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Is Barack Obama killing affirmative action by his incompetence in the White House?

February 12, 2009

Obama author and critic Andy Martin says Barack Obama is a great entertainer but a lousy leader

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin on the day affirmative action died in the White House

‘Bye, bye Obama Pie”

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Andy Martin says the media elected Barack Obama; media branded anyone who questioned Obama’s qualifications a “racist”

Now we are stuck with an “Affirmative Action President” who is incompetent to lead, in effect the “Bush III” people voted against

Part One of a two-part series

(NEW YORK)(February 12, 2009) America’s great national experiment with affirmative action in the White House is over. Barack Obama is a failure.

Democratic Party bigwig Geraldine Ferraro was the first person to state openly in 2008 that Barack Obama would not have been taken seriously as a candidate for president of the United States if he was a white man. Ferraro was pilloried for her remarks that the media were promoting an African-American candidate for a position for which he was totally unqualified.

During the campaign, Obama constantly played the “race card” himself, while falsely accusing the hapless John McCain of doing the same. McCain might have won if he had presented a coherent reason why voting on the basis of race could endanger the nation. McCain was too incompetent a national candidate to do so. Americans were left to be intimidated by Obama’s claim he “didn’t look like” the pictures of people on our currency.

Those of us who have been victims of affirmative action know what a pernicious policy it is. People are promoted to positions for which they lack training and experience. Obama became our first “affirmative action president.”

The result is what Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker calls an embarrassing “Amateur Hour” in Washington.

My guess is that Obama’s increasingly demonstrated incompetence will be a serious setback for race relations in America.

Parker notes that people “kept their fingers crossed” when they voted, because Obama lacked a record or a resume of leadership. Voters “tried to pretend [experience] didn’t really matter.”

But the media were intent on electing an African-American, and they succeeded in foisting Obama on the United States at a time when competence, not charisma, was our crucial need.

Of course, I may be labeled a racist by the Obama echo-chamber for raising the issue of affirmative action at this time. Anyone who stands up to Obama risks being smeared by the media, by Obama’s wealthy supporters and by the gaggle of Hugo Chavez-style bully boys that supports Obama. But demanding outstanding experience and demonstrated competence in the presidency is a race-neutral point of view.

The American people are now doomed to endure at least four years of racist-inspired rhetoric from the “bully pulpit” of the Oval Office, from a man who lacks the authority and credibility to speak to the crises we face.

But why were the media obsessed with electing a black? Obsession is not too strong a word. Media refused to investigate Obama’s past, or his convoluted family history. Even today no one has seen Obama’s original typewritten 1961 birth certificate. He has gone to great lengths to prevent the release of that document. What is he hiding?

Likewise, people were afraid to call Obama “Barack Hussein Obama” until after the election, when Obama himself insisted on being addressed with “Hussein” in the middle (John McCain are you reading, or have you already nodded off?).

When I stated the truth, namely that Obama came from a Muslim family background, I was attacked on the front page of the New York Times.

Bill Ayers? More smears from the media. Fox News and Sean Hannity were forced to commit sepukku for allowing me to summarize what was known and unknown about Obama’s links to radicals and extremists. No one wanted to learn the truth about Obama. No one wanted to probe the character and psychology of a man who would be thrust into a position of unbelievable stress and responsibility (more on this in Part Two). Even today, Obama’s supporters deny that his “stimulus package” is a thinly disguised plan to deconstruct America and impose step-by-step socialism on the American people. Bill Ayers is smiling. He could have written Obama’s “recovery” proposal; maybe he did.

When’s investigative task force landed in Hawaii last October, we were the first (and so far the only) media investigative team to begin a serious look at who Obama really is. The mainstream media only appeared in Honolulu when Obama went swimming or on “vacation” in luxury accommodations. Otherwise, “please don’t bother us with the facts” was the media’s mantra.

Now we have the real, unvarnished Obama, flailing about, threatening, attacking. Obama turns out to be precisely the opposite kind of person people thought they had voted for. As Parker points out, Obama felt that the White House was too confining, after two weeks. Maybe he wants to head for the surf in Hawai’i again?

I became Obama’s first critic, way back in 2004. He never fooled me. I have never denied “Barry O” is “easy company,” to use Parker’s phrase. He would probably be fun to have as a neighbor. But a national leader? Please. My book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask,” was the first to explore the “mask” of Barack Hussein Obama and what it would mean if he was elected. It was all there is broad daylight. But there are “none so blind as those who will not see, none so deaf as those who will not listen.” Maybe America is listening now. Maybe not yet.

Obama fooled the American people. But, most of all, he may have fooled himself. His incompetence is going to set back race relations by decades. What George Bush did to discredit WASPS Obama will do to African-Americans.

Affirmative action, anyone?

NEXT: The Pilot and the President
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Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting experience in radio and television. He is currently based in New York promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.

His columns are also posted at;
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© Copyright by Andy Martin 2009.


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One Comment
  1. jessix permalink

    Why didin’t you go after the facts that can be verified?

    Muslim: A child born to a Muslim father is a Muslim.
    Jew: A child born to a Jewish mother is a Jew.

    What happens if a child is born to a Jewish mother and a Muslim father?

    All kidding aside, what facts did you try to cirulate? What about his hidden Columbia Transcript?

    In this transcript is everything needed to disprove Barack Obama the perfect candidate. He graduated from Coloumbia in 1983, WITHOUT HONORS! How then did he get accepted to Harvard School of Law? Last time I looked a GPA over 3.6 plus top scores on the LSAT exam were required for Harvard.

    You were right on. We have a BONA FIDE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PRESIDENT! I seem to recall he never denied he was Affirmative Action. The press never followed this up. You just gave a summary of what Affirmative Action is. You didn’t explain what that means to a student like Obama, who isn’t qualified for the job he’s onsidered for.

    Michelle Obama is also Affirmative Action. She’s also bright, well qualified, and ran rings around her classmates. She didn’t need to be excused from taking her required courses or from the LSAT exam as are many other affirmative action pre-law students.

    Barack Obama is barely literate. He cannot speak candidly or without he teleprompter. He cannot put together three sentences without grammatical errors. Have you ever met a lawyer who cannot speak?

    He does not have the hooks of intelligence or of prior learning on which to hang or process new information.

    He was appointed as President of the Harvard Law Revue. Affirmative action, started the year before, waived GPAs and allowed students to submit compositions instead of grades

    A dumb educator assumed he was like the prior Review Presidents and gave him a job as instructor, teaching constitutional Law. (He obviously doesn’t know the subject).

    Bill Ayers, prolific writer and now esteemed educator instead of terrorist, wrote his last book for him. Check the other 30 or 40 books written by Ayers to see they are all written by the same person – NOT Obama!

    Besides the above information, the rest of this man is revealed in his Columbia transcript which remains successfully hidden. Revealing this transcript would verify his unsuitability.

    Transcript will show:
    (1) IQ: he’s STUPID, NOT smart at all!
    (2) Attended Columbia as a Foreign Exchange student – on scholarship. To verify this he would have to present his BIRTH CERTIFICATE or PASSPORT, both of which show his place of birth.
    (3) Courses taken towards degree and grades
    (4) Courses forwarded from previous colleges and grades, if accepted for credit towards Columbia degree.
    (5) A picture of the person who attended Columbia and took classes as Barack Obama (or as Barry Soetoro, or Steve Dunham)

    More information will be exposed; what’s above is more than enough to enlighten the public.

    As a “conspiracy theorist” I’m not certain all that would be enough to remove the man from office. He’s the perfect candidsate – no identity
    (“I’m a mirror in which people see what they want to see”)

    How did such a perfect candidate come to be? He took exactly the correct path at exactly the right time. His friends when he first came to NY from Hawaii were accomplished educators – did they write the affirmative action programs? He hit Harvard Law just as it adopted their affirmative action. He isn’t smart enough on his own to know exactly what path to take to enhance his appearance to run for public office. Would he know how to disqualify his opponents for the Chicago Senate race?

    If he is really a Trojan Horse or Manchurian Candidate, we have worse trouble than we can imagine.

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