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Barack Obama to gays and lesbians: “step to the back of the bus”

January 20, 2009

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says, “Barack Obama is a master manipulator; gays and lesbians just got a taste of what all of us can expect in the days ahead”

“Where have you gone Bishop Robinson? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. ..Jesus loves you more than you will know”

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Gay Bishop is spiked from Obama’s HBO concert; what’s the story?

Obama reacts to criticism from

“Triangulation is back,” says Andy Martin

“Obama started by stabbing the gays; all of us are next.”

“Where have you gone Bishop Robinson? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. ..Jesus loves you more than you will know”

(CHICAGO)(January 19, 2009) Well at least we know Obama & Co. reads

Sunday morning I posted a blistering attack on Barack Obama for featuring an “Episcopal Bishop” who is not representative of the Episcopal Church and who is a very polarizing figure in his denomination.

Within hours after our criticism appeared, the polarizing bishop was on his way to the North Pole. Bishop Gene Robinson was erased from the nationally televised concert that Obama presented on HBO (Obama’s campaign sold rights to HBO for cash). People tuned in to see the bishop’s prayer; he was not to be seen on HBO.

(Full disclosure; I am also an Episcopalian. I have a good friend who is a priest; he serves under Bishop Robinson and calls him an absolutely delightful man.)

“Where have you gone Bishop Robinson? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. ..Jesus loves you more than you will know” (Simon & Garfunkel)

Captain Obama says it a little differently: “Gays and lesbians, step to the back of the bus.”

Obama, ever the gentleman, no longer throws people under the bus. In his new administration, people just “step to the back of the bus.” In a throwback to the Soviet era, when pictures were airbrushed to remove deposed party members, Obama just erases people from televised events by erasing them from the televised portions of the event. Gays and lesbians were the first to be relocated; they will not be the last.

The Robinson kerfuffle stated Sunday afternoon and by Monday afternoon the story had reached the Obama-adulatory Chicago Sun-Times, which reported Robinson’s removal from the national broadcast per order of the new Fuhrer Obama,,cathleen-falsani-column-bishop-invocation-012009.article

No one has been more loyal to Obama than gays and lesbians (today collectively the “GLBT” community). So what goes?

Well, we begin with the hub bub when Obama asked Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation to the inauguration ceremonies on Tuesday. That caused a stir because Warren has opposed gay and lesbian rights and Proposition 8 in California. Bishop Robinson himself condemned Warren.

Then, Obama announced Bishop Robinson would deliver a prayer. Robinson’s prayer was to be a gesture towards symmetry, having the gay priest balance out Warren’s anti-gay controversy. Apparently not. Warren will be nationally televised as part of the inauguration. Robinson was only heard by those present at the HBO concert. He may be viewed on YouTube another media that are making an issue of his exclusion.

I have been a critic of Obama since day one. Unlike Grandpa John McCain, Obama has not invited me to a dinner in my honor. They only do that for toothless old folk. McCain may be egotistical enough to think he can work with Obama; McCain obviously learned nothing from his smashing defeat: If you don’t fight Obama and stand up for your principles, he’ll run right over you. McCain has gone from being the Republican Party’s presidential candidate to a painful embarrassment in less than three months. (If Obama does offer to buy me a meal, I am going to insist on a food taster before I take a bite.)

Triangulation is back. During the Clinton years, “triangulation” received a bad reputation because the Clintons were always “triangulating” between left and right. Triangulation was equated with unprincipled manipulation. Obama is now following the same old Clinton playbook.

Obama throws a bone to the right; then he throws a bone to the left. First the gays; then the anti-gays. With every controversial issue, Obama will be on every side and all sides. That approach is not leadership. Obama’s lifelong tactics are a prescription for paralysis. America: get ready to be paralyzed.

Obama and his minions, of course, are obsessed with and this editor. We speak the truth, and we don’t bow to Obama, whether he offers to buy us dinner, a la McCain, or not. My criticism of allowing Bishop Robinson to stand as a representative of the Episcopal Church, which he obviously is not, stung. Within hours of my criticism, Robinson’s role had been moved “off-camera.”

GLBTs thought they would have a prominent role in the inauguration. Obama quickly and “unceremoniously” erased their place in his ceremonies.

Who’s next to be marginalized, sidelined or erased? Triangulation, anyone?

“Remember Bishop Robinson” is my new cry. I may not always agree with the good bishop, but I deplore the shabby way in which he was treated by Obama & Co.

P. S. I will not be watching.
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One Comment
  1. Yankee permalink

    I did not vote for Obama. Mainly because I am not part of the Messiah worshiping herd – believing any and all tripe in the marketing of a President! I researched every jot and tiddle they were attributing to him. Having worked in the inner city for years (mainly minorities) I was first appalled at his lame attempts (whites naively duped) to be BLACK/ pretending to (for votes) to identify with their plight.

    NO his PhD mom with VP banker president mother (Hawaii) was NOT on food stamps. NO his mother was NOT a Christian – she prided herself (didn’t hide it) on her athetism. NO his ‘white’ grandparents were NOT sometimes Baptists or Methodists. I am FULLY convinced (especially in Hawaii) that his grandmother did NOT feel threatened by any Black man at busstop.

    Please! NO he was no great shakes, at being an organizer (his life changed!!). It is my feeble opinion putting everything together that this was nothing more than resume building. Unlike our Dr.King – Obama lived in a gated -condo community during this 3yr stint – far from those that supposedly changed his life. NO he didn’t identify with or help one out of work steel worker. He failed at the jobs fair/ and then at ridding the projects of asbestos.

    NO he wasn’t paid a pittance ( just for probational period) – then made a GOOD salary for the 80s. NO his mother (who left him at nine with Hawaiian grandparents) was not wrestling with INSURANCE (between jobs!). Fact is she worked for (years) USAID/Ford Foundation. She returned (with cancer) in ’94 and died in ’95.

    Her only son, did not have the time to visit her once! He was too busy running for state senate/ and selling his book!! His mother had the BEST of care at Sloan Kettering. Her VP bank president mom and Indonesian daughter were with her constantly! Plus – WHY would a dying woman with a Harvard graduate son ever need to bother over any insurance paperwork! I don’t believe for a second that (no writings of his to be had) he wrote Dreams of My Father/ lauded by Time as being so terrific!

    One doesn’t simply (first writing) become this First Rate author. It was Bill Ayers ( much of the metaphors he uses are in Obama’s book). Just like Hillary NEVER wrote It Takes a Village (female professor wrote it). HOW did (she’s mentioned in his book) his aunt come here from Kenya in 2000 and IMMEDIATELY get into Sec 8 housing/ welfare etc. As a social worker I can tell you that people wait 8-10 years!

    WHY does he have any relative living as a welfare recipient? Especially since he and Michele, cleared some $4.2 mill in 2006! WHY is his brother (or half brother) George, living in a SHACK (Kenya) on a dollar a week with sewage running down the town’s street? WHY? WHY is the entire Clinton team back in Washington? WHY are the SAME (Summers – Rubin – Geithner etc) shysters who are responsible for our financial meltdown now in top positions?

    How does a man (records sealed) whom we know little (except media lies) about, with a mere 141 days as a junior Senator, catapulted to the position of world leader? How does a woman (his wife) receive a $200,000 raise (Chicago Univ Hospital) making her salary $316,000 – when he hit the big time (elected US Senator)?

    WHY did they (media) low ball the $1.6 MILLION mansion (1000 bottle wine cellar) they lived in – the private school (cost $34,000) their daughters attended/ with Michele complaining to bedraggled wives of unemployed steel workers (Ohio), that she identified with their plight having to spend $10,000 a year for dancing, music lessons for the girls/ not including thousands for camp! He has reneged on ever campaign promise thus far.

    Though I am against gay marriage/ and FOR all inclusive civil contracts – I am not surprised that he’s thrown gays under the bus. Truth be known though – GAY ministers outshine supposed ‘real’ ministers by a 1000% ! They have the empathy Obama wanted in a Supreme Court justice!! Dumb!

    Most disappointed are Blacks – really! How pathetic – they really thought they had a champion for their deplorable treatment (medical – housing – education – jobs). NOT! NOT announced on the major media was his recent reneging on vouchers in Washington D.C. (some 1,900 kids altogether) through is Sec of Education!

    These kids had advanced two years / once they got out of the decaying chaotic Washington schools!! How excited they all were – with parents taking on two three jobs to PAY for extras it takes for private education. Some of these kids had attended SIDWELL (Obama children attend – some $34,000 single tuition).

    This is criminal. WHERE are the Black ministers/politicians on this travesty? He’s thrown the union guys (piss on pensions – decent pay – health care) under the bus – piss on reviewing NAFTA —on and on. He’s pathologically deceptive/ but then one has to wonder what ‘real’ deals (not the election – a sham) were made behind closed doors with the world’s Shadow Leaders (who call all the shots).

    Maybe he was shown a movie of Christmas Future? What it could look like ( opulent living – big $ – best of living – everyone bowing and scraping to you – set for life etc) OR —one term as a US Senator / then he and his wife back to Chicago trying to irk out a meager living (Michele fired from hospital job) in some storefront law office.

    Hey – some folks sell their souls for a helluva lot less (my feeble opinion). Just wait – things are going to get worse/ especially with that vulgar Emanuel as his chief of staff, and major advisers/ Kissinger – Albright – Brezenski etc. At least (I surmise) people should be awakening to the fact – that it doesn’t matter what party is doing its bizarre theater in Foggy Bottom / Corporate Hogs are now calling the shots. STOP writing to your Congressman/ they are mere flunkies – no different than us except for better pay – observe pensions – and the best of health care (their perks for selling their souls).

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