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Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin supports Dubai’s quarantine of Israeli athletes

February 17, 2009

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin defends Dubai’s quarantine of Israeli athletes

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(NEW YORK)(February 17, 2009) The “sports world” (which must be something other than the real world) is in a kerfuffle because Dubai has banned an Israeli player from participating in a tennis tournament, and may ban other Israeli athletes from participating in Dubai sporting events. Three cheers for Dubai

Unlike the despicable Mubarek dictatorship, that grovels at the feet of its Israeli masters, tiny Dubai has struck a blow for sanity and international responsibility.

The entire world, except for the Israel lobby in the United States and its valets on Capitol Hill, is aghast at the Israeli rampage and slaughter in Gaza. Gaza continues under siege, thanks to the misguided policies of George Bush and a rotating cast of Israeli thugs. Barack Obama has largely rubber-stamped Bush’s policies.

But, because most of Israel’s critics (including myself) are nonviolent, all we can do is protect and condemn Israel in the courtroom of public opinion.

Thus, a complete quarantine of Israeli athletes would be advisable as a peaceful and nonviolent protest against the military junta in Tel Aviv.

For the athletes to claim they are “nonpolitical” is rubbish. Have they condemned the Gaza slaughter? Or did some of them dutifully vote for the Russian mastermind of a new fascist regime in Tel Aviv? We have a right to know.

Forty years ago, Cassius Clay was demonized because he stood up and opposed the Viet-Nam war and said he had “nothing against them Viet Congs.” He changed his name to Muhammad Ali. He paid a horrible price in public condemnation and financial deprivation. But few questioned whether the sporting world had a right to condemn Mr. Ali’s politics.

Likewise, no one seriously questions that boycotts of repressive regimes are an appropriate response to participation in the Olympic Games. China escaped an Olympic boycott last year only by falsely claiming it would respect human rights, and then violated human rights. Many Americans called for a boycott; we were right to do so and had every right to do so.

If we can boycott China and Russia, why can’t Dubai boycott Israel? No nation should be forced to welcome any citizens of a savage Israeli regime that murders women and children and holds an entire people hostage to enjoy the fruits of a stolen homeland. Quarantines are a humane way to impress on the Israeli people that they have no future in the civilized world, and that the same asphyxiation Israelis are directing at Gaza will now be directed at Israel by civilized nations.

Even the Turkish Prime Minister recently called for the expulsion of Israel from the United Nations. Now that’s a boycott.

So, please, Israelis, and please, athletes, do not engage in self-serving breast-beating about Dubai’s peaceful protest. Instead, direct your energies at condemning the genocide against the Palestinian people, and perhaps Dubai will relent and allow you to compete as private citizens and not as citizens of the racist regime in Israel.

If there was any doubt about the violent and racist nature of the Israeli nation, that country voted overwhelmingly a few days ago (in free elections) to place a fascist mastermind who was born in Russia at the pinnacle of power (Avigdor Lieberman).

The day that a neo-Nazi such as Lieberman legally enters the Israeli government, every nation should suspend diplomatic relations with the now formally fascist state of Israel. Maybe that gesture will send a message. Dubai has taken the first step. Who will follow in that tiny nation’s footsteps?

The world has every right to condemn Israel. It is a moral failure that civilized nations have failed to do so.

Three cheers for Dubai.

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