably realize that fact too late. Too late to change from vulgarity to reality. Too late to get rid of Obama. I’m just a little “too early” right now. I’m out of step with Obama’s parade.

I know what Lincoln would say about my fears and concerns.
“Thank God somebody stood up and told the truth.”

The Obamas? They think they’re “rich.” Only they’re spending your retirement dollars, your hard-earned tax dollars to throw a party for themselves. They are spending other-peoples-money. Yours.

Have a party. The long national hangover begins on January 21st.

P. S. Bernie Madoff is still living in a $7 million dollar New York penthouse, “on bail.” Courtesy of his victims. After admitting to stealing $50 billion dollars. America. It’s a great country. Madoff and Obama. Perfect together.

Readers of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, say the book is still the only gold standard and practical handbook on Barack Obama’s unfitness for the presidency. Buy it.
Book orders: or Immediate shipment from or signed copies (delayed for signing) from the publisher are available.
URGENT APPEAL: The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama is raising money to oppose President-elect Barack Obama.
Please give generously. Our ability to fight and defeat Barack Obama is directly dependent on the generosity of every American.
“The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama has no bundlers, no fat cats and no illegal contributions. Obama is opposed to everything America stands for,” says Executive Director Andy Martin. “But while Obama has raised almost a billion dollars, his opponents have raised virtually nothing. Americans can either contribute now, or pay later. If we do not succeed, Obama will.”
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting experience in radio and television. He is currently based in on the East Coast promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. His columns are also posted at; Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, see or

MEDIA CONTACT: (866) 706-2639 or CELL (917) 664-9329
E-MAIL: [NOTE: We frequently correct typographical errors and additions/subtractions on our blogs, where you can find the latest edition of this release.]
© Copyright by Andy Martin 2009


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  1. Lil in AZ permalink

    Thanks Andy, I especially enjoyed this article. From the time I first started paying attention to him I’ve said that Obama is clearly arrogant and so exceedingly pretentious he seems irrational. His illogical obsessions speak loudly to me as well. Never in my many years have I seen anyone run for office who so obviously felt entitled.

    I fear we’re in for a very much rougher time. I continue to contact my legislators but the derangement seems to be contagious.

    I hope our nation survives, but given its current state I’m not optimistic.

  2. Yankee permalink

    Thank goodness there’s an Andy, although kept from major media, where he needs the stage. I too have been sickened at this vulgar excess! God knows, if you dare to remark on it –mindless camp followers act as if you’ve attacked the Second Coming and are a ‘racist – bigoted – and filled with hate’. Depending where you stand in history – it appears that the FEW still capable of critical – cognitive thinking / the one who questions is ‘racist – unpatriotic – un-American – a communist etc’.

    I lived in Gettysburg for several years/ and Andy is right, Obama is no Lincoln. In the early evening twilight I would (after tourists left) go to the spot in the graveyard, where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. I would bet you, that this is NO longer taught or memorized in school! I’d walk the same steps he took from the train station to the hotel -where he stayed on the square. It was a unique experience of reverence for the ‘man’. How dare anybody / having never visited the Lincoln memorial, until it became politically advantageous, pretend to emulate this him!

    MONEY: My God, I keep thinking daily ( Andy’s unspoken epithet comes to mind), what are these people thinking/ or are they? A dumb designer dog a top news story! Forgotten, the tears of New Orleans at the number of pets having to be left behind! Today’s jobless and homeless!! An approximate 7 million out of work (millions of foreclosures) and they’re having a designer ( costing thousands) playground built on White House grounds!

    Children meantime, play in Super 8 motel parking lots. (dad’s job sent overseas). I think of Michele wearing $450 designer boots,when supposedly digging a ‘garden’. Please – a photo -op and nothing more. At a Soup Kitchen in Washington recently, she wore $526 SNEAKERS. I think of my friend who can’t afford the $300 medicine she needs! YOU don’t do this – if you’re the least bit sympathetic towards the impoverished! God – who knew they made sneakers that cost this much?

    President Obama is using Air Force One like a golf cart!! On EARTH DAY –he used enough gas, as I figured it out, to last my husband and myself 100 YEARS. He did this to give some stupid town hall – ‘I’m So Great speech- everything is coming up roses’. His trip to Las Vegas/ California (fund raiser – unbelievable) cost taxpayers some $258,000, not counting the thousands for Cargo planes, that follow with armored car – secret service cars etc!

    Since they’ve caught the ‘golden ring’ – it appears to be party time, in an environment of despair – job losses – foreclosure -perpetual $ war -and plant closings epidemic. Common sense might tell you, to ‘low ball’ it – materialistically and money wise! Not so!

    You’d have thought an American Idol had been elected – or this family had won the 200 million lotto! Every week now – there’s entertainment night. Being the ‘President’; a snap of the fingers, has Stevie Wonder entertaining or a group of gladiator sports stars – chomping down (TRUE) on $150.00 per lb (all they eat in Washington) KOBE beef (steaks) from Japan!

    Though they kept it hush hush during the campaign – they brought their CHEF Gus with them to the White House (to join the others). Hundreds of thousands are being spent, on designer wear (unless they’re giving them to Michele?) with the kiddies dressed to the nines, in designer clothes.

    Again hushed up – the children also attended an elite private school in Chicago ($32,000). Michele lamented to worn out Ohio women, whose husbands were unemployed steel workers (plants shipped to China – South America – Japan), that she ‘understood their worries. She told them of how it was costing her and Barack, $10,000 a year for music and ballet classes, and that didn’t include summer camp! Many seniors try to exist on $10,000 a year – cutting pills in half or not taking them at all.

    She didn’t elaborate on how (before Barack became US Senator) they could afford, a $1.6 million mansion? Records since have shown (not on media) that until they caught the ‘golden ring’; they were living well beyond their means – well beyond. But then –with Barack being heralded as, ‘world savior – messiah – etc’ Michele got a 263% increase in wages – to an astounding $316,000!

    Her job at Chicago University Hospital was to refer the down and out – impoverished – uninsured to OTHER Chicago hospitals. Meantime – least we forget,with our national Alzheimers – the White House Auto Task Force has ‘mandated’; that auto workers ( $26.00 per hr) give up their ‘greedy’ lifestyles / to $14.00 per hr – with new hires, to consist of temps and part time with NO pensions – no health care – no vacations – no overtime.

    In a nutshell, the days of the robber barons – with slave wages, and the old (work force) company housing has returned. WHO will be able to afford a home – a car – their children’s education – anything on $14.00 an hr? The example from the White House meantime – is “Let’em eat dog food”. Off they went to a Hawaiian vacation (now a Hawaiian presidential compound is being set up – our expense- for the Obama’s to get out of dreary Washington in the summer) to rest up after the campaign.

    Meantime, the President advises, that we have ‘shared sacrifice – and that people go to community college to follow that NEW career’. RIGHT!

    Unemployed – the utilities shutting off your lights – $6.38 per day food stamps, leaving ya hungry – no money for gas or heat& mom’s going back to college! This detached indifference enrages me. NONE of these folks (including Michele) have suffered the back breaking work in a steel mill – textile plant – logger – paper mill et al. Michele’s father had a good job at the water plant and they lived in a neat (better than I grew up in) brick home. Nobody faults this –just don’t invent hardship, to identify with minority folks. Michele had a wonderful upbringing.

    Barack attended an exclusive private school in Hawaii – then Occidental College – Columbia – and Harvard. All of this cost bucks! Since records are sealed – who knows whether it was his mom (working for USAID-Ford Foundation for decades) or his VP banker Grandmother or ??? that footed these expenses? President Obama stated in Egypt, that education denied to women = inequality. HUH? While he (Dugan Sec of Education) recently pulled the rug out of some 1,900 Washington DC kids ( including numerous females) by canceling the Voucher Program.

    Back they go to the chaotic (teach to test) decaying – D.C. public schools. See: ‘Candidates Feel Our Pain – Judith Moriarty’ online / SEE first hand the (photo essay) astounding private schools, that Washington politicians and CEOs kids attend. So much for the young girls (D.C.) who had been attending Sidwell with the Obama children – NO chance of a DECENT education for them!!

    Note how this didn’t make the nightly news! These children, in the time they did attend, advanced two years/ little wonder since public schools are mere behavior modification centers with change agents (Ritalin for the brighter – creative kids) to ready them for that prison – Walmart – Home Depot – Wigget Factory – Military position. Ya don’t need computer science labs – literature – languages – art, music, theater , or school field trips abroad for these!!

    The hamburger, that Obama and Biden hankered for (drove to Virginia), cost us $15,000! The Obama’s trip home for Valentine’s Day, cost us $246,908 – It costs approx $56,518 per hr. to travel around in Air Force One – and $6,960 for the C-17 which carries the armored $$$ limo (too bad the guys in war never had this armor) and secret service SUVS.

    This doesn’t include the salaries of all these men – nor the salaries for local police for security. Who cares how (all downtown shut down – wherever he travels) many citizens are inconvienced. We’re supposed to be enthralled (ahhhh!) that they’re out on a DATE (our expense). The media reported that they ‘needed this – they deserved it’.

    Due to (even with insurance) thousands in medical costs (spinal canal tumor), my husband and I haven’t gone on a “date” (theater – out to eat exclusive restaurant), since I don’t know when? DESERVE IT! For God’s sakes, they live in a 132 room mansion – beautiful grounds/gardens – an indoor pool – theater – bowling alley – 6 chefs – organic beef from Japan (we get beef injected with antibiotics/ growth hormones etc).

    They have Camp David – a wonderland in the mountains, complete with tennis courts – pool etc…and they ‘deserve it’? Last month (imagine) Barack had a guy fly in from Missouri, with his pizza dough/ sauce for one of his ‘entertainment nights’. With a kitchen full of chefs and numerous Washington D.C. pizza places! The Kennedy Theater – would be a lot cheaper/ and not inconvenience multitudes, including theater goers, who were tied up over an hr with searches!!

    As for the inauguration this was a travesty! Like Andy I agree, that due to the extremity of the times – a small tasteful ceremony could have been held – and not numerous balls etc. As it was (ridiculous) thousands who spent needed monies – NEVER got to see the ceremony, what with the insanity of blocked streets and searches, of (PLEASE) of these thousands!

    Just last week, Geithner was in China – BEGGING for more MONEY – more money to air drop to the banksters – insurance etc; who swindled tens of thousands, out of their pensions/ JOBS! More money for the military industrial complex (14billion per month) in the perpetual war of Pakistan – Iraq – Afghanistan!

    The newest outrage, is this trip to Paris (following President Obama), of his mother in law – wife and children. They feel its important to expose their children to world travel – culture (our expense). They will be staying (wife – mother in law – children) on for a week to shop Paris / see its famous sites et al. Recall when Hillary took Chelsea to Africa (two loaded planes) which cost us an approximate $3 million. I don’t care / Republican or Democrat; nor whether one is a purple – transgender – atheist – cigar chomping – Bud drinking Eskimo / it is unconscionable to spend the PEOPLE’S money in this VULGAR irresponsible manner!

    CLOSING: I cannot contain my anger – over this/ but where to put it – whom to tell? The Corporate Hucksters now hold the keys – President Obama, is merely the MC of the USS TITANIC sequel. While they plunder the treasury – and indenture the nation to China in un-payable debt / shopping – doing Paris – building a Hawaiian White House get away —-we are trapped in steerage, listening to the muted laughter and music.

    I too, should have been giddy over Barack’s election. But let’s face it –all Blacks just as all Whites are not equal. President Obama has kept himself far removed from the ghetto Blacks; in their decaying government housing. The media would have you think that ALL Blacks are welfare cheats – drug addicts – prostitutes -pimps etc.

    NOT! Working for years in the inner city, I saw first hand, the hopes/dreams of hard working minorities (never shown by media) – Visiting their ill tended (gov officials) projects – the apts were spotless. Meantime social agencies, receiving millions – spent it on themselves.

    Of course, there are Black drunks – drug addicts etc —there are just as many, if not more, Whites. IF you are wealthy/ well connected, you are not a drunk/ addict, but are have the disease of alcoholism or substance abuse; therefore (like Al Gore’s son etc) deserving of a month at a $45,000 exclusive clinic NOT jail. If a star/ politician you go to the Betty Ford clinic. Money hides a multitude of sin (crimes).

    Try as I might, with young Blacks – begging to work, citizens are unaware, that many of these jobs are now held by (imported) guest workers ( hundreds of thousands thanks to Congress). Their schools are atrocious, with monies siphoned off to suburban schools. Our Sec of Education, admitted he would not send his kids to Washington schools – but instead choose well financed – spacious grounds – sports, northern Virginian – elusive schools for his kids.

    While Washington spends money like a drunken sailor or Brinks robbers —I think of the numerous TENT cities, from Seattle – Hawaii – Florida – California etc. I think of those, whose plants closed (sent overseas) living in dreary motel rooms/ and the little boy (CNN) hiding food under the bed – because they were running out.

    I think of the WWII 93 veteran in his well maintained – sparsely furnished Michigan home, found FROZEN to death/ with the electric shut off! They found envelopes on his kitchen table with money paper clipped to each bill.

    I think of kids sleeping in cars ( no culture for them), parents who can’t afford (highest in world) needed medicines for their children – of those (CNN) people who have died on the floors of ER rooms/ made to wait 10-12 hrs /some 24 hrs. What outrage would there be, if this was 84 year old Baraba Bush, who got a heart valve replacement – or Bill Clinton, with his (grease filled arteries) quadruple by pass operation? But then – along with the President (family) they have PRIVATE doctors – PRIVATE hospitals – and (unlike unemployed workers) FULL coverage (free eyeglasses – prescriptions – dental) that they take this coverage with them after leaving office. WE pay – ALL these Health Benefits for Washington —-thus we have (they’ll be no affordable health plan) Survival of the Richest.

    If you or I stepped into our yards each morning, and found ourselves knee deep in $100 dollar bills – would there be any worry about home heating – utility costs – gas – best of food? This is Washington —they have no problem, spending taxpayer dollars/ by the bucket! They are totally detached from work a day Americans. The greatest sin towards your fellow man is not hate – but indifference/ and that’s what we’ve got.

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