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Conservative blogger Andy Martin: Barack Obama has “blood on his hands” because of Colorado massacre

July 20, 2012

Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says “Barack Obama’s base” is responsible for the massacre in Colorado. “Obama is the poster boy for the arrogant Hollywood elite,” Andy says. “These people keep polluting our society with increasingly violent and anti-social messages. Where’s the surprise when someone goes berserk and starts a killing spree? The First Amendment confers broad immunity on free speech. But even if Hollywood’s speech is constitutionally ‘protected,’ Hollywood violence and perversity is polluting the minds of people all around the world. Today, as a result of the Batman massacre, Hollywood has blood on its hands. Barack Obama is collecting ‘blood money’ from his Hollywood campaign bundlers. The new Batman movie should be immediately withdrawn.

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Colorado massacre: Obama has “blood on his hands” because of Colorado mayhem!


Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is being fueled by massive infusions of tainted cash from the arrogant and corrupt Hollywood “elite”


Andy says the link between violent entertainment and antisocial behavior is not in dispute


Andy says Obama cannot pretend he doesn’t see where his campaign cash is coming from: Obama has “blood on his hands” when he accepts “blood money” from the Hollywood elite


Andy demands that the new Batman movie be withdrawn


(NEWYORK) (July 20, 2012) Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Barack Obama has “blood on his hands” because of the Colorado massacre. “Obama’s Hollywood bundlers make their blood money spewing filth and violence all around the world. Violent entertainment leads to violent acts. Whether in Colorado today or on the streets of Chicago every day, we see the consequences of relentless antisocial messages being beamed to our society from the Hollywood cash machine.


“Obama takes campaign cash from the purveyors of death and violence. Then he must be held accountable when people go berserk and engage in mass murder.


“The link between violence and antisocial behavior is not in dispute. Then why does Hollywood keep trying to outdo itself with violence and perversity? Because they make money pandering to the antisocial impulses of fragile and often alienated egos.


“Obama can’t simply ignore who is financing his campaign and issue pious condolences from the White house. There is a direct link between Hollywood cash flowing into the Obama campaign and the massacre in Colorado today and the massacres in Chicago every day. Obama takes blood money. He is as guilty as his Hollywood producer-friends.


“Hollywood should withdraw the new Batman movie from circulation and burn the prints of ‘Batman.’


“Obama can’t take the cash without pretending he doesn’t’ see where the tainted campaign cash is coming from, or what Hollywood is doing with its malignant ‘entertainment.’” Andy says. “To quote Obama’s own Reverend Wright, ‘Hollywood’s chickens are coming home to roost, this time in Colorado, tomorrow perhaps in Chicago where more miscreants are conducting an out-of-control crime wave.


“How many innocent people have to die before responsible public officials and responsible candidates speak out against Hollywood’s abuses? The dirty dollars in Obama’s campaign account flow directly from the ‘entertainment’ that triggered today’s massacre in Colorado. Hollywood ‘blood money’ is Barack Obama’s ‘base.’”




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ujntsman wasd reelected in November, 2008. A few monrths later he resigned to serve
his president,” Barack Obama. SDo whyh was it so terrible that Palin resigned and Hutsman served evenless of his secondterm? Can I say “double standard” again.


What os this show us? Whetyher thessue s resigfnaitonsor religion,th emedia shamlessly create double standards tgo favr theiiberal medioa pets (fulldisclosure; I am ot aliberalmedia pet).


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  1. GUEST permalink

    This guy who who wrote this article must not have been around when there were actors like James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and a host of other movie star gangstars of the 40 and 50’s!

  2. GUEST permalink

    There has been violence on television since Cowboys vs Indians get me a break!

  3. GUEST permalink

    Blaming Obama for violence on television…koo koo, koo koo! If people did not pay to watch it then it would be obsolete. Hollywood respects cash customers period!

  4. GUEST permalink

    While you people bash away at Obama’s former Pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright for saying God Damn America, remember conservative religious leaders blamed 911 as God damning and judging America for its sin of abortion and gay rights but they got a pass because they were conservative evangelicals??? This country better come together cause to quote Jesus and Abraham Lincoln:
    A House (country) Divided Will Not Be Able to Stand! I also thought Jesus said pray for your enemies which both liberal and conservative Christians should take note. Plus praying for your enemies does not mean praying against them!

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