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Tea Party “Terminator” Andy Martin: Mark Kirk is biggest military liar in Republican Party history

June 8, 2010

Andy Martin draws attention to a Mark Kirk interview in the Rockford Register Star where Mark Kirk told Chuck Sweeny that Kirk had “fought in two armies.” Does Sweeney have the tape? Maybe he does. Tape, please, Chuck. You are sitting on big news. Put the Interview on the Star’s web site where we can all hear Kirk’s words.

Tea Party “Terminator” Andy Martin says “Mark Kirk is the biggest military fraud in Republican Party history”

Andy Martin draws attention to a forgotten column in the Rockford Register Star

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow provides a devastating compilation of Mark Kirk’s endless lies

“Mark Kirk’s political career is over,” Martin says. “Kirk has an undeniable mental disorder”

Illinois political corruption expert Martin was the first person to systematically investigate, analyze and disclose Mark Kirk’s stolen valor and closeted personal life.

Andy Martin says Mark Kirk is jeopardizing the entire Illinois statewide Republican Party ticket in 2010

“The Name You Can Trust”

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Andy Martin says he promised to take down Mark Kirk after Kirk won a rigged February primary; the takedown is continuing with new blockbuster disclosures about the corrupt congressman notwithstanding Kirk’s “cry-in” last week to liberal Chicago newspaper editors, all of whom previously endorsed Kirk in February

In another of his Walter Mitty exaggerations Kirk also claims to have been a “CIA agent;” is he still “misremembering” that claim?

Tea Party tough guy Andy Martin says “party loyalty does not extend to promoting political fraud”

(CHICAGO)(June 8, 2010) Mark Kirk’s political career is over. He won’t admit it, and he may limp along for a few more weeks. But as soon as it becomes apparent Kirk is a drag on the entire statewide Republican Party ticket Kirk will be gone. Bill Brady are you listening?

Monday night (June 7th) MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow presented the best (but still incomplete) compilation of Kirk’s shameless military lies and exaggerations. As media and political opponents continue to scour archives for new snippets of video, the Kirk wound will continue to bleed Republican votes all across Illinois.

Up until last week, I would have thought Kirk was the second worst Republican Party military fraud in history. Now I am convinced he is the all-time “king” of Republican Party military liars.

You can’t say I didn’t provide a proper warning that Kirk was a fraud. Here’s what I had to say on July 21, 2009, as Kirk announced he was a candidate (all of this is taken from my blogs on the web, where there is much, much more anti-Kirk truth-telling)(the following is edited):

(CHICAGO)(July 21, 2009) Mark Kirk is a bigger liar than his real hero, Barack Obama. He is a bigger liar than “Slick Willie” Clinton. Neither Kirk nor Obama lied by falsely claiming to be a “combat veteran.”

Mark Kirk dishonors America’s combat veterans by falsely claiming to be one of them.

First, my own military background. I took the oath of enlistment in the U S Air Force Reserve as part of the commissioning program of the ROTC at the University of Illinois. I later received an Honorable Discharge and did not serve on active duty. My serial number was AF16821011. If anyone wants to see my military records, just ask, and I will sign a Freedom of Information waiver so you can ask to see them at the Department of Defense. Unlike Mark Kirk, I have nothing to hide.

I was in Viet-Nam in 1967, 1968 and 1971. Also in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. As well as Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Hong Kong and other places. In 2003 I spent a good part of the year in Iraq living in Baghdad.

But despite the fact that I have dodged bullets, mortar shells and worse, and that these memories are very vivid, I would never call myself a “combat veteran.” I was not on active duty with a combat MOS.

War is an experience beyond imagination, except, apparently in the fertile imagination of Mark Kirk who falsely claims to have served in “two armies.” Battle is gut-wrenching. Fear numbs the body almost to the point of death. Our men in Afghanistan today are going through experiences that are beyond belief. Mark Kirk dishonors all of them by falsely claiming to be their equal. If Kirk ever showed his face in a real war zone, and bragged about his bogus service in “two armies,” the men would spit on him.

Iraq was no different. Danger was everywhere for men and women in uniform. I lived in Baghdad during the relatively tranquil period in 2003; my intelligence analysis of the coming catastrophe proved prescient. My analysis of how to win, by supporting the surge, ran contrary to Kirk’s vote AGAINST the surge. Some “intelligence officer,” that Kirk. No wonder we were losing until real warriors took control in Iraq.

At the end of the day, I have known fear, in the company of brave men. Kirk has not. His “fighting” in “two armies” is a delusion and fabrication. He is unfit to be a candidate for the U. S. Senate.

Yesterday, in announcing he wanted to be a U. S. Senator, Mark Kirk dishonored every American serving in harm’s way today. He dishonored genuine combat veterans who gave their lives, were wounded or felt the aftermath of stress from exposure to life-threatening conditions. Mark Kirk is a despicable political phony.

I was first alerted to Kirk’s imaginary military role by a column in the Rockford Register Star by Chuck Sweeny (well-spotted Chuck), and then saw the reference again in the daily compendium of Democratic Party operative Rich Miller.

I began to dig deeper into the demented mind and imaginary battle record of Field Marshal Mark Kirk, “combat veteran” of “two armies.”

Kirk stated at his announcement yesterday that “We’ve sent three armies to the Middle East and I’ve fought in two of them. As combat veterans, we get to ask…”

Mark Kirk was never “in combat.” He has never “fought” in any “army” and he is not a “combat veteran.”

On the contrary, Kirk has constantly used and abused his military service as a photo op for his own political career.

One of Kirk’s shameless exaggerations is that he is the first congressman to “deploy” to a combat zone since World War II, apparently since that great World War II “combat veteran,” President Lyndon Johnson, who was Kirk’s alleged predecessor in “warfare.” That apparently is the basis of the claim he is a “combat veteran.”

Kirk serves in the Navy Reserves. Reservists are a vital component of our national defense. Kirk is not.

Last year Kirk asked the Pentagon to assign him to active duty for a few weeks as part of a publicity campaign for his political career. He was never in a line company or unit; he never had a combat MOS and he was never in harm’s way. He may have been in “Afghanistan” for a few days, but he was not in any more risk of “combat” there than he is in Kenilworth. Kirk was pampered by military handlers every minute that he was in his imaginary “combat zone.”

Congressmen are often invited to review operations in war zones. I saw them in Viet-Nam and I saw them in Iraq. By no means were these congressional excursions “combat experience.” Visiting a war zone briefly does not place them in “combat” or make them “combat veterans.” Maybe John McCain, who is a real combat hero, should have a talk with the man he supposedly endorsed and explain to Kirkie the difference between being in combat and merely being in a war zone.

Mark Kirk is the 2009 equivalent of that great political fraud (and also a Republican) [Senator] “Tail Gunner Joe” McCarthy.

The only place where Mark Kirk is rumored to be a “tail gunner” is in the salons of Washington, DC (more on that Kirk scandal, later).

If Mark Kirk wants to see real combat veterans, not paper maché imposters such as himself, he should visit our military cemeteries in Normandy.

A few weeks ago we learned that a “Colorado combat veteran” was also a political fraud. People condemned his imaginary military record. He is a compatriot of Mark Kirk.

Lots of people serve in the military without being “in combat,” as Kirk falsely claims. Kirk has worn a uniform. But merely wearing a uniform in wartime does not make you a combat veteran. People peel potatoes; they sit in rooms studying intelligence (which appears to be Kirk’s desk-based assignment) and they engage in non-combatant roles in a combat zone.

The distinction between men who serve in battle, and are entitled to be called combat veterans, and military personnel who serve in a war zone but do not engage in combat or carry a combat MOS, is a very serious one for military veterans.

In Viet-Nam, we used to call the military personnel in Saigon “Saigon commandoes” because they claimed to be war heroes, but were actually eating out at fancy restaurants, living in apartments with bar girls and using mamasans to do their laundry. There were no ”Saigon Commandoes” at Khe Sanh or Con Tien.

Throughout history, combat veterans have been exalted because they placed their lives on the line for their nations. Warriors have been honored for risking their lives, not for seeking to promote themselves politically the way Mark Kirk has inflated his military experience. I have known brave warriors, many of them. I still remember the name of the first Fighting Illini who died in Viet-Nam: Bruce Capel. We remember these men to honor their service and sacrifice. Forever.

Mark Kirk is not one of these brave warriors. He is no “combat veteran.” He is a fraud, imposter and disgrace to the Republican Party. Kirk has shamed and demeaned the uniform he wears by using it to propagandize politically.

If there is anything real combat veterans despise, it is a political parasite such as Mark Kirk who inflates his military service.

Bob Hope probably had more combat experience than Mark Kirk.

Mark Kirk owes every genuine combat veteran an apology. He should stop lying abut his military record, the same way he lies about his “wife” and his personal life.

The national media have not yet discovered Kirk’s interview with Chuck Sweeny. Take a look. The link’s in this story. Sweeny’s column is cringe-inducing. Kirk called himself a combat warrior. “In two wars.”

Kirk has contempt for the people of Illinois, and the American people. Until I came along and started digging, and truth-telling, Kirk had been able to fool people such as Sweeny who repeated Kirk’s lies without realizing they were lies.

Kirk’s lies go far beyond “misremembering.”

Until last year, the notorious Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin was the biggest military liar in Republican Party history. McCarthy was elected to the U. S. Senate in 1946 by falsely claiming to be “Tail-Gunner Joe.” He had never been in an air combat unit and was no tail gunner. It was all a lie.

Kirk didn’t just lie a few times, about one false fact, as Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal did. Kirk lied over and over again, big lies, small lies, endless lies. Years and years of massive lies. Phony TV ads, campaign biographies, official Congressional web sites.

Kirk thought he could fool Rockford’s Sweeney, and he did. But when Sweeny’s column popped up on my radar screen my campaign began detailed research that has now doomed Kirk. The national media and Alexi Giannoulias have all taken my original material and expanded it with their own research.

But no one has yet focused on Sweeny’s interview with Kirk.

Rachel Maddow has a partial compilation of Kirk’s lies. The clip will probably be on YouTube by today. There is no doubt more to come.

On the day that Kirk “returned from Afghanistan” in January of this year, and held a bogus news event at the Union League Club in downtown Chicago I was verbally attacked by the Chicago Tribune’s creepy Rick Pearson, on the sidewalk outside the Union League Club. If I were Pearson, and I had now been exposed as a mouthpiece for Kirk’s military lies and “misrememberances,” I would commit suicide. Maybe Kirk and Pearson should take each other down. They deserve each other. The Sun-Times is no better.

Read Sweeny’s column and Kirk interview. It still makes me cringe. It will make you cringe. Kirk has a mental illness. No, he isn’t “crazy” in the sense that he doesn’t know what day it is. Kirk is a sick man who has to lie to aggrandize his own self-image. That is a psychiatric disorder. Kirk’s mind is out of control.

He has disgraced the Republican Party.

As for myself, I have a forty-four year record of unparalleled integrity and commitment to public service and fighting corruption in Illinois politics.

I am probably too honest for Illinois politics. Heck, I just told the truth about Mark Kirk. And no one would listen until it was too late. Now every Republican candidate has to suffer. Kirk’s name is at the top of the ticket.

There is much, much more to come in the war against Mark Kirk and his lies. My vacation is almost over. I’ll be home next week, where I will resume my efforts to run the biggest military fraud in Republican Party history out of Illinois politics. Join me in working to defeat, demolish and politically destroy Mark Kirk. I intend to accomplish my goal with a simple weapon: the truth.

Kirk and the national media have yet to focus on Kirk’s false claim he was a CIA agent. When is that grenade going to explode?

Now go and read Chuck Sweeny’s column (link above). And cringe.
Martin’s latest anti-Kirk blogs:;


Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask and his Internet movie “Obama: The Hawai’i years.” Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.


Andy’s columns are also posted at;
[NOTE: We try to correct any typographical errors in this story on our blogs; find our latest edition there.]

MEDIA CONTACT: (866) 706-2639 or CELL (917) 664-9329
© Copyright by Andy Martin 2010


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