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CHICAGO NEWS CONFERENCE: Conservative powerhouse Andy Martin renews his 2009 demand for martial law in Chicago

September 3, 2012

Three years ago Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin called for the imposition of martial law in the City of Chicago and mobilization of the Illinois National Guard. People laughed at the suggestions. Three years later Chicago crime is worse and shows no signs of abating. City leaders engage in euphemisms such as a “difficult August” and other delusional explanations for the breakdown in law-and-order. Andy Martin renews his calls for martial law and mobilization of the Illinois National Guard. Because of the deterioration in Chicago public safety Andy also calls for a temporary citywide curfew from midnight to 6:00 A.M. as well as other drastic measures to restore and enforce public safety. As America’s leading independent conservative leader Andy says Chicago will not survive without emergency action. Andy was right in 2009; he’s even more right in 2012.

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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin renews his call for the imposition of martial law on Chicago


Andy says Illinois Governor Pat Quinn needs to mobilize the Illinois National Guard and CookCounty authorities need to take emergency action.


Andy predicted three years ago that martial law was needed to end the crime wave in Chicago; Andy was right, Chicago leaders were wrong


Andy predicts Chicago’s current, half-hearted anti-crime efforts will not work and Monday, Labor day, Andy will lodge new demands and propose new solutions


Andy says that “Chicago is dying”




(CHICAGO) (September 2, 2012) Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference this evening Sunday, September 2nd to renew his call for the imposition of martial law and the activation of the Illinois National Guard to end the crime wave in Chicago.


“Three years ago I issued a call for the imposition of martial law in Chicago (see link below),” Andy says. “I called for the mobilization of the Illinois State Police and Illinois National Guard, as well as special efforts by CookCounty executive to end the crime spree in Chicago. As I have so often done during my nearly half-century in Illinois politics, I was both ahead of my time and honest in offering unpalatable solutions to unavoidable problems.


“Three years later, my calls for police mobilization and martial law seem prescient. The carnage continues. Today’s Chicago Tribune (link below) documents a seemingly endless crime spree. Earlier stories reflect the utter inability of city officials to impose reasonable solutions (link below).


“Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s excuse that Chicago had a ‘difficult August’ is a denial of reality. The police have lost control of the city. Urban order is breaking down.


“Only drastic methods can succeed.


“As America’s leading independent conservative leader I am here to tell the people of Chicago they need to stop denying reality and start taking emergency steps to save their city.


“First, city and state authorities need to impose martial law on the city and impose a citywide curfew. I would impose the citywide curfew between midnight and 6:00 A.M. A curfew would impose some hardship but it will also allow police to stabilize the streets at night. Exceptions can be made where necessary but I would basically shut the city down for six hours a day. The improvement in safety and security will far outweigh any disruptions. People need a secure city.


“Second, Governor Pat Quinn needs to mobilize the Illinois National Guard. By imposing a citywide curfew at night the need to deploy Guard troops in Chicago will be manageable. But the Guard should have a presence across the city. The Guard needs to remain until there is a permanent reduction in crime.


“Third, city leaders need to reorganize the police department to ensure that every sworn officer is either testifying in court or patrolling the streets. No desk jobs. No office jobs. Get on the streets or get off the force. This applies to everyone, from Superintendent Garry McCarthy on down to the newest officer. Temporary employees can be hired to minimize disruptions.


“Fourth, Chicago needs a minimum of two thousand (yes, 2,000) permanent new police officers. The city lacks sufficient police resources for a city of this size and temperament. In earlier eras, Chicago police were leaders in stabilizing the city; today politicians are unwilling to pay the price in salaries to secure the city for law-abiding citizens.


“Fifth, city leaders need to negotiate new police contracts, or end collective bargaining by city employees entirely. On Wisconsin! The idea that the city can be held hostage by police or teachers or any municipal employee group is preposterous.


“Almost a hundred years ago Governor Calvin Coolidge stated the matter plainly: ‘There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.’ If the teachers and the police object, city leaders should fire these employees and rely on state police and National Guard to stabilize matters until replacements can be hired. President Obama tells us there are a lot of unemployed police officers out there; let’s bring these unemployed officers to Chicago and put them on the streets right away. Let’s hire unemployed teachers across America and put them to work as replacements in Chicago.


“Today Chicago is being run as a municipal employee dictatorship. You can’t police the city and secure the city when municipal unions maintain a stranglehold over the city.


“Public employee compensation is out of whack with the private economy. Police enjoy benefits that are no longer sustainable. Most of them work 20 years, collect a pension, and then start working in a new city and collect a second pension. We can no longer afford to pay law enforcement officers to work 20 years and ‘retire.’ We need pensions to be awarded after age 55 with a minimum of 30 years of service. We don’t have enough police on the streets today because we pay them too much. It is time to pay slightly less, and require them to work slightly longer to enjoy premium benefits. That’s the reality of public finances in 2012.


“Chicago today is a city-in-denial. Over thirty years ago, Governor James Thompson promised that the new ‘Class X felony’ laws would rid Chicago of crime. Thirty years later Class X is forgotten. New promotions are being designed to deny reality and explain the decline in public safety. Laws alone can’t stop crime; boots-on-the-ground are essential to regain order and maintain public safety. ‘Class X’ RIP.


“Recently the Huffington Post/AOL hosted a ‘discussion’ of the crime crisis in Chicago. The results were frightening (link below). Academic dingbat Mark Lemont Hills blamed ‘race, gender and class’ for the crime explosion. President Obama’s own clerical heretic Father Michael Pfleger accused the ‘economy, hopelessness, low-performing schools, guns, [and] fractured gangs’ of responsibility. Pfleger also blamed ‘teachers.’ A moron ‘reporter’ Rosa Clemente blamed ‘America’ –America— for Chicago’s violence. For good measure Clemente also placed the blame for the city’s death on ‘charter schools.’ The Huffington/AOL video (link below) is chilling for its denial and delusional belief that ‘outsiders’ are responsible for the city’s collapse.


“‘America’ is not responsible for the death of Chicago.


“And America cannot be the cause or source of the survival of Chicago, if the city survives. Local leadership and local solutions and local accountability are the only ‘hope’ for salvation.


“My proposals will stop crime in its tracks, stabilize the city, stabilize city finances and jolt city leaders into either utilizing existing employees more efficiently through new contracts, or ending to collective bargaining to allow the city to start with an entirely new work force. President Reagan fired the air traffic controllers and sent a message that endures. Chicago can follow Reagan’s lead.


“Chicago is dying. While city leaders are fiddling away. Three years ago I stated clearly what was needed to stabilize and save the city. People laughed, the media guffawed. They thought my proposals were a joke. I was not making light of life and death in 2009, and I am not making light of life and death in 2012.


“Chicago is becoming unlivable. If the city continues to be unlivable, people will cease to live here. Young people will move on, as they are already doing. Seniors will be left abandoned in a sea of crime and violence. Predators will triumph and law-abiding citizens will be denied their constitutional right to a safe city. The hour is late; the need for leadership is apparent and essential. The solutions are unpalatable but unavoidable.


“The time for real action and tough action has come,” Andy will state.








Illinois corruption-fighter and Internet Powerhouse/Conservative blogger Andy Martin




Andy Martin calls for martial law and a citywide night curfew in Chicago




Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,

Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)




Sunday, September 2, 2012, 8:00 P.M.




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