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New York: Trayvon Martin News Conference: Professor Andy Martin asks Florida officials to suspend George Zimmerman’s gun permit

July 16, 2013

TELEPHONE NEWS CONFERENCE: 2014 New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin has asked the State of Florida to suspend or revoke George Zimmerman’s permit to carry a concealed weapon. Andy will hold a telephone news conference from New York later today, July 16th.

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U. S. Senate candidate and conservative columnist Andy Martin
asks the State of Florida to suspend George Zimmerman’s permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Andy says Zimmerman should not be permitted to carry a loaded weapon in public

(New York) (July 16, 2013):

New Hampshire Republicans
Not affil. with N. H. Rep. St. Comm.

Andy Martin, J. D.
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New Hampshire Republicans

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July 16, 2013

Hon. Adam Putnam
Commissioner of Agriculture
State Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399
via fax (850) 245-5505

Hon. Rick Scott
State Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Re: Revocation of George Zimmerman concealed weapon permit

Dear Commissioner Putnam
and Governor Scott:

I am writing to ask the State of Florida to revoke the concealed weapon permit of Mr. George Zimmerman. While I recognize that Commissioner Putnam’s agency administers the concealed weapon program, I also believe the governor may have a role to play.

1. Background of the Zimmerman concealed carry permit

By now George Zimmerman is famous/notorious for the murder of Trayvon Martin. I use the term “murder” advisedly. Murder has both a defined criminal meaning, and a common sense colloquial usage (e.g. in the Ten Commandments). Mr. Zimmerman was carrying a loaded gun and he decided to stalk Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s gun discharged, killing Martin. Zimmerman was acquitted of murder/manslaughter by a petit jury. I do not challenge the verdict. That is not the purpose of my letter.

2. My personal background

I once purchased a home in Seminole County so I know the area well. I am a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment and I am an equally strong supporter of Florida’s and other states’ concealed weapons statutes. If asked, I would encourage those who can lawfully and properly manage a firearm to keep one at home for security.

Concealed carry permit holders have seldom been involved in a crime. On the contrary, concealed carry holders usually help prevent crimes or solve crimes. Mr. Zimmerman’s behavior is thus very anomalous. I personally had a Florida concealed carry permit when I lived in the state, although it has since lapsed and I reside in New Hampshire. I am very familiar with firearms safety and the responsible use of a weapon. I also hold a Juris Doctor degree and am generally familiar with criminal law.

3. Florida’s power to suspend or revoke a concealed weapon permit

In connection with this letter I reviewed the Florida concealed carry statute. I am not sure the statute itself provides a specific procedure for suspending or revoking a concealed carry permit. If not, then I submit that the Commissioner has the inherent power to suspend or revoke a concealed carry permit. If I am in error on both points, I urge you to ask the legislature to create such procedures for use in the Zimmerman case as well as on the infrequent occasion when a concealed carry permit holder abuses his or her constitutional right.

4. Was George Zimmerman a “wannabe cop” or something else?

During the course of the Zimmerman trial prosecutors referred to Zimmerman as a “wannabe cop.” Mr. Zimmerman has also studied criminal justice in a college course.

In my opinion, Zimmerman was not a “wannabe cop.” He was a nut case. Anyone who has the remotest familiarity with police tactics would not create a confrontation when there was no clear and present danger and when “backup” was en route. Whatever the source of Mr. Zimmerman’s fantasies, pursuing citizens and “closing” on them without disclosing who he was is not remotely normal police behavior. Even TV cops know to announce themselves as “Police!” Thus, Zimmerman’s behavior was objectively unreasonable and irrational.

5. Zimmerman’s state of mind, before and after

The court admitted into evidence some of Mr. Zimmerman’s 911 calls. Many of his calls were not admitted. Mr. Zimmerman was an agitated individual. During the confrontation giving rise to the criminal charges, he was expressly advised not to pursue Mr. Martin. In addition, Zimmerman’s own Neighborhood Watch procedures prohibited the use of armed violence and confrontation. Zimmerman could not control his state of mind. He had and has poor impulse control.

During the trial a great deal was made of Zimmerman’s “state of mind.” After provoking the confrontation, Zimmerman defended himself on the basis that he was afraid for his safety. Thus, having created a dangerous situation, Zimmerman used his self-created danger as a shield to commit murder.

But all of Zimmerman’s past deeds are in the past. The jury has spoken.

And, apparently, Mr. Zimmerman has also “spoken.”

While the jury rendered a “not guilty” verdict our justice system does not exonerate. Guilty people often go free. We operate under a system where we prefer to discharge the guilty rather than to imprison the innocent. Zimmerman was the beneficiary of our system of justice as, indeed, even American is. But the system does not exonerate.

In common with many other commentators I do not see how Zimmerman can ever lead a normal life. Does he hide in a small town, using an assumed name? Does he hide in a big city, taking advantage of urban impersonality?

Zimmerman apparently feels he can lead a “normal” life. That lack of inner awareness and reflection is what makes him a current danger to society and forms the basis for my suspension/revocation request.

Through his attorneys Zimmerman has apparently expressed a desire to “go to law school” and “help others in similar circumstances.” These are objectively irrational states of mind. With all due respect (and without suggesting violence or other unlawful conduct on anyone’s part) I do nor believe Zimmerman can function in open society. The notoriety of his actions makes that impossible.

As a lawyer and law professor I would suggest that Mr. Zimmerman would have been better off if he had been convicted. Our society is a forgiving one. Zimmerman was a first offender. He would have received a light sentence. Every day people in the United States (including corrupt politicians) are convicted of crimes, sentenced to jail and serve their sentences. When they return they have “paid their debt to society.” The conviction and prison sentence act as a remission of the criminal act. Because the jury absolved Zimmerman of any “debt” for his behavior he was effectively sentenced to life in limbo. I don’t see how Mr. Zimmerman could work in a courthouse, or attend law school. (I recognize that some may disagree with my point of view.) Zimmerman’s movements will probably be more restricted.

But if Zimmerman eventually realizes who he is and what he is, having escaped any debt to society, he obviously is even more dangerous than he was before he committed murder. One outspoken juror has stated Zimmerman may be “safer” today. Exactly the opposite is the case.

If Zimmerman goes into a public space, such as a mall, restaurant or other crowded facility, he is going to perceive threats everywhere, the same way he perceived Trayvon Martin as a threat. Having once already claimed “self-defense” for a self-induced violent confrontation, Zimmerman is even more likely to commit new violent acts as part of his misguided sense of self-defense. George Zimmerman is not clinically “crazy.” He knows what day it is, and who the president is. But Zimmerman was detached from reality when he created his violent confrontation, and he is apparently even more divorced from reality now that he has escaped any public accountability for his unspeakable behavior.

In other words, Zimmerman is even more dangerous, both to himself and society, than he was before he murdered Trayvon Martin.

Most respectfully, I ask you to suspend or revoke Zimmerman’s concealed carry permit. Common sense tells you Mr. Zimmerman should not be allowed to carry a loaded weapon in public. I strongly believe in the Second Amendment Constitutional right. But in a civilized society, every right carries with it a corresponding responsibility. Mr. Zimmerman has abused his right, needlessly taken a life, and should not be allowed to carry a loaded weapon in public.

Some people are already calling for a tourist and economic boycott of Florida. In order to forestall any ongoing economic consequences for the state, please suspend or revoke Zimmerman’s concealed carry permit.

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Martin



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