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NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE: Andy Martin says “Fauxchahontas” Elizabeth Warren is selling Jimmy Jones-style Kool-Aid to Massachusetts voters

June 3, 2012

Internet Powerhouse and  Conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold aNew Yorknews conference today,Sunday, June 3, 2012to renew his call for Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren to withdraw as a Massachusetts U. S. Senate candidate.


“Massachusetts Democrats have taken a big gulp ofWarren’s Kool-Aid,” Andy says. It may prove fatal to the party. I readWarren’s ‘interview’ with Brian McGrory; it’s creepy. In a sane world, ‘Fauxchahontas’ would become Nochahontas.’ Mass Dems don’t even believe in democracy. They denied a primary to testWarren’s campaign chops.” TheBostonmedia have taken to callingWarren“Faux”chahontas after the legendary Indian princess Pocahontas. Andy says its time for “Nochahontas” to exit Left. Andy may expand his upcoming Republican Victory 2012/New Hampshireefforts into  neighboringNew HampshireintoMassachusettsto help defeatWarren.

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Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Massachusetts Democrats have taken a “Mike Bloomberg-sized ‘Big Gulp’” of Elizabeth Warren’s native-American Kool-Aid; somewhere, Jimmy Jones is smiling


Andy says  Warren should have stepped down before the chaos she is about to create defeats Massachusetts Democrats


Andy says starting in 2013 students will study Brian McGrory’s Boston Globe interview with Warren as the beginning of  her surreal, suicidal campaign for the US Senate


Andy may expand his upcoming Republican Victory 2012/New Hampshire efforts into neighboring Massachusetts


(NEW YORK)(June 3, 2012) Internet Powerhouse and  Conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold aNew York news conference today,Sunday, June 3, 2012 to say that Massachusetts Democrats have taken a super-sized swig of Elizabeth Warren’s Kool-Aid; her candidacy could kill the entireMassachusetts ticket and give Romney the state. Andy may expand his upcoming “Republican Victory 2012/New Hampshire” campaign into neighboringMassachusetts.


“I have been at national politics for forty-six years,” Andy says. “I say that to establish I have seen a lot. I even played softball in Senator Bobby Kennedy’s back yard.


“I have seen a lot of candidates that were pumped up by the media, and imploded on the campaign trail. I remember the suicidalMassachusettspolitics of the 1960’s. But I have never seen a bunkum artist like Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren is the worst. Whackadoodle doesn’t begin to describe her.


“Why Massachusetts Democrats took a Mayor Bloomberg-sized  drink ofWarren’s crazy Kool-Aid I don’t know. But after I reread Brian  McGrory’s interview (link below) withWarrenI felt creeped out.


“I thought Democrats believed in small-d democracy. Why would they hand out a senate nomination without a primary? The Party’s Saturday convention (June 2nd) is going to come back to haunt Mass Dems.


“In fact, I thinkWarren’s coronation—oh, I’m sorry, nomination—might even put the state in play for Mitt Romney.


“Why did McGrory’s interview give me a creepy feeling? There are many reasons; here are some.


“First, although Warrensays she doesn’t remember when and how she raised her bogus native-Americanism with her employers, she refuses to release her employment records. She said her employers ‘have all made the same statement.’ Well la-dee-da. They all took the same party line. But that  is not the public’s line. ‘If you can’t remember, then you must release.’ It’s as simple as that. ‘Release your records,Elizabeth,’ can be a rallying cry.


“Second,Warrenis still opaque as to how her employers did gain the knowledge that motivated them to list her as a minority hire. ‘I’ve never seen any Harvard forms…,’ she says. Hello? Did the tooth fairy deliver Nochahontas’ family background news to law schools? Maybe ‘the stork?’ How did they find out?


“McGrory’s interview made her situation worse, not better. She called the reporter pretending that she was finally ready to be ‘candid,’ and then she lied all over again.


“Third, Warrenis my ‘candidate’ to win this year’s ‘Mark Kirk I misremembered award.’ He also of the faulty and self-serving memory.Warren told McGrory she ‘misunderstood the question’ when asked about newspaper reports she had claimed native-American status. ‘Misunderstood?’ Mark Kirk said he ‘misremembered’ awarding himself imaginary medals. And she wants to be a senator? She can’t even understand a basic question about her heritage? Senator Mark Kirk is smiling. He has a new soul-mate.


“Fourth,Warrentells McGrory her mother was ‘distinctly native-American.’ She even lists her mother’s two tribes (Cherokee andDelaware). So if mom was ‘distinctly’ native-American, how isWarrenonly 1/32nd Indian? There is a massive disconnect between whatWarrentold McGrory about her mother, and the actual blood lines that have been disclosed to date. Attention must be paid.


“If we are to believe whatWarrentold McGrory, her mother was ‘distinctly native-American’ but Warren never traced her mother’s lineage and never participated in any family event where the Indian blood line was even discussed.Warren’s Indian ‘story’ sounds more WASPish and cold-blooded than even a ‘chosen frozen’ [Episcopalian] joke. Normal people talk about their backgrounds.Warrenclaims she never did.


“Why wouldWarren’s father’s family have been angry at their son’s marrying someone who was 1/16th native-American (assuming thatWarrenis now 1/32nd)? DidOklahomahave a ‘one drop’ rule?


“Fifth, the bizarre visit toOklahomawith Noah Bierman was—no surprise—Bierman’s fault. ‘He [Bierman] never asked,’Warrensays about her heritage. How would Bierman know to ask if there was no trace ofWarren’s ‘heritage’ except in obscure academic rosters? MaybeWarrenis also part Hawaiian. We don’t know. Bierman ‘never asked.’


“Sixth,Warrenmight be a political dope but she probably has competent people working under her. They surely asked about her past. She says she never discussed her ‘distinctly native-American’ ‘heritage’ with her staff.


“DoesWarren’s husband even know? Or does she claim her husband is a direct descendent of Chief Sitting Bull? Bull—- is more like it.


“Seventh, there are ‘lawyers’ and there are lawyers.Warrenhas never really practiced law, probably never tried a jury trial and probably never interviewed the victim of a violent crime. She does not appear to have any lawyerly ‘street smarts.’ She is a professionally effete ‘law professor.’ Barack Obama, anyone? Her lack of actual legal experience doesn’t disqualifyWarrenfrom politics; a lot of politicians who are nominal attorneys can’t find the door to a courthouse, Mark Kirk and Barack Obama among them.


“ButWarrenis parsing words and dissecting her family history in a way that only a Harvard law professor can accept or appreciate. Maybe Professor Barack Obama can accept her nonsense.Warrenis being cut to ribbons where it really counts, in the courtroom of public opinion and on the streets ofMassachusettswhere ordinary voters can’t stomach highfalutin liars.


“Finally,Warren’s braggadocio at the state convention will come back to haunt her. She could have acquired [d]emocratic legitimacy by winning a contested primary. Instead she continues as an [un]tested candidate who will be haunted by her own prevarications and evasiveness.


“Campaigns are about ‘issues.’ To be sure. But campaigns are first and foremost about people. If you don’t feel you can trust someone, you don’t really care where they stand on the issues. (As I have noted before, I tend to agree withElizabethon the need for more consumer protection, which is why I am an ‘independent’ Republican.)


“Later this week in ChicagoI will be announcing our Republican Victory 2012/New Hampshire campaign to spearhead a New Hampshire Republican victory in 2012. We have now gone back to the drawing boards to see if we can generate the resources to expand Republican Victory 2012 intoMassachusetts.Warren is a prime target for a truth squad,” Andy states.









Internet Powerhouse Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin




Andy Martin says Elizabeth Warren has passed out lethal doses of her native-American Kool-Aid to Massachusetts Democrats




Corner of Wall Street and Broadway,Lower Manhattan,New York




Sunday, June 3rd, 2012,12:00 P.M.




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What os this show us? Whetyher thessue s resigfnaitonsor religion,th emedia shamlessly create double standards tgo favr theiiberal medioa pets (fulldisclosure; I am ot aliberalmedia pet).


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