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CHICAGO NEWS CONFERENCE: Conservative powerhouse Andy Martin: fire Chicago’s teachers if they go out on strike

September 4, 2012

America’s leading independent conservative writer says it’s time to end Chicago’s municipal union extortion rackets: the city should call the teachers’ union bluff and fire its 26,000 members. Andy Martin will tell a Tuesday Chicago news conference that the Chicago Public Schools are led by a Casper Milquetoast, Jean-Claude Brizard, who should be opening a hiring hall for replacement teachers, not issuing comforting messages to arrogant union racketeers that deserve to have their members fired.

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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin demands that Chicago Public Schools fire the city’s 26,000 teachers if the teachers go out on strike


Andy says hundreds of thousands of new teachers are available nationally to start work immediately


Andy accuses CPS leader Jean-Paul Brizard of being a wus, and criticizes Brizard for issuing soothing messages to potential strikers


Andy says Chicago taxpayers are spending enough on their schools. The CPS should become more efficient or be disbanded


Andy says that “Chicago is dying” and that municipal unions are helping bleed the city to death


Andy says President Ronald Reagan showed how to deal with government union extortion: fire the strikers who violate the law and don’t let them be rehired




(CHICAGO) (September 4, 2012) Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Tuesday September 4th, to demand that the Chicago Public Schools fire all 26,000 teachers if the teachers go out on strike.


“It is time to call the bluff of labor racketeers such as the leadership of the Chicago Teachers Union,” Andy Martin says. “The Chicago Public schools should fire all 26,000 teachers if they go out on strike, and start hiring replacements immediately. Anyone who strikes should not be eligible to be reemployed.


“I was amazed to see teachers’ union labor racketeers running through Loop streets on Labor Day threatening to strike. What was even more distressing was the response of CPS head Jean-Claude Brizard, who sought to comfort the teachers.


“Brizard should have been telling the teachers he was opening a hiring hall and starting to recruit permanent replacement teachers. Brizard should have warned the thugs who control the city’s teachers that school management is ready to rumble with the extortion artists who want to bleed the city into bankruptcy. (See links below.)


“Unless and until city leaders stand up to municipal unions, Chicagoans will face local anarchy and a municipal death spiral that has already begun and is accelerating with the passage of every day.


“Wisconsin voters showed they had had enough of public employee union extortion and union threats and abuses. I know; I was in Wisconsin working to defeat the recall of Governor Walker. Wisconsin voters ‘reelected’ Governor Walker. On Wisconsin.


“President Barack Obama tells us here are hundreds of thousands of unemployed teachers across the nation: let them come to Chicago. We can put them to work next Monday and fire any of the 26,000 who are loafers, cheaters, incompetents and jerks that have made the city’s classrooms a joke. Anyone who strikes should not be eligible for reemployment; that’s ‘Reagan’s Law.’


“While we are at it, let’s fire an equivalent number of the incompetent administrators of the school system. The waste, fraud and mismanagement in CPS operations are atrocious and colossal. Mr. Brizard should be telling teachers and administrators they will ‘not get one more penny’ until they put their houses in order and start managing the money they are already given in an efficient and businesslike manner. Chicago schools need a dose of Bain & Co. management consulting, not higher salaries and more benefits.


“Karen Lewis, the moron who controls the teachers union, said she is against performance pay. That’s because she is a loser and a failure, and some of her members–though not all–are also losers and failures. CPS managers? Losers and failures.


“Chicago taxpayers are pouring a fortune into the city’s schools and receiving very little in return. The very concept of ‘public’ education is endangered by the fraud and incompetence of the public employees who mismanage our schools.


“Life isn’t fair, and life isn’t equal. I started in business about the same time as Mitt Romney. He made more money than me. I respect and admire Romney’s success. But I am not asking for a taxpayer bailout so I can have as much cash as Mitt. If suburban schools pay more, let them. Are they funding their future pensions? Can they afford what they are spending? That’s for the suburbs to decide for themselves. Chicago teachers can’t use the suburbs as a metric to determine their own compensation.


“I am a strong supporter of the union movement when it serves the interests of members. But I do not favor collective bargaining for public employees. As a stopgap, collective bargaining should be limited in Chicago and in Illinois as it has been cut back in Wisconsin.


“The UAW, a union that has helped me and which I have helped, was out marching Monday. Instead they should have been warning teachers: if you price your product out of the market, your market will collapse and disappear, and you will lose your jobs. That’s what happened to the UAW.


“The UAW’s earlier lessons have already been forgotten. UAW members had to make concessions, and they will have to keep their compensation in line in the years ahead if Obama Motors is to survive and succeed, and if taxpayers are to recover their thirty-billion-dollar investment in Obama Motors. Demanding higher pay without agreeing to produce higher quality output, and without agreeing to improved efficiency, is a death sentence for the city’s schools. When there is no basis to receive higher pay it is a suicide pact between union leaders and members to demand more money.


“If Jean-Claude Brizard will not control the teachers and tell them to take their pay demands and shove them, instead of issuing soothing statements about how much he ‘honors’ the thugs in the streets, a new mayor should fire Brizard and hire a tough manger to lead the city’s schools if Rahm Emanuel is too weak-kneed to do the job.


“Chicago is dying. But union members are demanding to be paid more even as the barns are burning. They are crazy to make such demands. Any mayor or municipal leader who treats union racketeers with respect and ‘honor’ is dishonoring his or her obligation to the taxpayers. Brizard works for the people; he does not work for teachers or even the students. If he doesn’t understand who his employers are then Brizard needs to go,” Andy says.


“Brizard’s employers – the taxpayers – have had enough. They are paying more than enough taxes to support a reasonable public school system. Brizard better toughen up his game or he should start looking for work elsewhere.


“Bottom line, any teacher that goes out on strike should be fired. Period. With absolutely no reemployment possibility. That’s what Mr. Brizard should be telling the teachers, not how much he ‘honors’ their threats and intimidation. If Brizard is a Casper Milquetoast wus, taxpayers should not have to subsidize his timidity. It’s time for tough talk and tough action in Chicago, not soothing press releases from Brizard & Co.”







Illinois corruption-fighter and Internet Powerhouse/Conservative blogger Andy Martin




Andy Martin says its time to fire Chicago’s 26,000 teachers and stop the labor extortion




Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,

Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)




Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 2:30 P.M.


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